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Revenge Is Never The Answer

November 17, 2011
By SamanthaJolynn BRONZE, McLeansboro, Illinois
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SamanthaJolynn BRONZE, McLeansboro, Illinois
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Author's note: I wrote this for my creative writing class. A few sentences on paper, led to a whole 10 page short story.

The author's comments:
Please comment if something needs to be changed. I Hope You Enjoy :)

On Monday afternoon, the hallways of Crimson High are full, as Krissy the new student slowly walks in, with Mrs. Allison the school counselor. She follows shyly behind her counselor, feeling the pressure of her future peers staring upon her. As she approaches the office, she accidentally ran into a dark headed young gentleman. She looks up embarrassingly, and was greeted with a warm perfect smile. She blushes, looks down and quickly walks away.

She enters the guidance office where Mrs. Allison hands her, her schedule and walks her to her first class. Her first class was English, with Mr. Billington, an older, bald chubby man. He greets her with the book Of Mice and Men and points to her seat. She takes the book and strolls to the back of the 2nd roll, where she was greeted once again with the gentleman from the office. He smiles and says "Hey." She hesitantly says "hi" back. She sits down and faces the front of the class.

She scrolls through the book, trying to find out where Mr. Billington is reading from. She begins to raise her hand, but the boy behind her stops her. "Page 27." he whispers. She turns around, and starts to say thank you, but he interrupts her, "Names Johnny, if you need any help with your classes, I'd be glad to show you around." "Thanks, oh...ya, I'm Krissy." she says quietly and looks down at her book to follow along.

The bell rings and the students all rush out of the class. Except Krissy, she looks over her schedule and sees that her next class is Chemistry, with Mr. Robinson. She walks out the classroom, and bumps into a blond headed girl. The girl turns around with a disgusted look on her face. Krissy noticed the girl was talking to Johnny in an flirtatious way. "Oh, sorry" she says. "ugh" says the girl. "Oh great, another new student." She smirks and turns around to talk to Johnny. But he was already turned around talking to Krissy. "Johnny! What are you doing?!" "Ashley, just go to class, I'll meet up with you later." "Whatever" Yells Ashley, and she stomps off. "Sorry about that" Says Johnny. "its okay" Says Krissy. "So where are you headed?" 'Umm.. Chemistry, with Mr. Robinson." "Oh, really? Me too." "oh, well that's convenient." "Yes it is, may I walk you to class?" "Sure." Krissy says shyly. They walk into class together.

Mr. Robinson greets her with a smile, and welcomes her to his classroom. Krissy smiles and sits down next to Johnny at the lab table. Mr. Robinson starts his lesson on protons and electrons. Johnny whispers to Krissy "so, there is a basketball tournament after school, would you like to go with me?" Krissy says, "Sure, what time?” “Right after school.” “Okay.” She smiles. Mr. Robinson clears his throat, getting both of their attention, he points at the board. "Please pay attention."

Throughout the whole day, Krissy ended up having 4 classes with Johnny. Although she is new, she already feels apart of something, Johnny had already seemed to make things better. Finally the final bell rang and school was over.

Standing by her locker waiting for Johnny, she gets her homework together. Johnny sneaks up behind her and pokes her side, startling her. “You ready?” he asked. “Yeah, let’s go.” They walk to the gym and get their seats. Sitting there waiting for the game to start, Ashley walks by, she looks at Johnny with a disappointed look, and then walks away. “Hold on I’ll be right back.” He says to Krissy. Johnny runs to Ashley. “Ashley wait up.” He yells, she turns around, “what do you want?” she asked sarcastically. “What is your problem?” “What’s my problem? How about what’s your problem? What are you doing her with her?” “Ash, before you get a suspicious, I’m just helping her out, showing her around, nothing serious.” She looks at him with a blank disappointed look. “Yeah, okay whatever, I’ll just talk to you later.” She turns around and walks up towards her friends. Johnny goes back to sit by Krissy.

“You know, you didn’t have to bring me here.” She said as he sat down. “What do you mean, I’m glad you came.” She looks back up at Ashley, “Well, she sure isn’t.” “Don’t worry about her. She will get over it.” He smiles and turns to watch the game. “You know, we are 7 and 1, our basketball team is doing very good this year. Do you play any sports?” “I did, at my old school.” “oh yeah, what did you play?” “Volleyball.” “Are you going to play here?” “No, probably not.” “But why?” “My mom was the Volleyball Coach at my old school.” “So.. where did you move here from?” “Virginia” Johnny pauses, “wow, that’s quite aways from here. What made you move here to good ol’ California?” “I don’t know, family problems I guess.” From the way Krissy’s voice sounded, Johnny could tell she was not comfortable talking about this, so her nods, and continues to watch the game.

