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The Two Flowerets

August 24, 2018
By Carlee_Miggs, Manasquan, New Jersey
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Carlee_Miggs, Manasquan, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Love all, trust a few, do wrong none." - William Shakespeare

Author's note:

When I first read Romeo and Juliet I knew I wanted to write a great tale like it. So I began writing as if I was writing during the time when SHakespeare wrote his greatest hits.

[Open in Rovigo, Italy]

[In the household of George Carmichael]

[Enter three slaves]

Lucas: “Lord Carmichael appears brighter than a summer's day, does he not?”

Angelo: “Aye, perhaps such a lord's son has delivered the news that has been awaited for a great deal of some time now.”

Lucas: “The lad has met dozens of maidens from Verona, Rome, and Naples, yet he has not found a bit of luck with any, I falter to see any progress in this situation.”

Angelo: “Thou must hath some faith in the boy, he will marry soon enough.”

[Hannelio enters]

Lucas: “Han, doth thou believe that the son will marry in the near future?”

Hannelio: “I can say not of that, the boy is unpredictable, it could be months before a girl receives an invitation to the household from the boy, he is not easily pleased.”

Angelio: “Well, if the boy does not marry soon enough, the mistress of the house will pick a wife for him,”

Lucas: “Aye.”

Angelio: “I pray that the boy finds himself happy before that day, or he might as well marry a swine, for he would be no more happy with a random maiden than that an animal of the sort.”

[exit all]

[open in the mistress’ bedroom, with two servants]

[Servant one enters]

Servant 1: “My Lady, what would thy care for as the main course of tonight's banquet?”

Lady Carmichael: “Oh! Any fixing will do, just as long as it will please the guests.”

Servant 1: “Aye my lady, I will draw the chefs recommendation.”

[Servant one exits]

Ivy: “Dear madam, which gown do thy wish for this eve’s event?”

Lady Carmichael: “The red gown with the golden tassels. Please request that of my ruby necklace and earrings, I felt they will complement such a gown.”

Ivy: “Of course.”

[Ivy exits]

Cora: “My Lady, I have word that your son has been to the footpaths once more, is he alright?”

Lady Carmichael: “With him, I ponder if I will ever know, he seems to have part of him missing, like he is only half of Oceanus."

Cora: “Indeed, forgive me of my request, but has he seemed to favor any of the maidens that have approached him?”

Lady Carmichael: “No, he is his father's son, the Lord did not marry me till he was going on twenty, I was going on fifteen when we married, but his mother and father had been seeking him a wife for nearly two years before he met me.”

Cora: “The poor son, I send my prayers that thee who he seeks is found.”

Lady Carmichael: “Merci Cora, I hope your prayers are answered.”

Cora: “Right, now let me begin with your hair.”

[Fade out]

[Open in on Lord Carmichael and Lord Remsey]

Lord Carmichael: “Lucas! Come hither, quickly now, quickly.”

Lucas: “Yes my lord?”

Lord Carmichael: “This is Lord Remsey, of fair Verona, add him and his family to the guest list of tonight's event.”

Lucas: “Of course my lord.”

Lord Carmichael: “So, as you were saying.”

Lord Remsey: “Surely, My wife and I have surpassed all of our children in marriage except for my youthful Cadence, she is just going on fourteen, we wish to arrange a marriage for her, would you be interested in offering your son my daughter's hand in marriage?”

Lord Carmichael: “My boy, he is, well, not so easily pleased, bring her tonight, we shall arrange them to meet and see where God's path goes.”

Lord Remsey: “Aye then, tonight it is.”

[Open on Oceanus, on the footpaths]

[Oceanus pulls petals from a rose]

Oceanus: “Doth thou know of my ache? Can thy give me the clarity of death if thou must? Nix, thou be only a fair rose, fit for a maiden, a maiden of which is out of my seeing.”

[Enter John]

John: “Good morrow my friend.”

Oceanus: “Tis it truly good morrow? Surely not, how does God make such a pleasant morrow yet he leaves my heart in yet another day of darkness and despair?”

John: “Oh Oceanus, thou hath been through days of this sort, think of other than what disturbs thee.”

Oceanus: “Oh! How can I not, my parents wish of me to become married, yet not one maiden has so much as caught the gaze of my eye in the past trilogy of months.”

John: “Ponder my notion, tonight, at your families banquet, enjoy thyself, your family has invited countless maidens from all across Italy, surely one of them will please.”

Oceanus: “Perchance.”

[Fade out]

[open in the household of the Southgates]

[enter Rose]

[gazing up, outward window]

Rose: ”My dear sister, we speak again, father is good, as is mother, both Linda and Christine are preparing for a ritual of great honor, yet I still fear that I will not succeed in this same ritual, for no man seeks out my hand.”

[curtains blow in the wind]

Rose: ”Also sister, thou to be wed hath mourned thee ever since you left him. I have not seen him for quite some time now, perhaps I shall gaze upon him at tonight's festivity, Lord Carmichael is hosting a banquet tonight.”

[curtains blow again]

Rose: ”Thou know, we never once will be given an invitation, but I must go, possibly to meet someone, maybe even a husband.”


Rose: ”Indeed I know of how absurd this sounds, yet I will still try, for thy can never know what will come.”

Lady Southgate, from another room: ”Rose! Come! Come!”

Rose: ”Aye! Good day fair sister, we shall speak once more after this evening, I give thee my vow.”

Lady Southgate: ”Dearest, are you coming?”

Rose: ”Yea.”

[Fade out]

[enter Rose]

[writing a letter]

Rose: ”My trust faltered thou hath, I forgive thee, yet the coldest of shoulders I still receive, why fair friend?”

