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the butterfly time traveler 1 it's my lucky to meet you

January 9, 2020
By Nara, Nursultan, Other
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today you are you, that's truer than true.

Author's note:

on a lesson our teacher let us to create a time travel ship and write a person tracvel with it, I got further idea with it and began writing it after a year.

The author's comments:

kitty and her friends live in a imaginative country called butterfly land, so some of things might be different with your country. so don't be amazed!

Hello, my name is Kitty Butterfly, I have a little sister called Alice. I’m 11 years old and Alice is 6 years old. I go to the ‘butterflies primary school’ and my teacher’s name is Mr. McElhenney. He is humorous, and he thinks that I am a good girl. I have lots of friends in the school, even some of them cannot be counted as my friend, I still got a lot of friends. But my best friend will be Mary forever. 

Mary has a twin’s sister called Masha, they looked really same but for Mary’s best friend, I’d never call Mary and found she’s Masha later. But that’s not just because we have been friends for a long time, also because their hearts are really different. Well, I don’t mean 1 of them is good and the other is bad. They just like and hate everything opposite and they argue every day. How serious they argue is: everyday afterschool, their dad and mum drives a different car to pick them up, and they go different ways. And also they both can’t stand for the other’s car drive faster than theirs. It’s so hard for their parents to make sure they arrived home at the same time… okay, it's so much thing to say about this weird pair of sisters, let’s talk about my family. 

Both my parents are busy people, all my aunts, uncles, grandparents think me and Alice are two poor kids, especially me. Well, for truth, my family are richer than win 500 times of the top prize in a lottery, but the people are true, I am poor, but not poor in money.

Use Alice’s word, we are poor and have ONLY MONEY left. She’s already 6 but she cries every day. That’s why other kids her age are all gone to school but only her, are still in the kindergarten. Just because the primary school teacher predict: if she come to the school, she’ll cry because she misses kindergarten and still want to play. And all kids will remember how fun kindergarten was. So they will cry as well and the primary school will become a building of tears. 

All you want to know where my parents have gone, right? I don’t know. I mean I don’t know where they are now. My mum works for an international huge company, and she’s the highest manager. Her level just one less than her boss, so even her boss has to respect her. And nearly every day she’s in a different country for assembly. She left us at home when Alice was only 3. My dad wasn’t better, he is a famous writer, people will think all the writers just sit home all day, writing new books. Dad was such as this before, but soon he saw all his writer friends go to sign and sell, and they all became famous. So one day I picked Alice from kindergarten, dad was gone and left a note: kitty and Alice, don’t worry about me, I’ll be famous. When Alice heard that she cried, I want to cry as well but I can’t. 

Dad and mum have really became rich and famous, but I’m not happy about that. They both give me 10000 dollars every month, but me still reducing them, so I’m rich but I’m unhappy especially when I see other kids go to play with their parents.

This me, a rich and poor girl Kitty.






My birthday was at the start of the summer holiday, that’s why not a lot of friends come. They all go on to their holiday. But every year Mary come before her travel, that’s best friend.

This year I invited a lot of people, they brought me a surprise-Mr. McElhenneycome as well, I almost forgot that I should invite him to keep m party fun and interesting.

He brought me a lovely notebook and a necklace. The party was fun, we played a heap of games and guessing. We eat the cake I bake, Mr. McElhenneylove it. And we played a lot of games. After we watch an interesting movie, I opened all my gifts with clapping and cheering from the two people. Mary gives me a huge crystal set and i love it very much. 

“Thank you so much!” I was happy.

“It doesn’t count anything!” replied Mary, “on my birthday you gave me an iPhone 7.”

My favourite is the Butterfly made out of pink crystal, I have it in my hand, suddenly some chocolate milk was on it, and Alice cried. I didn’t say much to her, I’m 11 now, and she’s still small. No need to be cross about an accident.

I put the Butterfly neatly in the water, get a piece of towel to wash it. Is it a dream? We all shouted, the Butterfly flutter up out of the water and say: “hi kitty, you are my owner now.” “How do you know her name? Are you magic?” asked Mary. 

“Magic, that’s a pleasant word and it suits me. Kitty is my owner now because she put me in the water and she can let me do anything with my magic but I cannot do bad things for example steal, rob, kill and make people sick. I know how to but my heart won’t let me do that.” Butterfly told me.

“Well, our parents all not here now, we are bored.” asked Mary, “Can you take us to travel?”

“Travel? I can take you all travel through time!” bragged Butterfly, “and take you back.” 

“That is amazing!” I cheered, “Let’s go now, with Mr. McElhenney. Let’s tell him.”

