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Hallways (Chapter one)

March 6, 2011
By BaileyAlyse, Nederland, Texas
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BaileyAlyse, Nederland, Texas
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"Okie dokie Dr. Jones."

Author's note: When i saw my friend writing in her journal, a plot for a story popped into my head. I asked her if i could read it so I could get some ideas. Once i read only a few pages i knew i had to write this story.

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More coming soon!


Summers officially over, damn. Wait should I curse in this? Probably not, but who cares? Well I can’t really be sad about it, because my last two weeks have been nothing but lazy text messages and bad cartoons. But going to school doesn’t really put a better outlook on anything. And plus I've done my research and every adult I’ve talked to has said that tenth grade was the worst year of their lives. They said it was nothing but braces, bad hair, and nerd glasses. As I thought about it, I self-consciously ran my hand through my newly done hair. People wouldn’t care. I mean back in the days of black and white maybe they would of, but not now. Plus, now this is the grade where people just walk up to you and randomly expresses their feelings. I really don’t want to deal with that shit. Plus it’s never helped with my social life that i’m loud and short. My humor makes up for it though. Well if i’m going to do this journal thing, i’m going to need to go on with my normal life too. Deuces.


Well, this is my first day of school, and to tell you the truth, it sucks. I’m only in second period and it’s already boring. My teacher won’t shut up and I swear if her triple chin wobbles again i'm going to scream. That’s when Clair turned her hideous face toward me.

"Pst, Ryland." She was Christian but she was bad. No. This girl was horrible, she’s been harassing me ever since I won the talent show over her in elementary school.

"What? I whispered so Ms. Ells wouldn’t hear.

"That is one sluty skirt." Did she really have to ridicule me on the first day of school? “But then again Ryland that is just what you tend to wear, huh?

"Well your dad didn’t think it was so bad when he bought it for me last Friday." She should have known not to insult me.

"Bimbo" She said with a tiny scowl on her lips.

"Look do you have problems at home or something? You know you can always call me, I’m a good listener you know.” After that one I didn’t think she would reply, which she didn’t. Oh and my skirt wasn’t even that bad, I mean halfway to my knees and hers was like riding up her ass. Oh hell, the teachers yelling gtg. Third and fourth period have already passed and now I just sat down in Mr. Johnson's class. Oh baby let me tell you, he's hot! Like h-o-t, hot. I mean you could bake cookies on the man’s chest, he is just that yummy. On my way out I totally saw Rikki grab his ass. Two words not cool. I’m pretty sure I saw him first. No seriously he pulled up the same time I did this morning. Time for band…..woo. Well playing drums isn't that bad, I do get to look at Jose all day. My sexi-mexi. He works that trombone! Too bad he's "in love" with bitch-face Leah. Oh man! Deuces.


Ugh waiting for the bus sucks butt. Seriously…I think the bus is slower than my grandma….like really…it's okay to go a little bit faster than 5.5 miles per hour. Okay so this bus driver is like UGH! Let me tell you about it. So you are waiting for the bus and it comes out of nowhere, anyway…the doors swing open, and as soon as you start walking up the stairs "Watch your Step" is like printed on every step, I mean seriously, I'm not going to trip over the ducking' stairs. So back to what I was talking about, the doors swing open and you start walking up the stairs and you look up…all of a sudden u see the ugliest thing in the world. This guy is 6 feet tall and has a lot of hair…he braids it and even when it’s braided it goes all the way down his back, ugh I hate that. He makes himself look like a fucking hippie. DANG get a life. So we finally get to school, after riding the bus for like 50 million years, and guess who just came up to me and had to comment on my clothes again, let me give you a hint…her name starts with a C and ends with a L, A, I, R.

"Nice shirt you have, I can see your bra right through it." She is a total witch.

"Why are you looking Clair?" She didn't reply… I don't know how many times it is going to take to let her know that she doesn't get to me. So I walked to my locker quickly because Jose has a locker right next to me, how awesome is that, anyway as soon as I got to my locker I started to open it. Who knew… it was stuck; imagine that.

“You need help?" I turned my head quickly just to see the face of the hottest guy in school.

"Uh no thanks, I got it." I tried one more time, it finally opened. As I started getting my books out for first period, I thought to myself, wow he must think I'm a loser, I mean seriously, whose locker gets stuck in front of the hottest guy ever. The bell started ringing, Darn, I'm late, imagine that. I think i’m just pissy today. Nobody likes being woke up by your parents screaming over stupid birth control pills. My mom is like a three hundred and fifty-six why would she even need them anymore? I don’t even know and its damn annoying being woke up to that crap. It might have been three minutes sitting at my desk before realizing Jose was staring right hacking at me. I mean what don’t I have that Leah does. She's so ugly. And come on to paint the perfect picture of me, I’d probably say something like this; i’m fairly skinny, long brown-red hair, great legs, brown eyes, clear face, and long lashes. I mean and it’s not just me saying this but people even tell me I have a great personality. He should see something in me right? Omg! Jose just passed me a note.

Hey Ryland


Do you like me?

