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Freelance: The freedom to choose

November 14, 2011
By Sezkiful, Lascelles, Other
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Author's note: This one goes out to my fellow band members from ‘On The Outskirts’ for the personalities and descriptions of Lewis, Simon, Ashlee and Elisha.

Every person has a story to tell and every story has a meaning to share, so if you lose your meaning, does that mean you lose your story, your life? Well it does if you don’t have the courage to get out there and get your meaning back. I have a friend who lost there meaning and they could not be bothered to find it again… So take it from me because that was the biggest mistake of her life.


My story began in a little country town called Frelta with a population of about three hundred. I was a normal person with a normal life, My Mum and Dad had split, and Mum had found another man, his name is Pete. Now Pete is not a bad person but I missed my Dad a lot and I rarely got to see him those days, now that is a completely different story. Maybe I will tell you one day.
By the way, my name is Sandra Lampard and I am in year 12. However I am 19 years old because I started school a year late. I have the plainest black hair that is ALWAYS too curly and that is not over reacting. The other day I literally straightened my hair and it was still curly. My nose is all mucked up because of all the times I’ve broken it, if I do believe correctly. People always tease me because of my eyes, but I still haven’t figured out why. The only thing good about me that I can find is my figure, a perfect hour glass figure.
Getting back on track though, Frelta has three schools. A lot of the locals know that one is too many, so three? What do we need three schools for? There are only one hundred and forty-seven school age kids in the town. The school I currently attend is called Frelta High, nothing special, but it does make it easy to write application forms. Any way, I was at school in my favourite class… English, I have a double on Tuesday.
When I say its my favourite, I mean because I like to write; It lets me express my self, put myself in positions I could never really be in, and my personal favourite, how people come up to me and ask if they could read my stories, that they actually like what I put on paper.
Story writing and jamming with my band are some of the only things that get me through the years when I am stuck here. My band is called ‘The Second Time Around’, and it has five members.
There’s myself with lead female vocals.
Lewis Ashton is our extremely hyper bassist, there is no doubt in my mind that he drinks way to much soda. If you need help finding him on stage than he is the mad man who looks like he shouldn’t be able to see through his black hair.
Simon Davies is our male vocalist, and he also organises all our gigs. If there is a leader to our band it would be him. He’s got dark blond hair that is usually mistaken for brown. And his brown eyes that just scream ‘Trust me’, but he usually wears red contacts when we’re on stage.
Elisha Smith is our drummer, and I swear to god I would hate to be her drums. I had never feared for a set of drums until I met Elisha. Elisha has blond hair with blue tips through it, and to this day I don’t know how to describe her eye colour.
And last but not least is Ashlee Rigg. I swear to god that there is no one else in the world who can synth better than her. I mean the girl has never had a lesson in her life, yet she teaches classes at some of the most prestigious music schools in the state. Ash has a new hair colour every week, and I’m not so sure she could even remember what her real hair colour is. Her eyes however are a baby blue that matches her soft face.
Again I am getting a little of track, ok were was I? Oh yer, that’s right, English. So my teacher, Miss Hart was on my back again. I don’t remember what she was on about that time, but I think it was something to do with Notes on Freelance. By the way that was my project is for the week. Do a report on your favourite band or your idol.
Freelance are my Hero’s, I entered a quiz about them once and I was titled Freelances biggest fan. Oh well, she should stop rambling on in about ten seconds; Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five… DING, DING, DING, “Excuse me staff and students please excuse this interruption, there will be a twenty minute talk in room ten, now.” Well that shut her up.
For the next ten minutes it was complete and utter madness, kids going left, kids going right. It never changed, every time a surprise was held, the students went mental. After about five or six minutes the teachers came to the room and every thing went silent, suspense I think. But who would know why anybody did anything at this hell hole.
