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The Nightmares

September 25, 2011
By juggaloscrub BRONZE, Brockton, Massachusetts
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juggaloscrub BRONZE, Brockton, Massachusetts
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It was the last day of school right before summer vacation at Ruston High School, It also just so happened to be a Friday. Friday nights in Ruston there are at least two parties going on. Parties in Ruston never end because of the lack of Police, EMS, or Fire Department. The party that happened this night was at Tiffany Iceton’s house. She went on the intercom at school to invite the whole school. Many of the children left at lunch time to prepare for it. The four girls that are the main characters of this story had to stay because they have to ride the bus in order to get home.
They sat in their Algebra 2 class debating whether or not they wanted to go to the party. Two of them were for going and two were against. The ones that did want to go were Jane and Ashley. Jane is about average height with black hair with red streaks that went down to the small of her back. Ashley is a short black girl with braids dyed red and yellow, she also has a very short temper. The ones that didn’t want to go were Samantha and Melissa. Samantha is a shy girl with short sandy-brown hair that she keeps in pigtails. Melissa is a little bit chubby and has blond hair that ends right below her shoulder blades. Melissa said, “I won’t be able to find any outfits that will make me look cute.” Jane responded, “You are so stupid! Why don’t you realize how beautiful you are?” Melissa shot a look at her like an adult would to a small child that asks why he can’t get a pet unicorn.
By the time the bell rang they decided that they would go to the party. They got onto the bus just like they always did because they all lived a few blocks away from each other. They all got off at the first stop which was Ashley’s house. The bus creaked to a stop and all four of the girls got off. The reason they chose Ashley’s house was because it was the closest to Tiffany’s. The girls have known each other since kindergarten so they started keeping spare clothes at each other’s houses. They went straight into the kitchen when they got into the house because they forgot to eat lunch today. Ashley pulled out some leftover pork chops from the fridge. They didn’t try to be quiet because Ashley‘s mom was at work right now. Ashley’s dad was in jail for trying to sell coke to elementary school children in another state. When they finished the girls went upstairs to change. They didn’t mind changing in front of each other because they were used to it.
Sam was the first one to get dressed; she had a pair of blue sneakers, tight jeans and a shirt that read “Stop Staring” across her slightly large breasts. She had Ashley braid her pigtails to make them look nicer. Jane was the next girl to get dressed; she put on boots and fishnet stockings with a black mini skirt. Her shirt was a sleeveless black v-neck. Melissa was about to complain about not being able to find anything when Samantha ran from the room and headed to the bathroom to puke. She came back five minutes later and said, “Sorry about that the grub must not of agreed with my stomach.” The other girls knew that wasn’t the real reason, it was because she was nervous about the party. Ashley put on a blue dress with pink polka dots on it and a pair of pink high heels then went over to Samantha to comfort and reassure her that the party would be fine. Melissa finally found an outfit that she liked. It was green camouflage pants and a green button up blouse with short sleeves.
It was five- thirty and the party started at six. The girls started to walk over to Tiffany’s house when Ashley remembered that she needed to leave a note just in case her mom came home before the party ended. The other girls waited outside while she went in to write the note. She grabbed a piece of paper from some long forgotten notebook to write it. The note read, “Mom I went to a party. Be back by at least midnight. Don’t worry I’ve got the girls with me. Love you & see you soon, Ashley. “She went back out and locked the door behind her. After that they headed for the party.
They got there at six-fifteen and were greeted by Tiffany’s big brother Oscar who was a pretty good guy. He invited them in and gave them some Pepsi to drink. The party hadn’t fully started yet. Tiffany walked past the girls with her nose stuck up. Oscar said, “Don’t worry about her. She thinks she queen of the world now that she has a new boyfriend.” After half an hour he left to talk to the football team. They were fine until about nine-thirty when Tiffany and her boyfriend started to hassle them. The boyfriend was six foot-five and had the word “monkey” tattooed on his neck.
He kept making fun of Melissa for being bigger than his Barbie doll girlfriend. Each time he said something, tiffany would laugh her shrill ear splitting laugh. Ashley got tired of it and punched her in the face. She would have done more but Melissa and Jane held her back. They were almost dragging her out the front door when they told Samantha that it was time to go. They planned on going back to Ashley’s house and started to head that way.
Back at the party monkey called his friends. They came and picked him up and then cruised the city looking for the girls. They found them a few blocks away from Ashley’s house. They pulled up next to the girls in a completely white police car and Samantha saw monkey so she started to run. The other girls saw and did it themselves. The boys got out of the car and chased them down. There were six of the boys all together. They grabbed them and dragged them into the nearest alley and threw their purses in a dumpster. They targeted Ashley first. They started hitting her in the legs and when she fell they stomped on her. They didn't break any of her bones but they made it very difficult if not impossible to stand. Then they double teamed the other girls. Their blows landed mostly on the girls’ heads or stomachs. Then they went over to Ashley and stood her up. They walked her over to the dumpster and bent her over. They lifted her dress and then pulled down her red cotton panties. They then raped her one after another until all six of them were finished. She fell down, pulled up her panties and realized that her right heel had broken off. The largest of the boys picked her up by her hair. He pulled her over to Monkey. She spit in his face and said "F*** you". He slapped her across the face and said, "Tell any one who cares that the police did it." After that the boy holding her by the hair smacked her head against the dumpster four or five times. Then he threw her to the ground. The last thing she remembered seeing was the white police car pulling away.