[Crumples letter and tosses it to the floor]

Rose: ”Aye me, these fair papyrus sentiments will do nothing for me or my desired, why doth thou even bother? An appearance of content I show, yet thy heart is weak and withered by thee, thus tis I be left alone by thee. How often had I dreamt of thee by my side? Alas my depictions, upon awakening, I be left alone. Thou hath scorned my heart, yet I prosper on, for I hath gazed upon the last scene, I now know what a swine thou hath become!”

[enter Linda]

Linda: ”My dearest one, why doth thou torture thyself, he hath gone on, yet thou remain, why?”

Rose: ”Sister, I thank thee for thy remarks, but I will soon find myself wed by two summers as of now, and if not, I shall cut my life short and live on with our sister.”

Linda: ”Haste! Sister do not talk of such things, being wed is an honor agreed upon by two who love one another, it is not something to be given a set limit.”

Rose: ”What if I never marry, what would become of me after Mother and Father pass on, where would I go?”

Linda: “You can live with me and my family.”

Rose: “I thank thee sister, you would give me shelter when no else would, my condolences.”

[Open in the grand room of the Carmichaels]

[Enter house guests and servants with plates]

[Enter Lord and Lady Carmichael]

Lord Carmichael: “Welcome! Welcome everyone! Feel free to enjoy yourselves,”

[Turns to Lady Carmichael]

“My Lady, may I have a dance?”

Lady Carmichael: “Oh, my dear sweet, thy bones are brittle and gray.”

Lord Carmichael: “Then may I lead thee with thy brittle bones?”

Lady Carmichael: “Certainly.”

Lord Carmichael: “Have thou seen Oceanus today?”

Lady Carmichael: “I can not say I have, perhaps he was on the footpaths today.”

Lord Carmichael: “Why does he find pleasure there? It is just patio and meadow, what could a youth such as himself find there that he can not find in the house.”

Lady Carmichael [under her breath]: “Serenity”   

Lord Carmichael: “What was that my Lady?”   

Lady Carmichael: “Oh! Look there is Lord Remsey.”

Lord Carmichael: “And his daughter, Cadence. Is Oceanus about? I wish for him to meet them.”

Lord Remsey: “Ah, hello again Lord Carmichael.”   

Lord Carmichael: “Good Evening, this is my wife, Olivia.”

Lady Carmichael: “Evening.”

Lord Remsey: “Why my lady, your home is as exquisite as a summer's eve.”

Lady Carmichael: “Why thank thou.”

Lord Remsey: “This is my daughter, Cadence.”

Cadence: “Hello.”

Lord Remsey: “Where is your son, Oceanus?”

Lord Carmichael: “Lucas! Please fetch Oceanus for me.”

Lucas: “Right away my Lord”

Lord Carmichael: “Alright my lady, let us go greet our guests.”

[exit Lord and Lady Carmichael]

Lord Remsey: “Dearest, why don't thou go talk to the Lord's family?”

Cadence: “But, father I wish see the mighty gardens.”

Lord Remsey: “Young lady, thou art not here to admire greenery and stones, thy purpose here is meet the son of the Carmichaels.”

Cadence: “Father, I know why we have come here, but I take little interest in this way of life, I wish to marry once I have fallen in love with someone and spend my life with them.”

Lord Remsey: “You will marry who I order thee to marry, you know our family doth not bare a son, this boy could be the only savior of our family name.”

Cadence: “But father...”

Lord Remsey: “You listen here young lady, you will marry who I order thee to marry or mark my words, you will no longer be considered my daughter!”  

[Open on footpaths shown by moonlight]

[enter Oceanus]

Oceanus: “Fair stones, thou hath given me the company that so many hath faltered to give. By what method hath gravel and stonework surpassed volumes of maidens?”

[calling from inside] Lucas: “Oceanus? Is that the one I search of?”

[Oceanus runs into the garden]

Lucas: “Oceanus? Oceanus?”

[exit Lucas]

Oceanus: “Oh! Father, why doth thou wish for me to marry, I do not wish to be bound to a stranger for my lifetime.”

[Oceanus continues to walk in garden]

[enter Cadence]

Cadence: “My! These clusters of floret and various vines, such beauty.”  

[Oceanus steps on a stick]

Cadence: “Who's out there? Show thyself, be a maiden or fellow, for I show thee no harm, I only wish to admire the allure of this mass garden, if thou offer only a courteous echo, stay, but if not I wish thee peace of mind.”

Oceanus: “I do not wish to exit from my brush.”

Cadence: “If not a face I see, speak from thy buried brush.”

Oceanus: “Fair maiden, by what name shall I call thee?”

[Inaudible to Oceanus] Cadence: “What would come to end if this be a criminal, perhaps attempting to capture the Lord's family, I shall tell him not my name, for I do not wish to be captured, I shall go by the name of this fair blossom.”

[gestures to flower nearby]

[to Oceanus] “My name be Cora.”

Oceanus: “Such as the flower of sweet scents?”

Cadence: “Aye. By what name shall I call thee?”

[inaudible to Cadence] Oceanus: “For a name that be known as the suitor never to be pleased, this maiden could stray once she discovers the person who is attached to the name that be Oceanus.”

[to Cadence] “My name is Arthur.”

Cadence: “Why were you wandering through the gardens on an evening such as this?”

Oceanus: “My parents wish for me to find a maiden to be made my wife. It is unbearable I feel as though I am Trapped.”

Cadence: “Trapped? I can see your standpoint, the only reason I came here on this eve is to meet a Lord's son, to marry perhaps, yet I heard of the exquisite gardens this home possesses, I wanted to gaze upon the beauty this earth can provide.”

Oceanus: “I thought I was peculiar for enjoying the company of these paths over the guests.”

Cadence: “I am enjoying your company, dear Arthur, but I wish to gaze upon my companion, please, may you show thyself, as I shall show myself to thee.”  

Oceanus: “Fair.”

[Oceanus comes out from the bushes]

“Now I am here for thee to see, may you show thyself in return?”