About an hour later, the game is over with. Johnny asks Krissy if she needs a ride home. She says “Ya I guess that will be okay.” When in the car, Johnny asks for directions. Krissy tells him to go to the little pizza parlor on the corner of Broadway, she has to meet someone there anyway. During their ride over there, Krissy was quite, the only noise was an old beatles song playing on the radio. “What’s your favorite type of music?” Johnny asks Krissy. “A little bit of everything I guess, mainly punk rock, what about you?” “Oh, a lil hip hop, R&B and some country. So I guess you can consider it a little bit of everything.” Krissy smirks, and continues the dead silence.

Finally they reached the pizza parlor. Johnny drops Krissy off. While slowly walking to the door she waits for Johnny to get completely around the corner and then walks home. Standing in front of her house, she sighs, while thinking, “what would he say if he knew my past? What would he do if he knew what was going on right now, would he ditch me? Krissy shakes off her negative thoughts and then heads inside. She goes up to her room and gets ready to go to bed.

While laying in her bed for about 10 minutes, counting her ceiling tiles, she closes her eyes and then begins to think more about Johnny. Now, it all begins, she hears gun shots, screams, sirens, and her little brothers voice. She sees herself running to him, but then something stops her. She cant get to him, she is trapped. Behind a glass door banging, and screaming for help. She screams out her brothers name, but its too late. He has disappeared. She sees her parents run to save her. Two gunshots fired, her parents fall to the ground, in front of her. Crying and screaming, but she is still trapped. now she can't move, she screams as loud as she can. Looking ahead is a dark figure, holding his weapon leading to her near future. He points it towards her, she flinches, tightens her eyes shut, tears running down her face. The gun shot was fired, she felt her body, no wounds. Her eyes open and she sees the dark figure falling to his knees, dropping the weapon by his hand.

Broken out in a cold sweat, shivering with fear, Krissy awakes and sits still in her bed, looking out the window. A dead silence, nothing but a few whistles of the wind. Tears streaming down her face, the thoughts of her never ending nightmare runs through her head. The sun rises, as Krissy is barely still awake. She looks at her alarm clock 6:34 am. She crawls out of bed and gets in the shower to begin her day.

Johnny and Krissy have been hanging out a lot everyday after school, but at the end of that day, she has him drop her off at the pizza parlor. After a day of hanging out, Krissy doesn’t get a ride home from Johnny, she rides the bus. In fact throughout the whole day, Johnny and Krissy didn’t really talk. He knew something was up with her, but he just brushed it off.

The next day, she wakes up late and misses her bus. Her only option is to call Johnny. She tells him to pick her up at the corner again. Moments he drives up and sees her standinf there, he opens the door to let her in. "Good morning. How are you today." says Johnny. "I'm good." “You sure? You don’t really seem like it a lot here lately.” “I’m fine,” she said with a hateful tone of voice. “Okay, I’m sorry..” He said. “So, can I ask you… why do I drop you off at the pizza parlor? Why not at your house?” “I dunno, I just like to get fresh air every once in awhile.” “Oh.” Said Johnny. He could definitely tell something was going on, but he was afraid to bring it up, so he sits quietly and heads to school.

When they arrive, she goes directly to her locker and then walks into class and sits next to the window. She gets out a piece of paper, and starts to write. She got so caught up in writing that the bell rings; she gathers all her books and papers and rushes out the door.

Back at her locker she sees Johnny, instead of him stopping to talk; he walks over to Ashley's locker and talks to her. Krissy sees Johnny lightly kiss Ashley on the cheek. Her heart drops, the only thing running through her head is why? Why did that just make me jealous? Johnny walks over to her and taps her shoulder, which startled her. She turns around and runs into Johnny, which made her drop all of her books. "I'm sorry." says Krissy. "You say sorry way too much." Says Johnny. He laughs. "But its okay." He helps her pick up her books, and hands them to her. "Thanks. Uhh I gotta go." Before Johnny had the chance to say bye, she was already walking away.