He was in the middle of beating the life out of a sleazy heroin dealer. He sold his product to young children and pregnant women. He smashed a base ball bat across the scumbags’ mouth knocking his remaining teeth out. Blood spurted out and got onto jack's hockey mask that he always wears. He then swung the bat onto the nape of the mans neck. Then just to make sure that the man died he stomped on his throat. Then he threw the body into the back of a moving van. He got into his cherry red 1969 Cadillac sedan devil hardtop. He took off his mask and put it into the glove box. Then he headed over to his sister's location. He pulled up onto the curb and his jaw dropped when he saw the condition they were in. Bruised, swollen bloody faces and they were still standing tall. He admired the girls for this. He helped them into his car with Jane in the front seat. He asked them,' what the hell happened to you? You look like you went through a blender." Ashley was the one to speak up, “Last night we went to a party and I got into an argument with the hostess. So when we left she sent her boyfriend and some of his friends to jump us. There were six of them all together. After they knocked the others out they raped me. The largest of them told me to tell anyone who cares that the police did it.” He sat there for a little while then started towards his house. Samantha knew where they were going but kept her mouth shut. They pulled up in front of Jacks house at around eleven thirty. He parked his car in a driveway that could probably fit a lot more cars in it. They walked up to the house that could probably have used at least a quick painting. They followed Jack up the stairs to the second floor platform. He told them to wait there for a minute because he forgot something from the car. He went back down the stairs and over to his car to get his hockey mask from the glove box. Once he had it on he went back up the stairs and motioned for the girls to keep following him. He stopped at the fourth floor and pulled out his key ring to unlock the door. They walked in through the doorway into the living room. He told them,” Make your selves at home, I’m going to let the guys know you’re here.” He went into the kitchen and knocked on the boys doors. Two of the boys came out at the same time but then after some more knocking the third walked out. The two that came out were Tiger and Slaughter. Tiger was wearing a black hoodie and a red pair of jeans. He also wore a confused look on his face. After a seconds consideration he pulled his mask out from his back pocket and put it on. It was a simple furry tiger mask that you could pick up at any drugstore around Halloween. Slaughter had on his normal suit and tie along with his porcelain clown mask. The boy that came out last was Bones. He wore his skull mask that was made from wood and metal, a black under shirt and a pair of baggy jeans. He asked, “What’s up? Why did I have to wake up?” Jack replied, “My sister and her friends are here. I wanted to introduce you.” They all walked into the living room and introduced each other. Then Jack had Ashley explain what happened. When she finished Bones stood up and screamed, “What the f*** are we waiting for? Let’s go bust open some mother f*ing heads!” He headed for the door but Slaughter got there first and locked it. Then he said,” We can’t just rush into things. First off we don’t have enough people. Secondly these girls don’t have any weapons. Not to mention the fact that the police are a small army rather than just a gang.” He sat down on the couch next to Ashley and asked the girls,” Are any of you hungry? I don’t know how much food we have but I could at least make some peanut butter and jelly.” The girls accepted the offer, so Bones went into the kitchen. He grabbed a loaf of bread, a jar o grape jelly and the peanut butter. When he got to the counter he forgot that the dishes were dirty so instead he pulled out his home made fillet knife from its case that he kept on his belt. He used it to put a half inch layer of peanut butter on four pieces of bread. Then he couldn’t get the jar of jelly open so he pulled out a make-shift club one of his larger side pockets and smashed the top off of it. Then he poured the jelly over the peanut butter so that it was almost dripping off. Then he stacked them, put his blade on top of them then cut all four of them at once. After that he brought the sandwiches out to the girls. The girls happily ate them. Then they took the rest of the night to just relax. The boys camped out in the living room and allowed the girls to sleep in their rooms. The next morning Jack woke up first and got every one else up. He told them, “I have a friend who can get the girls some weapons. Bones, I’m going to leave you and Ashley here to stand guard.” Bones jokingly replied,”Sure, but if the Police come I can’t promise that they’ll be leaving. Slaughter replied with,” Just don’t leave the bodies in the house. I hate the smell they leave behind.” After that they all filled out behind Jack. They walked about six blocks in silence. They came up to a house that looked even more abandoned than Jack’s