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Trusting Him

November 1, 2022
By BarnesandLaufeyson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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BarnesandLaufeyson BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Author's note:

the main character is based off of me.

Most people would think, ‘maybe I shouldn’t stand this close to the edge’, but me? I couldn’t care less. Before you ask, no I am not suicidal, I’m just waiting for someone, and the meeting spot just so happens to be on top of a twenty-story building in new york. My name is Azazel Asmodeus Bane, and I just found out that my parents aren’t my parents and that I’m not a seventeen-year-old. As it turns out, I am actually from the 20th century, and I’m also not even human. You may be wondering how I came across this information. Well, I was at the Manhattan Library earlier today researching the 20th century, when I stumbled across an old newspaper labeled “Supernatural beings in London?'' and I was on the front page with someone that seemed vaguely familiar. I have always had a problem with remembering my past from three years ago. My parents just said I got into a crash and lost my memories. I’ve been sitting on this roof since I found the newspaper. My mom has been blowing up my phone for the past three hours but I’ve ignored every call. 

My dad texted me telling me that he and mom were worried but I couldn’t care less. I get a call from Mattheo, My brother, and so I pick up. “Azazel, where the hell are you?? Mom and dad are worried.” I roll my eyes before answering, “I’m at the top of Leo's apartment building. I needed time to think. Can you come to pick me up?” I hear him sign on the other side of the phone, “Yeah, I’m on my way. Stay there. Text Leo and tell him to come up there. I’ll be there in a bit.” I hung up the phone and texted Leo, ‘Hey, can you come up to the roof for a second?’ He replies almost immediately, ‘Yeah, wait, why are you on the roof? Is everything ok?’ I giggled at his worry before replying, ‘Yeah, I’m fine, but Mattheo is on his way and he told me to text you to come up here.’ As I hit send, Leo opens the door leading to the roof. I realize that he is in his sleepwear; A pair of sweatpants and a tight white shirt. I blush at the sight, his muscles accentuated, as he walks over to me. “What are you doing up here?” He asks me as he sits next to me and wraps his arm around me, “I’m ok, I just needed to clear my head. I found out something very confusing earlier. I saw an old newspaper from the 20th century and I was on the front page. Look, here”, I say as I hand him the newspaper. He looks it over for a second before standing up and dragging me to the couch that we brought up here years ago, “You shouldn’t let this define the way you see your parents. This could be one of your ancestors and not you. I look like my grandfather when he was young.” He says. “So your grandfather was hot as hell?” I think until I hear Leo chuckle, “What was that? Did you just call me hot?” He teases as I become flustered

“I didn’t think you heard that. I thought I said that in my head. That is very embarrassing.” I say as he turns to face me, “I-” Leo gets cut off by Mattheo clearing his throat, “If you two are done making out, I have to get Him home.” He says pointing to me as I get off the couch, Leo stands up and hugs me, “I’ll see you at school tomorrow?” He says as he steps out of the hug. I nod my head before turning to Mattheo and leaving.

The ride home was silent apart from the sound of traffic on the freeway above us. When we get home, mom is sitting on the porch and dad is in the living room. I walk past mom and head straight upstairs.


I can hear mom and dad fighting downstairs through the floor. I was about to cover my head with a pillow when I heard the sound of breaking glass from downstairs and jumped up to check what it was. As I run down the hallway, I hear my mom crying. I start running faster and when I get downstairs, my heart shatters, Mattheo is lying on the floor not moving with a pool of blood under him. I look over at my dad and see that he has a bloody shard of glass in his hand. I look at Mattheo and then back to my dad before I feel a tingle in my hands and blackout.

When I woke up, My dad was on the floor and Mattheo was standing over me completely fine. I sit up and look down at my hands in horror. "What did I do? How-" Mattheo cuts me off and 

Lies me on the couch while checking my eyes. “You are ok, you did what needed to be done. I needed you to do it so you could activate your warlock powers. Dad was a bad person and he needed to be stopped. You are going to be ok. All you need to do is breathe deeply. I don’t want you to blame yourself for what happened ok? You are powerful and I am sure Magnus will help you with your powers. I know this is a lot to take in right now but I need you to trust me ok?” I nod my head still in shock as Mattheo brings me over to the car and starts driving to somewhere I can’t see because I pass out.

