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The Fallen Angel: The Beginning

April 17, 2012
By AngelKaemon, Chicago, Illinois
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AngelKaemon, Chicago, Illinois
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I was walking to my cabin in the courtyard of his parents elaborate backyard. I whistled and said “come here leraon”, as soon as I said that a bird call came from behind my cabin followed by big thumps and a giant shadow. Leraon can from behind the cabin to greet me. She stopped right in front of me and layed down, I started rubbing her ears and saying “you're a good girl are you leraon yes you are, hey where gabito?” As if gabito could understand my language he came out from his mother fur and slide down into my arms. I lifted him up and said “hey gabito wanna go for a ride on your mother with me?” He just licked my hand and start moving his body around. “I’ll take that as a yes then” I said while placing him on his mother back so he can go back to his hiding space again. I went inside the cabin to get the saddle and threw it on her and jumped on. Gabito jumped out her hair and sat in the little seat I made for him. I tapped leraon on the side and whisper the goddess word in her ear and she jumped off the ground and we were off. We flew up to the sky where the watch towers could see us, I put my hand up to the clouds and moved my hand and she soared, Gabito tried to but could reach so he pouted and sat there. I saw him and picked him up so he could scratch at the clouds which pleased him really well. After a while he got bored and I put him back down in the seat. I sat up and poked my head thought the clouds and noticed something dark in the background. I squinted my eyes to get a better view but still couldn’t see, I sat back down and said “ I need a closer look” I tapped leraon and she slowly started flying till I told her to stop. I stood up again to get a better look at the mysterious object. They were dark flakes and I stop breathing and look up and sure enough the guardian was there.
I slowly sat back down and said “ I have to warn father that the darkness is here” I tapped her and said “Take me to Adonai leraon quickly” she screeched and took an epic dive to the dining room and look a stop right when she reached the ground. I jumped off, took gabito, and ran to the dining room . I walked in and my father and mother were eating. They looked at me and I bowed and got back up and said “ Sorry for the intrusion Father Adonai and Mother Amitiel but the guardian is here I saw dark spores fall from it helm, leraon and gabito saw it too”. Gabito raised his hands and turned his head sideways and leraon walked in and nodded her head. My father stopped eating,put down his napkin, stood up, and looked at me and said “ they're here for you come this way quicky”. He grabbed my hand and we ran to I assumed was the war room. I was right because when there is an attack we always go to the war room. I took leraon to stay outside, gave gabito to her and went inside. When I got in all the admiral from each element was already present, I thought to myself “how in the angulus did they get here so fast they must live here 24/7” My father moved his hand and they all say down, he walked up to the podium and said one word “time to start operation Nakuma” and all the admirals looked at each other and one of the admirals raised his hand. Adonai look at him pointed and said “yes admiral fire what is your question” he stood up and said “I have two questions for you Father Adonai, how do you know that the guardian is here and why is your son here you never let him into the war room.” Adonai answered his question “ the reason why my son is here is because he is the one who saw the guardian appear” all the admirals gasped and looked around. Admiral fire looked at me and said “ this is true you saw the guardian here”
I answered back the most proper way I could “ yes, admiral fire, leraon and gabito saw the guardian for are self”. After finished the sentence leraon and gabito both started howling outside the door. Admiral fire said “ that is all and sat down” my father pressed some buttons on his podium and a red button appeared on each of the admiral desks. He said “in order to start operation Nakuma I must get everyone approval press the red button if you think we should start the operation”, All the admirals pressed the button and after Admiral water pressed hers and alarms went off. After the third siren went off the war room shook and went a drastic transformation. The seats arranged window appears on each side of the room and even I got a cool little chair with a keyboard. My father said “ Nakuma can you locate the guardian” at the ceiling and and voice responded “The guardian is located right about the atmosphere when it cuts through the dark spores will fall damaging the world below” He sighed and asked “when will the guardian pierce the atmosphere?”. Nakuma answered “Now since they heard the alarm and they know that you know that they're here” my father pounded his hand on the podium and said “dang it we need more time” He looked at the admirals and said everyone deploy your troops we need as much people as we can for this upcoming attack. All the admirals pressed keys on their fancy keyboards and said in unison “ all troops are deployed they will be arriving shortly” my father nodded and look at me. He said “go take leraon to the armory and stock up on armor you lucky sword in there to take it and meet with the generals and drop off Gabito with your mother she heading towards a safe bunker underground” I nod and get up and turn around. As soon as I do that the chair moves and a whole beneath me shows up and I fall through. As I fall I whistle and leraon and gabito swoop down to pick me up. Gabito turns around and shows all his little teeth I look at him and say “your not coming to this battle it too dangerous the darkness is here”. He jumped, starting shaking and I continue what I was saying” you gonna be with my mom she’ll be safe in underground bunker where you can hear the sounds of the war” He nodded and we landed on the ground to greet all the families, my mother came out of the crowd when I called her name. She walked up and asked “what do you want my son?” I said “ Father wants me to give you Gabito since he would be safe with you, after telling him who are enemy was he is scared now”. She said “ ok