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Witcham Hill

February 28, 2011
By CStar141 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
CStar141 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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Just off the town limits of Salem, Massachusetts, a little town called Huntress rests on the base of a large hill everyone there calls Witcham Hill. Witcham hill got its name from the many people hung and tortured there during the Witch hunts. Everyone says it’s haunted by the restless souls of witches and werewolves, the innocent and the guilty. But what they didn’t know is that something much worse resonates deep in the hollows of the forest along the hill. An evil so great, that it can pull you into an abyss so deep, it out devils even Hell itself.

The little town of Huntress has never known of this evil, and probably never will. But one person is able to summon the deepening hate of the Abyss, and it is the worst fear anyone will ever know.

Tags: HorrorDrama

Maria A.

Witcham Hill

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