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Shoot to Kill

November 12, 2011
By JasonMayne, Naples, Florida
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JasonMayne, Naples, Florida
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" If we don't help each other, who will?" "Your flaws can be your greatest weapon"
"Determination is the simple price you pay for acheivemet"
"The body can achieve what the mind can perceive"

My name is Jason Mayne. I'm a natural born killing machine. I do not have feeling, no love for anything nor that anything have love for me. I am the sole property of the Organization. My life is my mission and my mission is to follow the order of the Organization. I will not fail under any circumstances. I will not show any mercy to the target. I will obey any command, as long it is from the counsel. I am a tool; if I fail I will be dispose of.

First assignment: Eliminate Senator Roy Jinsky. As the senator continue with his speech, a silent but deadly blur flashes passed by. Suddenly, the senator collapse, Silence engulf the room, everyone was shock. All the bodyguard rush to the senator like it was a drill; they all remain calm and surround the room. “All unit search the perimeter, do not let anyone get in or out" said one officer. One of the reporter got out of his seat and the atmosphere around the room suddenly changes, literally, as the reporter leave, the room was being filled with xeomin (botulinun toxin).

Xeomin is one of the deadliest poison/neurotoxin. It is produce by the bacteria clostridium botulinun and can be produce airborne. Within 15 minute, people started to collapse, but the reporter was finally out of danger, he was lucky. One of the people was standing up (that was impossible considering the room was filled with a deadly neurotoxin). The person was a boy, about 15-years old; he walked as if there wasn't a pile of dead bodies around him. As he walks toward the door, he glances at the camera and unleash a hellish grin.

All the suits ( government agent) was here because this was a big meeting that is so classify that only a handful of people knows about it. “Welcome ladies and gentleman, First of all, you need to sign the "Official secrecy Act" said John Smith. “What you're about to see is all true" said the second man as he play a video. “There is an organization known as The Organization. It's an elite group of assassin, kid assassins to be exact. These "kids" are selected at birth and train to kill in every way possible. When they reached the age of 13, they are sent to do small job to gain experience. “How do you know all this stuff?" This is supposed to be a secret organization" yelled one agent. There was an assassin that betrayed them but unfortunately, he was "chopped"".

“Legend has it that these assassins never fail. But among them, they are 10 that stand out. They are called the 10 sage and each have different killing method such as drowning, burning, decapitation, Heart attack, electrocution, exterior injury, hanging, bombing, knife throwing, and burying. These methods are all in the order of the rank of each. Do not fear we have a plan. These are the elite group that I have hand-picked myself, they are called "secret beret'', with Mark Evans as their leader” continued the man. “I will bring justice for all; I shall tear down the organization “bellowed Mark.

" Are you sure we can fight this organization by ourselves" said one of the member to Mark." Yes, we will have to, but don't worry they can't hurt our family, we’re in deep cover" Mark replied.

2 months from that meeting, the secret beret were preparing for an ambush. Their target was no. 2 in the sage. No. 2 in the list is your typical 15-year old except he has the skill of an army. The look on the Beret's face was as though they were at war, they were focuses and firm. They busted the door down and within second they were in position to shoot anyone. There was a boy who was sitting in the middle of the room." Put your hand where I can see them and lie on the floor" bellowed Mark Evans. " You guys made 2 mistakes coming here" the boy said." the first one is that you came in without back-up, and the second is that you came here at all".

Within a flash, the boy kick the chair backward which block one of the agent (secret beret). The chair contained explosive device underneath it which kill all the member of the secret beret except one. The boy said:" My name is not number 2, it is Jason Mayne, remember it well". Jason walked toward a phone booth and pressed 911 with a sequence of number behind it. Assassin 101: Always pressed 334738 behind every phone number you intend to call. It makes you untraceable, which is why it's called the invisible footprints. Jason told the police that he just killed a group of people and the police should try to find him.

Mark Evans was brought to the hospital by the New York Police department. He refused to say anything to the police officers and demand them to call a phone number. Within 15 minutes of the phone call, groups of agent in black suit clear the department sending everyone home. Mark Evans told John the story, the expression on John's face was like the feeling you get when you learn that you cannot defeat someone no matter what." Look like he knew you were coming and he was prepared for you" John said with a sad tone. “He looked like he was toying with us “Mark said with a rigid voice. He was treating us like kids, UGH! I can't believe that we were fooled by a simple trick. “Secret Beret is over, go home Mark “said John.

Jason entered a warehouse that's been abandon for years or so they say. He found a calculator and punch a code which reveal a fake door, he step in and say something in a foreign language. The door turns out to be an elevator. In an emergency situation, you are required to go to the thinking chamber where you will meet the other sage. Do not, in any circumstances leave the target alive to come back for revenge, Ever! Finally, the elevator stops to reveal a room.

The room had a single table with five seats on each side and 8 are already filled. Jason took a seat which was number 2; He sat there with a blank expression on his face. The air around them was intense and almost threatening. That was because any sign of betrayal can turn this room into a massacre. They all are fearless. They were train under every condition possible. They could perform impossible task under intense pressure. They were all perfect killing machine.

"Welcome, let's get down to business" said number 1 with a calm and wise tone." Jason is to recruits Sterling Hyre, he is a computer genius that created a virus that can wipe your identity from the computer and transport any data from any computer in the world. We have to get our hands on it". Number one or Jack Mayne handed Jason a USB drive and the room was clear.

Jason took the usb drive and put it into a computer of an Internet cafe. A video started to play and a man announced:" Your next target is Sterling Hyre; he is a computer genius that created voidBot which can erase anyone from the Internet and transport any data from any computer in the world. Your location will be a small island near the Caribbean see called Grand-llet. He is protected by five governments and has shift-changing bodyguards".

Jason took the next flight out to Grand-llet; he was the first one in the airplane because he had to make preparation. The flight was normal except that Jason has announced something that stabbed the passengers' heart. “This is not a game, I have bombs all around the plane and if anyone get up from their seat, they will be killed" Jason say coldly. A big buff man approach Jason, but Jason stood there calmly. The man didn't scare him. “Watch your tongue, boy or I will tear it from your mouth" said the man." Get back from your seat" reply Jason. The man was angry because he was being ordered around by a kid. The man balled his fist and punch Jason, but he hit nothing but air. Jason had dodged the attack and uses his finger to touch the man's heart. Five steps later, the man collapsed on the ground.