Johnny looks down to find a piece of paper, in front of Krissy's locker. He looks up to get her attention, but she's already gone. He puts it in his pocket hoping to see her again sometime that day. Sitting in math class, Krissy's head began to spin, she became dizzy and weak. She raises her hand and asks the teacher if she can go to the nurse. She stumbles out the door. She passes Ashley on her way. Ashley looks at her asking if she is alright. Krissy is walking close up to the lockers, trying to keep her balance. When she comes to the end of the lockers, she loses her balance and begins to fall. Ashley rushes over, and grabs Krissy before she falls. She yells for help. Mr. Robinson comes out of chemistry class and finds Ashley holding Krissy semiconscious in her hands.

"Ashley, run and get the nurse!" Said Mr. Robinson. Ashley runs down the hall to the nurse’s office. All of the students in chemistry class run to the door to see what is going on. Mr. Robinson is trying to keep Krissy awake. The nurse finally arrives with a wet towel and a pillow. They pick her up and take her down to the nurse’s office and lay her on the cot. The nurse checks her files for problems she may have for causing this... nothing is found. She calls her home to try and get someone. The phone rings twice and an older lady answer. "Hello?" she says. "Um Hello, Mrs. Carson?" said the nurse. The lady on the other line took in a deep breath. "Oh, no sweetie. This isn't Mrs. Carson." "Well then is she around?" hesitantly saying "No ma'am... but can I help you with something?" "Yes, I guess. I have Krissy Carson here; she just passed out, unexpectedly. I looked at her files to see what may have caused this, but there is nothing." "Oh my, ummm, I'll be on my way."

About twenty minutes later, the older lady arrived. She got escorted to the nurse’s office to find Krissy sitting on the bed, slowly drinking some water. "Krissy, honey, are you alright?" "Yeah, Ms. Martin, I'm okay." she said slowly. Ms. Martin turned to talk to the nurse. "I have no idea what caused this, maybe its best she goes home and rests." Said the nurse. "Ya, okay, that seems like a good idea." Ms. Martin turns to Krissy and helps her off the bed. They head out the door to the car.

"Krissy, would you like to tell me what is going on?" said Ms. Martin. "What do you mean, everything is fine..." said Krissy.”You sure don't seem like it." "I am, I promise." "Krissy..." "Yes?" "Did you sleep last night?" "Well yeah. a little bit." "What do you mean a little bit? Did you have that dream again last night?" She looks over at Krissy, who is staring out the window, silently. She takes a few seconds to answer. When she looks over at Ms. Martin, her eyes fill up tears. "It won't stop; I can't get it out of my mind." "Oh, honey... I'm sorry." She soothes her hair. Krissy just sits there in silence. She closes her eyes, as Ms. Martin drives away from the school.

Moments later, Johnny walks into Chemistry with a smile on his face and Krissy's paper in his hands. He walks in to find that she is not there. He looks around the class and everyone is quiet. He walks over to Ashley, who is surprisingly sitting there still as can be. "What's wrong?" he asked. "I don't guess you heard?" "Uhh, no.. Heard what?" "Krissy, she passed out." he closes his eyes, and takes in a deep breath. "Is she... okay?" "I don't know.. She left school." He walks away without saying one word.

Sitting at his table alone, he grabs Krissy's paper and opens it. He reads the first line "My Last Wish” He stops and takes in a deeper breath and begins to read the rest. “After all what has happened to me, it's hard to wake up in the morning, and be prepared for the day. The only thing in my mind is... Revenge. You took everything away from me! My life, my family, my best friends. Why? You deserve more than what you received. Matter of fact, you deserve worst. I hate you. You have made my life miserable. All because you were miserable, I didn’t know who you were, you didn’t know who I was. But you took away, my innocence, my family. My life is ruined, and I hope you are happy…”

Johnny looks up with tears in his eyes. He’s never really had the chance to figure Krissy out. This letter confused him even more. The bell rang, and he dashes out the door. Krissy is sitting at home in her room. Ms. Martin comes up there with some food and tries to get her to eat. “How do you feel?” she asked. “A little better.” Said Krissy. “Well, you should try and eat up.” Krissy smirks, and takes the food, and tries to gain an appetite.