Cadence: “Of course.”

[Cadence comes out of the flower bed]

Oceanus: “Why, fair maiden, I have never gazed upon such a flower, a flower in a meadow of weeds.”

Cadence: “I recall meeting thee on a previous occasion.”

Oceanus: “But why be concerned on a previous event”

Cadence: “I am not fixated on a previous event, I think I know you.”

Oceanus: “I can not see why you would, for this is the first time I believe I have met you, if we had met before, I would have recalled such a meeting with a maiden such as yourself.”

Cadence: “Such a gentleman, a gentleman as thyself would be a fine match for any maiden in all of Italia, I do not believe that a maiden has not already began to dream about being wed to thee.”

Oceanus: “Thou would not see it as expected.”

Cadence: “Well, would thee care to gaze upon the night sky with me?”

Oceanus: “I would be delighted to guide thee through this starry night.”

[Fade out]

[Open in the banquet room]

[Enter Lord Carmichael]

Lord Carmichael: “Oh! Where is that boy? The whole point of this celebration was for him to meet at the least one maiden whom he deemed worthy of becoming a wife. Lucas! Lucas! Come hither!”

[enter Lucas]

Lucas: “Yes my lord?”

Lord Carmichael: “Lucas, where is he? Have you found him?”

Lucas: “I am afraid not sir, I thought I heard someone out in the main gardens, alas, when I called his name, I received only the reply of the wind.”

Lord Carmichael: “You ignoramus! Of course he did not reply when you called, he does not want to be found, but he must. Ah,” [short pause] [rubs forehead, thinking] “Go out to the gardens, and do not reappear to my eyes until you are hand in hand with my son. What do you want it in writing? Go! Go!”

Lucas: “Yes my Lord.”

[exit Lucas]

Lord Carmichael: “Aye me, all of his siblings were wed off so easily, why must he be so difficult?”

[Enter Lord Remsey]

Lord Remsey: “I am sorry to deliver such inappropriate news to thee, but I can not seem to find my daughter, I apologize to inconvenience you and your son.”  

Lord Carmichael: “That is quite alright, Oceanus has not been seen since the sun set.”

Lord Remsey: “The party has only just begun, they will have to show up sometime.”

Lord Carmichael: “Of course, of course, I have my most trustworthy servant out in the gardens looking for him now.”

Lord Remsey: “Good man.”

[exit all]

[open on Oceanus, alone in the gardens]

Oceanus: “Oh! Starry night, thou hath given me the maiden that be the lovely Cora, for she and only she art meant for my own. But where doth fairest of maidens hath travelled to? For she was at my side moments ago. Oh! Cursed night! Shine thy bright light here so I might find the one I search of! For I have lost her, perhaps she was not true to me, or to anyone, perhaps she was a spirit, free roaming the world, who happened to stumble upon me and my withered heart. Such a foul spirit of that matter! For she taunted me, with her beauty and company, and now the one that be Cora has vanished from my reach.”

[enter Cadence for the brush]

Cadence: “My fair Arthur? Hast thou left me here, whilst you have gone?”

Oceanus: “No, dear maiden, I was seeking thy out, alas my eyes can only see so much.”

Cadence: “Arthur, I do not wish to inconvenience thee, but my father arranged me to be wed to the son of a Lord at tonight's banquet...”

Oceanus: “Say nothing else, fair maiden, I know what I appear as, no parents would approve of me as a husband.”

Cadence: “I have only just met thee, I said nothing of this, thou seem very kind and a gentleman for that matter, if I am to marry I would care to spend some time with the fellow before we become bound to each other forever.”

Oceanus: “I understand, but thou must make a choice, to marry a man of the unknown, or spend time with a man who thou seem to take interest in.”

Cadence: “Arthur, I can not choose, for my life was planned out for me the minute I came into this world, I have to marry this son, I must carry on my family's name.”

Oceanus: “Please, fair maiden, do not leave my heart as it once was, scorned and withered.”

Cadence: “I will meet the son of this lord and I will arrange for me to visit thee once more, whereabouts should we arrange this meeting?”

Oceanus: “Right here, tomorrow's eve, as soon as the sun disappears from thy sights, I shall appear to thee.”

Cadence: “Alright, but the night has still yet to cease, shall we continue down through this starry night?”

Oceanus: “Of course.”    

[enter Lucas]

Lucas: “Oceanus? Oceanus? I will not falter, I will seek thy out until thou art found!”

[to Cadence] Oceanus: “Come come, over the wall.”

Cadence: “Why good sir?”

Oceanus: “Do thee trust I?”

Cadence: “We have just met..”

Oceanus: “Hurry, over the wall, now!”

Cadence: “But..”

[Oceanus helps Cadence over the wall]

Lucas: “Oceanus? Hiding will do thee no good. Thou wilt be found. Mark my words!”

[exit Lucas]

Cadence: “I heard a voice, speaking in the garden.”

Oceanus: “Perhaps it was a servant.”

Cadence: “He appeared to be on the search for someone, it sounded like he was saying, ocean.”

[nervous] Oceanus: “Oceanus, he was looking for Oceanus, he is Lord Carmichael's first son.”

Cadence: “Oceanus? He is the one who refuses all, no one can please that one, my friends have spoke of him, she whom he shall marry would be a maiden of wax, for no maiden can please the one that goes by the name of the sea.”

Oceanus: “Perhaps one day he shall have the pleasure of meeting such a maiden of wax.”

Cadence: “I do not believe anything of this sort, for there can not be one perfect maiden.”

Oceanus: “Doth thou believe in love at first sight?”

Cadence: “I do not know anything of this, love at first sight, I believe in love at first meet, but thou shan't base their affection on someone because of how they appear to the eye, but of how they appear to the heart.”

