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Forbidden Ink

May 5, 2015
By SierraSpears BRONZE, Lingle, Wyoming
SierraSpears BRONZE, Lingle, Wyoming
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Favorite Quote:
"Maybe there's something you're afraid to say, or someone your afraid to love, or somewhere you're afraid to go. It's gonna hurt. It's gonna hurt because it matters." - John Green


Pages. How I loved those crisp pages of a new book. The smell of the spine cracking and the knowledge leaking into my eyes. Books were the only things that I never wanted to let go of from my past life.

There was no need for a bookmark. I had read it so many times that I knew every page. I’ve had it ever since I was a child. Sneaking it away from my mother’s personal collection that was soon to be burned. Many of my old faction did not welcome aged knowledge, and instead accepted it as what caused the war and ignorance.

Romeo and Juliet. The beautiful symphony of love, locked into the spell binding pages of my book. I block out the rest of the world as my eyes burn through the beautiful, forbidden words.
“’What greater punishment is there than life when you’ve lost everything that made it worth living?’” a deep voice interrupted beside me, quoting the passage perfectly. I look up, my eyes tracing the tall, brooding figure next to me, “Eurdite, I’m guessing?”

Lilly Matthews leaves her birth faction of Eurdite in order to pursue a life of greater value away from her abusive mother. Lilly, now a Dauntless initiate, must decide what is the best case scenario when her mother starts to threaten her safety throughout the initiation process.

Lilly soon finds that a forbidden book must be protected when she meets an interesting leader. This book holds more than that of a simple love story but may end up revealing something that could change the faciton system.

Sierra S.

Forbidden Ink

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