The Five point exploding heart technique was used by Jason to eliminate the man. The man's heart exploded inside his body. Five point exploding heart: deadliest martial arts moves, hit five pressure point around the heart and five steps later the victim's heart explode. A wave of fear strikes the passenger. Jason was in the pilot's room and there was a direct line to the FBI." This is the FBI, What are your demands?" One of the agents says. “I want an airplane with 10 billion dollar cash, an electronic device scanner, and 10 lbs. of uranium. You have 2 hour and 15 minutes" Jason replied.

Jason took off his shoes and put the end of his shoes' laces together. The airplane was filled with chloroform, which rendered everyone unconscious, including the pilot. Jason changes the coordination of the plane from the Grand-llet airport to a mansion that was big enough to be seen from a satellite. Yes, Jason knew how to fly the plane, he was train to fly anything under extreme pressure. He put on a mask and an air diving gear. He took his backpack, which was a parachute, and jumped out of the plane.

Sterling was a middle-aged guy, he was healthy and in shape. He looked out to one of the window in his room, he was looking at the ocean just beyond the wall of bodyguard the five joint government had appointed him. The bodyguards were equipped with semi-automatic rifle and bullet-proof vest. They all had permission to shoot anyone who trespass and due to recent activity (New York massacre) kid include.

Sterling was still enjoying his view of the ocean until he saw a blur at the horizon. The blur was moving closer and it had wing. That's impossible; something that huge can't be a bird. What... That's an airplane and why is it coming here? Oh! My God ... AHHH! Sterling sprint to his Emergency Basement. The bodyguard was shocked and started running for their life like panicked civilian, but who could blame them what they saw was an airplane coming at them.

Jason finally landed on the roof of the mansion. He pulled out two daggers for each hand and jump off the roof. What was amazing was how he jumps off. He jumped sideways while spinning himself. He landed between two bodyguards, because of how he jump, he slayed the 2 bodyguards on the chest. He quickly regained his balance and moved on to the other. A wave of bullet was coming toward Jason; miraculously he dodged all of them. He was moving at the speed of light. The bodyguard began reloading their gun and Jason started to block the entire wave bullet with his dagger.

If you can see the bullet's path of travel than you can change that path of travel by slightly hitting it. Jason was running very low, he appeared in the middle of the bodyguard, slashing limbs off as he moved on to the next one. There was one bodyguard left with a gun. Jason moved quickly and took the gun from him. He also breaks the bodyguard's right arm which is now around his neck. He wiped the blood that was on him and whisper: "Do not be mad, I was only doing my job just as you were".

Silence falls on the whole island (impossible considering the mansion was burn down). Sterling was horrified. Is this a terrorist attack, no impossible? The government said they were not going to let this happen. Sterling was scared out of his mind but what he saw next was even more frightened. He saw Jason sitting on a chair holding a 9x19mm Walther p99, it was a German semi-automatic pistol with a silencer attach to it.

“You have caught the attention of some very intimidating people, Sterling" Jason said. “How did you get in here past my entire bodyguards? Sterling says shivering. "Sorry about them, they were naughty. Believe it or not, I am an assassin from the Organization" Jason continues. “I laughed at the idea of kid assassins coming at me" say Sterling." Is this real enough for you" Jason says as he shoots him in the right knee. “You are the creator of VoidBot thus you will come with us to improve the virus, we will transport you to an unknown location. Once you arrive, you will not have any contact to the outside world. Any last wishes?" Jason commanded. “Just one wish, make sure my daughter is not harm in any way" Sterling begged.

Jason took Sterling out in the open air because that would be his last contact to the outside world. “Where is our ride?" Sterling demanded." Here, take this, it will protect you" Jason say as he handed him a blue pill. “Protect me from what? “Sterling asked. “It will protect you from the Uranium radiation. Now be quiet." Jason replied. The airplane Jason requested (from the flight to Grand-llet) arrives 2 minute later. “No one is going to interrupt this flight due to the radiation and stay out of open air until I say so." Jason commanded. They entered the plane. Jason killed the pilot in the radiation suit. Jason piloted the plane; as the sun set the plane disappear in the horizon.

The officers look down at the corpse with pure disgust. The corpses of the bodyguards had been nailed together to form a giant O (Organization). “Who could have done this?" said one of the inspectors. “An assassin would have done this and not shed any remorse" said James Bates, an INTERPOL agent. “This is the work of assassin no. 2, he likes to leave a stamp" he continued. “But something is wrong, he never leaves a crime scene behind, and he always eliminates any evidence. One of the inspectors found a blackberry with a gun for its wallpaper. The inspector brought the phone to James, James inspect it carefully.

Why would he leave all this evidence everywhere, what is he planning? James thought with disappointment. James pressed redial. The blackberry came to life and a voice said: “Everyone, prepare for the Big Bang". Immediately, James ran to the front door and yelled: “Everyone gets out"! There was a rapid beep and a shockwave burst out follow by booming sound that was almost like a nuclear bomb had just been set off. As the agents recovered, James's phone rang, he signal the Government Issue SUV to track this phone call. "I always like a big bang" say the mysterious voice.

“The phone call never happens" say the agent. “What? What do you mean the call never happens? James replied. "The call is not on the phone log, it’s like it never happen" The agent continued. James had received another phone call that told him to stop investigating and get to Washington DC, like the previous call that one never “happens” either. The only people who knew how to make the "never happen" phone call were assassin or super top secret agency.

James was nervous on his flight to Washington Dc. Who could blame him? He had just received two phone calls that "never happen". None of these mysterious people told him who they were. At the airport, there was two black unmarked SUV with two agents on the front and rear. As he entered one car, he was search from top bottom. They stopped at a local clothe store where James had to change clothes (which was required according to the agents). They stop again to let an old man in. “My name is John Smith" said the man.

“My sources tell me that you know a lot about the man who burn down that mansion" John says. “Yeah, you could say that I can think like him" James say calmly. “The man you've been tracking is not a man but a teen, about a 15-year old assassin" John continued. “What? A kid, you've got to be kidding me. My whole life, I’ve been tracking this assassin and you come to tell me that I've been tracking a kid" James responded furiously." Stop trying to track him, you will never find him. He is the best at what he do, you'll only get yourself kill in the process.

