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The Cheating Revenge

March 23, 2018
By vlm_108 BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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vlm_108 BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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Why blend in when you were born to stand out!

She was waiting patiently outside the office building in the blizzard with two hot chocolates, well lukewarm hot chocolate now. She had been waiting for what seemed hours thinking what was taking him so long. She had gotten frostbite on her nose when she decide to go inside to find him. When she opened the the oak doors and stepped inside, a wave of heat washed over her. She set the hot chocolates down and took off her fluffy winter jacket and gloves. When she went to pick up the hot chocolates, she found that they were on the verge of being frozen. She remembered that her husband, Paul, had microwave in his office. She asked the secretary, Sky, who was the same age as her, 26, to keep her coat and purse. She thanked Sky knowing that her belongings were safe with her best friend. She turned and started walking towards the elevator. When she got there, she pressed the up button. While waiting, a very attractive man, who looked to be around her age, walked up beside her.
The doors opened and they walked in.
“What floor?” she said.
“Sixth,” said the man.
She pushed the number six and then number nine, her floor.
“So what brought you to this bank branch?”
She jumped. The deep voice startled her.
“Um… My husband works here. I got off early cause of the snow and decided to surprise him,” she lifted the hot chocolate and gave a half-hearted smile, “Wha-what brings you here?”
“It’s my brothers birthday. Came to surprise him too,” he lifted up a bag that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY!, “I took a risk closing early because a vet’s life is taking care of animals and they need me the most in this cold weather.”
“I have a dog.”
The doors opened and he stepped out. The doors were about to close before an arm shot through the crack. The doors automatically opened again.
“Oh if you ever need a vet’s help, just call me,” he said as he laid his business card on her hot cocoa cup, “It was nice meeting you….”
“Hope. And you…”
“Matthew,” he smiled, turned around, and started walking away.
“You have a husband,” she thought.
The doors opened and she stepped out. There was a trash can in front of the wall opposite to the elevator doors. She walked toward it. She set down the cocoa and took the business card. Should she throw it away or keep it? She stood there for a few seconds before deciding to keep it.
“Just in case. I could need to call him if my dog gets sick.”
She slipped the card into her phone case, picked up the drinks, and walked toward Paul’s door. Inches from the door, she stopped abruptly. Her blood turned to ice, any color that she once had in her face left. She heard a voice, or two voices. A woman's voice accompanied by her own husband's voice.
“Are you sure she won’t find out?” whispered the unknown voice.
“You have nothing to worry about. She’s working today” said Paul.
She hoped that Paul was just talking about a surprising her to someone on the phone. Even though, she braced herself for the worst. She tried not to think about Paul having an affair. She put her hand on the doorknob and turned it.
“I-I-I got off early and wanted to surprise you,” she squeaked.
“I thought you said she was working! Does this look like she’s at work!” the woman examined.
“I-I… Oh my gosh. Look, I’m sorry Hope. I never meant to hurt you-”
“Well you did,” she stuttered.
Tears were in her eyes. She was trying to be strong and not seem weak in front of this other woman.
“Let me finish Hope. I’m sorry I hadn’t told you sooner, but I didn’t feel a connection anymore. She came in one day and we just clicked. I’m really sorry.”
“No. I’m sorry I ever loved you. I-Okay, so this is it? You’re choosing her?”
“I’m really sorry Hope.”
“No! Save your bullshit. You knew what the consequences would be. I know you aren’t stupid enough to think about how I would feel. Oh my gosh I cannot-”
“Hope,” he said sympathetically.
She was done. She had to get out, but not before she kicked him out.
“Paul. You no longer live in my house. I will pack your things when I get home. You will sleep in a motel or here or where ever you can find a place. Until I have every belonging of yours packed, you will not come inside my house,” she said this with the most strong face she could muster.
It took her all of her strength and might to not chuck the two drinks that she still had in her hands to not throw them at their face. She threw them in the trash can beside the door and walked out. She tried to hold it together but by the time she got to the elevator, waterfalls of tears were running down her eyes.
She trudged through the doors and pressed the lobby button. Lucky for her, the elevator didn’t stop.
The doors opened, she put on a brave face and wiped her eyes. Walking towards the front desk, she tripped on her own feet and her phone feel out of her pocket. It landed with the screen up. The impact caused the lockscreen to show. It was of her and Paul getting introducing Rango, her newly rescued husky shepherd mix puppy, to her other dogs Juile, 3 yr. old German Shepherd, and Dalton, her Doberman. They were so happy together. The thought of him made her heart ache. She turned off her phone and finished the walk to the desk.
“Oh my guacamole! What's wrong Hope?!” said Sky.
“Did you know about this?”
“About what?”
“ABOUT PAUL! Did you know he was having an affair?”
“My God, Hope I had no idea what was going on! Do you need me to drive you home?”
“No, thanks though Sky. You could come to my house at 10 a.m. tomorrow and help me with stuff. I mean if you want to. It's a workday.”
“I am coming over. I don’t want to work with someone who hurt my best friend,” Sky said.
“Thanks, see you tomorrow,” she said as she put on her gloves and coat.
The cold air hit her like a brick wall. She put her coat hat on and continued walking.

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