[fade out]

[open at the banquet]

[Enter Rose]  

Rose: “For this eve shall be the night, the night I shall meet the man whom I will marry, sister has spoke of this night, many times before.”

[enter Lord Carmichael]

Rose: “Lord Carmichael, I thank thee for hosting such an event as this, it is quite extravagant.”

Lord Carmichael: “Why yes indeed it is, may I ask thy name?”

Rose: “I go by the title of the sweetest of flowers, my name is Rose.”

Lord Carmichael: “What a fitting name, the sweetest of maidens named after the sweetest of flowers.”

Rose: “Why thank thee.”

Lord Carmichael: “I must be going, but I wish to see thee at the next banquet.”

Rose: “Good evening sir”

Lord Carmichael: “Good evening to thee as well!”

[exit all]

[open on Oceanus and Cadence in the garden]

Oceanus: “For this starry night has been one that will stay forever in my dreams and one that I wish to revisit.”

Cadence: “Aye, for tonight I came here only for the purpose of meeting a potential husband, but instead I have seen these gardens for which I have longed to see since I heard of them and I have met thee.”

Oceanus: “Can I have the honor of escorting you back inside?”

Cadence: “Of course, but if I see my father, thou must not be seen.”

Oceanus: “The same for thee and my father.”

[walk to small side room]   

Oceanus: “I fear that the night is coming close to its end.”

Cadence: “Indeed it has, for tomorrow will come soon enough.”    

Oceanus: “I feel that my welcome has been overstayed, I must be going then.”

Cadence: “Must you part so suddenly?”

Oceanus: “I am afraid I must, it was an honor to spend this eve with thee,”

[gives her a flower] “until we meet again.”

Cadence: “Tomorrow, as soon as the sun has left my sights.”

Oceanus: “I bid thee adieu, adieu fair maiden.”

Cadence: “Farewell.”

[exit Oceanus]

Cadence: “Ah! What a night. A night to remember that is. For now it be only mere hours till we meet again! Oh no! Oh God! Father must be in a havoc! He must have been searching for me all night. I have been in absence all of the evening, for he who shall be the one I was to meet has awaited my greeting that has never come. Father will certainly not let me out tomorrow's eve, perhaps if I plead with him to show his forgiveness. Oh! And Arthur, for he does not even know the name by which I truly belong to, I have been dishonest to him, for he showed me no harm, nor any ill will, why did I tell him a false statement of this sort? For now he only knows me by the name of a simple flower, by which of such a name no one knows me as. If he tries to find me, thee who seeks for the one who goes by the name of Cora wilt not be found. Why Cadence? Why Cadence? You need to think of what will come to be, why must you live in the now? Father surely is not enjoying the party, for his plan to save our family has crumbled. He assigned me one task, one task, and I threw it out on my dearest Arthur. What father would want me as a daughter?”

[from another room] Lord Remsey: “Cadence? Cadence?”

Cadence: “Yes father?”

[enter Lord Remsey]

Lord Remsey: “Cadence! Where have you been? And you best not attempt to deliver false statements young lady. The truth! The truth! Well?”

Cadence: “I.., I was in the gardens..”

Lord Remsey: “The gardens? The gardens! Thou were wandering about greenery? Did thy know that thee left the lord and his son waiting? No, of course not. Cadence, do you know what you did this evening? You jeopardized your future, our family's future! This was our only chance, you know that it is not frequent for a lord to just hand over his son for a stranger's daughter?”

Cadence: “Father I am...”

Lord Remsey: “Do not even try to apologize, thou have nothing that thee can say that will earn thee any forgiveness. Come now we, no, you must apologize with Lord Carmichael for keeping him and his son waiting all night.”

Cadence: “But father?”

Lord Remsey: “I do not even want to hear anything out of you young lady.”     

[enter Lord Carmichael]

Lord Carmichael: “Oceanus? Oh! Hello again Lord Remsey.”

Lord Remsey: “Hello.”

Lord Carmichael: “I see you finally did find your daughter.”

Lord Remsey: “Indeed I did, actually she has something to tell you.”

Cadence: “Yes sir, I feel dreadful about leaving thee and thy son waiting all night, I was out admiring your majestic gardens and lost track of time.”

Lord Carmichael: “Ah yes, the gardens are very beautiful, did you have a chance to go on the footpaths?”

Cadence: “Yes I did, they were very nice.”

Lord Carmichael: “Did you happen to see anyone while you were there?”

Cadence: “I am afraid not, no, sorry.”

Lord Carmichael: “There is no need to apologize, for my son was not seen this evening as well, and he seems to have favored the footpaths recently. No doubt he was out there this evening. Oh I do not know what to do about that boy.”

Cadence: “Perhaps he wishes to escape the pressures of preparing for marriage.”

Lord Carmichael: “Perhaps.”

Lord Remsey: “I am afraid that we must be going now, I will be in contact with you shortly.”

Lord Carmichael: “Goodnight Remsey, good night Cadence, you are more than welcome to drop by to come to the gardens anytime thou wish.”

Cadence: “Thank you sir, would it be alright it I could come back here tomorrow's eve?”

Lord Carmichael: “Why of course! If it is alright with your father.”

Lord Remsey: “Oh, alright, but not all night, I want you to be back at the house by the hour of eleven o'clock, not a moment later.”

Cadence: “Oh! Thank you father!”

[exit all]

[open on Oceanus on the footpaths with a half empty glass of wine]

Oceanus: “My dear footpaths, thou hath heard my pleas, and thou hath given me the wonderful Cora. Aye me, the first maiden to take my interest in months! Wait till father hears of this! He will be so happy, for I have met a maiden who is a potential wife, for she might take some convincing, yet I have a feeling that tonight's events will be the beginning of something great.”

[snapping sound]

Oceanus: “Hello? Is that someone out there in the brush of greenery?”