The car stopped at a local restaurant. John signaled to a waiter and the whole restaurant was evacuated. John stood at a table and took the table salt, he sprinkle salt on the table but in a sequence. The floor split in half to reveals a stair that went down." Quite a basement you've got there" said James excitedly. They went downstairs (including the waiter). There was a huge room filled with staff member, the room was fill with the most modern technology." Welcome to WIA (World Intelligence Agency)" John said.

Jason sat at the back of the car which was a government issue black unmarked SUV. He "persuaded" a CIA spy to give him a ride to an unknown location for a transport. Once they arrive at the location Jason reward the driver (CIA spy) with a deadly strike on the neck, which block the trachea for minutes. Jason opens the back door, pulls out a knife and started to tear the seat apart. Once he was done, Sterling came out of the seat; He had just been smuggled across sea.

“Who was that?" Sterling said with disgust. “No one important, at least not anymore" Jason replied. They had arrived at a typical house with a family in it; the family consisted of a mom, a dad, and 2 boys. They were terrified that a man and a kid with a gun invaded their house. “What about them?” Sterling asked. “Don’t worry about them; they won't cause any trouble" Jason say while “eliminating" the family. Jason goes to the thermostat and turn it to 75, -45, 0 degrees.

The wall the thermostat was moving, it revealed a gurney, vertically, with restraint like the ones in the mental hospital. “This is your ride; do not make a sound" said Jason. Jason strapped Sterling on the gurney and turn the thermostat on 0,-45, 75 degrees and leaved. Jason drove for about 5 hour until it was pitch dark. He drove into a deep forest and waited until dawn. Always sleep sitting down with your arm cross. Your right should be under your left one, always put the gun on your left hand. A helicopter was coming as dawn approach. A man got out of the helicopter, he approach the car. He opens the car door and almost immediately a gun was pointing toward him. Assassin 101: Never trust anyone.

“nam eht ma I" say the man urgently (I am the man, backward). Jason said nothing, he followed the man to the helicopter and together they rode into an unknown location.

No one knew the location they were on except for assassin 1. They all rode in a helicopter with an unknown person to an unknown location. The sages line up into two column facing each other, 1-5 & 5-10. The suspense in the air was stiff. These were the most feared assassins in the world; they were all in one place. Some kind of government was bound to show up (considering every agency in the whole world wanted them dead).

Two people brought up Sterling and injected him with a shot. " This is so that we can track you anywhere you are in the world" say number 1." I understand that you want us to protect your daughter. Because you were cooperative, we will protect her". Since it was Jason that recruited Sterling, he gets the honor to protect Sarah Hyre”. “You will find Sarah in Washington Dc; you are all dismissed" say number 1.

Sarah hated school, mostly because she was smarter than anyone in her class. It was a typical day for Sarah, boring classes with never-ending lecture about some foreign guy no never knew. She looks like she was going to die from boredom. Her history teacher was talking about why learn ancient history was important. Sarah was surprise when the new kid calls her name and announces that he is here to protect her.

Jason was driving to Stuart-Hobson Middle School where he was supposed to meet Sarah Hyre. He pulls out his driver license (fake). He had been given a cover identity to protect Sarah. Why do I have to protect a little girl that is some subordinate’s job? That bastard, “You’ll have to see for yourself why I chose you to protect her. Jason arrive at Stuart middle school, he was walking toward Harold's history class (yes, he knew where the classroom was, he memorize the whole school's blueprint). He scans across the classroom until he stopped at a girl. “Sarah Hyre, I am here to protect you" Jason said.

Whoa! Who’s the hottie? Sarah was a little embarrassed by Jason's announcement, mostly because of his clothes. Jason wore a leather jacket and pant like a biker. Jason took a seat next Sarah and said," Your dad sent me to protect you”. Soon after the “I am here to protect you “phase Sarah got up from her seat and ran out to one of the window. She jumped out the window bending her knee to reduce the possibility of jumping down on her head. She landed on a car and started running.

Who is she? Jason ran after her but at a quicker pace. Once Jason caught up to her, she stopped running, she turn around as she fire a two bullet at Jason. Jason dodged the bullets immediately he was already running toward her while drawing out his own gun. Once Jason was in firing reach he was immediately disarm by Sarah in a way that he was put down on the ground like the police do with a criminal.

“Who are you? Who do you work for? And how do you know my father?" whispered Sarah into Jason's ear. “I am Jason Mayne, I work for the Organization, and I do not know your father" Jason reply as he disarm Sarah by twisting her hand. They returned to school but missed 2 periods. Sarah was impressed, mostly because Jason was the one kid that can par with her intellect. In P.E., Sarah and Jason were fighting in Martial Arts.

“How did you know how to disarm me? Jason said. “I learn it from someone” Sarah answered. “I can teach how perfect your martial arts skill” Jason said. “Oh! Really” Sarah said sarcastically. “I can show you after school” Jason responded. “Bring it on” Sarah growled. Sarah spent the rest of her afternoon complaining about every class. Jason spent his being cold to anyone; he threatened anyone who tries to harm Sarah

The second Jason step his first feet out of the bus Sarah push him hard, but he regain his balance immediately. Sarah was already preparing an upper round kick for him, which he dodges pretty easily. Jason punches Sarah in a way where he releases his fist halfway through the punch; she was still in the air when she was punched. The next 15 minutes Jason and Sarah exchange punches, kicks, and deadly blows that were dodged. Sarah put Jason down on his back, but Sarah supposedly trip and ended on top of Jason. For a brief moment, they almost kissed.

For the past two weeks James had been briefed 3 times about the Organization and its purpose. He had been chosen to give any information about assassin number 2’s method of killing. “You will never link any of the murder to him” said James sadly. “Then how do you know it’s him that commits a murder? John said.” I don’t know, maybe the way he never leaves any evidence around” James replied.” This is not possible; I mean the kid committed murder all around the globe like the Istanbul job he pull off; two third of the army was mysteriously blown up. What about the china job? The president was assassinated at a peace conference” John says furiously.” What was weird about that last one?’’ James reply. “China blamed us for assassinating their president” John responded.

