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The Silver Suit

August 2, 2011
By Anonymous


Enter a world so different, yet in some ways so alike, our world. Enter the gaming world of BlueCrimson, the hottest game around the world. For the first two years people played this game with a passion, not knowing the rising evil within it. Premium Users were actually able to enter this virtual world and play freely. Until three years ago, after its second anniversary the game took over. Using information it got from the internet surrounding it, it found a way to override the exiting ability of anything in the game, and started its own government. The FIA, a secret government branch, a mix of the FBI and the CIA is on the case. They have planted an agent in the game. Asher, or Zeeb as his username, has been ratted out and now must find a new person to become the next Silver Suit legend so he can escape the game before he is killed. He finds Ike, and gives him the Sliver body armor Suit. But before he can explain what needs to be done the FIA pulls him out of the game. Now Ike, though unsure if he even wants the job, and his growing band of fugitives must figure out what they can and must do to over through the GG, Game Government, while on the run and braking out any Innocents, prisons of the GG who would be innocent on the Outside, and decode and unravel the few messages that the FIA are able to get to them. Will Ike discover and accept his new job and identity? Will the GG catch them? Will they be able to save the Innocents that will die if left there? Will they be able to finally over through the GG? But most importantly: Will they ever get home again?


The Silver Suit

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