place. It was an actual house that was covered with vines and flowers. All the windows were boarded up and the door had a single 2x4 diagonally crossing were the door should have been. The boys went in first then helped the girls over. They were in what they assumed was a living room but weren’t sure because it had no furniture. What it did have was about one-hundred lit candles and the faint scent of lavender. They could slightly hear an Avril Lavinge song coming from up stairs. Jack brought them through a dark hall way and a candle lit staircase into a small bedroom. The bedroom had a couch, love seat, a radio with its volume all the way up and a swivel chair facing the only window in the room. Jack yelled over the music, “Hey Tulip I have some people I want you to meet.” The chair swung around and the girl Jack called Tulip appeared. She had pink hair pulled back into a pony tail and a tattoo of a tulip under each of her eyes. She turned down her radio and said in a very perky voice, “Hey Jack long time no see. How have you been?” He replied,” I’ve been doing fine. This is my sister and two of her friends. Bones is at home with her other friend guarding the place. The day before yesterday they were jumped by six of the police coming home from a party, and the one at home was raped. I know you are the one to come to if I need anything, so I was kind of wondering if maybe you could get them some weapons.” She took a minute to think then said.” Yes I can. I just got a new shipment in. Don’t worry about paying me, what happened was horrible.” She led them to a door in the hallway that was locked. She reached into her red undershirt and got the key that unlocked it. She went over to a box, picked up a crowbar then took out a board on the window to allow some light into the room. With the new light the girls could see various weapons scattered all across the room. Tulip told them,” Take what ever you want and I guarantee every thing is as sharp as a razor.” Melissa saw what she wanted right away; a two and a half foot long Tanto blade with a nylon cord grip and a leather case. Then Jane found two double edged Mexican daggers that had an eagle print on the wood case that fit both blades inside of it. Samantha grabbed two spiked brass knuckles that doubled as tazers. Tulip walked over to a small safe in the right corner of the room, spun the lock and pulled out a chain that had a blade attached to it. She said I just got this one from China. Give it to the girl that’s not here.” then she handed it to Jack and he said, “Thank you. You should come over some time and we can all just chill.” While that happened something else happened back at the house. Bones took a nap and Ashley got bored with TV so she went into the bathroom to take a shower. She threw her shoes and panties into the trash but left her dress and bra on the sink so she could have something to wear when she got out. She got the water to a nice warm temp then got in; there was half a bar of soap and an almost untouched bottle of shampoo. She let the warm water soothe her body for a while before she used the soap. She took her braids out then she tried to straighten her hair with the shampoo. On her third attempt a trying to put shampoo in, bones decided to use the bathroom. He took a piss and forgetting someone else was in the house, he flushed the toilet. Ashley jumped out of the shower with a shriek, and then slapped Bones on the arm. His face went red under his mask and he sprinted out the door. He told her,” I have some clothes you can were for now, if you want. Just tell me what you need.” She replied.” I need a t-shirt and a pair of pants.” Then she added,” I could use a pair of boxers too.” He got her what she needed along with a belt. After she got dressed she made a plain peanut butter sandwich since the jelly was thrown away. Just as she went into the living room to eat, two cars pulled up. A total of eight men came out, each holding a cattle prod and a gallon of gas. Bones got both of his weapons out and gave Ashley a chain that doubled as a belt. They stood at the back door where they heard the footsteps coming up the stairs. They heard footsteps coming closer and closer. Then they moved over by the stove and crouched down. The men broke in by kicking the door down then they got into a lopsided formation. Only seven of them were in the house up in the apartment. No one said a word, but they heard a deep wicked laugh come from the stairs along with the horrific sound of bones breaking. The next morning the girls woke in great pain. None of them wanted to talk about what happened the previous night. They sat in silence for about ten minutes when Samantha went over to the dumpster to get their purses. They still had all of their things like make up, money and their cell phones. Samantha used her cell phone to call her brother jack. He picked up on the fifth ring," what's up sis? Haven’t heard from you in a while." She replied,” I need you to pick me and my friends up. we are across the street from the quick stop over by Ashley’s house." he told her," sure just give me about fifteen minutes and I’ll be there."