“It’s just impossible; this guy is really good at he does” James said. “Alright, you are going to stay here until we find a pattern; this guy has been roaming for 5 years and we didn’t know it was him until today” John said. Suddenly the whole compound shut down; it was pitch dark. James heard people cry out; out of nowhere an invisible hand strikes James at the neck which render him unconscious. James woke up the next morning lying on the ground along with everyone else. “They took nothing except for a copy of our whole database” John said furiously; it’s him isn’t it? “No, it’s not him if it was him we’d all be dead already; he never leave any evidence let along any eyewitness” said James.

“It’s not number two because he never leave any eyewitness; you said that no one was kill but knock unconscious” James said.” Who could it be? Who could have that much Intel to find us?” John responded.” Uh! Let’s start with their method; they didn’t harm anyone which means that they don’t want to hurt anyone. But they were covert which mean they maybe rogue ex-government agent” James continued.” Maybe they think that they can take matter into their own hand, they might think that they are doing something that we never did” John said much calmer now.

“This is bad; we can’t have two enemies right now” James said. John was about to speak when an officer came bursting through the door with urgent news. ”He was kidnapped sir” the officer whispered. They spoke for about 5 minutes; John came to James looking like his life force has been drained. “So, what’s the news?” James says.” Sterling Hyre is the news, he was just kidnapped; Sterling is very important man…” John said but stops because the news was painful to him. “Are you going to brief me or not?” James said.

“Sterling Hyre is the creator of VoidBot, it’s a computer virus that can erase anyone from the computer and transport any data from any computer in the world. When we found out its existence, we ship Sterling in Grand-llet for protection. We seal the virus; no one knows where Sterling is except his daughter but I bet that is not possible; she died in a car crash. This technology is very dangerous in the wrong hand. We used it on last time to wipe Sterling Hyre from computer database, but someone was not fool” said John.

A single USB drive was used to steal the government database. The hacker who shut down the WIA’s entire computer system was not the scrawny nerd you’d expect, he was really in shape. The hacker brought up the USB drive to the man whose face was burn pretty badly. “Genius, aren’t they? They set up a Pandora’s mirror in the WIA’s computer; the Pandora’s mirror copy every data there is and store them in a super shrink directory, it appear as a backup drive but in reality it had been sending data to the source; they do have genius that is for sure” said the man with an impress look on his face. “Who is they?” the hacker said. “You don’t want to know” replied the man.

It was a typical week for Jason and Sarah in school; the same ‘I already know this’ attitude. They were so bored that they started to quiz each other about which poison is the deadliest. It was fifth period and everyone was dying of boredom; there was nothing more boring than a teacher reading a 10-page article with huge word we don’t know. Suddenly, Jason was fully alert and says: “Get down!” A bullet rips through the air, smashing the window. Jason pushes back the desk, jerked back and missed the bullet only by an inch. He did a flip over the desk and crouch underneath it; he picks up the desk, threw it up and kicks it so that it would break the window.

Immediately after kicking the desk he jumped behind it. He used the desk as a shield. He landed on the desk and started running toward the building where the assassin was in. He uses the building as a stepping stone to climb it; the assassin was taking out a handgun, it was a Browning 9x19mm Hi-Power with a silencer on it, he fired two shot but was useless since Jason dodge them. He twists the assassin’s arm clockwise, bending his back at a 90 degree angle. Jason striked a blow at the assassin’s joint which separate his arm from his shoulder.

“What do you want” The assassin says as he screams in agony.” Who are you?” Jason says coldly; the expression on his face was an assassin mode, detach, cold and logical. “I am assassin Scope, I work for an unknown man who seek revenge against you, but I know who he is, let me go and I’ll tell you” Said Scope. “No, you won’t, but I know who he is; I know you’re smart enough to do your homework so for that, I will not let you go” Jason says as he break Scope’s neck, like tearing it off his neck.

Jason was really angry, like he was filled with rage. He went the school to get Sarah;” we’re getting out of here” said Jason. “Where are we going? Why all the sudden? Sarah responded.” Someone wants me dead, but I can’t leave you here you’ll have to come with me” Jason said. Sarah knew better to oppose Jason but the school’s police officer didn’t. “Where are you kid going? School is not over yet” he said. “Anywhere but here” Jason responded while eyeing the officer’s gun, he needed it. He swiftly grabbed the gun without the officer knowing that; but that didn’t last, the police officer turn around to see who took his gun but was knocked unconscious

Sarah blocks one of the carotid arteries which stop the flow of blood (result: loss of consciousness). “Why are we running away all the sudden?” Sarah said. “I told you that someone want me dead and…” Jason said but stopped suddenly; Assassin 101: always pay attention to your surroundings. “Someone is here, I can hear his heart beating and heavy panting” Jason said as he pull someone behind the door. “Who are you? And why are you after me?”. “ This is Michael D. Dean aka the Shredder; he’s the guy that help me get off the ‘radar’ Sarah responded.

“Hello Jason or whatever is your real name is” said Michael.” How did you know that Jason is not my real name?” said Jason who was surprised. No one can dig that deep into my identity; he must be a promising hacker. “They are coming and we need to go right now “. “ Who are they?” said Michael and Sarah in unison. “ Okay, listen very carefully, I am not who you think I am; I am an assassin who work for a very dangerous organization, I have many enemy but most of them are not stupid enough to come after me, and if any of you slow me down you will be left behind” said Jason completely in assassin mode.

As the trio was leaving the school they spot a car leaving the compound. Jason hotwired a Mercedes-Benz SLK 2dr open 55 AMG with a rooftop. He drove from 0 to 60 mph in 4.9 second; he was tailing the car like a professional not losing sight of it, not even for a second. For a 15-year old kid Jason was a pretty good driver, he controlled every movement of the car even at high speed. The other car also had a rooftop, so one of the people in the backseat got up and started shooting at Jason. Unfortunately Jason dodges them all and he the expression on his face like he was determine not to let them go.

There was a ramp on the side of the road and Jason was driving toward it. The car was in the air like the skateboarder doing for a brief moment, but that was a little longer considering Jason’s road. In the air, Jason shifted his weight which turns the car upside down still in the air; the two cars were rooftop to rooftop. The car Jason was riding (in the air) was passing the other car but he shot a single bullet on the trunk. Now here come the tricky part, getting back on the ground, for that Jason shifted his weight again but he stop pressing the accelerator; he landed on the ground with a huge bump and within second he was back on traffic like nothing had happen. He got out of the car and second later the other car exploded.

