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The man

March 13, 2016
By fallinginlove5242, provo, Utah
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fallinginlove5242, Provo, Utah
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children with disability are like a butterfly with a broken wing they are just as bueatful as all the others but they need help to spread their wings.

   The man stood on the edge of the street conrner looking into a deep thick forest that sat on the edge of the town. It had huge trees with thick branches, covered in brigt green leafes.


   The forest seemed to be teaming with life. But to this man it held a much more importance to him.


   Somewhere in that forest was the portel that seprated the human-world from that of hs ralem. Filde with magic and creatres no one had even heard avout. it was the world that the great and powerful Maerlin had lived in before entering the human world.


   The man longed to enter the forest and return home to his family. But he knew he couln't go home.


   The man longed to enter the forest and return home to his family. But he knew he couldn't go home.


   Not until he had finished his mission to find the missing crown prince.


   Before he even realixed it memories of his family forced themselves back into his mind. He tought of his mother with her kindness, his father a strong and brave, his older brother Alois a great and brave warrior, his older sister Livey who had the talents of a healer, his little brother Annie who seemed to always have a question. Then his thoughts whent to the one person in his family he was closest to.


   His little sister Layla, but he never called her that she was his little Cosette, meaning small one.


   And then the oe memory the Man had tought he had pushed back to the farthest part of his mind, pushed through his barrier. Before he could stop it he was forced to relive the last day with his family.

A much younger version of the man only about 19 years old, stood laughing with his family. Looking at his little brother Annie. Who in his haste to get the dining room had stumbled. And in an attempt to stop his fall he riched out and Instead of grabbing something sold the young boy graved Livy pulling her down home with him.

“You need to be more careful Anikin.” The young boys mother scolded. She reached down and picked the toddler up and wiggling her finger playfully in front of the child. The child was squirming trying to get out of his mother's arms. His childish laughter filled the room. It was at that moment that his father and Alios burst through the door.

Their faces held sheer-terror.

“what’s wrong?” the mother asked concern clearly crossing her face. She knew something was wrong just by looking at their faces

“Heaven gather everyone together and hurry to the meeting house. The crown prince had disappeared into the human world. He said the intensity in his tone could have scared a grown man. “The king will ask the oracle to reveal who the great warrior is to find the child of the crown prince”

* * *

Two hours later The family stood in the middle of the meeting house, packed full with the townspeople. They all stood in huddled clusters whispering and wondering who the oracle would choose. Most thought it would Asherah one of the best warrior's of the small realm.

The king stepped forward holding his hand out quitting the large crowd of villagers. His wife stood next to him. Tears streamed down her face as she mourned the loss of their child.

“Many years ago.” The king began. “A prophecy was given that one day a crown prince would disappear for many years into the human world.” He paused looking around at his subjects before continuing

“It appears that time is now.’’

No one moved moved or made a noise. Even small Children seemed to know that now was the time to remain silent. The king stepped back and picked up an ancient looking box. ‘’The orival must choose our hero to enter into the human world and search for the crown prince or a descendant of the prince.”

Everyone seemed to hold their breath as the king opened the small box. The king recited the ancient spell summing the oracle.. A ball of bright light shoot out of the box. It was whizzing around the room full of villagers. It would pass over some of them looking on their hearts, before moving on. Then it came upon the man. The light took a long time looking at his heart and soul. before the light began to glow brighter encircling the man.

It was clear to everyone at that point the man is the chosen one.

The man shook his head clearing the painful memory from his mind. The memory hadn’t always been painful. When he first set out on his mission he was proud.

But as days turned into months,and months turned into years the memory had become painful. So painful that he had forced the memory into the back of his head and tried to never think about it.

Sighing the man finally pulled himself away from the entrance to the forest.

The man stood in the shadow of a large tree watching the small farmhouse in front of him. He had been standing their for over an hour waiting to see if the the prince was inside the house.

Suddenly the door flew open and a young boy walked out onto the front porch leaving the door swinging wide open behind him.

The man straightened and watched the boy waiting for him to step into the sunlight. The man would only be able to see if the boy had the glow of royalty in the sunlight.

Just as the boy was about to step into the sunlight a woman's kind but strict voice shouted out to the boy.

“Jason if i told you once i told you a thousand times shut the door when you go outside” The boy turned back around a sheepish grin on his face.

“Sorry aunt case i forgot.” He apologised and then closed the door before running off the porch and into the sunlight. A small almost unnoticeable glow came from the boy.

The man knew in that instant that this was the boy he was looking for he had found the child of the crown prince,but in that moment all the man could think was.

‘I can finally go home’

The man didn’t approach the boy right away but waited for 3 days. He had learned the boy's name was jason. He had dark curly hair,but he had bright blue eyes. Another sign of his hartage. He was about 6’3. with a strong bild.

When he did approach Jason he did something completely unexpected. Jason just looked at the man like he expected him. This confused the man, but what confused him more is what the boy said.

“Your from my father's world aren't you?” This took the man back. He opened his mouth but he was stunned into silence.

The man finally found his vice to just barely stumble out a shocked replay

“H-how did you know?”

“My father told me someday someone from his world might come in search for us he taught me what to look for. So i knew who you were when i saw you a couple days ago.” The boy answered without missing a beat.

“So you knew all along where your father was from then why did your father never try to return home?” The man was confused everyone had thought that whoever took the prince would have wiped his memory of his home. But based on what the boy was saying the prince remembered where he was from just confused the man.

Jason went on the explain that his father had not been taken by anyone but he had fallen in love with a human girl and had ran away with her. They had gotten married and a year later had him.

When the man asked about the boy's father Jason's face dropped. He shook his head.

“They're both gone they died in car crash 2 years ago.” He sad the sadness clear in the young boys voice.

The man stood outside of his family home it had been 32 years scene he had seen them and now that he finally stood outside the home he was terrified.

A few moments later the man finally started the climb up the porch. He took a few long breaths before he riched up and knocked on the door.

He heard some shuffling around in the room before the door opened and a middle aged woman stepped out she looked at him in shock. Suddenly she pulled him into a crushing hug.

“Luca!” she was crying as she pulled her son back.

“Hi mom.” He said as he was pulled into the house soon to be surrounded by his family.

As they surrounded him the years seemed to melt from his face until the face of a young 19 year old reappeared.

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