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Just Another Vampire Story

February 26, 2011
By Shrien PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Shrien PLATINUM, Brooklyn, New York
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Author's note: I was inspired by many different authors. P.C. and Kristin Cast, Cassandra Clare, and a little bit of Stephenie Meyer. I'm not a huge vampire fan, but I tried a different genre. Hope it's good! :)

Megan was shopping in the supermarket with her friend, John. “Hey Meg, do you think your ma would mind if we buy Doritos?” Megan slapped him on his side. “Yes, but since when do I ever listen to her?” She sighed and threw the chips into the cart. Megan’s mom was always at a book club, with a place she never told Megan. “Why does your ma go to book clubs… they’re for…” he was searching for a word. “Smart people?” Megan guessed. “Yes!” he said and snapped his fingers. Megan gave him a once-over glance and rolled her eyes. “Not that your mom isn’t a very smart person… its just…” He was obviously struggling. “John?” she said. “Yeah?” he quickly responded and looked up. “Shut up.” She grinned.

The sky was getting darker, so Megan decided to check out. Afterwards, John jumped into his new red truck, he just got his license. “Megan, you use me to drive you around, I’m going to start charging interest” she glanced up and snapped, “My fun and hip conversations aren’t interesting enough?” He rolled his eyes and said, “You have a smart mouth.” She looked out the window, then at him, “Smart mouth, for a smart person.” “Maybe you should join the book club.”
“Maybe I will!” she said faking she was offended, putting her nose in the air. She had no idea that joining the book club was exactly what she had to do.

When Megan got home, her mom wasn’t there. She shrugged and put the groceries on the counter, emptying them into the refrigerator. Something tapped on her shoulder, and she turned around, there was John with a can of Ready Whip in his hands. “No! John I’m not in the-” but before she could finish her sentence, John sprayed it all over her face. She spat it back at him, and grabbed a can off the counter. She jumped over the couch and landed behind him. John was frantically looking for where she could be. Slowly but surely, he turned his head, and Megan sprayed it all over his face. Revenge. The door slammed open, and her mom was red in the face, her black hair showered down to her knees. “JOHN, GET OUT!” John hesitated, and grabbed his jacket. “Good night Ms...” she already slammed the door on his face. Megan wondered what had got in to her. “Megan sit” what? Was she a dog? “I have to tell you the truth Megan, I’m not normal” Megan chuckled and looked at her mom with annoyed eyes. “For the last time mom, everyone has cuticles under their nails.” Her mom wasn’t kidding, she had a poker face on, but you could tell she wasn’t going to laugh any time soon. “Honey, I’m... well, I’m a vampire.”

Megan started laughing and couldn’t stop. “Mom, stop-” Megan clutched her stomach just so it wouldn’t come out. Her mom wasn’t speaking. Her mom, a vampire? Her mom showed her fangs. “Mom, no WAY!” Her mom laid her hand on top of Megan’s. “I’ m sorry” and she busted into tears.
Megan couldn’t believe it. Then, her mom started talking. “After you were born, I was bitten by your father, I had no idea what to do, leave you mortal, make you a vampire?” Megan shook her head disagreeing. “Those book clubs?” she asked. “Those were days for me to hunt, I would never want to put you in danger.” “SO YOU TELL ME NOW?” Megan grabbed her bag and stormed out of the room, and up the stairs. Her room was waiting for her as if she wasn’t a vampire’s child. Her father, who left her in diapers, did this to her? Why? A knock came at the door, and her mom came in. Before Megan could say GO AWAY, her mom slid in. She sat at the edge of the bed, “That introduction couldn’t get more wrong, what I MEANT was, I’m still your mom, but I’m immortal and head of the vampire clan.” Megan put her hands over her ears “No mom, it’s just a bad dream, we’ll wake up any time now, and it’ll all be over” her mom looked at her stupidly. “Megan there’s not much time. I’ve been in the clan for so long, and the vampires need a new leader…fast. You’re the only living child I have…I need you to become the head of the clan, or I’ll….” Her mom buried her face in her hands. Her mom would die? Was that possible? Her mom put Megan’s face in her hands. “Megan, you need to fall in love with a vampire” Megan’s eyes widened. “And quick.”

