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Always be there for you.

July 9, 2012
By saumyadeepa PLATINUM, kandy, Other
saumyadeepa PLATINUM, Kandy, Other
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Favorite Quote:
A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
(I created these quotes)


"Hi,Delancie.How's the holiday?"asked my Stacie
"It was perfect! we had so much fun."I said
"Really?I bet Nate made it perfect right?"asked Stacie laughing
My laugh dissapeared."Nate?You think Nate made it perfect? Stacie,my darling.Nate likes me but I don't.You like Nate so try to win him over.Nate might make your life perfect but he makes mine,miserable."I said
Stacie smiled and then I saw what made her smile.
IT WAS NATE! He was standing right behind me!
"Hi Delancie!You look hot!"Said Nate
"Thanks.I think someone else would like your compliments better but I don't."I said
"Don't mind her,Nate."said Stacie
"Oh,hi stacie."said Nate without bothering to even see if she was there.
What did she like about this guy.
"Hi Nate."said Stacie waving her fingers
"We must go now.Bye Nate."I said pulling stacie away.
"Face it stacie.You're in love with a jerk."I said
"I can't help it.Don't call him a jerk.He's my romeo."Said Stacie falling into a dream again
I ignored her.
There he was,my crush.He's tall,has short black hair and his eyes were breathtaking.
"Stacie wake up.There's a real man to love.There's lenny."I said staring Lenny
"Lenny?The school handsome guy likes you and you like that dumb old lenny?"asked Stacie
I nodded
"Wake up and smell the world girl.Lenny is not your type.Forget him.He's plain."said Stacie who was wide awake now.
"Yeah,he's plain but I like him."I said
Lenny walked past us and I didn't even move.Any movement or speach that could offend him might come out of my mouth and i didn't want that to happen.
"Perfect,Delancie,the sweetheart of Nate,the handsome is in love with Lenny,the plain.Hot news."said Stacie
"You'll never understand."I said walking to our class
"And I don't want to...."shouted Stacie as she came running behind me.
I smiled and sat at my desk.
I paid my full attention to the teacher and wished that the period would end soon.Even though I wasn't so good at chemistry and even though I wanted to learn more about it,I also wanted some free time. But as we all know,school means NO FREE TIME ! Anyway the lesson ended and I went out of the class with stacie.Nate was staring at me as if he just saw a very beautiful piece of cake which he wished he could have for himself.What he didn't know was that this piece of cake hated him and had a very bad temper.She would never let him have her.
"THE WORLD WILL END ON THE 21st OF DECEMBER! ARE YOU READY?HERE READ THIS."said a boy as he slid past us giving me a leaflet.
I knew that there must be some truth in it but I didn't know for sure and I had no belief in it.I was ready for anything.
That day after school,I went to the library to see if I could find any information on the Mayans and what they had said about the future.You know stuff like the worlds end.
After searching for like what seemed a lifetime on the possibilities of an world end,I went home very tired.
My mom is such an angel,she asked me how my day was and made me feel relaxed.
The next day,I went to school with a very happy mood.
"Hey,wait up Delancie ! "said Nate running towards us from ,well,I didn't see him,so he must have come from nowhere.
(So here's the sentence again. "Hey,wait up Delancie."said Nate running towards us from nowhere.)
I walked on as if I didn't hear him But he caught up with me.
"Hey Delancie,didn't you hear me?"asked Nate
"No,I didn't. I was in another thought." I answered
"Was I in that thought?"asked Nate
"No,you weren't.It only had me."I replied
"Oh."said Nate
"I really have to go.So see you later,Nate."I said walking away without even bothering to see whether he was still coming or not.
{I knew he wasn't. He was still standing there,unable to understand what had just happened.Actually unable to understand why I didn't think of him and unable to understand why I walked away from him when all the other girls come towards him.}
Unfortunately for me, Nate met me again at recess and Stacie was with me.
"Today is such a joyful day isn't it?"asked Nate
"Actually I don't see any difference. This particular person just keeps on bugging me."I said in reply
"What about you,Stacie? Do you agree with Delancie or do you think today is amazing?"asked Nate
I knew Stacie would dissagree with me,so I didn't keep any hope of hearing her agree with me when I dissagreed with Nate.
"No,I don't.I think today is wonderful. "answered Stacie
I was right,she dissagreed with me. Not because I wasn't right but because she loved Nate. ( She knew that she could dissagree with me,speak her mind with me and still be my best freind. )
Nate smiled at Stacie and she smiled at him.
" Oh,just say you love him !" I said in my thoughts
I hated seeing Stacie fall so much in love with Nate. It's not jealousy.But I think it's because I hate Nate so much.
I mean all the trouble he gives me at school. Like showing up everytime I wish he wasn't there and wanting to know who I talked with and etc. He is like the king of the school and everyone expects me to be his queen.
Everyone knows about it ! EVERYONE ! No one dares to even try to ask me out on a date because they're scared of him.
How I hate Nate !