Half an hour later, we all packed everything ready to travel. I came into the driving room, looked at the instruction and I checked that everything is working correctly and I carefully set year ‘3019’ and start, then I clicked ‘auto drive’, so it will drive to the place we want by itself without any controlling..

I came to the kitchen and cooked some cakes. Then after the snack we all go to sleep.

We came in to our room that have our name nicely written on the door, what a magical Butterfly, our room are all in the style we love, and all furniture just suit us well as we dreamed or loved. 

Suddenly, a loud sound came into my ear, it scares me - it is Alice, and she followed us! Oh, so lucky Butterfly put everything back with its magic and Butterfly kept her all safe and sound.

We ate everything I cooked and to take our boring feeling away, we watched a movie called “I love wolffy”, it was really funny and we laughed the roof (lid of the Butterfly) off.

After the movie, we still need 6 hours to arrive because it’s so far away.

“Let’s go to bed, or tomorrow we’ll be too tired to play.” suggested Mr. McElhenney. 

“Okay, I’m tired as well.” Mary agreed.

The next day, we woke up early, and we found out that Butterfly become a house- still shaped like a Butterfly.

In the breakfast, we are chatting. Alice felt bored because that nobody was asking her or speak to her. 

Alice cried: “I want to go home!” 

I was angry and I shouted: “you chose to follow us, go to your room and don’t follow us out to play!”

She cried harder, I put her inside her room and shut the door. 

“Is it too strict for her kitty? She’s only 6.” Asked Mary.

“Other children her age already go to school, they already know how to spell, count and add, only she still cries every day.” I was still angry.

Then Butterfly gave each of us a watch, a beautiful scrapbook, a camera and a mini printer.

“Take these, the watch can do a lot, just like my magic, and you take photo, print and stick them in the scrapbook. Also, take these wings, they can let you fly as an ordinary butterfly.” explained Butterfly.

“Thank you Butterfly!” we shouted happily.

Later, we got everything ready and we fly with our new wings. We flew to a nearby park.







The park is the most beautiful park I have ever seen. It is big and well-equipped.

There is a special area in this park, a flower picking area. We tried, all flowers will grow back after we pick them. Magical.

I picked some flowers and stick them in my scrapbook. 

“Let’s take the first photo!” suggested Mary. 

“What a good idea! I can’t wait!” I agreed.

After I print it and stick it in, we carried on playing in the park.

We played and played, all water in our bottle has been drank. So we went to a little shop in the park to buy water.

Mary and Mr. McElhenneytook all bottles to fill, I and Alice looked around. I found some pretty clothes so I bought some and paid with my watch. They are very good and I can give it to people as gifts when we go back.

“I want ice-creams and cotton candy!” Alice shouted, luckily there isn’t anyone else here. 

“No, you will break your teeth! And you will get diarrhoea.” I criticised.

“My candy never break anyone’s teeth and my ice cream never make anyone gets diarrhoea.” smiled the shopkeeper.

Alice cry harder, she shouted: “you trick me, you trick me!” 

I have no idea and Mr. McElhenneybuy all us an ice-cream and a cotton candy.

“OK, she’s still very young, don’t be too strict kitty.” He persuaded when he pay. 

The ice-cream and candy are delicious, I and Mary chose middle size and Alice chose the LARGEST size, she ate two of them and Mr. McElhenneypaid them for her.  

Then we saw a big playground, we played in it and it was fun. Later we all feel hungry so we find a restaurant to eat.

There are our favourite sushi and fried chicken, so we ordered and ate them. The food is delicious, suddenly we saw a girl about our age sit there alone, so we chat with her.




The girl told us that her name is Rita, her parents died in a car accident when she was very young, we found that she loves a lot of similar things with us so we told her about our Butterfly and we invited her to our Butterfly house.

“Really? Live with you? Good idea, I never get any friends, all children call me weirdo.” Rita was happy. So we went back to Butterfly immediately, Butterfly make a new room for Rita and she was excited because it’s her favourite style.

“Because I’m magic.” bragged Butterfly. 

When we are watching the movie Butterfly, we eat all our favourite snack, lice is still eating her new ice cream, Mr. McElhenneylove buying her ice cream to spend his money. Just when we are laughing at the wolffy in the movie, Alice cried: “my tummy hurt, I got sick!” and she ran to the toilet.

As I predict, she got a diarrhoea, she ate so many ice creams and so much fried chicken. That’s why she got sick. Butterfly use its developed magic, it heals Alice in 1 minute!

Rita gasped: gasped“so magical!”

The day passed, I feel bored and I suggested: “let’s travel here!” and all agreed.