The men that came in looked behind them with confusion on their faces. Then the sound of something heavy being dragged up the stairs and heavy footsteps came from the stairs. In the door way there appeared a slightly fat kid that was just less than six foot. In one of his hands was the severed head of the man, in the other was the body. He dropped the body and threw the head at one of the men. It hit him in the throat and he dropped to the ground gasping for air. Then the boy pulled out twin swords from his belt and decapitated two of the men at the same time. When Bones saw this he used his blade across the middle of a mans stomach and when he was falling down Bones used the club against the mans knees. He finished the man off by slamming his the heel of his foot down on the mans nose. Then Ashley was attempting to take on two of them at once and she was going well until one of them went behind her and tried putting the prod against the small of her back. Bones charged at him and got him on the floor and started to smash him in the face with his club. While he did that Ashley was hitting the other guy until he stopped breathing. Then the man that got the head thrown at him started towards her. She knocked his cattle prod from his hand once more then started wrapping the belt around the mans throat. When he started to turn purple she poured one of the gallons of gas onto him then picked up his cattle prod and put it to the chain. The mans head set on fire then started to ooze. He was screaming just until the fire burnt his vocal cords and he died. The larger boy had his face painted like a witch doctors. He introduced him self as Ogre King. He said,” I moved in downstairs a couple of nights ago. I thought the place was deserted so I came in. I have been mainly sleeping down there so that’s probably why you haven’t noticed me. I am running from the police. Right before I moved in I killed a bunch of them so now they’re after me. I heard the noise and didn’t figure it was girl scouts trying to sell thin mints.”
The boys picked up the bodies and dragged them over to the dumpster of some furniture store. Then they brought the cars over to a chop shop called Demonic Possessions. Then they got a ride back from the owner. When they were done with all of that they headed upstairs and went into the living room to watch TV. They sat there and chatted like they knew each other their whole lives. Ashley decided to do the dishes because she didn’t really like to just sit around.
Just about when she finished washing them the group showed up. Everyone except for Jack went into the living room to talk with Ogre King. He stayed in the kitchen and gave Ashley her new weapon then said,” Thank you for doing the dishes no one has touched them in maybe three months. I’m going to have Slaughter give you and the girls a ride to the house so you can pick up some of your stuff. That’ll be tomorrow when your mom’s at work.” Ashley frantically answered,” Holy s***, I forgot about her. She must be worried out of her mind about me.” He said,” Don’t worry about it; I called her the other night. I told her about the situation and promised not to let any of you get hurt. I also promised her that all of you would be back before you had to go to school. That part was a little bit of a lie because I really have no idea how long it’s going to take.” A few hours later Ogre King left. The sleeping arrangements were the same that night.
In the morning Slaughter let the boys sleep, but he went and woke the girls so they could eat the feast he prepared for them. There were four plates that had a small mound of sausage on them and about six large blue-berry muffins along with some scrambled eggs. There were four sixty-four ounce slurpy cups filled to the brim with orange juice.
While the girls ate the small feast Slaughter prepared for them, He went into his room. He opened his black pinstriped suit jacket and pulled out his two revolvers. He loaded them with hollow point slugs. He put them back into his jacket. He grabbed a box of ammo that was half way filled with armor piercing bullets and hollow points and put them into his front pocket. After he was done he went out into the kitchen and was surprised to see that the girls were finished. He asked them if they were done and they responded with a loud unified burp.
He led them down stairs into Jacks car and helped them into the car and this time Sam sat up front. They slowly drove over to Ashley’s house. Slaughter waited in the car and watched as Ashley pulled a key out of the mouth of a stone gargoyle that stood next to a scarecrow that the girls made as an art project back in the fourth grade. He got out of the car after they unlocked the door and went in. He stood at the top of the steps and pulled out both of his guns just for safety reasons. Inside the house the girls were in Ashley’s room and put their clothes into trash bags. They also grabbed the stereo system and sleeping bags. They sat in the living room and found their CD’s. They didn’t have many but it was good enough for them. Then they headed back outside behind Slaughter. They locked the door and put their stuff into the trunk.
Back at the house the boys were playing video games when they heard moans coming from down stairs. They briefly joked around about it but then dismissed it thinking that ogre king found himself a girl.