Her mom left the room. That was it. She had to fall in love with a vampire. Her phone rang. “Hello?” she answered holding back tears. “Hey Meg its John, did I get you in trouble? I’m so sorry.” She smiled. So was she. She was sorry her mom’s life was in her hands, she was sorry that hers would soon end, and she was sorry John thought this was his fault. “No, I got to go, call you later.” She hung up, pushed her hair back, and sighed.

“Ok, where am I going to find one of those people?” she couldn’t bare to say vampire. Her mom looked up; she was absentmindedly writing on a scrap of paper. “Oh Megan, thank you so much” her mom was about to get up to hug her, but she held her hands up to stop her. “Ok, there are 3 vampires who are available, Fantaye, Jekel, and Lewis. Megan bit her lip. It was like being at a vampire bachelor party. “Or you can go to this small town, called Cecilies.” Megan stood up and nodded, she would take the first train there tomorrow, and alone.

Megan woke up stiff, hoping to forget everything that had happened yesterday. She brushed her eyes awake, and got ready. She stuffed her ID and cell phone in her pocket, and left to Cecilies.

“Welcome” said a raspy voice. She turned around, a man with beautiful amber eyes and flawless skin stood before her, still, he looked oddly old. “Hi, I’m Megan Martillio, Casey Martillio’s daughter?” she said. The guy smiled at her. “I haveta find a mate or something” she said. The mans grin got wider. “My dear, don’t you know the best way to find a mate is for them to come to you?” She was frightened of him, but not as much as a normal teenage girl would be, meeting a vampire other then their mom. She nodded, and decided to roam around. Around the corner, there was a bakery. Please don’t sell human part and blood for a beverage she thought. But it was a human bakery; a wave of relief came across her face. She ordered a bagel and water and took a seat near the window. The town didn’t look like where vampires would live, it looked too cheery. She thought vampires would live in a dark neighborhood with abandoned houses. She shrugged. Right now, all she wanted to do is think about how good that bagel looked right then. Her phone rang, would John ever get mad at her? “Hey meg are ya busy, because I got a scary movie tonight and I was wondering…” she cut him short. “Sorry John, maybe another time, I’m busy now, call you later” she said and hung up the phone without hearing his goodbye.

A boy with brown hair and blue eyes sat at the table across from her. He was stunning, he looked like no boy she ever saw before, she was wondering if he was human. He was in a human bakery. He looked at her confused, tilted his head, and laughed. Then he swiftly made his way up to her. “Hi, I think this is yours?’ There was her wallet in his hand, with the small sequined butterfly incrested on it, how stupid of her. “Oh wow, thanks” she said embarrassed. “Can I sit here?” he said. She forgot how to say yes, and stuttered out, “Si!” Spanish? Why was she speaking Spanish? He laughed and sat down. “I don’t believe I’ve seen you around…” she smiled. “I could say the same about you” he blinked back twice in surprise. “Sorry, but I have never seen eyes like that” he looked up and grinned, showing his pearly whites. “I could say the same about you.” Awww thought Megan, how sweet.

Sorry, I forgot to introduce myself, the names Jake” she stuck out a hand, but he didn’t shake it, she looked down, surprised. “Megan” she whispered. “Oh ok, Megan what were you doing roaming around these streets?” What would she say? Look for a vampire husband so my mom doesn’t die and join the clan? “Just looking for something” she smiled, proud she didn’t give away too much information. “I can help you find it” she wished he could, she really did. “Never mind.” Jake took a hold of her arm, “Can I show you somewhere?” she nodded, cautiously. Jake brought Megan to a park with a flowers and benches. He pranced to a bench and she wondered if she should sit. She did. “Are you doing anything Friday?” he said looking at the sky. “I’m not sure” she said. He took out a paper, scribbled something down, and slipped into her hand, in a flash, he was gone.