[no response]

Oceanus: “John? If that be thee out there, I do not find you humorous nor frightening. I ask once more, is there anyone out there in the thick vines and flowers?”

[no response]

[from the greenery] Rose: “I bare thee no ill will, for I am not but a lost maid.”

Oceanus: “Thou hath lost thy way?”

Rose: “Indeed I have, I was walking along the footpaths, and entered the gardens, I began to observe the beauty that this place has to offer, and when I turned to head back, I could not remember which way was the way back.”

Oceanus: “That is quite alright fair maiden.”

Rose: “What is your name?”

Oceanus: “I am Oceanus, son of Lord George Carmichael.”  

Rose: “Good evening Oceanus.”

Oceanus: “What is your name?”

Rose: “I go by the name of Rose.”

Oceanus: “As in the flower, of the sweetest scent?”

Rose: “Indeed kind sir.”

Oceanus: “Might I ask why thou have come to tonight's event?”

Rose: “Surely, I have two sisters, they are both expected to be married within the next month, I know my parents await my marriage, yet I do not appease to men's desires, I came to this place on this summer's eve to meet someone perchance.”

Oceanus: “Aye, I see, but how did thee find thyself lost in the gardens.”

Rose: “I found that this event had more maiden guests than men. I then saw a maiden in the gardens, she seemed to be speaking to someone, anyway I decided to go out to the gardens to see why this girl was out in the garden alone, I thought that perhaps this maiden met someone, a fellow in the gardens. When I was a young girl, I read tales, stories of women who met their true love in different ways, washed up on a beach, deep in the forest, in disguise in the marketplace. I thought that this could be my chance to meet my true love, in these gardens.”

Oceanus: “The night is still young, maybe you just need to explore the gardens a bit more, you might find a fellow that goes by the name of the sea, hidden in the green brush nearby.”

Rose [laughing] : “Is that a challenge?”

Oceanus: “Indeed it is.”

[Rose searches the gardens]

[Rose sees Oceanus and sneaks up behind him]

[Rose has not seen Oceanus' face]

Rose: “I found you!”

Oceanus: “Indeed you have.”

Rose: “I have still yet to see thy face, let me gaze upon thee.”

[Oceanus turns to Rose]

“Good evening to you, Oceanus.”

Oceanus: “My, I hath never seen such beauty in any maiden I have met in all my life. Thy eyes the vast ocean that they are, seem to have me lost in the deepest region of them. Thus now the maidens of all of Italy camouflage for my eyes have fixated upon one maiden, for she be that of a woman beyond the women of wax of whom I have dreamt of. Oh! My cheeks have never felt such a fiery heat upon them such as this. For the moonlight must surely be playing a trickery of some sort, for thou art the most exquisite maiden my eyes have ever laid upon. Then again, this moonlight hath shown me someone I might never hath thought existed. How is it that thou art not wed?”

Rose: “For I hath never gazed upon such a fellow as thyself. How is it possible for a fellow such as thee art not already married?”

Oceanus: “No maiden seeks out my hand.”

[Rose takes his hand]

Rose: “I do.”

Oceanus: “Thou arn't truthful to such a statement, thy only speak of such a thing out of pity.”

Rose: “I swear with my unworthiest hand.”

Oceanus: “How can thee swear by such a thing? Our meeting has only just taken place.”

Rose: “Hath thou never heard of love at first sight?”

Oceanus: “What about love at first meet?”

Rose: “I believe they are the same meaning. Alas, indeed I believe in such a concept.”

Oceanus: “As do I.”

[hands her a rose]

Rose: “My! Thou hands have the equivalent of a morning frost, perhaps we should go inside.”

Oceanus: “May I lead thee with my frosty hand out of the gardens and inside?”

Rose: “I would like that very much.”

[enter Lord Carmichael and Lady Carmichael]

Lord Carmichael: “I shall wait for Oceanus, I do not wish for him to be locked out.”

Lady Carmichael: “Then I shall retire, good night George.”

Lord Carmichael: “Good night my fair Olivia.”   

[enter Oceanus and Rose]

Oceanus: “Oh, good evening father.”

Lord Carmichael: “Ah! There you are! I had Lucas looking for you all night. Do you realize how much trouble thou hath caused? Where were you all night?”

Oceanus: “On the footpaths, and in the gardens.”

Lord Carmichael: “The footpaths! This banquet was so you could meet a maiden that could be thy wife. Wait, who this maiden on your arm?”

Oceanus: “This is Rose, I met her tonight in the gardens.”

Lord Carmichael: “Ah! Of course, Rose was it? We met earlier this evening.”

Rose: “Yes.”

Lord Carmichael: “You met my son in the gardens?”

Rose: “Indeed I have, I found myself lost in your magnificent gardens and it just so happened that by my luck, your son was there as well.”

Oceanus: “Very lucky.”

Rose: “By what hour is it?”

Lord Carmichael: “Almost the hour of midnight.”

Rose: “Oh! Goodness! I have to be on my way, right away!”

Oceanus: “I will walk you out.”

Rose: “Thank you, it was lovely to see you again Lord Carmichael.”

Lord Carmichael: “As for you, I will now retire Oceanus.”

Oceanus: “Goodnight father.”

[exit Lord Carmichael]

Rose: “If my father will let me return, by what day shall I return to see thee again?”

Oceanus: “Come any day thou wish, if thou decide to come, go to the gardens, for I will now walk the footpaths every day more, waiting or thee.”

Rose: “Alright then, goodnight Oceanus, until we meet again.”

[they kiss]

[exit Rose]

Oceanus [with long pauses] : “Until we meet again, my fair Rose.”

The Southgates Household

[enter Rose at the entrance of the house]

Rose: “Oh! Father will surely not take a liking to my tardiness. How will I ever meet with Oceanus if Father never permits me to leave the house ever again? I wilt not even imagine walking through the front door of the house, for I am sure father will not be pleased with me.”

