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Shoot for the Stars

January 20, 2015
By pink292pink292, South Pasadena, California
pink292pink292, South Pasadena, California
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Obsessive is not the right word to describe Juliet's love for soccer, as it is her passion. She lets the sport surround her through the posters on her room walls and during the hours she spends dedicated to practicing at local parks and fields. 

As captain of her school's co-ed soccer team, she is preparing her teammates for season, as early as months in advance in the beginning of summer, and hopefully leading them to the state championships. 

Juliet's plan for her team to make it to state doesn't start out perfectly as a new boy comes into the picture, affecting everything soccer-team related. And with teammates keeping secrets from each other, the team starts to fall apart even more as players start to break the strong team bond they've worked so hard to built. Even with skills and good players, any team is nothing without a bond.

Will Juliet be able to get their team back on track to the goal of winning the state championships? How will the team react when they find out that Juliet is hiding the biggest secret of all? 


Shoot for the Stars

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