When Megan got home, John was in the kitchen taking the blame again, and asking her mom 20 questions. “Surely, it’s my fault, seriously, I sprayed first” she giggled. “I’M HOME!!!!” she shouted. John turned back and her mom rolled her eyes. “Thank goodness!” Her mom didn’t like John so much, she could tell. “Sorry John, I was busy, shopping for…. Girl stuff” he blushed twice and looked at her mom with a puppy dog face. “My bad” he said in a whisper. “John’s going to stay for dinner?” her mom nodded. “Sure, I’m going to the book club, so you guys can make-do yourself.” Megan winced when her mom said book club, she didn’t want to imagine what it really meant, so she imagined old ladies reading a Nora Roberts book. Megan and John sat at the table when her mom left. “Megan I was scared, I thought your mom banished you or something” he said laughing. She wanted to say, oh silly, witches banish, my mom’s a vampire. “Well I’m here now” she said toying with her noodles. Johns face looked so relieved, what a good friend. “I met this dude today, his name is Jake, you shoulda SAW him John, his eyes were flawless and everything, I woulda touched it, but then he’d think I’m weird, but I coulda” she said, feeling a sign of regret. “Shoulda, coulda, woulda” mumbled John. Then Megan laughed out loud. “What?” he said curiously. “This is like my first real date” she said not feeling uncomfortable at all. “This is my first real kiss” he said. “What kiss?” John arched over the table, and kissed her. “That one.

Megan pulled back in surprise. “John, I-” He got up and grabbed his coat. “I’m so sorry Meg, I’ll never be an idiot ever again” But before Megan could say anything, John was out the door. So John loved her, and if she knew that this whole time, she would have felt the same way about him. Dajavu crossed her path when they did Romeo and Juliet. Two people who could never be. She pulled out her phone, and the piece of paper with Jakes number came out. She tossed it to the side, and called John. It rang once, twice, three times, and the message machine came on. “Hey John, I’m not mad, but can you come over about when my mom comes? Um... thanks.” John needed to find out the truth. There had to be a way John and her could be. She needed him, he wanted her, and they both loved each other.

That night, John came when Megan’s mom came home. “Mom, I think John needs to find out about us” “Honey no-” but Megan’s determined look wasn’t going to back down. “Mom, it’s time.” John sat down looking puzzled, the way he always looked when he was doing a Sudoko puzzle. “John, my mom is an immortal creature, and I will soon become one, once I…” she gulped. “Once I fall in love with one.” John’s eyes widened. She didn’t want to hurt him, hurting him would take a piece of her too. “Megan is your mom a fairy?” she almost felt like laughing, but she didn’t. She shook her head. “A witch?” she wanted to say yes, but she felt like she was already in a web of lies. “No.” Her mom couldn’t hold it in any longer, “IM A VAMPIRE YOU FOOL!” John whipped his head back and forth between them. “Do you mean to tell me, that the dude you met was a vampire too?” Megan nodded. “What dude?” said her mom suddenly becoming interested. “I’m not sure if he’s a vampire, but he was at a human bakery, he was STUNNING. Aren’t all vampires stunning?” Her mom showed off, and tossed her hair behind her back. “I have his number” John looked like he would explode. “But, mom?” she sighed. “Can we turn a human immortal?” her mom was bewildered. “WHAT DO YOU THINK WERE DOING WIITH YOU?” she really wanted to take her and shake her. “I mean, if someone turns into a vampire, from another vampire, can they bite another human to make them a vampire too?” Her mom’s mouth was gapped open. “You’re not thinking…” she looked at John in disgust, and Megan gave her mom a scowl. “No!” and her mom disappeared into thin air.

John was staring at his Nikes, astonished on what he just heard. Maybe Megan didn’t need this. Maybe she wouldn’t become a vampire, then what? Let her mom die? That couldn’t happen. She sat next to John. “Now were both pretty messed up” she said trying to start a conversation. He kept quiet. Maybe she could just become a vampire, and let John forget about her, and live as a human. If it would kill her, let it. At least John was safe. “Megan?” John finally said. She was astonished he spoke. “Ok, I’ll do it” he said it as if it was a contest to enter, and the prize was immortality. “For you” he spoke again. “No you wont, you’re staying human, you’ll live” he looked into her eyes with his brown ones. “If you leave, I have nothing to live for” Megan started crying. Why was he being like this? How come he didn’t offer when she needed to clean up? Or when she needed to paint her room? But now that it was a do or die situation, he chose death. “John, I’d rather you leave forever, then to become a monster.” He shook his head. “You are not a monster.” “No John, I’m not a monster, not yet.” With that, she ran to the only place that wouldn’t leave her, or join her when she didn’t want it to, where everything she did came part into it. Her room. She couldn’t believe her human life was ending so quickly, and her immortality would start and never end.