Back to the story................................
"Okay.So I'm going to the class to have my lunch and you two can come later."I said walking away as quick as I could.
"Hey," was all I heard come out of Nate before he was forced into a conversation with some other girl.
He was drowning in the sea of girls. Poor guy. { Sarcasm. :) }
I went to the next class in such a fury that I didn't even see how cute the guy next to me was and how hard he was trying to get my attention.I concentrated only on the lesson which was really interesting and it made me forget for a while how angry I was. As I said I was in such a fury that I didn't notice things. So I didn't notice the time saying farwell to me when it passed.
School ends very quickly when I'm angry. I quickly took my books,bag and ran home. (I didn't want to meet Nate.)
"Delancie,you have a call."said my mother coming into my room.
I had cooled down by then.
"Hello,Delancie?It's me,Stacie."
"Hi,Stacie why did you call ?"
"I have big news. Come quick!Let's walk to school together."
"okay.Then see you."
I kept the phone. I got ready quickly and I went to meet Stacie.
"So what's the big news?"I asked
"I'm going to tell Nate how I feel about him ! " said Stacie holding my hands and jumping up and down.
"Great! I'm glad."I said
"I'm telling him after school."said Stacie
"Great !"I said
So after school ,me and Stacie didn't walked home together. We saw Nate and she was going to tell him how she felt.
"Wish me luck!"said Stacie
"GOOD LUCK !"I said with a big smile
I really wished she would be able to get Nate to like her.I wanted her to be happy.
I was happy that day and slept very happily.
The next morning I recieved a phone call.
"Hello? who is this?"I asked
"It's me,Stacie."said Stacie
"Why did you call ? what's the matter ?"I asked concerned since my friend did sound good.
"I,I can't take it any longer."answered Stacie bursting into sobs
No answer. I quickly got dressed and went to Stacie's home.
When I reached Stacie's house,I felt reluctant to knock.
Should I go in?What had happened?I didn't know any of these,so I backed off some more.
But suddenlt out of nowhere,I found courage and I knocked on the door.
"Oh,Hi Delancie.Stacie's in her room.Please try to cheer her up.She's miserable.You can take her out if you want."Said Stacie's mother
I nodded
I ran up the stairs. I almost slipped but I didn't care,my freind was sad and she needed me. I stood outside Stacie's room and I didn't knock. I didn't know if I should.After sometime of thinking,I knocked on Stacie's door.
"Doors open."said Stacie and she didn't sound like she had any strength in her.
"Come on.We're going for a walk."I said picking up Stacie's jacket from one hand and puling her up from the other.
Stacie got out of bed and she was dragged downstairs and she didn't even try to break away.She didn't care about what was going to happen to her.
"We're going Mrs.Brawsaw!"I shouted
"Okay.Stay safe darlings and try to cheer up,Stacie."said Mrs.Brawsaw when she came to the door.
"Sure,we will."I said with a smile. "Won't we?"I asked nudging Stacie
"Hmm."said Stacie
"So tell me what happened."I said when I felt that we had been quiet enough.
"Nothing that matters to anyone else."said Stacie
I was angered,she was my best freind and whatever bothered her would bother me too.
"What do you mean?Anything that matters to you,matters to me too."I said "Tell me !"
"I told Nate that I liked him and for a while he listened very well and acted as if he totally agreed but later on he said that he did not like me and never did.He said that he didn't even like how I looked and he said that most people didn't like me either. He said that the only reason that he talked with me these days was because of you and because he loved you.
You,Delancie! I can bear the fact that he doesn't like me but I can't bear the fact that he treated me so badly.
I'm really hurt,Delancie."said Stacie bursting into tears.She rested her head on my shoulder.
"There,there,don't cry.You're a princess and you'll find your prince very soon. Don't think about that big old Nate.
He's nothing. You should try to be happy."I said and I felt a tear drop from my eye
Stacie looked up and she was giggling between her sobs.
"What?"I asked
"You're crying,Delancie.It's me who should cry but now it's you."she said
"I hate to see you cry.You're my best freind and it breaks my heart to see you sad."I said with a faint smile because I still didn't feel very happy.I knew Stacie didn't feel very happy either but I was glad to see her smile.
We walked to Stacie's house together and I walked to my house along.
My blood was boiling.I was so angry with Nate for treating my freind like dirt. How could he say that to her?My anger cooled down when I took a cold bath


Always be there for you.

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saumyadeepa PLATINUM, Kandy, Other
37 articles 1 photo 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
(I created these quotes)

Thank you Rosie. I'm starting my new novel very soon. Keep a look out for my story! Thanks a lot for your comment. Give me your suggetions and I might be able to use them.  

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saumyadeepa PLATINUM, Kandy, Other
37 articles 1 photo 13 comments

Favorite Quote:
A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
(I created these quotes)

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