They were right but little did they know that the girl was tulip. She came over the night before so that she could chill with the girls but the door was locked. Normally she would have used her lock-pick but she forgot the one she has for herself at home. She was about to leave when rain started to pour. She went back onto the porch and just as she went to the door ogre king opened it. She jumped back and gasped. He was still wearing the clothes that he had on when he helped bones and Ashley. He introduced himself and told her that he helped the people upstairs because he heard noises. He let her know that some police were killed. She asked him if she could come in and he opened the door. He led her into his kitchen and pulled open the mini-fridge he had. He asked, “Do you want mountain dew or sprite?” She said, “It doesn’t really mater as long as its cold.” he handed her the two liter of mountain dew and he kept the sprite for himself.
Somewhere in their conversation Ogre king asked tulip where she got her house. She said,” It’s a long story, but we have time. It was my grandmothers’ house. She left it to me after she died, I was only fourteen at the time but we were very close. I moved in with her when I was eleven. My mom died of cancer and my dad married a leach that left him when he had no more money. He tried selling drugs to get money but one day a customer didn’t want to pay and he pulled out a straight razor and slit my dad’s throat. I kept my rage and sadness bottled up for long time and on my twelfth birthday I avenged my father. After I beat the man’s skull in I stole that straight razor from him. It had an ebony handle and a gold Star of David on it, I keep it a secret safe in the attic of the house. My grandmother knew I killed someone but never crucified me for it.
She started to give me random knifes from around the world, and telling me stories of when she traveled around to get said knives. Soon after her death the small collection started to grow. Then it started to include drugs and just about anything anybody could possibly want. I sold most of the things and saved the money.”
He didn’t really have a response for her and then after a brief awkward silence he said, “That’s a really fucked up story. I don’t know about you but I’m beat.” she asked him,” can I spend the night? Then tomorrow I could surprise the girls.” He offered her the bed but she refused. She insisted sleeping in it with him. The next day they slept until noon and that’s when the moans started. Slaughter came with the girls about half an hour later. They got upstairs and they heard bones laughing and clapping his hands before they set foot in the door. Apparently he won five-hundred dollars on a scratch ticket. He said, “now that I have money I’m going to celebrate by taking us to the mall. It’s only a couple of blocks away.” They then left with out noticing tulip because they were taking a momentary break.
They got to the mall and went straight to the food court. They each got one burger, one monster and a large thing of fries. After their meal they went to a clothing store that had some nice clothes for cheap prices. They each got some green hoodies, green cargo pants and green converse high tops. Then the girls went into a costume store and bought a big container of face paint. It had every color from white to black.
The girls went into the bathroom to apply it. When they came out the boys whistled like the wolf from one of those old cartoons. Ashley had her face with a base coat of hot pink and circles of baby blue at random spots on her face. Bones named her CC, short for cotton candy. Sam had hers like a puppy dog. She had the eyes to match. Slaughter named her Mutt. Jane had a large butterfly across her face. Jack named her b-fly. Melissa had hers as red yellow and orange in the shape of flames. Tiger named her pyro.
They left the mall and were having fun until they walked past an alley way that was empty the first time they pasted it. Now it was filled with boys that didn’t think it was necessary to wear shirts.
Tiger started to cuss them out but it had no effect on them. They pulled her in despite the rest of the groups efforts to prevent it. When she was in the middle of them, a very muscular older man came out carrying a pair of hand cuffs. He said in a rusty voice, “Good job boys. I like my girls with a little more meat on them.” Then he grabbed her by the hair and started to drag her towards the building. She pulled out her blade and cut her hair, slit the mans throat then stabbed him in the stomach. When he fell she ran out through the crowd swinging at anybody that got in her way. She ran crying into Tiger’s arms and he held her tightly to his chest. Slaughter pulled out his six shooters and started to blast people away, once he ran out of bullets the crowd started to run in the opposite direction. They walked home in a fairly shitty mood
That got lightened when they walked up to the porch and saw both tulip and ogre king laughing. Bones put two and two together and figured out that tulip was the visitor earlier in the day but he didn’t do anything but laugh. Tulip asked Melissa about her haircut and when she heard the description of the man she knew the gang right away. She said they were the wasted razors. With this latest attack they figured they would make a gang of their own as an anti police gang. They decided to call it the Nightmares.