[looks around]

“Aye! Perhaps the balcony, for I could call to Linda or Christine to help me to my chamber.”


“Linda? Christine? Is there anyone there?”  

[enter Jules from balcony]

Jules: “Hello? Who is out there?”

Rose: “Jules? Is that of my faithful servant?”  

Jules: “Indeed Ms. Rose, what art thou doing out so late?”

Rose: “I lost track of the time, nevermind that now, can you help me up?”

Jules: “Of course, by what shall I use to help thee to the balcony?”

Rose: “Anything, a rope or the curtains perhaps.”

Jules: “I shall use the curtains that are only used for the time of winter.”

[exit Jules]

Rose: “Good thinking Jules, hurry! Hurry!”

[enter Jules with curtains]

Jules: “Here, climb Rose.”

[Rose climbs to the balcony]

[Jules helps Rose to the balcony]

Rose: “A thousand thank yous Jules.”

Jules: “Not needed, but may I ask, why were thee so later upon returning?”

Rose: “I told thee, I did not wish to be late, I lost track of time. Have father or mother wondered where I have been?”

Jules: “Funny as it is, no, they have been out all night, they went to dinner with some friends.”

Rose: “Oh! I thought for sure that they would never let me out of the household anymore.”

[enter Linda]

Linda: “Rose! Where have thou been? Do you know by what hour it is?”

Rose: “My apologies dear sister, as I was just telling Jules, I lost track of time.”

Linda: “Jules, would you let me talk to my sister alone please?”

Jules: “As thou wish.”

[exit Jules]

Linda: “I know that my sister does not just lose track of time, why do you not just tell me the truth?”

Rose: “Oh sister, it was amazing! I met someone.”

Linda: “You went to the Carmichaels?”

Rose: “Indeed I did.”

Linda: “Was the son of the lord there?”

Rose: “Indeed he was.”

Linda: “Did you meet him? Was he as everyone says he is?”

Rose: “I did meet him, and he was very kind, I met him in the gardens, I lost my way and found him there. Oh sister. He is the most gorgeous I have ever gazed upon. We started talking, talking led to holding hands, he gave me this rose. Then when it became cold, we went inside, and as I realized the nightly hour, he walked me to the door and kissed me.”

Linda: “Do you intend on meeting him once more?”

Rose: “I do believe so, he said I could come to his home when I wished, and he would meet me in the gardens.”

Linda: “You should go tomorrow night, if he is as you say he is, you must be dying to see him once more.”

Rose: “Indeed I am.”

Linda: “Let us go then, we must tell Christine.”

[exit all]

Scene Ⅳ   

[open in Oceanus' room]  

Oceanus: “Dear heaven above, I thank thee for giving me this chance to marry, I will not disappoint, I will grant father's wish of me to finally marry. For my only wish is that tomorrow's eve, as I roam the great gardens, my fair maiden that goes by the name of a sweet flower will meet me there. I will awake as the sun rises from behind the mighty trees, have my breakfast early and I shall wait all day and all night if I have to for my maiden. I should set out my best clothes, for this will be an exciting day.”

[calling from outside the room]

Lady Carmichael: “Oceanus? How was your night?”

Oceanus: “It was amazing mother, I met this maiden.”

Lady Carmichael: “A maiden you say?” [she enters the room]

Oceanus: “Indeed she goes by the name of a flower, and she is as beautiful as one as well.”

Lady Carmichael: “Doth thou believe she could be the one thou hath been searching for all these long months?”

Oceanus: “I do.”

Lady Carmichael: “Ah! I knew this day would come, when will you meet her next?”

Oceanus: “Tomorrow in the gardens.”

Lady Carmichael: “Oh! I can not believe that my Oceanus could possibly be wed in the near future.”

Oceanus: “Neither can I.”

Lady Carmichael: “Oh! You must get a good night's rest, for tomorrow your life will change forever!”

Oceanus: “Good night mother.”

Lady Carmichael: “Good night Oceanus.”

[exit Lady Carmichael]

Oceanus: “Until tomorrow my sweet flower.”   

[open on the next day in the hall of the Carmichaels]

[enter Lord Carmichael]

Lord Carmichael: “Oceanus! Oceanus! It is almost sunset, go, go now to the gardens and wait, I will let her in and guide her to the gardens for you.”

[calling from upstairs]

Oceanus: “Thank you father!”

Lord Carmichael: “My lady, my lady! Come now, hurry!”

[enter Lady Carmichael]

Lady Carmichael: “What is it George?”

Lord Carmichael: “I will wait here at the side door, but by chance if this maiden enters from the front door, I want you to be there to guide her to the gardens.”

Lady Carmichael: “Of course.”

[enter Oceanus]

Oceanus: “Alright, I will be in the gardens, when she arrives, I do not care for which garden entrance she enters in. Wish me luck.”

[exit Oceanus]

At the gate of the Carmichaels

[enter Cadence]

Cadence [waving] : “Goodbye father! I shall be home before midnight. I do hope that Arthur will be in the gardens as he promised, and perchance, if all things go well, I could acquire the courage to tell him the true title that I belong to. Oh! But what if he thinks of me as dishonest? He might not want to see me ever again, perhaps I should leave this moment, before he becomes enraged at me. But father wishes for me to marry, and this lad has taken interest in me, just stay confident.”

[knocks on door]

Lady Carmichael: “Hello there young lady.”

Cadence: “Hello, I have come here to see your son.”

Lady Carmichael: “May I ask thy name?”

Cadence: “Cad--, Cora.”

Lady Carmichael: [aside] “As is the flower? How! This maiden is surely the one Oceanus has told me of.”

Lady Carmichael: “Come right in, I will guide you to the gardens, and remember you are entering through the west entrance, so you do not get lost, these gardens are a maze at some points. ”

Cadence: “Thank you, your help is much appreciated.”

