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Fearful and the Fearless

February 23, 2014
By kittycat2091 BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
kittycat2091 BRONZE, Clarksville, Tennessee
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-A Batman Fan Fiction-
Shannon Marks lived through a traumatic childhood only to enter a world where her surrounding constantly changed. Suffering severely from xenophobia and claustrophobia, it was hard for her to ever be close to anyone. She managed to stay in Gotham City, and always attended the same schools, dreadfully frightened of everything. There was only one redeeming quality in this crowded area- Jonathan Crane. An outcast, but one with his head held high. He was someone she looked up to as a hero, but the day he finally noticed her was the day everything changed.
Serial killer Victor Zsasz brutally murdered every person on Shannon's street, adding to his collection of tallies. He even marked one for Shannon, and she would have been killed if not for the Gotham Police Department's speedy arrival.
Left handicapped and alone, Shannon was taken in by Jim Gordon and family, where over the years she finally set some trust on them. When time came, Shannon decided to go to college, wanting the opportunity to live out her dreams as a child's psychologist and who should she meet there but Jonathan Crane- a man who never forgot her.
Everything is back to how it used to be with Shannon idolizing Jonathan, but with just one difference- Shannon is Jonathan's new obsession.

Ashley C.

Fearful and the Fearless

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