This won’t last long though, it never does. As soon as the motivational talker comes out we will all find a comfortable spot and wait until its all over. And the best part is the teachers and the talker don’t even realise, they think we are all listening as carefully as we can. It’s almost sad that they can’t tell that we are all sitting there looking everywhere other than at the talker. I mean come on take a hint and do something about it, much?
Anyway I think that the whole suspense thing is caused by wondering how hard we will need to concentrate to tune out what’s going to come next. Last time the school held a surprise talker it was on underage smokers and how it is getting out of control. Well that really caused some havoc for the school to deal with, because the smokers (myself included) decided we wanted to rebel until they realised we weren’t going to stop just because they said we should.
Nobody really knows why the school even bothers trying anymore, I mean a lot less of us would get into trouble if there was a smoking area at the school for those of us who do smoke. That way we wouldn’t smoke in the toilets and get suspended. Yer sure smoking is bad and all but come on its not like you can just quit and move on. It is a lot harder than that.
I tried to quit once and I got all agro over the loss of nicotine and the school said I would be better off havening a suspension. Is there no justice in this world? I try to do what they want me to, and I get into more trouble than its worth.
So we all go into room ten when we get the go ahead from the teachers. Year twelves get to sit in seats up the back, but its easier to tune out when on the floor up the front. We all find a good place and get settled for a long twenty minutes.

All of a sudden, they came in, and everything went back to madness, it was that easy. Standing there in the middle of the room, looking like the rock stars they are, clearly enjoying the effect they had, was Freelance.
I had actually gone to school with the lead singer a few years ago, before I move to Frelta. Not that he remembered me, plus it was before he was famous.
Every single person in the room has gone mad, even my best friend Kate Shine (who by the way is a really hard person to crack) has the giggles about them being here.
Oh I am sorry, did I not tell you about Kate? No? Ok then, Kate at the moment was jumping up and down, screaming like a little girl. What? that’s not what you want to know? Fine then, usually she has fine brownie, blond hair, that in the right light almost goes red… That’s one thing I know she absolutely hates about herself. Her eyes are emerald green. She is tall and she has what would be generically known as the perfect models body.
This would have to be the best day I had ever had. I did however, have just one question. What the heck is freelance, doing at a place as gay as Frelta High? It goes against all of the things I have learnt to believe about my life. HEY! Why is he walking over to me?
Okay so to be a true freelance fan you will have to know these simple facts:
Ben is the drummer and he is sooo sexy
He is dating this chick called Wendy.
Wendy is Jessica’s best friend.
Jess is the lead female vocalist.
She is dating the guitarist Adrian.
Adrian is the oddball one.
And then there is Shane, now HE is the lead male vocalist, and the hottest.
He also just happens to be the only single one.
Remember when I said I had gone to school with him, well I had a HUGE crush on him way back then. And to be honest with you, not much has changed.
It was Shane walking towards me. The thoughts running through my mind were something like, ‘Maybe I should just walk away’ and ‘he isn’t going to talk to me anyway’. He is just going to go out the door that is behind me. No he is a big time celebrity and he has no time for little fan girls like me.
“Hey. Ben told me to go around and socialise with people so yer. Hi, and my name is...” Is he kidding? Does he really think he needs to introduce himself?
“Shane Darlson, yer I know who you are. You’re 19, you have a brother named Riley and you just happen to have been to this puny little town a few times in your life. But hey, nothing to stalker like going on around here.” Shane was giving me the weirdest look, almost a mix between worry and surprise.
“So you seem to know what is what. Maybe you could let me in on the gossip? You could probably point out who are our true fans and who are just in the band wagon to seem cool?” The way his deep brown eyes looked at me seemed to mentally encourage me to tell him about the dull students that make up this dull school.
“Well I don’t want to brag but I became a fan of Freelance at the world hopefuls auditions. Which by the way was totally rigged because you guys should have won it.” I tried giving him a joking smile but I didn’t really know if it turned out, so I just continued on in my little spiel. “Kate is a fan and has been for years. And there are a few girls around there in the corner who are probably in the middle of plotting to kidnap Ben. But other than that everyone is just obsessed with your looks.”