“ I shot at the carburetor which stop the flow of water and at that speed it was a moment of time before the engine got to hot” Jason said without a shred of emotion.” That’s genius, but that should only blow the engine apart, how did you blow up the whole car?” Sarah said really impress.” That’s for me to know and for you to find out” Jason responded. “Follow me” he continued. Jason found a phone booth and typed a phone number with, of course with the invisible footprint, and he asked for Buggy. “Who’s Buggy?” Sarah asked.” Buggy is a legendary hacker who hack Area 51 and got away with it; every government agency and underworld mafia is looking for him but he covers his track very well” Michael said with excitement.

“How are we going to find him if he ‘cover his track very well’?” Sarah said halfheartedly. “We’re not going to find him, we’re going to fish him out” said Jason. “We’ll need a very good hacker; we’re going to the annual hacking competition and Michael will be competing for us”. “I need a hot (stolen) laptop and…” said Michael but was interrupt by Jason. “ I’ll decide what you need” Jason said. They arrived at electronics store and Jason bought a laptop, “do your thing Michael” Jason said.

After 20 minutes of code writing, software downloading, computer crashes Michael finally got past level 1 now level 2. “All you have to do is get past my buggy bug and you win” a mysterious voice came from the laptop says. “There’s no way, this is impossible; he took my data and made endless copy of them and stores them in different directory” said Michael with less excitement. “So scan each directory and find the real one” said Sarah. “It’s impossible, I don’t know what the directories are and they are endless count of them” said Michael. “Move over let me give it a try” said Jason. Within minute he got past level 2, he was the first one in the world who got past buggy bug.

“How did you get past Buggy Bug?” asked Michael. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out” Jason responded with a cunning smile.” I’ve place a bugger on the data streams which mean I know where to find him”. Jason tracked Buggy to an ugly old creepy house like the one in horror movies. Jason was the one who rang the doorbell and pin Buggy on the wall. “I need you to find me someone “Jason whispered in Buggy’s ear.

Buggy made no objection to Jason’s request considering his life was at stake. “There I found the guy with the half-ass security system; this drive contain everything on him” says Buggy.” Now get out of my house”. “I am such a fan of your hacking method, I hope to hack you soon” said Michael with so much joy. “You guys will stay with Buggy until I get back, no one skip town got it” say Jason. “What? I’m not babysitting them, I got a life to live” say Buggy but agreed when Jason gave him the “do what I say or I’ll kill you” look.

Jason stopped by the police department (ironically), hijacked a police car so that he can keep track of the information flow. He took the USB drive that Buggy gave him and began downloading the data onto the police database. He took a quick stop at a postal office and open a P.O box took out a box. The box contains a 9x19mm Walther p99 with a silencer too. Jason put out a Bolo (Be on the Look Out) for the man responsible for the attempt to take his life.

Every U.S. Government agency had received this Bolo; even secret agency was no exception (including the WIA) had received this bolo. Jason had made sure to mark that as a national security matter, that person was not allowed to roam free. Jason had made sure some international agency received this Bolo. Jason was a good hacker so he put out a bounty on that man’s head for quarter of millions of dollar. The Bolo consists of the man’s photo and his name. The name brought shock to the U.S. agencies. The words were: MARK EVANS!

James and John have been working endlessly to develop a psych file on assassin number 2, but it seems impossible. Useless data on number two was at their fingertip.” We have little data on him and most of them are useless” said John. “Sir, you’ll want to see that” said one of the agents. John was shocked to see the Bolo that he was choking on the word to say.” That’s impossible” John said.” This Bolo is wrong”. “Why is it hard to believe?” said James.” That Bolo is for Mark Evans” said John.” So, who is Mark Evans?” said James. “Mark was an agent of the Secret Beret, a group organized to neutralize the Organization, but it was them that was neutralized. So the group was terminated due to casualty” John said as if he didn’t believe he just said that. “I guess he want to take matter into his own hand” said James.

“But what are they after?” said John. “It says here that he was looking for something called Hypertracker” replied James. “No, he can’t be looking that, it would mean the end of us” said John. “What’s Hypertracker, John? “James asked.” Let’s go outside and I’ll tell you everything” said John with concern in his eye.” Hypertracker was a software that can locate anyone from anywhere by the specific DNA pattern. It was design as a tool against terrorisms, but it ran on plutonium which was hard to keep seal. There was a leak in Ethiopia which causes the death of millions; it was covered up by a mysterious plague, since then operation Hypertracker has been buried deep underground”.

“So where is it now?” James said. “It’s buried on the rock, Alcatraz, deep on the ground” said John.” There is a maze down in Alcatraz, it was built to prevent prisoner from escaping; there is only one blueprint of that maze, it’s called the Demon’s belly because no one ever escaped it”. “So where is this blueprint? “ James asked. “We have it in possession” said John. John went back to the compound shouting order to find Mark and the blueprint of the Demon’s belly; he was very determined to find mark.

“They’re very quick, aren’t they?” Mark said with a disgust look on his face.” One attempt to take one of their assassin’s life and they already know it’s me”. Mark was searching the WIA’s data for a blueprint, within minutes he found it.” They buried it in Alcatraz’s maze, fascinating; no one can find their way into that maze” said Mark with amazement. “Let’s begin operation Sniffer” said Mark to a walky-talky. They drove to a dock and started to unload a big square box that contains pure Plutonium.” Careful, you really don’t want to drop that” said Mark as he put on a mask.

“Sir, we need to initiate the buster call, this device is unpredictable that’s why it has been buried; Mr. President we need to take extra precaution” said John. “I will not let the US Army gather on one place; you will have a small army with you if you’re going against the Organization but that’s it” said the President. “Hypertracker is dangerous, one small error and half of the USA and the Caribbean will flood with radiation” said John but the line was cut off. “What’s the buster call? James said feeling ashamed.” Boy, you are clueless; Buster call is the initiation for the UN to gather in one place to neutralized the threat to the world, it’s like a response if there is a doomsday device...”said John

John and James gave order to everyone to be ready to fight for their lives. All things were in place. “I want a line of soldier around the perimeter of Alcatraz, underwater we must not be seen” said John. “I also want a chopper in the air, I want you to fill the island with motion sensor, if there is anyone on the island, do not hesitate to neutralized them, it can cost you your life”. “I think you’re going too far on this one, we should take anyone on the island for interrogation” said James. “Listen, Mark Evans isn’t going to be the only one on that Island, number two is going to be there too; with him in the play I’m not bringing anyone back” said John.