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This book has 4 comments.

on Oct. 9 2011 at 7:48 pm
NintaiKyouboku BRONZE, Portland, Oregon
4 articles 0 photos 14 comments

Favorite Quote:
"To win you've got to enter first."

Well, there are some grammatical/spelling errors. Also, the voice is very dry. You're just telling the readers everything that happened. Also, the description of all of their outfits is boring. It's not just because I don't care for fashion, it's also because you said simply, "It was green camouflage pants." Also, there is not much detail. This could be a very good plotline, however, this story needs a lot of fleshing out.

I'm sorry if this comment was harsh...this story needs a lot of work, though.

on Oct. 9 2011 at 5:37 pm
Love.Hate.Passion., Spring Valley, Illinois
0 articles 0 photos 356 comments

Favorite Quote:
~Hope. Faith. Love~
~Be proud of who you are.You are all unique in a different way.~
~I WILL NOT fade into oblivion , and become less than
a distant memory.~

The plot of your novel does have some very good potential ,  but I would advise a couple of things before you continue. First off , there is an inconsistensy with the format your paragraphs are in , and you may want to indent and space better do the story is easier to read. Secondly , there are many spelling/punctuation/grammar mistakes, beginning at the prologue. You might want to have several peers review your story , or even an adult. Thirdly , you should enhance your characters as much as you can , and give them alot of personality.

This is a good story and it has the possibility of being marvelous , so keep it up and don't give up!


GreyGirl ELITE said...
on Oct. 8 2011 at 2:49 am
GreyGirl ELITE, Pohang,Kyungbuk, Other
170 articles 122 photos 391 comments
While it's obvious that this story isn't done yet, it has great potential. Keep working on it-- I think you might turn out something great!

on Oct. 5 2011 at 10:46 pm
TheGirlWhoDancesWithSnowflakes SILVER, Sunnyvale, Texas
8 articles 0 photos 99 comments

Favorite Quote:
"Duct tape is like the force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it holds the world together."

Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,
"What! You too? I thought I was the only one."
- C. S. Lewis

Hm, I'm up to chapter one and the plot is good so far. The lack of spaces between paragraphs makes it more difficult to read, but overall- it's the makings of a good story.