Megan woke up when the moon came out, sweat was prickling down her forehead, and John was sleeping in a bean bag across from her. Megan tipsy toed across to her mom’s room. She was reading. “MA! Why aren’t you sleeping?” her mom looked up, then continued reading. “Vampires don’t sleep” the way she said vampires made it sound like she was a superstar. She had to Google vampires one day. “Mom, John loves me” her mom was looked up, her face reddening and rubbed her temple. “Yes I know, but my teeth aren’t going next to any of you.” Did her mom hate her? So she asked the most obvious question, “Why not?”
“Because I don’t end kid’s life unless they’re ending already.” So she would kill herself? Not a chance.
“Then what’s going to happen?” asked Megan. “Well you either have a vampire mate, and I live, or have John and I die, it’s family or him” she said referring to John.
She bit her lip, in Pre-k, this would have been an easy question, family, but now she could never choose. There had to be another way.
When Megan crept back in her room, John was uncomfortably wiggling in the bean bag. She dragged him to the bed carefully, pulled the blanket to his chin, and whispered in his ear, “Good night.” With that, she grabbed her phone, her bag, and left her heart with John. She was out for a mission: to find her father.

When Megan was on the R train, there were a group of boys acting like monkeys and clowning around. They were young, and just so very stupid. She wished someone were there with her. One of the boys came up to her and said in his deepest voice, “Hey, you want to go out with a man like me?”
She looked up and smiled wearily. “Sure” his face was shocked. Megan inched closer and whispered, “Call me as soon as you become one” and she winked. A crowd of boos were sent to the young boy, and they passed him around slapping him playfully on the arm mockingly. She felt a tap on her shoulder, and before she could turn around, she said, “Listen boys” but she didn’t see any of the boys, they had gone of f the train after Megan rejected the youngest. The person standing before her was Jake.

“Who you calling a boy?” he said. She laughed, and then thought, I don’t need this, I have John. “You never called” he said in a depressed sound. She didn’t respond. “YOU BELONG WITH ME NOT JOHN!” she turned around, fist clenched. How did he know John? “You were following me!?” he nodded. “Honey, I was waiting for you to call, but you never did” he said making a puppy dog face. “Listen, forget it, I don’t want any part of this!” “So you’re going to let your mom die just like that?” he said snapping his fingers. She was tearing. He cupped his hand under her chin, “It’s for your own good.” She ran off the train and the doors closed. She was away. She ran up the slimy stairs, and out the last door, where she had phone service. She called John. “Megan where are you?” she hesitated, looking around for a street, she told him a description, and he was there in less then five minutes. He got out of the truck, and hugged her. “Where did you go!?” he said worried. “To find my dad” she mumbled. She was still shocked that Jake was the bad guy. Megan jumped into the truck, and they drove around until they found a safe enough neighborhood and parked. John locked the car, closed the windows, and Megan slept in the back seat, John in the front. He had control of the wheel. She secretly wished she had control of her life. Looks like she never did, looks like she never would.

Megan awoke after she had a nightmare of marrying Jake. Someone tapped on the window with a flashlight. She squeezed John in the ribs, he woke up. “What was that for”, she pointed to the police officer. “Is everything alright?” “Yes” they both said. “Well than have a good night”. “Wait” said Megan before he could get away, “Yes”? “Do you have a device that can track people down? “Yes, if you want you may use it” “Ok, thank you” Megan replied.

The police station looked creepy, to Megan. Like an abandoned house. “My dad’s last name was Manitellics, my mom never really legally divorced him, but he left me so I have too…”
She looked up. What would she say? The FBI looked up at her…”Give him a birthday present” said John finishing her sentence. He smiled and nodded.