Shane looked over to the corner that I had pointed out, turned to look at Ben then turned his eyes back to me. “Why on earth would they want to do that? I mean its just Ben, what’s so special about him? Besides, They would have to get past Wendy first, and that is not an easy task. Believe me, she is as scary as s*** when she wants to be.” Just as I was going to reply, Adrian called out so Shane had to get back up on stage and start the first song.
At the time Freelance were just about to release there first album since Jessica joined them, and there was this massive rumour going around that it was going to be even better than their first album which, by the way, debuted at number one. AND went double platinum.
I sat down next to Kate, who was going nuts at me about how I was clearly hitting on Shane, I mean sure I made sure that I never dropped his eye. The strange thing is that I hadn’t realised that I was hitting on Shane, I really was only trying to have a nice conversation.
A little strange fact about me, if I am panicking I turn my flirting level right up, its just a way to make sure that I don’t do anything stupid. But if I was hitting on Shane without knowing it then I may have already done that.
So the guys were just about to start packing up, and Shane was talking to Mr West about something, probably saying how soon his students had started hitting on him. At that exact moment they both looked over at Kate and me. OH CRAP!! What the hell had he said. Sure I wasn’t friends with Shane, but I did think we had some level of connection.
Now Mr West is not really a healthy looking man; He is a shade too pale, sort of looks like he should belong in an old folks home and has this slouch that makes him look similar to a Hunchback. His eyes are two dark to be brown yet to light to be black.
Mr West nodded and started walking over to us. In the moment it took for him to get to us, my mind has conjured up thousands of possible outcomes for what was happening. “Sandra, Kate, Mr Darlson would like you two to help him and his band mates to pack everything up, and I would hope that you show them the true Frelta High spirit.”
“What spirit? The school is falling to bits and the students rebel. But I will bring some of my own personal spirit to the table instead. Hope that will do.” With that I just smiled and stood there with my gaze on him as he walks away. The teachers here learnt pretty quick that they aren’t going to get through to me any time soon, so now they don’t even bother talking when I feel like being a smart ass.
Someone who clearly wasn’t used to my antics... Shane, who was laughing so hard that he was nearly crying. After a few more seconds he calmed himself down. “I wish I had been able to talk to my teachers like that when I went to school.” Idiot.
“Umm, Shane? You did. I don’t believe, you don’t recognise me, Sandra Lampard. We were in the same class back at Kristal Grammar. I seem to remember you being a jerk to the teachers.” Shane just stared at me, sadly so did Kate. It’s at that moment I remember, I had never actually told Kate, that I had known him.
“Kristal Grammar?.. My god that was a crap school. Did you flirt with me back then to, or are you one of the girls who wouldn’t talk to me?” He was power challenging me and I knew it, but now was the moment for truth.
“Neither. I was the girl who told you to write the test cheats on a piece of chewing gum. In all honesty, I had a massive crush on you back then and I probably would have hit on you, but you had a girlfriend and that is against the girl code, plus she threatened to decapitate all the girls who even talked to you.” I still use that gum idea, it’s the only reason I still managed to be a strait A rebel.
“I remember that gum idea, and I do remember you. I have to say thanks, that Gum was the only reason I managed to pass year 12. Its good to see you again...” He looked over at Kate who was still staring at me, with what I think was a murderous glint in her eye. “You must be Sandra’s friend Kate?” She nodded and turned her gaze over to him. Great, I get a glare from her because one little piece of information slipped my mind, while Shane gets one of her best smiles.
“Shane, if you’re going to help, then hurry the hell up would you.” There was only one person that could have been. Ben. Ben, was the mature one. Now don’t get me wrong, he could be one hell of a good time if he wants too, but he likes to keep things under control and working smoothly. So we all snapped into motion and start putting instruments and sound equipment back into their van.