i’ll take him” and put up her hands . took gabito out of the seat, gave him to her and waved good bye. She walked back to the crowd as we flew to the armory. When arrived the generals were already there with some troops. I landed and Leraon and I walked into the armory. We went to the back where the semalarius armor safe was located. I typed in the code designated for me and leraon and gabito(if he were here). The safe hissed before it opened and my armor was there. I walked in the machines put on my Semalarius armor and was give my sword the NaVinder. I walked out and leraon walked in, given her armor and talons. We both walked out of the armory and turned to all the generals and said “ready to kick some serious darkness booty” The fire general said “bout damn time I haven’t killed some darkness in a minute” I nod at him mounted on leraon, drew my sword as every mounted on their creatures. I was about to say something when the sky got dark, and the earth general said “ the guardian is here much quicker than I anticipated I thought I would have time to finish this rock candy oh well. She dropped her candy and took out her giant hammer. A series of roars came from the dark cloud and I said “dreadnaughts look like the 5 generals will be here to greet us on this war.” “Sweet something worth our time and energy ” the air general said as he equipped his bow and arrow “now I get to actually get to spam arrows YES!” The water general just looked at him and said really spam arrows wow as long as they don’t touch me and scratch this beautiful face them go crazy then” Before air could say something smart the dreadnaughts came through the clouds and spotted us. The Demonic Admiral said in his raspy voice “well well well look who here gabriel here this is a surprise I actually get to take your soul from body HAHAHAHAHAHAHA” I look at him and say “You can fight over which general you want to face but the Admiral is mine.” I whisper something in leraon ear and she lifted off the ground and charged up to him. I yelled “ I’M COMING FOR YOU DEMON PREPARE TO LOSE!” The Admiral raised his hand and the guardian came through the clouds followed by all the dark spores. The generals spread out to take on the other dark generals and the demonic admiral just stood there looking at each other in the eyes. I unsheathed my sword as he did his we charged towards each other as we swords clash forcing each of us back. The Admiral just laughed and said “is that the best you got HA you are weak boy just like the others before you”. I smiled and said “I’m different from the rest try and catch me boy” my griffin and I turned around and flew off and he just growled and followed me. I took a dive to the ground and did a crazy spin back to the sky and he followed me. I whisper in leraon ear and said “time for the surprise” she screeched and bolted to the sky. The demonic admiral said “what are you doing playing with me boy your taunting will end here”. He tapped his dreadnought and he growled and darted up behind me, he kept chasing me till I reached the atmosphere. I tapped leraon and took my sword and jumped off. The sky flew in my hair as I fell I yelled his name “hey Admiral bet you didn’t see this coming huh” he looked up and roared. I yelled “guide me gauntlets to victory” as I said that my sword started glowing and changed into shining fists. I yelled and punched the dreadnought in the chest, the dreadnought roared out of pain. I launched both of the towards the ground in a fury of pain. I pressed my fists together and they started glowing, I put my hands in front of me and said “time to die boy” I giant pulse of light came from my hands and went towards where the dreadnought fell. The Admiral tried to move from under the unconscious dreadnought. He looked up and yelled “Noooo I will not die here I’m am the strongest of the darkness there is”. I said “guess not boy” there was an explosion of light and smoke. I started breathing really hard and my hands feel to the ground I whistled and leraon came to pick me up as I started to fall. She flew to the ground and just stood there for a while. Some of the soldiers saw my and ran to my rescue. They pulled me off and placed me on the ground and started healing me. The smoke cleared from the explosion and the dreadnought was gone and all that was there was the Admiral his armor broken. The guards ran to subdue to the Admiral and he just moaned “I will not die yet” He grabbed one of the guards and his body turned to dust. The dust went inside of him and some of his wounds healed and he got up. He started limping towards the other three guards and they all started to attack him. He grabbed all the guards and they all turned to dust and he was almost healed. He starting walking to the other guards and use his powers to blow them all away making me fall on the ground. Leraon got in front of me and starting attacking him, she put up a fight knocking him back a lit bit. He growled and said “you in my way! ” and punched her. The blow was massive and threw her out of the way. She tried to get up but her legs were bruised and she couldn't move. He got to me, picked me up, looked me in the eye and said “time to put you in a place where you can’t get back while this place becomes my new home” . He laughs as the dark veins climb up my face, I reach my hand towards leraon who was laying on the ground. He pushed me back and I started to turn to dust and disappear. General wind sees me and starting running to try and grab me but he was too late. By the time he got to me I was already gone. Learon starting fading because the link between us is so strong that wherever I am she no far behind. Deep underground my mother was holding Gabito when she noticed he started to fade as well. At that moment she knew what happen to her son started to shed tears and she hit the ground and start to cry. My father lucky necklace given to him by me starting glowing red. He closed his eyes, held the necklace close and pounded his hand on the podium scaring the admirals. Everyone knew I was gone and thought I was dead but I wasn't at all. I was teleported to an unknown planet far away from my home world.

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on May. 29 2014 at 2:53 pm
Your story goes way to fast. Slowing down a little would help. I cant even tell what laeron is from the lack of detail. Not being mean just some tips from aspiring writer to another aspiring writer.