We packed necessary things in our bags and we set a map. When I’m drawing it, everyone here say what they want to do: “I want to dive, I want to pick flowers (Rita), I want to ride horses (Mary), I want to eat candy (Alice)…” and these drive me crazy! Then we dressed ourselves like explorer, before we go, we take a photo.

 “It’s my second travel in my life, the first time was when I was younger, my parents drove me to play but an accident happened so I never travel again.” recalled Rita sadly.

“It’s okay, the past has passed, enjoy new journey now! comforted Mary.

“Yes, she’s right, just enjoy it.” I followed.

“Thank you.” cried Rita, and she became happy again.

journey in the future world.

“So let’s go now, our first place is Butterfly Park!” I shouted cheerfully.

So we fly and fly to the Butterfly park, as we go near we can see that there are more and more flowers on the way and they get more and prettier.

When we arrived, even though I know it is beautiful, but we still felt excited. It’s a heaven! Everything is new, clean and beautiful, heap of flowers and plants, playgrounds look huge and interesting… we also see a camping site, so I commanded: “Butterfly, be a big comfortable tent!” and it did.

We set our camp, we let Mr. McElhenneystay in the tent and we go around the park.

We took a lot of photos of all us and beautiful landscape, then we arrived at the central park of the park, it’s a huge lake, the lake is man-made and it broke into some narrow rivers all around the park, there’s one in the camping site.

We nearly went all the way through the park, so we went back to our tent. 

Mr. McElhenney is a talented babysitter, Alice didn’t cry and didn’t ask for ice creams, even not beg for go with us. I see she’s growing.

He also done the cooking, the food he cooked were delicious but Mary and Rita thought that they are not as delicious as what I cook.  

After a pleasant dinner, we end with laid ourselves on the blanket outside our tent and look at the galaxy.

“How mice.” said Alice and we all laughed.

“Did I do something wrong?” asked Alice and we laughed again.

After a while of playing games, we all felt tired and sleepy, so we got into the tent and fell asleep.

A new day again. After breakfast we keep following our map. Our next place to go is the flower vile, it’s a bit far so we go earlier. Even Alice didn’t cry for it and I was proud even all normal kids her age won’t cry.

We fly a while and we see a lot of flowers, and the ground got lower. 

“Here we are!” shouted Butterfly, who usually stay quiet if we don’t speak to it.

So we took a photo, we are so lucky that here had a rain just now and now here is a rainbow! 

I printed 4 copies and we all stick it in our scrapbook. Then we just enjoy the rest of the day with games and chatting. 

In the midday I cooked flower cake and its Mary’s favourites. After lunch we arranged ourselves like fairies, Mr. McElhenneyas well! And Butterfly took a photo for us, we still do the same thing with it. 

Now there’s no more thing to do here, so we fly to the river for a break and dinner.

The river is just a normal river instead it’s more beautiful. So we didn’t stay for long,

The only thing we do here were taking photos and pebbles.

Then we keep our journey, we are going to the candy land.

Our watch have maps to lead us, so we never get lost somewhere even though it's the first time we come there and it can show the most focus way to get there. But the watch can’t identify it on a map so we have to go ourselves.

It’s so weird because candy land is shown on the map of future city but if I click ‘go’, it will show ‘sorry, we haven’t got there yet’. About half an hour later, we arrived at the candy land. This is the most adorable place I’ve ever been, all ground are made out of sugar, all rivers are chocolate or milk, all trees are candy, everything is sweet here!

Alice is the happiest in all us, she runs to the candy with the quickest speed I have ever seen, even faster than the 100 meter champion! But I pull her back before she tastes the candy, “don’t eat, it might be a trap!” I warned.

But then my watch identified that they are just candy and other sweets, so we all began eating. Alice still eat the most, the rest of us just eat a bit because we don’t eat too much candy. 

Suddenly everything disappeared and we all looked around. There’s a girl our age.

“Yeah, it successes!” she cheered happily.

“Successes? What is it?” asked Mary.

“My name is Lily and I’m 11.” Said the girl. 

“So, nice to meet you Lily! My name is Kitty, she’s Mary and the girl there is my sister Alice.” I introduced. 

“Who’s that old man there?” asked Lily with curious.

I just want to answer but Mr. McElhenneyshout then: “I’m not that old man’, I’m the handsomest man in the world, and I’m Mr. McElhenney!” 

“Don’t listen to him Lily, he just brags!” I joked with giggling.

And everyone giggled. Lily told us that her parents went away when she’s nine so now she’s still searching for them. We took her to the Butterfly and the Butterfly made a new room for her.

