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Never Alone

December 19, 2014
By Lomas, San Diego, California
Lomas, San Diego, California
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Should I be alone? Should I stop preting to be happy? I just moved in to my mother hometown it all the way to Los Angeles.I was new in high school.Some of the friends I made in that school say that I’m happy all the time.But they don’t know the real me.They may say that it’s great to be the only child, but they don’t know that I have no mother just a father.I hardly almost spends time with dad when mom died.But in the beginning of the school I eet friend who cared for me.I thought I was going to died in the school but I didn’t.They stayed right beside me the whole time.I met a boy who has the same exact thing that I’m going though.

Norma L.

Never Alone

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