When I wake up again, it’s 7:00 in the morning and I’m lying in a bed in a place I don’t know. I look to my right and see a boy on one side of me and Mattheo on the other side. When I try to speak, all that comes out is a cough and Mattheo gets up to get me a glass of water while the other guy sits there staring at me. When Mattheo returns, I gulp the water down before speaking again. “Where am I? Who is this? What happened last night?” I ask as Mattheo sits back down. “Well, you are at the New York Institute of magic, and I am Magnus Bane. You are here because last night you had a glimpse of your old life and your magic resurfaced. I can imagine that you have many questions but those will all be answered in a few minutes. Now, would you like to come downstairs and get something to eat? I can imagine that you are very hungry after last night.” I nod my head before realizing something, “Wait, You, I know you. I remember seeing you in that Newspaper with me from 1903. It said that we were siblings but that's impossible, you look the same as you did in that picture. How?” Magnus chuckles before grabbing my hand, “Eat first. Then I will explain as much as I can.” He says as he lifts me out of what I can now tell is a hospital bed, he brings me downstairs where I see even more people but one person, in particular, stands out to me, “Leo?!?! What are you doing here?” I ask as he hugs me. “Azazel, you’re ok, I was so worried.” He says as he spins me around. When he puts me down, Magnus drags me into the kitchen where I see two other people, Magnus walks over to one of them and kisses them. “Alec, Izzy, this is my brother Azazel. Azazel this is my boyfriend Alec and his sister Izzy. Azazel uses He/Her pronouns.”Magnus says. I take a second to register what he just said, “ Hold on, did you just say brother?” As I say that I start to have flashbacks and stumble a bit. 


“Magnus, hurry your slow ass up. We don’t have much time, the council meeting is about to start.” I say as I run ahead of Magnus toward the institute. “Hold on Azzy, the meeting doesn’t start for another two hours. I still don’t know why you dragged me out of the house this early, and why you didn’t take Mattheo. You know I don’t like these things.” He says chasing after me, “Yeah, well Mattheo is too busy with Will’s daughter to hang out with us. Anyway, today is Tessa’s first day as the head of the London Institute. She is our cousin so we have to be there. The least you could do is be happy for her. You are always such a party pooper.” I say as Magnus rolls his eyes and walks fast in front of me as we walk into the Institute. As we walk in, My eyes land on Matthew and Lucie standing in the corner kissing. My heart breaks for Mattheo as I walk over to them. Magnus follows close after me as I pull Lucie off of Matthew, “What the hell is wrong with you? Get off of her.” Matthew screams at me as I continuously punch her. By the time Magnus and Matthew pull me off of her, Mattheo has already walked in. “Why would you do that? What is wrong with you?” Mattheo asks me as I start crying, “She and Matthew were kissing. I am sorry I lost my temper but I couldn’t control myself.” I say as Mattheo looks at me for a second before looking at Lucie and Matthew, “Is he telling the truth? Did you kiss him?” Mattheo asks with tears in his eyes, “No, He’s lying. You know I would never do that to you.” Lucie replies as Mattheo looks at me, his eyes searching my face for any signs of falsity. When he doesn’t find any, he looks at Lucie with anger in his eyes, “Yeah well, Azazel doesn’t lie about things like this. We are over.” Mattheo says with tears streaming down his face. I take one last look at Mattheo's crying face before I run out of the main hall and into Will and Tessa's room where I see Tessa practicing her speech and Will standing behind her rubbing her shoulders. They both stop when they notice me walk into the room. When Will sees the tears on my face, he comes over and hugs me. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Was it Leo? I swear if he hurt you-” I cut him off before he can continue, “No, Leo didn’t do anything. It was Lucie. She was kissing Matthew and then told Mattheo that I was lying.” Will looks shocked for a second before shaking his head and sitting me on the bed next to Tessa, “Why would Lucie and Matthew being together have anything to do with Mattheo?” I lay back into Tessa’s arms before explaining. “Well, you know how Matthew and Lucie have been dating? Well, she has also been dating my brother. Not Magnus, Mattheo. And I only just found out that she and Matthew were dating and I kinda beat her up and she tried to get Mattheo to think I was lying. Anyway seeing Mattheo cry just hurt me too much so I ran in here.“ Will and Tessa look at each other with a look of concern on their faces. “We’ll talk to her about it. You go find your brother and make sure he’s ok.”

As I run through the Institute trying to find Mattheo, I hear a faint sound of crying and run over to the room it is coming from. When I walk into the room, I see Mattheo curled up on the floor crying. I walk over to him and crouch down next to him. ”I’m sorry. I wish that didn’t happen. I wish that she hadn’t done that. I wish that you guys could have stayed together.” I say comfortingly, but he just shoved my hand off of him. “Leave me alone, Azazel. Why can’t you ever just leave things alone? Why the f*ck do you always have to ruin things? God, every good thing that happens to me you go ahead and ruin it. Just because You’re too much of a B*tch to tell Leo how you feel doesn't mean you get to ruin my relationship.” He snaps at me. I stumble back at his words and run out of the room feeling hurt. When I get outside, I see a demon running toward me and I try to run away. As I turn around, everything goes black. (End of flashback)  }

The author's comments:

lmk if you want the other chapters. I'm in the process of writing this on google docs.

I snap out of my mind in tears as the rest of my memories return. “I hurt you, Mattheo. I am sorry for everything.” I  say as tears fill my eyes. Mattheo looks at me with a look of pity on his face. He walks over to me and puts his hands on my shoulders before hugging me tightly. "You don't need to apologize. If anything, I'm sorry. I never meant to say those things to you. I am supposed to be your older brother. I'm meant to protect you. If I hadn't been so harsh and rude you wouldn't have left." Mattheo says into my neck as he starts crying. I rub his back affectionately as he weeps into my shoulder and I try to soothe his aching body to no avail.

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