After that, we get away from the city in the cloud. We carefully landed and we see a wild park, only a few people are here.

I opened the map in my watch to lead us to the seaside. The place we landed is very close to the seaside, so it only takes a few minutes to get there.

We saw a lot of sand and shell, it means we arrived, here is a beautiful beach, with some pretty glass rock, shells and sand. I picked some and put them in my bag.

Soon we set our tent (we let Butterfly become a huge tent), we change our swimming kits. Then we took a photo and print it, my scrapbook is half full now! 

Mr. McElhenneystayed in the tent and we go to dive, he told us to be careful and he’ll cook.

So we just dive, I found some old coins in the deep sea so I picked them all or they’ll pollute the ocean.

We left the deepest ocean and go to the middle of the sea. We catch some fish, Butterfly identified that they are edible when they’re raw, so I planned to have some sashimi for our dinner.

The water gets cooler, I see, it’s 18:30 already so we went back to our tent.

Mr. McElhenneymade some fire, we roasted some fish and we are all full. After dinner we sat on the beach, watching the beautiful sunset in the sea.

After a peaceful camping on the beach, we are going to continue the journey in the Butterfly Mountain. 

The mountain is a bit far so we moved ourselves with our watch, will you guess why we don’t move ourselves before? Because we want to enjoy the way we fly or walk.

We arrived at the mountain, the mountain look shiny under the sunlight, snow and ice look transparent!

There’s also a lake next to the mountain, because this side face the sun more and snow melt, flow down and it became the lake.

I let the Butterfly became a boat, it looks tiny but inside look like infinity size, this is the magic. We sit on the boat, float through the beautiful lake, watching fish, frogs and tadpoles, swim, how nice. 

Suddenly Lily say: “look, Butterfly become purple!”

I took a quick look, really, Butterfly is pink but now it’s purple. 

“Is Butterfly sick? I will have a look with my watch.” Said Mary, looking at her watch, scanning at Butterfly, “yes, it really sick, the medicine is on the mountain next to us, let’s go now!”

“Okay, Mr. McElhenney, take care of Alice and we are going!” I warned.

Soon we get the medicine on the mountain and we healed Butterfly.

“It’s the end of the journey, let’s go back to the city!” advised butterfly.

So we moved ourselves back to the city that we have left for about a month, when we arrive, suddenly my phone got a message from mum: ‘we are coming back in 1 day’. 

So I and Alice are happy, but Mary is worried: “what about Rita and Lily?”

“We are going with you, we cannot leave Butterfly anymore!” they shouted.

We moved ourselves back to my home and I let Butterfly become a crystal again. After I got everything ready, mum and dad came back together! 

“Hello” we shouted.

Mum and dad brought us a lot of gifts back, they are all things me and Alice looked forward and want. I cooked dinner, we ate them together and we played a lot, we are all very happy with the game.

Tonight I have an interesting dream, I think Alice will have one as well. But the next morning, we all woke up and dad, mum disappeared, there was only one note: ‘kitty and Alice, sorry for stay so short but we have a meeting together so we go first.’ 

However I didn’t feel sad because I want another adventure!

to be continued...

How to use me: 

Transferring my forms

Say: “big big Butterfly” so I will become a machine.

Say: “Butterfly, be somewhere we can live and stay.” and I will become a house, if you want me to be a tent or some specific thing like a tent or something else, just say that spell and at the end add the thing that you want me to be. But please remember and take notice: this spell is FOR BECOMING LIVING PLACES ONLYYY!

Say: “Butterfly, become an earring on me” and I will become a pair of earrings suit you. This spell works with all objects, instead I can only become a crystal object if you don’t add a ‘make it real life’. Say the spell and you can change the ‘hearing’ to any objects but remove ‘on me’ if it’s not jewellery or things on the body.

Travel through the times

First let me transfer my form to machine, then get into the driving control room, check oxygen button is green so when we get in the way of time, people inside me will still able to breath. Then set what time you want to go to, you can choose only years, either you can set day, hour, minute and second that you want us to be arrived at.

Then click start, and click ‘auto driving so you don’t have to deal with the complicated controlling system inside my body.

If you want to let me to do things with my magic just tell me what to do.

 Appendix 3: trail of the next book

Kitty, Mary, Alice, Rita and Mr. McElhenney's summer is still going on, Rita learned a bit about the WWI and she thought that was really cruel, there’s nothing Butterfly girls cannot do and so the Butterfly team is going to stop it without Me.Mcelhenney's company!

Can the girls stop the war and keep themselves safe? Will the world become better or worse?

For more information, ready for the next book!

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