October 24, 2018
By Blue BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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Blue BRONZE, Somerset, Kentucky
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An Average Day


When I woke up I noticed that my friend Samuel had left me  a message “Yo John, me and Dem are going to the coronation you wanna join?” Dim was short for Dimitri though some say it’s short for dim-witted.

I decided to go after all I had nothing else to do. We got down there at about 11:30 but it was already crowded,  “We should go get some food” Sam suggested while staring at a restaurant.

“I’m down for that” replied Dimitri, They both turned and looked at me waiting for my opinion on what we should do.

I answered “Sure i’m pretty darn hungry myself.” We went by a few places and eventually stopped by a place called “Sever's Burgers”.

“It’s an odd name, but an interesting one” said Dimitri while looking at the name. When we went in we were greeted by a common scene nowadays.

“No please I didn’t-” his cries were cut short by an officer's baton

“Nothing to see here now MOVE ON” said the guard who was picking up the contacters body. And that we did, we went straight toward the counter and asked for some bacon cheeseburgers.

“We’ll need to see your ration cards kids”  replied the cashier. The three of us handed him the cards and after the cashier inspected them he gave our order to the chef. While waiting we heard two middle-aged women talking about the “incident.”  

“Do you know who it was,” asked Woman 1 while sipping coffee.

“I think it was Muller’s boy,” replied Woman 2 mimicking the 1st.

Dimitri leaned over and said, “These incidents have been happening a lot lately huh.”

“They sure have,” said Sam impatiently waiting on his food.

We got done eating and decided to go down to the coronation it was just about to begin. The line was long (But that was expected) and it was nigh impossible to find a seat but we eventually found 3 near each other. While waiting the crowd noticed prince Kevin (soon to be king) walking out prepared for what is to come next.

After the usual proceedings were over King Kevin the II rose to deliver his speech “My subjects,” He started and I didn’t really pay attention for the first 9/10ths of it but then he said “As we all know The threat of extraterrestrial beings and those who have had contact with them are exceedingly dangerous so that is why I propose a solution of sorts. From now on the extraterrestrial beings will be experimented on along with contacters .”

This was big, up until now it was illegal to experiment on contacters even some of the people in the crowd were mumbling debating whether or not this was good, sadly their voices were drowned out by the voices of those who supported it. We all said our goodbyes and headed home, but on the way I started feeling really drowsy as if i’d just stayed up 10 nights in a row suddenly I passed out my brain unable to function in any way other than what was needed to stay alive.

I woke up and saw… something in front of me it took a few moments before I slowly realized what was going on. They were human like in appearance but you could tell they weren't by looking at there elongated neck these were extraterrestrial beings and I was a contacter. One of them came up to me and started to cut down the middle of my left arm then another got some. Wire? He put it into a syringe and carefully put it inside the cut, afterwards the one who cun me put a machine up to the cut and sealed it immediately. I was strapped to a device of some sort that restricted my movement the entire time so no matter how much I struggled I couldn’t do anything.

They then took out a smaller syringe then the one previously used and injected it’s contents into me. I “woke” back on the sidewalk I fell asleep on, except now it was early morning right before school starts.When I got home I saw a bunch of vans surrounding the apartment complex most were flower or delivery vans so I didn’t think much of it at the time

As soon as I walked in I was forced to the ground and handcuffed by 3 people the surrounded by seven more. They gaged me and forced me into a van as soon as I got in I felt a pain on the back of my head, I was unconscious before I hit the floor. I woke up with my hands cuffed to a table in a gray room with no windows and a light in my face.

They hooked me up to a large machine and started asking me question what is my name, my Hair color, my eye color, things like that.

But then they asked “Were you on an unidentified spacecraft last night.”


“No,” I replied immediately knowing what would happen if I didn’t.


“Now that's too bad I hate liars and you don’t want to make me angry do you” He said cracking his fist against his palm. He then hit me upside the head and grabbed me by the shoulders “DID YOU HAVE CONTACT WITH THEM,” He shouted.

“No,” I answered my lips quivering, at that he started hitting me over and over again.

“I’ll be back later think carefully about whether you should talk.”

When they did come back they brought my parents “Jon” said my dad “They already know just tell the truth”

“Yes, Jon it’s for the best”, said my mom.

At that point I caved even though I know what happens to those who’ve had contact with extraterrestrial beings “Alright I was on an unidentified space whatever now hurry up and do whatever it you do”.


At that all the guards nodded toward each other “Alright then, let’s take him to the doc”.

“Hello there”, said doc “I hear you’ve had quite the adventure”. Adventure? Really? I wish this guy would hurry up and get it over with. “Well not going to speak ay? don’t you worry I have ways to get you to speak”

With that he pulled out his “tools” and laid them in front of me. The next two hours were awful the afterwards when I told him all I could remember, he said “Well thanks for your time, see you again tomorrow”.

The food they gave me was disgusting the water was mud, but by the next day i’d kill for either. Speaking of the next day the “Doc” whom I doubt has a degree, did not come back.(2 weeks later) They finally gave me food again it’s been days, “Enjoying your meal?” said doc as he pulled out his tools.

This time he only did it for an hour, lucky me. “Thank you for your cooperation”, said doc

“No, thank you for your… generosity” said my dad while holding many large bills in both his hands.

“You see boy your kind father here has given us full custody over you”.

“Why” I asked.

“Money.” He replied counting large bills

After that the doc told me that I had a special day tomorrow. And boy I sure did. When I woke up I was immediately tied to a table and the doc started moving his knife down toward me.

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