Kate and I worked together getting the bass drum down the hall. I couldn’t help but space out just a little bit, all I could see in the back of my mind was Shane up on that stage, sweat making his shirt cling to his slim figure. That with his brilliant almost husky voice, made him a freakin god in my eyes. A god that would always be just out of reach, but how good it would be if I could wrap my arms around him and kiss his lips. That would be a dream come true for...
“You never told me! Why did you never tell me?” And so it began. Getting my head back on track after my little slip of the imagination. I knew that was the first thing she would say to me if she ever found out, but what were the chances that they would come and play at a school like ours while we were still there? Not very high I would have thought, but then I guess I didn’t realize exactly how much fate hated me.
“I didn’t think it really mattered, you like Adrian not Shane.”
“It doesn’t matter. Shane knows Adrian, plus he is still part of Freelance and in case you haven’t been in my room, I am sort of obsessed.” I had noticed. You can’t see the wall of Kate’s room through all the Freelance posters, photos and things she bought that they had touched.
“Its not like I talk to him every day or something, it was just two or three years at school. If I actually KNEW him I would have told you when I saw your room for the first time.”
“Yer I guess you have a point there... HEY, did you notice Adrian’s Bass? It has a new sticker on it.” I love how she never stays angry for long, as long as you put Adrian into her head she forgets all about what she was raging about.
“God, trust you to notice that. He has hundreds of stickers on that thing, how the hell did you tell it apart from the rest?”
“Easy. I was studying a pic he put on Twitter last night and the one on his bass wasn’t on the pic from last night. That means he has a new sticker.” Well its good to know she isn’t holding the Shane thing against me, but I think obsessed is an understatement.
“Hey, Sandra, Wait up.” Ten bucks if you can guess who that was. Yes Shane was chasing us down the hall. “Give me your number and we will keep in contact this time. Any time you wanna see us just give me a call.” As soon as he said that Kate started glaring at me again. Oh well, so much for her letting this go.
“Does that go the same for Kate? I don’t think my scull will survive the daggers that she is putting in the back of my head right now if it doesn’t.”
“Of course it does. I get the feeling that there are some of our crew that would love to get to know her. Have you ever heard of Larry Ultrate?” Oh god. I couldn’t help but pinch the top of my nose in preparation of what was coming. Of all the people he could of brought into this conversation, he chose Larry.
“HAVE I HEARD OF LARRY? Who do you think I am? Some kind of freak? OF COURSE I KNOW WHO LARRY IS!” Kate screamed at him, getting the attention of three classrooms full of nosy teenagers and grumpy teachers. She closed her eyes and took one of her deep calming breaths. “Yes I know who Larry Ultrate is, why do you ask Shane?” This was her too sweet to be good voice.
I looked over to Shane who clearly didn’t want to answer in case she started yelling again, but just as he was clearly going to answer, Jessica walked passed and beat him to it. “His girlfriend dumped him the other day so he is actually looking for a new one... He was desperate enough to hit on Wendy the other day, that’s why Bens pissed off more than usual at the moment.” Well that would explain his attitude towards us, I mean god Wendy is his girl, and has been for almost a whole year.
“Don’t kid with me woman, I’m not in the mood.” I could tell she wasn’t either. For one she didn’t even turn to look at Jess. Her Green eyes were burning like they do when she thinks that someone is lying to her. Her posture gave her away too, when she gets angry she stands straight and does this thing with her shoulders that makes her look taller and stronger than she really is. Unfortunately, Jessica had already started walking away and either didn’t hear Kate or had ignored her.
“Kate I am so sorry to inform you that Jessica is not kidding, he Tweeted about it at around 7.30 last night. I would have told you, but I figured you would have known, because you usually stalk his social network accounts like your life hangs in the balance.” Another thing you should know about Kate is that she is hooked on all those kinds of sites. I know for a fact that a few weeks ago she had spent a whole day from 12 to 12 on Larry’s Tumblr® account, just hacking it. Thankfully for him the power went out just before she could get it so she didn’t bother trying to do it again. I plan to tell her it was me who turned off the main, one day in the far away future. Maybe on her death bed. Or if she ever becomes a vegetable.