“I’ll sit over there” she said. John was sitting in a chair. Meanwhile they were talking.
John do you know the dude-” “Yeah, yeah prince charming.” “More like the frog” she said. He snorted. “No worries, I won’t kiss him.” She winked. He smiled a tired smile. “He was stalking me and on the train station, John, he fell for me” He looked at her mockingly. “Funny, you have a way of doing that to people.” She didn’t laugh, chuckle or snort, Jake had serious problems.
But Megan wasn’t one to talk; she had problems too, with never-ending consequences.

“Don’t worry Meg, I’ll keep you safe” John said after a long moment of silence. The officer came up to her, hand on his belt. “Looks like your birthday dad is located at 8845 Avligton Avenue, Third house on the left.” John stood up. “Lets get moving, your dad wouldn’t like it if we were late for his 50th birthday” he laughed under his breath, and Megan stepped on his toes. She looked up at John, no matter how much jokes he was making, he was exhausted, the circles under his eyes were darker then the color of his hair. She did nothing to deserve a friend like him. “What?” said John realizing she was staring at him. She hugged his arm, like a child would do to their dad, if she had a dad. “Aw, Meg” his grin disappeared quickly, and a frown took its place. She traced to where his eyes were looking, and there in the dim light was Jake, waving at John.

Megan gulped. “Jake” she said in a squeak. John stood in front of her and slowly made his way to Jake. “John, no!” she shouted. He didn’t know how powerful vampires could be. They could snap his arm and use them for chopsticks. “Leave her alone” said John, fists clenched. “Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, poor STUPID boy, you can protect my Megan, that’s my job.” Jake pushed John to the floor, and he slid into the bookcase, groaning. “I’m….not…..your….MEGAN!” she shouted, and kicked him in the most painful place, the groin. “AHH!” cried Jake in a blood thirsting scream. But the kick only distracted him for a couple minutes. Jake was much more powerful then a kick, from a mortal creature. He got up quickly, smiling. How come none of the officers were watching? Did they just decide to get lunch? When a vampire was roaming around choosing who to kill first? “Honey, don’t hide your emotions for me, remember my beautiful pearly blue eyes?” she looked him down hard. “They look more like an ocean to drown in” she said arms crossed. He smirked, “Sassy, I should have known, girlfriends get like that right, John? Oh wait, you wouldn’t know” John’s eyes looked like a killer, but Megan knew he wasn’t, not to her. Megan felt like choking Jake, so his fangs could clatter to the floor like tic-tacs. But he was too strong. There was no use. Johns lip was gushing blood. Jake licked his lips, blood, the specialty, like the desert at the end. John’s eyes widened, and Jake threw himself to John, John ducked, and ran next to Megan. John was standing over Jake, “Oh look, vampires can fly!” Jakes face went red with anger, and his jaw stood out. “So can humans” said Jake. He picked up John with one hand, winked at Megan, and threw John to the corner, to the old fashioned computer. Jake hissed, and crept to Megan. “Let’s get back to business beauty.” Megan was baffled, what should she do. She had an awful earth shattering idea, but still it was an idea; play along. “I’m sorry Jake, I was hiding my love for you, but nothing could stop it” she felt sick. She paced around Jake and saw John, purple eye, and blood on his shirt. She winked at him, and mouthed just kidding. He got the message. “But Megan, you said you loved me, that Jake was nothing more then-” she held her hand up. “Silly John, we all say things.” Megan hugged Jake and reached her hand to find a weapon, she felt something cold and sharp on the counter behind Jake’s shoulder. A knife. She threw it to John, putting her finger on her lip, so he would keep quiet. Please, tell me those football practices meant something. John caught it with no trouble. Megan took her arms off of Jake, and John crept behind Jake, holding the knife the front of his neck. Jake laughed, the knife vibrating on his neck. “Smart humans, but would you actually have the guts to cut open a vampires throat?” John closed his eyes. Megan bit her lip, would he? “I’m not sure; I think I’ll be disappointed when no blood comes out, in that case…” John raised the knife higher, and….