Lady Carmichael: “Oceanus will be at the center of the paths, in the main garden.”

Cadence: “Alright, thank you.”

[enters the footpaths]

“Doth my ears deceive me? I am here to meet Arthur. I swear by it that this lady said ocean, who is named Ocean? Perchance her other son goes by that title, and this fiery weather hath given her a headache.”  

[exit Cadence]

[open to Lord Carmichael at the side door]

[knock at the door]

Lord Carmichael “The fair maiden has come.”

[opens door]

“Ah! Rose, it is such a pleasure to see you once again.”

Rose: “Aye, as it is for thee, where is Oceanus?”
Lord Carmichael: “Waiting in the gardens, come, come, I will take thee there.”

Rose: “A hundred thanks are in order.”

Lord Carmichael: “I will bring thee to the east entrance, for it is the briefest way for traveling to the main gardens where he awaits you.”

Rose: “My condolences, I hope to see you once more.”

Lord Carmichael: “Adieu Rose.”

[exit Lord Carmichael]         

Rose: “Dear sister, this is the day I have been awaiting for many moons, years upon years. Finally my day has come, I shan't turn my head now. Walk Rose, he is waiting there, for you, not for anyone else, he is there for you. Do not worry, all that is meant to happen will happen. In your life thus far thou have done no wrong, no punishment is awaiting thee, for the heavens know thee, thou hav't deserved anything of the sort.”

[open to Cadence at the gate to the main garden]

Cadence: “For where is my love? He said he would meet me here. After we exchange our greetings, perhaps we will walk around on the footpaths, we could go behind that wall like we did last night, and then once we spend this time with each other, I will tell him my name, and he would not care that I gave him a false identity, and then he would wrap his arms around me in a life long embrace.”

[cut to Oceanus in the center of the main garden]

Oceanus: “I can not stand this, my patience wilt not wait this long.”

Cadence from the west garden entrance: “Arthur? Arthur?”

Oceanus: “Arthur? Whom is calling out such a name that is not even my own?”

Cadence: “Arthur is that thou that I hear?”

Oceanus: “Hello who is out there in the main gardens”

Cadence: “It is I, Cad- Cora.”       

Oceanus aside : “Cora? Cora? Who is Cora? I am awaiting my fair Rose. I recall that name Cora, perhaps one of the maidens I had met in the past months.”

Cadence: “Arthur?”

Oceanus: “Why does this maiden keep asking for Arthur? [gasps] Oh! This is the maiden from the night before, not my Rose, but this other maiden, Cora, I met her before I met Rose. Did I invite her to come back here once more, oh I believe I did. But I do not remember anything that I desired of this maiden, for if I did, I would remember her coming here on this day.”

Cadence sees Oceanus: “Oh! Here you are, I was starting to believe that thou did not care for me, and that thou did not come as thou promised.”

Oceanus nervous: “Yes.”

Cadence: “Greetings Arthur, it is lovely to see thee once more.”   

Oceanus: “Yes, I did not realize that thee would come so soon.”

Cadence: “We agreed on sunset, did we not?”

Oceanus: “Oh. Yes pardon me.”

Cadence: “Why so tense?”

Oceanus: “Oh, do not worry much of it.”

Rose from the east entrance: “Hello, is there someone there?”

Cadence: “What? I think I heard someone.”

Oceanus: “Hmm? Oh no, the was my, ah, mother, I will go talk to her, stay here.”

Cadence: “Alright.”

[Oceanus goes to the east entrance]

Oceanus whispers: “Rose? Oh fair one? It is I, your Oceanus.”

[Rose comes up from behind a bush]  

Rose: “Oceanus, I was worried, I heard someone in the gardens, and I thought they were robbers.”

Oceanus: “Everything will be alright, but thou must stay here, though I can not bear being apart from thee, I must. Whatever may occur in the future, just remember that I care for thee deeply. I will be back soon.”

Rose: “While thou art gone, may I gaze upon the beauty that this garden poses?”

Oceanus: “Of Course you can.”

[Oceanus goes back to the west entrance]

Cadence: “Is everything alright?”

Oceanus: “Everything is fine. But Cora--”

Cadence: “Actually, my name is not Cora, my name is Cadence Remsey.”

Oceanus: “My name is not Arthur I am Oceanus Carmichael.”                

Cadence: “Pardon me, Oceanus Carmichael? Thy name, is the name that no maiden shall ever please. My father wishes for us to marry, it was thee all this time?”

Oceanus: “I am afraid so.”

[enter Rose with flowers]

Rose: “Oceanus, are you over here?”

Cadence: “Whom be of that?”

Rose: “Oceanus? Who is this?”

Cadence: “I was told to meet him here at sunset.”

Rose: “I was told that as well.”

Oceanus: “One moment please.”

[exit Oceanus]

[open on Lord and Lady Carmichael]

[enter Oceanus]

Oceanus: “Mother, Father, why are there a duo of maidens in the gardens?”

Lord Carmichael: “By what is the meaning of this? I let in the maiden that I met last night.”

Lady Carmichael: “I let in a girl who went by the name of Cora.”

Oceanus: “Mother she was under a false title, she is the daughter of Lord Remsey.”

Lord Carmichael: “Lord Remsey's daughter? She was in the gardens all of last night, and you were with her before you went there with Rose?”

Oceanus: “It seems so.”              

Lady Carmichael: “I am exceedingly sorry my son, for did not know.”

Oceanus: “Thank you mother, but what am I to do now, there are two maidens in our garden, and both of them take interest in me.”

Lord Carmichael: “Well, Oceanus, you must choose between them, I am sorry son, but some things turn out like this.”

Oceanus: “Alright, thank you both.”