Jason went to a dock; he found a full battle ready gear. He was wearing an army gear custom made for him; he had a combat boot, camouflage suite (army style), an m16 assault rifle, an OKC-3 Bayonet knife, a samurai katana, and a scuba gear. He will put on the scuba gear to get on Alcatraz. Assassin 101: Always have a gear ready for any situation. He took out a strange weapon that was shape like a gun but was not. The gun look like a futuristic gun you can see in science fiction movies; the gun was an SCEI (Super compress electrical impulse) it was an invention from the Organization.

Jason took a special cell phone from the dock; the cell phone was also custom made it was design so that no matter where you call you will always remain anonymous. Jason called Buggy. “Hey Buggy I need you to get me a blueprint of the Demon’s Belly” said Jason. “Why is it that every time I get a call from an anonymous sources it turned out to be you?” Buggy said. “Why do you need the Demon’s belly’s blueprint? Tell me everything or you’re not getting that blueprint” said Buggy with a little of fear. “I’ll tell you what, get me that blueprint or there will be two holes in your head, understand me?” Jason said.

Jason received the blueprint two hours after the conversation; he memorizes the whole map of the Demon’s belly minute after seeing it. He quickly came up with the best strategy to finding the Hypertracker. Jason arrived at Port Mason, which is nearby Alcatraz. He found a shore, put on the scuba gear and jump on the water. The goggle he was wearing was equipped with technology like a night goggle. He could see the line of soldier unwater surrounding the island’s perimeter.

Jason took out the SCEI and fired two rounds, the whole line of soldier sunk like rock, they were unconscious. SCEI is a powerful weapon, once fired a compressed burst of electrical impulse will knock any living thing alive unconscious or kill depending on the voltage. Jason was swimming toward the surface but he felt a huge invisible force hitting him behind his back. The force felt like a wave dragging his life force. What the hell was that?

Mark Evans had arrived at Alcatraz in a submarine. “Since the BOLO, won’t the US government be watching you? “The hacker who was associated with Mark said. “I don’t think we have to worry about them; this little fellas here will blind them” said Mark. “What is it?” the hacker said. “It’s an electromagnetic field generator; it will shut down any electronics devices for 3 minutes” said Mark confidently.” They won’t even know what hit them”

Jason recovers from the blast and he continues to swim toward the surface. The line of soldier was beginning to regain consciousness and was coming toward Jason. Jason took out the bayonet knife and began fighting underwater; yes, he fought very well underwater (from previous statement, they were trained in every situation even underwater). The soldier was uncomfortable fighting underwater, for once they were too slow and their aim was off, one of them stabs another soldier. Jason finishes 5 of them with ease and continues toward the surface.

Mark’s submarine surfaces and the hacker was glad; there is nothing like being cramp in a submarine full of guy who would kill you at the sound of the order. Mark got out of the submarine and stepped over the dead soldier’s corpse (he was part of the line of soldier). “Well, good luck finding us, what will you does Jason?” Mark said as he pressed a button. The electromagnetic field extended continually; inside the field feels like gravity has change, the air was tense. There was complete and utter silence on the island. “Well, let’s get started Jason” said Mark.

Jason was on the surface of Alcatraz in battle suit, like the Us Army, he took his assault rifle position his stance and started walking. He was walking very slowly not because the island was dead silence but because a helicopter was crashing. Jason had encountered a group of mercenaries who were arm with gun and knife. Instinctively, Jason draws his samurai katana; the small group was already shooting at Jason but they look like they were shooting aimlessly. Of course they had perfect shot but Jason dodge them with ease.

Mark had ordered his army to scatter to the four corner of the island.” We got three minutes till sunset; after sunset the entrance will become useless so hurry up” said Mark. He went to the east side of the island where he and his army were waiting for sunset. Mark heard a sound like a sword had been unsheathed, he quickly turn around to see a kid in a military uniform dodging the bullet that was coming toward him. He knew it was him the kid mark spent his life hating.

Jason was in the center of the group tearing limb from the people. The next thing Jason knew he was fighting hand-to-hand combat with his bayonet knife against five adult also arm with knife. Jason was quick to block all attack and quickly counterattack. So we meet again Mark, I am going to get Hypertracker, it’s a dangerous device. The mercenaries were either dead or picking up their limb. Mark grab an assault rifle from one of his mercenaries, it was the same type Jason had; Mark started shooting at Jason but Jason picked up one of the mercenaries to block the bullet

Jason picked up another one the mercenaries which was dead, every time Mark shot at Jason he wound up shooting at a dead corpse. Mark stop to reload; Jason was already running the building as Mark reload his gun. He got inside and got out to the other side. Jason found on of the entrance in the Demon’s belly, he put on his goggle and got inside.” Damn it! I will see you inside the Demon’s belly Jason” said Mark as he boils with rage.

“James go to the west entrance, I will take the south one; remember after sunset you cannot get to the entrance and if you encounter Jason do not engage” said John. “Got it” replied James. James and John entered each of the entrance carrying a device that contains the map of the Demon’s belly. James was carrying a handgun for protecting; but we both know that is not going to protect him against Jason. He found the quickest route to Hypertracker so he was pretty happy to arrive fist but what he didn’t know is that someone had already arrive.

John was walking at a quick pace, mostly because he didn’t want to encounter anyone. He had the map of Demon’s belly but that alone was not enough to guide him; the map reveals a huge maze that had many dead ends, turn around, and one exit shape like intestine, hence the name Demon’s belly. John was almost at the location when he heard a gun c***. He found himself face to face with Mark Evans.

Everybody (Jason, James, John, and Mark) was coming to a single point, but what they didn’t know is that a fifth person joins them on the island. James was disarmed by Jason as quickly as a split second. “Whoa! Don’t shoot, I can give you information about the maze” said James. “No you won’t; I want the blueprint now or get ready for your ride to heaven” said Jason. “But I’ll get lost in there without the blueprint” said James as he give Jason the device. Jason drop James, blindfolded by his own tie, in an unknown corridor with the device but James didn’t know it
Jason arrives at his destination to see what look like a huge square box. This can’t be Hypertracker; how did they cover this huge thing? The box was black with strange marking on it, it has a single scan pad that a should fit a hand but Jason knew better to touch this thing; It was flooded with fail-safe program, self-destruct program. John arrives at the location with a gun behind his head. “Let’s talk about this; this device is dangerous, millions could be killed” said John. “There is nothing to talk about, I will this device to hunt down the Organization” said Mark. “You’re right, there is nothing to talk about” said Jason behind Mark.