John stared at the knife, smirking. Did he really want to? Did he have a choice? “Megan, you shouldn’t stay with him” it was Jakes voice. “He obviously too a wimp to touch me, I’m just a vampire, and you’re my dream wife-” there was a silence, and a shriek. John cut jakes head right off his neck as it fell to the floor with a loud thump, and every part of his body disappeared. John’s hand was quivering. Megan ran up to him. “I’m so sorry, leave now, you’ll never have to do anything like this again, save yourself the pain” Megan was crying, and her tears were soaking him. She muffled something, but he couldn’t hear. This would never end, he knew it. But it didn’t matter, he wanted to protect her. He found what the muffled sound was, she was whispering, constantly repeating, “Save yourself now, before it’s too late.”

Soon enough, Megan awoke; she was in a beautiful room with a huge TV. She couldn’t believe it, there was a towel on the door that read, Golden Gateway. They were at a hotel! How did he get this kind of money? John was stretched out on the bed on the opposite side of the wall. She pushed her hair back, and jumped into the bath. When she was done, she put her dirty clothes back on. She stepped out, and John was watching The Mickey Mouse Club House. Why? She had no idea. She sat down, and watched as Mickey sang the theme song. John and she used to watch Mickey Mouse when it was less 3-D, but the voice didn’t change. “Room service!” somebody shouted. They jumped off, and looked up. “I guess we should go find my dad now” she mumbled under her breath. “But before we do, lets get something to eat, I’m so hungry I could eat a cow” his eye twitched as he looked at the chubby maid. “Your mean, she is not a cow.” “That’s not what my heads telling me” he laughed an evil laugh. “Your sounding like vampire” she said, and he smiled, the corner of his mouth showing his dimple. “Practice makes perfect.” She started laughing, looking up. “Well your not the one with the problems, so next to me, you are perfect” he arched an eyebrow. “So I’m perfect next to a soon to be vampire, how about compared to anyone else” she thought carefully. “Depends, would anyone else chase after a girl with no future ahead except for bites and blood?”

John and Megan went to the nearest fast food place, McDonalds. Megan started laughing. She was doing that a lot today. “What?” “Remember that time I said a funny joke, and you got Dr Pepper all over my mom’s favorite blouse?” then he mumbled under his breath, “Your lucky it wasn’t blood, she would have cleaned her shirt in the next two minutes” He looked at the calories mat, and patted his stomach. “I miss being kids” she nodded “Yeah, when I didn’t know my mom was a vampire, and my best friend wanted to put his life at risk, and a jerk wasn’t stalking me” she said with so much hatred. John put his arms up, making believe he had muscles. “So, I’m your best friend?” she rolled her eyes. “Not only that, my first boyfriend too” she pointed out. “So, I’m your knight in shining armor?” he asked her curiously. “Something along those lines” she responded. He looked down at himself with a disgusted look, “more like knight in blood and sweat.” For the rest of the time, they sipped there drinks.

“That was fun” she said skipping to the red truck. That car was like a life saver. Megan was breathing heavy. He looked at her with eyes that said what now? “I wonder how he looks” his eyes were on the road, but he was talking to her. “Pretty darn good looking.” She was puzzled, “Why would you think that?” he laughed and looked at her. “Your mom didn’t give you green eyes, and certainly not a loving personality” he said remembering how much times Megan’s mom slammed the door on his face. Halloween, when he was leaving, and sometimes when he just came into the door. “You know what else I didn’t get from her?” said Megan looking out the window. “What’s that?” she smiled and nervously looked at her nails, “You.” His face turned beet red, and he tried to calm himself with a joke. “I guess that was god, and a little bit of my mom and dad.” She chuckled, was this the way it was meant to be? John and her. A vampire daughter protecting her mom. Immortality roaming her life. John pulled up. The house was huge and white. “The president must live here” said John. Megan snorted, “Yeah, a vampire as president, as if economy wasn’t bad enough.” John didn’t reply. They ran up the larges steps in front of the house, and knocked. At first no one answered, just when Megan turned to go, the door opened. “Yes?” said a tall man with brown hair and green eyes. “Hi” she said and shook his hand, as she expected, icicles.
“Megan Monteillio” His green pupils shrunk. “Nice to meet you” she bit her lip. “Nice to meet you too,