“Oh and you don’t spend hours on Shane’s profile like, all the time?” Horrified that she had said that in front of him I glanced at him. Kate had been trying to freak him out but Shane looked more or less pleased at the idea I liked him... I wonder what was going on his mind, but from the look on Kate’s face I wouldn’t have to wait much longer to find out. “My god man, what’s wrong with you? You should be freaking out not smiling.”
“Why would I be worried about it? She is a cute chick, and has every right to like me. Jesus I am famous it would be weird if girls didn’t like me.” He seemed extra cocky than I remember, but that is what I always liked about him. Even back at school it was his attitude about himself that always drew me. The way he was looking at me when he said that gave me butterflies, he still had his brown eyes burning into mine and they suggested that he wanted something more than he was letting on just yet, but I’m not about to trust what I see because I’m not sure that he would even go for somebody like me.
“Hey Shane why don’t you guys come round to my place after I finish school and we can catch up?” The sides of his lips curved up into a smile. Wait until he hears my next comment. “Oh and stop calling yourself famous, when people all over the world know who you are, then you are famous.” He laughed. What the hell, I know I was kidding and all but what happened to the whole defending himself thing?
“You know what, I would love to, give me a sec would ya?” He reached into his pocket and pulled out a notebook and pen. As if I hadn’t even made a comment on his celebrity status. “I’ll give you my number and just give me a call when you get home and we will be right over. Is you pal going to be there?
“Yes but why do you want to know?” I know men better than they know themselves so if he had a problem with Kate then he can suck it up. She is my best friend and I would never choose a guy over her, even if that guy was impossibly good looking, and he was really talented and... Oh god just stop thinking Sanni, you’re going to turn into a bubble head over a guy that probably wouldn’t want to date you anyway.
“It’s alright don’t get defensive, its just because if I know she will be there, I can invite Larry.” Oh. It’s a good thing he didn’t notice me go into dream land for a second there, because I would have never lived it down. I mean how could I let myself drift away at just the thought of him being close to me... There I go again, WHAT THE HELL?
“I didn’t mean to get defensive, I just do when people talk like that. Moving on. We have to get back to class but I will call you as soon as I get off school property. See ya.” Kate and I were walking away before I could embarrass myself further.
“You know, it’s good that boys aren’t observant or Shane might of realized how you were making goo-goo eyes at him whenever he looked at you.” I wasn’t lucky enough to have escaped my best friends view then, I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks as we got to the door of the music room. All I could do was hope that Shane hadn’t been watching us walk away.
“Oh? How about you? Why did you have to go all ‘I’m a crazy person so don’t mess with me’ on him? What did he do to you? Well other than ask you HAVE YOU MET LARRY.” Oh dear, my outburst seems to have gotten the attention of Mrs Juckernberg and the whole class.
In a much more hushed and controlled voice that me Kate continued on our conversation. “It got his attention didn’t it?” That is true, but I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. “Besides, no matter how hard he try’s he will never forget you this time.” And que he cheesy grin... There we go.
“That doesn’t matter. As true as that may be, it could be for the wrong reasons.”
“Yer well you were doing a pretty good job yourself. Did you see the way he was looking at you? He so has the hots for you.” Well I wasn’t expecting that. I get the feeling it was more being friendly than anything else I have know idea how Kate got the idea Shane could possably like me. I mean hell his ex is cuter than me, and she isn’t exactly the most attractive person in the world.
“Yer whatever you say, look lets just try and get this last period over and done with, so I can call him and get them to my house. We might even get a little privet show, if we put our game faces on.”
Well that got one hell of a laugh out of her. I love watching her when she gets into one of her laughing fits, this particular on starts out as a giggle and ends up as full on hysteria.

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