“Listen very careful because I will not repeat myself” said Jason. “Mark, tie your hands together with your feet; John, tell me how to open this thing”. “This is Hypertracker, take it with you” said John. “Take it home and what? It self-destructs and killing me with it; I am not an idiot, I know this is the shield” said Jason. “Shield for what? “ John said. “It’s a shield for the Plutonium” said Jason as he shot John in the knee. “Now how do I open this s***?” “You have to rearrange the symbol to form Hyper” said John screaming in agonizing pain. “Where is the Plutonium Mark?” Jason said to Mark.

“It’s on the north entrance” said Mark. John had slip out of sight thinking that Jason wasn’t aware of that. “You let the government agent slip out, why?” Mark said. “Don’t worry about him, without the map he’ll get lost and bleed out; plus, the exit are electronically sealed until dawn” said Jason. Jason had untied Mark’s feet only leaving his hand tie. Mark had secretly untie his hand and grab Jason’s samurai sword.” You let your guard down Jason, now it’s going to cost you your life” said Mark.

Mark swings the sword to decapitate Jason’s head but his swing was block. Jason has not let his guard down; in fact, he was preparing for Mark to grab his sword. Jason was using his bayonet knife; he took out another one which put Mark in a disadvantage, the weakness of using a samurai is the time between swings. Jason block with one of the knife and attack with the other; Mark was aware of his disadvantage that’s why he prepare to dodge any attack.

Jason blocks an attack at his heart and quickly recovers to stab Mark’s forearm (the one that was holding the sword). He regains his sword which he use to decapitate Mark, “I’ll see you in Hell” he said. Jason continues walking to get the Plutonium; Plutonium is a very radioactive element; when use rights it make a very dangerous bomb. Jason took the radiation suit that Mark had, he took the Plutonium and split it in four using his knife; he put the four pieces in the four entrance. Jason dismantles the SCEI; he connects the four pieces by wires from the SCEI.

Jason connects the four pieces of Plutonium by wires. What Jason intended to do is to use the pieces of Plutonium as a radioactive bomb; the SCEI will be the fuel. One small push and Alcatraz become a radioactive ruin. Someone ran past Jason. It couldn’t be John, he was shot in the knee, so who was it? Jason grab his samurai sword and assault rifle, he began running behind the man who was the hacker. Jason caught up with the hacker and tackled him. The hacker regains his balance and started shooting at Jason. Jason dodges the bullets by doing backflip ever and over.

The hacker started running back, shooting at Jason like a madman; he was scared and wanted to get out (considering Jason was about to blow it up with a radioactive bomb). Jason took his rifle, assume stance, aim, and fired a single bullet. The bullet went straight into the hacker’s head; the shot was in the center of the hacker’s head. Jason started to rearrange the mark on the Hypertracker, the box open to reveal a pad with earth in it; Jason took the pad and tap on it. The pad looks like an Ipad. The pad said, “State the name of the person or location you which to track”.

“Show me Alcatraz” said Jason. Hypertracker shows Alcatraz like a map with dot in it, the dot represent people on the island. Jason was shock to see that there were an extra people on the island. Jason’s concern was to get rid of evidence that he was here by making sure no one investigate it. Jason finishes wiring the bomb. He pick up his phone and called Buggy; “I need a transport from Alcatraz by air”. “Hello to you too; where am I going to get a helicopter?” Buggy said. “I don’t know, you’re the hacker, hack some company or something; whatever it is do it fast” said Jason.

Jason turn part of the SCEI into a radio transmitter, all he have to do is use his phone and bye-bye Alcatraz. Jason found the north exit/entrance, got out, put on the scuba gear, dive onto the sea, and press redial on his phone. Now the bomb didn’t go off instantly the moment Jason use his phone; he had set up a 5 minute relay so he’ll have time to get out of the radiation range. Jason finally landed on fort Mason, got out of the scuba gear. As he joins the group of civilian, the island shook so hard every one in San Francisco felt the shockwave. Second after the explosion, radiation began to leak out of the demon’s belly.

John managed to get out of one of the exit but encounter one of the lines of soldier (the extra Jason saw on the Hypertracker).” We got to get out of this island, it’s about to blow” said john. “I’m going to get of this rock; you are going to the afterlife” said the man as he break John’s neck. “You are a pathetic old man”.

Every Agency witness the Bombing of Alcatraz. The US government cover it up; “this was a terrorist attack by an unknown group, Alcatraz was bombed by a radiation bomb of pure Plutonium” said the President. The radiation cover up a 50 miles radius around Alcatraz; the radiation cover Treasure Island, part of the Golden Gate bridge, part of the Angel Island state park. A lot of people died from radiation poison.

Buggy arrives in a hot (stolen) helicopter with Sarah and Michael. “What the hell? What are these two doing here?” Jason says furiously. Jason got in the helicopter and ordered Buggy to land on San Francisco international Airport. Jason entered the airport. He went to a room that was “personnel only”, Sarah and Michael followed him but not Buggy. They were not allowed to follow him any further. Jason found a computer, went to a website that was the worst website ever. A secret door shows a room with 9 computer screens.

The computer screens show the nine other sages. “Hello Jason, show us what you’ve accomplish” said number one. “Why don’t you tell us about your handiwork in Alcatraz?” Number three said. “I was getting Hypertracker, the only device that can track us down “said Jason.” What is Hypertracker?” Number one asked. “Hypertracker is a device that can track anyone from anywhere” said Jason. “Because it runs on pure Plutonium, it was shut down by the government”. “Good thing you took that device, it could work well for our side but first we have to perfects it” said number one.

“One other thing, Sarah and Michael wishes to join the Organization as my subordinate” said Jason. “The wannabe hacker and that biker chick wants to join, uhh!” said number six.” Do they know what they are getting themselves into?” Number one said. “I know, once you join there is no getting out, I’ll be sure to tell them that” responded Jason. “Good, I’ll arrange for them to attend the camp, dismissed” said number one.

