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Vincent and Laughing Jack

May 10, 2019
By Anonymous

The author's comments:

This is completely original don't steal plz   

None's POV

Black and white everything is black and white I looked up and saw a very tall clown.  "Hello, there child what are you doing here?" The clown asked worriedly. "Well I was playing with my friends and I got lost Mr?" Vincent started to feel sad and looked down. "I can take care of you until your friends come and find you, how does that sound... what is your name little one." The clown said with a tint of happiness in his voice. "That's ok with me and my name is Vincent so what is your name?" "My name is Laughing Jack or L.J for short. Can you come with me Vincent it's getting cold so let us go to my house." "That's ok with me L.J," Vincent said while he got chills down his spine from being cold. "This way Vincent we will be there soon,"   L.J said. "Are we there yet L.J?" Vincent said tiredly rubbing his eyes. L.J cot on and picked Vincent up in a bridal style. "Why are you picking me up in this position?" Vincent said. L.J just keep on walking through the forest without a word from his black lips until. "Pisst, Vincent are you awake?" No answer. L.J looked down and saw a cute sleeping Vincent in his arms. He looked up and saw his house and opened the door with his foot. He looked around and put Vincent on the couch. "Well, I jest I will just clean your scrapes when your sleeping then," L.J said in a sad tone of voice not wanting him to go to sleep. L.J then got up and went to the kitchen to get the first aid kit and started cleaning Vincent's scrapes and bruises. He is so cute when he is sleeping L.J thought. Vincent woke up slowly noticing that his scrapes were all cleaned and covered. But he assumed that it was L.Js house because it was Black and White but the weird when he looked down he saw that the couch was rainbow. It stood out from all of the Black and White. L.J came in the room and noticed that Vincent was awake. Vincent looked up and meat eyes with L.J and try to stand up to hug him for thanks but felt a force on his chest he looked down and saw L.Js hand on his chest.  "Absolutely not you are not getting up on my watch," L.J said with a tint of anger which scared Vincent and he started to whimper and cry. L.J quickly hug him to make him stop crying Vincent hug him back and cried into his shoulder. "Hey L.J I'm kind of tired and hungry," Vincent said softly. L.J put Vincent on his lap so his legs were warped around his waist and just keep hugging him until he fell asleep again. Vincent woke up, "L.J." Vincent said sleepily. L.J looked down to meet eye contact with Vincent. "You look cute when you are sleepy Vincent," L.J said in a sleepy tone of voice. "You look sleepy you should get some sleep L.J," Vincent said half awake. L.J just nodded shutting his green eyes. Vincent slowly got up off of L.J and went to the kitchen to find some food to eat.

(Time skip 1 hour later UwU)

L.J woke up on the couch and saw that Vincent wasn't in the room. He started to get up and began to look for him. L.J walked into the living room and saw Vincent watching A Gorey Demise by Creature Feature on YouTube and sing along with it. Vincent didn't realize that he was singing. "You have a pretty singing voice, Vincent," L.J said which started Vincent and amenity stopped singing and passed the video. Vincent turned around and met eyes with L.J and started to slowly look away awkwardly. "Oh... thank you L.J you just scared me a little," Vincent said in a lazy tone. Vincent turned around and unpassed and began to sing again. L.J just watched and began to sing with him. Vincent was surprised to hear L.J singing with him. When the song ended Vincent and L.J looked at each other. Vincent started giggling and then full out started to laugh Vincent looked at L.J  and he just looked confused as of why Vincent was laughing. Vincent wiped away a tear and stood up because he was on the floor. " What's so funny Vincent?" L.J said confused, looked at Vincents White eyes. Vincent's purple hair fell in front of his face to hide his blush. Vincent looked up to meet eye to eye with L.J. Vincent thought L.J looks so cute what no no no I’m straight or am I? Vincent thought while looking at L.Js body. L.J looked into Vincent’s pure white “eyes” or whatever they were. L.J started to feel heat come up to his face and realized it was blush. Vincent looked at L.J as he was blushing as red as a tomato.“ L.J are you ok you just got really red all of a sudden what do you have a temp or something else.” Vincent put his hand to L.Js forehead and his cold hand. “ You do have a fever why are you standing sit down,” Vincent said pushing L.J onto the couch. “Vincent you don’t have to take care of me you know I can take care of myself,” L.J  said in a sick tone of voice. “ You are not going to take care of yourself because I’m here L.J I can help you when you're sick now and cook your food as well,” Vincent said in a determined voice. L.J just rolled his eyes and looked away. Vincent went to get a bucket of water and a towel and started to ring it out. “ L.J why didn’t you tell me you were sick you bum dum,” Vincent said in a childish voice. L.J just puffed out his cheeks and looked away he looked just like a little kid. “ I’m not a dum dum Vincent.” L.J looked at Vincent’s white eyes and blushed hard and fated which made Vincent even more worried and looked around to make L.J colder.                                                   

(Time Skip One Day Latter OwO)

L.J woke up and felt weight on his legs he looked down and saw Vincent passed out on his legs. He tried to push him off but all he did is wake him up, Vincent looked up and saw L.J looking down at him up Vincent got up and put his hand on L.Js forehead his fever was gone he smiled softly and got up so L.J could stretch his legs. L.J got up and almost fell but Vincent made it to him before he could hit the ground L.J. Vincent looked at L.J and tried to make L.J stand up. “ I can stand up on my own Vincent you now that right?” L.J said while pushing himself away from Vincent to walk on his own. L.J started to walk on his own and went to the kitchen. Vincent went to turn on the T.V and sang to some of his favourite songs.

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