After a few spoonfuls of chicken noodle soup, her appetite goes away. She pushes the tray towards the end of her bed, and cuddles up in a ball, attempting to fall asleep. Laying there, she looks over to her left, to see a picture of her, her little brother, her mother and father. She closes her eyes, to take the image away. She then thinks about Johnny, and if he knows what is going on with her or not. She wants to tell him, but she is scared. She can’t get up the nerve to do so. She doesn’t want anyone to know. She gets up, locks the door, grabs a little box from her dresser, lays back down on her bed, and waits for the time to past.

Back at school Johnny is in the nurse’s office, trying to make up excuses to go home. The words that Krissy wrote keep running through his head. The nurse comes in and checks his temperature. “98.9, you’re not running a fever. So what is really going on?” She asked. “Um, I don’t know, I guess its just body aches.” He said. “Well, I guess call your father.” He quickly changes the subject before she walks over to the phone. “Do you know exactly what was wrong with Krissy today?” “Actually, no. Her files have no cases of anything like this happening before.” “Her files? Do you think you could tell me her address?” “I guess I can, what’s the reasoning?” “I think I’m just going to go by and check on her.”

Johnny picks up the phone and dials his dad’s number. “Hey dad, it’s me, I’m not feeling to great, and the nurse needs your approval to let me go home.” “Sure.” Said his dad. They hang up the phone and Johnny walks down to his locker, to get his books. When he goes down to the office to sign out, the nurse stops him and gives him a piece of paper, that said 407 Mercury St.

Johnny leaves the building and goes out to his car. Where on earth is 407 Mercury St? He thought to himself. He left the school parking spot and drove around town searching for this street name. Finally on the opposite far side of town, he found the corner of Mercury and Broadway. Driving down Mercury street he found a building, with the address of 407 Mercury. He parks his car in front of the building an heads that a way. Coming up closer, he sees a sign on the door. "Home for Girls." His heart dropped.

He walked in the door to be greeted with the Ms. Martin, and several little girls playing together. "Hello sir, may I help you?" she asked. Hesitantly he looks around at all the little girls, losing focus with millions of different thinks running through his mind. "Ahem, can I help you?" She asked again. "Oh, I'm sorry, uh I'm looking for Krissy, is she here?" "Oh, uh ya she is, hold on I'll go and get her." Leaving Johnny downstairs she walks up to Krissy's room. Knocking on the door "Krissy, honey, you have a visitor." There was no answer, she turns the door knob but it's locked. She grabs the master key from her pocket and unlocks her door.

She walks in the room and it is total darkness, she turns on the light. The second she looks at Krissy's bed, her mind goes into shock and she screams. Johnny hears her scream and runs upstairs. He finds Ms. Martin standing in the doorway panting. He runs through the door to find Krissy, lying on her bed, with an empty bottle of sleeping pills in her hand. He runs over to see if she is conscious, but he gets nothing out of her.

He yells for someone to call 911, while trying to get a pulse. Still nothing. He picks her up and runs her downstairs and lays her on the couch. All the other little girls are watching, as Krissy's life is slowly fading away.

The police and ambulances finally show up. They come in and take Krissy and rush her to the hospital. Johnny runs out to his car to follow them to the hospital. He noticed that he dropped his keys someone. He runs back inside, upstairs, to Krissy bedroom. He finds his keys in the floor, along with a little box. He picks up the box and opens it, to find inside, a news paper article with the headline "Shooting, Killed a Mother, a Father, and a Son." He begins to read the article, and finds that those three people, were Krissy's family. He drops the newspaper and runs back to his car.

He leaves the building and heads towards the hospital. In the Emergency Room he sees Ms. Martin waiting. Tears rolling down her face, while holding two little girls about the age of three and four, with blank looks on their faces. A doctor comes out and calls for Ms. Martin. Johnny and Ms. Martin both get up and walk towards him. From the hesitant blank look on the doctors face, Johnny tried to prepare himself for the worst.

The doctor looked up from his paper work and said "Ms. Martin, There is no easy way for bad news, so I'll have to just come out and say it. Krissy, didn't recover. We can't get a pulse. I'm sorry, but she is gone." Johnny's cheeks instantly becomes soaked. Ms. Martin begins to weep.

Moments later, as Johnny is leaving, he looks back to see one of the little girls running towards him. "hey, mister." she yelled. "wait!" he turns around, and bends down to her level. She gives him a piece of paper with "Johnny" written on the front. He opens it and begins to read. "Dear Johnny, Revenge is never the answer..." He folds the paper back up, and slowly walks out of the hospital... gets in his car, and drives away, with no intention of looking back...

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