“Did he notice you were there? “Said a mysterious voice. “Of course he didn’t notice me, I am an expert” said the man that wan on the line of soldier. “Good, now we can proceed with the plan” said the mysterious voice.

The WIA was unable to investigate the Bombing of Alcatraz due to the radiation problem. Their investigation was interrupt by a group of men in black suit. “Have you ever seen this man?” One of the agents said. “No, who are you?” One of WIA’s agents asked. “We are no one, we were never here” said the man. “But I just saw you” said the WIA agent.

“You’ll have to go to a camp” said Jason to Sarah and Michael.” Why?” Sarah asked. “You’ll see why” said Jason.” Once you’re done with camp, you will be my subordinate; remember you only follow my direction”. Sarah and Michael took a flight to Turks and Ciaco Island. Jason returned to the helicopter,” hello Buggy or should I say number 8” said Jason. “You got me, when did you know that? Buggy asked Jason.” I knew it since the hacking competition; you were watching me from the café’s camera, and you knew it was me when I called you with the invisible footprints; no one can track a phone call with invisible footprint than number 8” said Jason. “You live up to your reputation” said Buggy.” I try to, what’s the next mission? Jason said with a sinister smile

The two people that survive the Bombing of Alcatraz beside Jason were: the mysterious man and James Bates. James Bates survived because Jason let him; Jason had secretly put the map of Demon’s belly on him. Eventually James found it with a note that read, “Disappear from the face of the earth”. James had gotten off Alcatraz 10 minutes before the bombing. He took a plane straight to Italy, changed his name, and stayed off the radar. James Bates had literally disappeared from the face of the earth.

A fat man was finishing his paperwork, he was really chubby and out of shape. He had four rings, 2 on each hand. The paperwork he was signing was not for his work, he was a prostitute smuggler. He was checking to see who was getting smuggle. His legal work was captain of boats that carry docking load; he made sure to unload the first docks. His association with the Organization was to eliminate any cop who got closer to the truth.

The man was Jeff Costate. Jeff was checking to see if any of the docking loads was missing. He received an unknown call that warns him to stop transferring money to the offshore account. Jeff wasn’t going to be in debt with the Organization, he kept transferring money. That result of a hacker trying to track the paper trail. Jeff was shock when he received the news.” We cannot tell the Organization, they slaughter us all “said Jeff to his associate.” But they’ll find out eventually” said his associate. “I’m going out of town for a couple of days “said Jeff.

Jeff immediately went to hiding after that but that was not enough to stop Jason from tracking him. Jeff was counting his money when suddenly a white smoke blew in his face.” That was Barium Chlorate, It is a poisonous salt that, when come in contact with human skin, burn. It will spread throughout your body, but you can still be saved” said Jason. “Give me the antidote or I will send all info I know about the Organization to the CIA’s database” said Jeff.

“I didn’t say anything about an antidote” replied Jason.” You let somebody see the money trail between the Organization and you, Jeff”. “Take me to the hospital or the Organization is finish” said Jeff furiously.” What Organization?” Jason said as he shot a bullet straight to Jeff’s skull.

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This book has 8 comments.

on Nov. 21 2011 at 11:08 pm
Vivian229 SILVER, Colfax, California
6 articles 3 photos 8 comments

Favorite Quote:
“Well if you were perfect then you would be like a god, unattainable. I like to think that you are almost perfect, that one lucky girl can be the one to ‘attain’ you. I mean if you were perfect, or god like, there would be no way any girl would have a chance with you.”

Great story but I had a hard time following it because of the dialogue. When a new person speaks you need to start a new paragraph to indicate that a new person is talking because people will think that it is the same person talking. I have troubles with grammer, spelling, and whatnot and what I usually do is have a friend read it over before I post. I really did enjoy reading it though.

on Nov. 17 2011 at 8:56 pm
Jappyalldayeveryday, Detroit, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
They say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye

Lol for some reason when I commented it logged me in on my old account, sorry

J.A.P. said...
on Nov. 17 2011 at 8:01 pm
J.A.P., Private Village, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
"Just do it"

It's your grammar that's bad, the book isn't bad at all, it's a great idea :) But even in the summary of the book, for example: "Jason leave one of his target alive," should be "Jason leaves one of his targets alive" or "Jason left one of his targets alive." There are many more grammar errors in the summary and the book too. I think you should just reread the book and fix those errors, and the book would be good.

JasonMayne said...
on Nov. 17 2011 at 5:10 pm
JasonMayne, Naples, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
" If we don't help each other, who will?" "Your flaws can be your greatest weapon"
"Determination is the simple price you pay for acheivemet"
"The body can achieve what the mind can perceive"

Is it my gammar that's bad or the whole book? If it's my grammar, then what are the mistakes?

on Nov. 17 2011 at 3:17 pm
Jappyalldayeveryday, Detroit, Michigan
0 articles 0 photos 163 comments

Favorite Quote:
They say that good things take time, but really great things happen in the blink of an eye

To be honest I couldn't even get through this whole book because of the grammar. It was pretty bad. However, it seems like you have a good story, just the grammar needs fixing and the story needs to be more organized.

JasonMayne said...
on Nov. 17 2011 at 2:58 pm
JasonMayne, Naples, Florida
0 articles 0 photos 3 comments

Favorite Quote:
" If we don't help each other, who will?" "Your flaws can be your greatest weapon"
"Determination is the simple price you pay for acheivemet"
"The body can achieve what the mind can perceive"

Yes, there will be more book. I'm planning on a Jaso Mayne series.

on Nov. 17 2011 at 11:42 am
AnimaCordis GOLD, London, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"Evil is when the good do nothing"

l like your story. Jason is epic, to but it simply. I like how you write action, and how your story is a narrative.  Will there be more books with this chracter?

on Nov. 17 2011 at 8:10 am
CarrieAnn13 GOLD, Goodsoil, Other
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Favorite Quote:
"I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by." --Douglas Adams

"The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." --Marcus Aurelius

Okay, I have a bit of criticism.

1.  More description.  I really want to know more about what's going on and need to learn it from a source other than the dialogue.

2.  You should work on your grammar, particularly the plural/singular usage.

3.  Try reading your dialogue aloud; it sounds kind of stiff.  Try making it sound a bit more realistic.

I think you've got good potential here, but if you fix up those things, your story would be even better!