The inside was greater than the outside, burgundy carpeted stairs leading up to many rooms. Megan was seated at a brown chair with golden swirls. “Megan, you grew so much” she rolled her eyes. “Look, jeans, sorry diapers were out of style.” He laughed, alone. John was looking at Megan; her eyebrow was raised above her eye, identical to her fathers. “So I’m guessing your Count Dracula too then?” she said getting to the point. “That’s daddy Dracula to you” he pointed out. Her arms were crossed, “That phase left as soon as you did.” He was stirring his coffee, “Yup, I guess you got that lip back from your mother.” She hated it when people criticized her mother; there was nothing better about him. “I didn’t get anything from you except for these” she said pointing to her eyes. “Yup there pretty stunning aren’t they?” she looked unimpressed. “Yeah, so am I” she said. He was defeated. “I’m sorry I left Megan” he said looking her down hard. “Yeah, me too, I grew up pretty great.” John laughed under his breath. “So did I” said the dad thinking he could beat his own daughter at the game she played the most. “You do look great, but I don’t think you grew up, I think running away comes to you naturally.” He was getting tired, and said his last try, “I think that smart mouth comes to you naturally.” She smiled, glanced at John, and looked at her dad overpowering him, “Smart mouth, for a smart person.” He gave up, and sighed. “Ok, I’m guessing you came here other then to kill me with your snappy comebacks.” She blinked, and replied. “Your right for once, I need you to bite me” she said as if it was an easy favor or to lend a pack of sugar. “My mom could die because she needs me to take care of the clan, and it’s only official if I have a mate, I don’t want to have a vampire right away, and I want to choose who I’m going to make a vampire.” “Megan...” he hesitated. “Yes or no?” she needed an answer, she didn’t want to waste anymore time. “Who’s your mate?” she pointed to John, and he smiled. “I will tell you when I’m ready, for now, make yourself at home.”

Megan chose the pink room across from John. She jumped into the bed, pillows surrounded her, and the bed made her feel like she belonged there, as if to never leave. But all she could think about, dream about, and breath about, was what her long lost father would say.

“Meg!” she heard her name echo from downstairs. She threw on a dress that a maid laid out for her. She ran down the stairs, and saw John and her dad, standing close together. “You look-” she cut her dad off. “Yes or no?” she didn’t like element of surprise. He drew in a deep sigh, and said; “Yes” she jumped into his arms and hugged his neck. That was the first hug she ever gave her dad. When her dad left, Megan jumped on the couch, and screamed “yes!” she jumped down to the floor, and gave John a peck on the cheek. That could have been her last ever kiss of mortality.

“Let’s get something to munch.” She went to the kitchen, and grabbed the most yellow banana she ever saw. She gulped it down, and felt refreshed. That was so sweet. She thought again, she’ll never eat something as sweet as that ever again. She’ll never eat anything more then blood and mammals. “Do you really want me to bite you?” she asked. “I’m here aren’t I?” said John, getting sick of the same question. She nodded, “But when?” he sighed and counted his fingers, then gave up. “I don’t know, let me check my calendar” he laughed and continued “whenever it is, I’m your man” he said doing an Elvis impersonation. Soon enough, he wouldn’t be a man, he would be a vampire. When would her dad bite her? She wanted her last human hours to be special. She repeated what she thought, “I want my last human hours to be special” she said looking at John. “Alright keep that in mind” he said. She raised an eyebrow, now he was making her curious.

Megan and John decided to go shopping. It was a supermarket similar to the one she used to go to, when her life was normal. John took a bag of Doritos. “Meg, you get the Pringles, I get the Doritos” he said suspiciously. John drove and drove but wouldn’t tell her where, finally, she saw sand, then water. A BEACH! They were having a picnic. John was watching her carefully. The Pringles were the ones that had the riddles written on them. Then she stopped. She saw something unusual on the chip. John smiled. Why did john take you to the beach? She laughed let him tell you, and by the way, he said he loves you :D. She smiled what did he go through to get that printed on the chips? When Megan looked up from the chip, John was on his knee. “Will you marry me Megan?” she slapped him on the arm. He was surprised and shocked. Was she going to say no? “Of course I will!” she said smiling. She hopped in his hands, and hugged him. Her wish was granted. The most special moment of mortality, her last moment of mortality.