That’s when the bell like saved me, and I ran out of class. Too bad he followed me, our lockers are together and we have first, second, band, and fifth period with together.

"Ryland!" Oh, nice look who was coming to talk.

"Ummmmm…..yeah, oh hey.” Nice, real nice Ryland, you have embarrassed yourself once again. “What’s up pudding cup?”

"So like I was thinking and all…" Spit it out, bell rings in one minute doe-doe. “Ummm.”

"Yes?" Now I was getting really impatient.

"I’m going back out with Leah, I just um though you should know." That’s when I turned around and b-lined it to second period. Screw him! Wtf! That’s not even cool how could he even do that? Ask me if I like him, then tell me, oh hey i’m going out with Leah just by the way. This day sucks ass total ass. Ok well third period we actually had to do work which sucked and what sucked more was that Jose stared at me the whole time. For damn sake if you don’t like me don’t stare at me. Well few hours passed and I found myself walking to the band hall. And oh surprise surprise guess who runs up to me. Jose.

"Please don’t be mad, I mean I just didn’t want to lead you on."

Dumb butt you sure did. "Well you don’t have to worry cause I don’t feel a damn thing for you, anymore." That probably wasn’t the best thing to say, huh?

"Wow, look i’m going to walk away before I do something I actually regret."

You’re kidding right?! "Really! What could you regret more then what you've already done!"

"Look, i’m--"


Well hmm that went well didn’t it? Not. Ok lunch time; let’s hope this brings up my mood a little.

"Ryland!" My friends were calling my name from our usual lunch table. Should I tell them? Um no.

"Oh my Guido! Did you hear about----?" I drown in the conversation. Not even aware of the words coming out of my mouth. Mistake one. On accident I agreed to go to Hallie and Haylee's party. Well it won’t be that bad. Mistake two. I told Baylee I didn’t mind being the mystery person for the school news paper. Oh man I forgot to get lunch. I wonder what their having? I walking to the line, yummy basco sticks. I knew Alyce didn’t have lunch money so I went ahead and bought her one too. But oh yay that’s when Taye walked up.

"Wow fatty I guess one wasn’t enough. Huh?"

What a jerk thing to say. "Well I see you have already had your serving of five."After showing me her double chin shocked face she stormed away. Wow Rivers just sat down at our table. So of course my chair was right next to his. I mean he's cute but not like cute, cute. Why would he pull up a chair right next to me, when he was dating Maddy who was sitting right across the table? Plus we both do percussion in band. Whatever this day has already been shit anyway.Lunch is over and I'm feeling a little bit more relaxed. Now I get to go to Mr. Yummy's class.I walk in the door and I start to feel like shit again because as soon as I walk in, I get to see Jose. YAY?

There are only two good things to this class, Mr. Yummy and Rivers. Wow my desk would be right up next to Jose's. I swear if he doesn’t stop staring at me i’m going to punch that skag-bag face of his.Anyway, now that I'm over him, I think I'm starting to fall for Rivers. Is this real, or am I just dreaming? Idk, but I need to make up my mind.Hmm. What did he just say I didn’t quite catch it? Oh well. Wow I am not reading for the rest of the period. So being the genius that I am I started a note to Rivers; it went something like this.

Howdy partner

Hey squirt. I hated how he always wrote in red pen.

I’m not that short

Ha-ha compared to me you’re like an ant

Let’s not play the compare game here ok?

Yes whatever fine

Oh don’t even get pissy


;P so do you even sill like Maddy?

Umm to tell you the truth…no.



You delinquent!


Well…..break up with her doe-doe


Like idk this is so not my place to make the decision

That’s when the bell decided to ring and we were out of there. Man so I was so in the clearing now. He was breaking up with Maddy and then he would be single, screw yeah!


Ugh mornings suck. I walked to my closet and swung the door open. Ew, darn it needed to be cleaned. Oh man, I didn’t even know what it felt like today. Phew, that would mean I would have to walk all the way over to my window and then open it. Reluctantly I did it. Ok clothes picking time. Hmmmm, it was fairly hot outside so I got out some denim shorts and a tee with my summer camp logo printed on it.

"Hey! "Whoa were the hell did that come from?

"Hey!" Oh it was the window. Wait the window? Windows can’t hacking talk.

"HEY!"I stomped over to my window not even noticing I didn’t have my shirt on.


"Oh man….Ummmmm. I like your bra."……CRAP. I ran to my closet and threw on my tee. I cannot believe Rivers just saw me with nothing on but my bra. Wow my innocence is like gone….gone.

"Ummmmm Ryland you ok in there?"

"Yeah one second” Oh man, oh man, oh man! Rivers just saw me in my bra. This is far from good, far. I threw on my shirt and makeup and ran downstairs, picked up my ratted bag and ran outside.

“Err, sorry about, well, that.” Nice going slick you flashed the boy out your window now your stuttering. “I didn’t realize—“

“What, that you were wearing your blue moose bra. Nah, it’s cool.” Why did he always have to be so cool about things? I strode into the garage and got my white and green bike. As we rode he hummed a soft tune. It was nice.

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