[exit Oceanus]

[open on Cadence and Rose in the garden]

[inaudible talking]

[enter Oceanus]

Oceanus: “I apologize for leaving both of thee, I will speak with each of you, separately, because I know now that I must make a decision. Cadence, I shall speak with thee primarily.”

Cadence: “Alright.”

Oceanus: “Rose, I shan't be long, I swear by it.”

Rose: “I trust thee.”

[Oceanus smiles at Rose]

[Oceanus and Cadence go to a separate part of garden]

Oceanus: “Cadence, I know that I asked for you to meet me, here, tonight, but after you left, I found Rose lost in the gardens, and we began talking.”

Cadence: “Do you recall me telling you about how I only came to the banquet to meet someone that my father insisted on me marry him. He never showed, because I was with him, he was you Oceanus. My father wants me to marry and it seems to believe that he has arranged for us to meet. And if we had a remote spark of compatibility he would arrange our marriage.”

Oceanus: “I am nothing for the arranging of marriages.”

Cadence: “I do not care for it.”

Oceanus: “I have just met thee upon last evening, only from the arrangement of marriage, if not for the arrangement, thou would not have come to the gardens, as for me. I can foresee our future, and I do not see it being that of a long one.”  

Cadence: “To conclude what thou have implied, thou spend half of yesterday's starry night with me, invite once more to this wonderful garden by which we first met, then after I depart, thou meet another maiden in these said gardens, and care for her more than I, and thou invite her around the next day as well. Yet thou do not recall inviting me. Then, after thou hath realized thy blunder, thou must choose between the two maidens in thy said gardens. Now thou tell me that you wish to be with the other maiden, that you prefer her over I?”

Oceanus: “I apologize for any inconvenience I might have caused, my actions have hurt thee.”

Cadence: “My father wilt not take this answer lightly, he will be here without a moment's notice to discuss this with us and thy father. Thou shalt be thankful for my warning has been given to thee, do what you will of it.”

Oceanus: “I am very grateful, Cadence.”

Cadence: “I wish thee nothing but happiness in thy pursuit of that maiden, good evening, Oceanus.”

[shakes hand]

[Cadence exits the garden]

[Oceanus goes back over to Rose]

Rose: “I saw that other maiden exit the gardens quite briskly, holding back tears, what is thy meaning of this?”

Oceanus: “I am truthfully sorry Rose. Upon our meeting yesterday eve, I had already met that maiden, I told said maiden to meet me once more, in these very gardens upon the setting of today's sun. Afterwards, I  came across a maiden, lost in the gardens. Once I saw her primarily, any memory of a maiden up until then had vanished from my mind. I spent the rest of the night falling under her spell, by which she had cast effortlessly. By the night ending, I had her on my arm, knowing that I would have her on my arm once more, alas, not in the gardens of the Carmichaels, but at the church of St. Peter.”

Rose: “Thy have not the brightest star in the sky, for no matter what spells were cast, thy memory is a faulty one of that. Wilt thou forget I after a meeting with another maiden?”

Oceanus: “Of course not my sweet, for now I am a blind man, whom can only see the brightest of the stars in the sky.”

Rose: “Did thou state something of us becoming that of a bride and that of a groom?”

Oceanus: “Indeed, for I would only know that moment as a future together.”

Rose: “I am flattered by thy offer good sir. But may we at least get to know one another a bit more before I marry thee.”

Oceanus: “I can only respect thy reply. Yet I am willing to work on that.”

Rose: “Will thy parents approve?”  

Oceanus: “Believe me, they have been awaiting my wedding day for years.”

[open on Oceanus and Rose in atrium]

Oceanus: “I have news that Cadence is to be married tomorrow's eve.”

Rose: “I always knew that one day she would be wed, she is a fine maiden for any suitor to marry.”

Oceanus: “Indeed she is.”   

Rose: “Shall we go?”

Oceanus: “No, it would not be proper.”

Rose: “Indeed, I shall send word that we will not attend.”

Oceanus: “Yes, please do so.”

Rose: “Come now, cheer up, thy parents have travelled to come see us.”

Oceanus: “Yes, I shall meet them in a moment, may I have some time alone, I wish to walk the footpaths alone for a while, I will not be too long.”

Rose: “Surely.”

[Oceanus walks to the footpaths]

Oceanus: “How long ago it was, when we were still in our prime, and now she is getting married herself. It feels as if it was only yester night's eve, when we were all here, in this very garden that was once my fathers, but is now mine. A foolish youth I was, not keeping a track on the maidens I dealt with. Doing so, I made a choice between said two maidens. One maiden received a ring and a smile, the other only received nothing more than a shoulder of ice. I can wish nothing of her more than a happy life with whomever it be she marrying. What if it were us whom exchanged gold rings, not as it has played out. Our fathers would have been very pleased with that outcome. Not that Rose does not appeal to my parents, but our futures were laid out on a table and planned as if for a new chapel. We were to meet, converse, become wed, have children, carry on the burden of the Remseys and the Carmichaels, as our children would as well. My father did not stress this subject with force, but I always knew he would one day, if it came to that. I feel sympathy for Cadence though, her father threatened her to marry at once, no doubt this man whom she is to marry was forced upon her as I was some time ago. She will presumingly try to escape his clutches as soon as she can, may God's blessing be with her, for she owns a life that was in her father's control from the moment she first blinked those warm hazel eyes. No! She is no longer a part of me or my life, I have my Rose. That Cadence Remsey could drink a vial of poison for all that I care, not many would miss her, her father is close to death and she never lived the life that she deserved. She will probably kill herself soon enough, though she is strong, she is wounded, and said wound can not be healed. Dear God up high, watch over the maiden Cadence Remsey, hear my prayer, she does not deserve the life that she was given, she is as strong as a wall of stone, but her wall is beginning to crumble, protect her, please. This is all that I wish for.”

[fade out]

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