Her dad was sorrowful, looking at his hands, the hands of a killer. But the hands of a creator. There was a long table, and Megan jumped right onto it. John looked at her, and left the room, he couldn’t look. She shed a tear, and her dad smiled, “It’s going to be Okay Megan.” She shrugged, “Just do it dad, I’m ready as ever.” He sighed and leaned in close, retracting his fangs. He bit down hard, and Megan screamed, it echoed across the huge house and painted the walls a bloody imaginary color. The pain was difficult, but worth it. In its own way, she no longer had to wait; she would never die, and wouldn’t want to. The darkness felt good, silent.

When she woke up, her dad was in the chair, sleeping. John was on his feet inches away, turning the other way. She touched his hand, and he winced away. “Megan, you’re FREEZING, I didn’t know that vampires were that cold.” She looked up, “Oh, I thought it was cold in here” she smiled,, and showed him her fangs. “Even more beautiful” he said smirking. Soon enough, it would be Johns turn. To be even more beautiful, if it were possible. But for now, Megan was the vampire, and the reason she lived was right before her. She looked at her ring. “It’s beautiful she said breathless. He looked up, kissed her, and whispered in her ear, “Beautiful ring, for a beautiful person.”

Her dad was in the living room, gasping for air. It took a lot out of him to bite his daughter, and make sure to stop. Megan had always thought her dad left her for one reason, and one only, because he hated her. But it wasn’t true. Her dad would spend countless nights crying if he couldn’t stop biting her. If it were too tempting, and It was. But her dad loved her too much and he could see how much John loved her too. But she thought he didn’t see the ring placed upon her marriage finger. He saw it, but he would have it no other way.

John and Megan were at a café. The world to Megan seemed closer, more welcoming. She could see every speck of dust, every blemish women try to cover up. A woman with red hair came up to her. “May I take your order?” Megan smiled, she loved her accent. “Yes please, 2 medium cups of coffee.” She wasn’t going to drink it of course, but it would be nice to blend in. The waitress spun around, and pranced to the counter. John was about to reach into his pocket, but she stopped him. “You bought the diamond ring, and I’ll buy the little things.” Out fell two wallets. She never remembered buying two wallets. It was probably her moms; she was always losing her things. Megan gave the woman the money out of one wallet, and opened the other. There was a slip of paper that read:
Megan dropped the cup, and it spilled all over. Frantic eyes were looking at her, but she could only see one, Jakes. He loved her forever, and forever seemed like a long time,
A very very long time.

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on Mar. 15 2012 at 5:21 pm
CountryPopGirl PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
38 articles 16 photos 64 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering, that's the sad truth. Maybe they'll break your heart, maybe you'll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. Those are the risks. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable. That's the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs, but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens which allow us to fly..."
-Dr. Jack Hodgins (Bones)

OMG! A-maze-ing!!!

This reminds of one of my books. We Are Who We Are, at least it did until the last 2 chpaters.

Mine is about a girlfriend and her vampire boyfriend trying to avoid people trying to kill the vampire boyfriend.

Both our books have vampires, girl friends (wifes) and boyfriends (husbands) and some one that wants to get in between that.

would you please read it?

on Mar. 15 2012 at 4:39 pm
CountryPopGirl PLATINUM, Lawrenceville, New Jersey
38 articles 16 photos 64 comments

Favorite Quote:
"You love someone, you open yourself up to suffering, that's the sad truth. Maybe they'll break your heart, maybe you'll break their heart and never be able to look at yourself in the same way. Those are the risks. The thought of losing so much control over personal happiness is unbearable. That's the burden. Like wings, they have weight, we feel that weight on our backs, but they are a burden that lifts us. Burdens which allow us to fly..."
-Dr. Jack Hodgins (Bones)

I like it so far, I just finished Chapter 4. I think that you should have actual written about the dream of marrying Jake, but hey. That's just me.

One more thing, some gramatical errors make it hard to follow sometimes, but I can still read it