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The story of dragon rider

January 18, 2011
By Dragon8, fairbanks, Alaska
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Dragon8, Fairbanks, Alaska
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my favorite quote is actually what alot of people use. "the only thing in life you need is a roof over your head clothes on your back and food to eat..." i actually saw that saying as true in my younger years...

The author's comments:
Dragon Riders Legend He will live for ever unless all the galaxies in the universe are destroyed. Or if his inner or outer self is destroyed.

Epilogue- star date 1543 on reptilian
Dragon Rider was born on this date and he had a curse that was actually turned in to a legend. His father was a nuclear scientist in the military on reptililian. He was killed in a nuclear melt down as Dragon Rider was being taken out of his mother. The other part of his life was, right at age 10 the sun of there galaxy was about to have a super nova considering it was so big of a fire ball planet, and it was about to die within 5 or 8 years. When Dragon Rider was 15 years old he got another dragon only this one was his own. But at age 18 he was about to go too school and the super nova that was about to happen was apparently already happening 2 years early. Here is Dragon Riders story. 1561 is the current date on reptilian; that is about to be destroyed.

Chapter 1
When my planet was about to be destroyed I was getting ready for school and I was in the midst of packing my books when I heard a rumbling sound it was the sound of a battle cruser overhead. Then I heard the bomb fallout alarm go off it was time for me to go outside to see what was going on what I thought was a battle cruser was actually the sun was coming our way. So as I grabbed my pet dragon I created a portal. In thought that I had to find a new home fast after I entered the portal. I shut it behind me. As I went through there was a sudden halt, I looked around, for a moment. There was silence, and then in a small lighted format a door opened. It was a reptilian god like in legend. I thought at least. But then to my knowledge it was a human he said “who are you state your name and why are you here?” then I replied in a scared voice “my name is r I am from a planet named reptilian if you don’t believe me then check this out.” I held up my dragon then he flicked on the lights. The man said “then why are you here? If I might ask again.” “My planet was destrrrr..oyed…” the words where lost in a dictionary of lost tears and mumbling. He knelt down beside me he said “I have too get you out of here and pronto I am giving you 6 cars as your guardian and they have a lot of things on there memory chips to help you get through a emergency situation. They are very military and if you can not handle them any longer you are to turn them in into the military… I am giving you a job; to find this place.” He held a picture of a building and he said once more if you can find this place then you have a destiny. Now go you have to. Please take them its your only chance of surviving in this humid weather.” I nodded my head, in response then took the keys. He said “this is German police car he is your new guardian. He will be your friend. And as a friend he will help you in your future. Now the rest of them they are your friends to and they will help you along too. Only you will be there teacher and German police car will help them understand. OH! I almost forgot; this is black beauty and blue spirit, blue spirit is the sister car if black beauty. Now… take these cars with care and don’t come here ever again ye here ME? DON’T COME BACK!!!”
I took the coordinates on the back of the picture and typed them into the computer. We were off in a flash.

As I was going towards my destination at San-Francisco bay I got pulled over by a cop car for having my emergency lights on while I was driving. But when I rolled down my window I heard a load and fire of cannon from behind me. Just then the load and fire came from the car behind me it was Buick Gsx who had killed the cop and burned him to a crisp. The car as well the all that was left of the cop car and cop was nothing but ashes. We started to move forward and continue on our journey then I heard on the radio a voice it was German police car he said “are you all right back there?” my reply was a simple “yes” he replied “then don’t look so pail its disturbing me. Then I chuckled at that comment for I did not know why. Then as we pulled up next to a tor up old sign the it said “welcome to San-Fransco Bay…” but it was spray painted in graffiti and half of it was in fact torn away. Then I saw TITAN TOWER pointing in the other direction. But for some reason we did not go the way the sign said over the CB radio that was connected to the dash board “why aren’t we going that way?” my response was surprising to me. It had to do with mines and I.E.D’s witch was warning to keep out and that not to come in through there.
So I did so the best way to go was through the main doors. In which we had to go on a fairy also known as a boat. So I took it.
When we arrived at the main doors the garage door opened a kid about my age came out.
He had an “R” on his uniform he also had a cape. He said “we’ve been expecting you in a good sort of way. Come in have a drink of coffee. Welcome back German you have finally found somebody from another galaxy.” “Wasn’t that apart of our deal? If I found somebody from another galaxy than I would be able to be in?” he replied and concerned voice. “Yes and as a matter of fact, he might have found somebody who can heal ravens mind.” the man said as I over herd what that they said. “oh I all most forgot my name my name is robin I am the leader of the pack this is the head commander of the C.I.A in which you can talk to him when ever needed to straiten things out.” Then robin invited me in the titan tower once more, and I finally came in after getting my pet dragon from our side of the car. Oh and one other thing my pet dragons name is firefly. And just call me Draco.”

As I entered the titan tower it was filled full of plaques on the wall. They held a whole bunch of people that fought a crime and actually died fighting the crime. All of them appeared to be there parents. But now are in a happier place. As I walked down the hall there was a stair case that led upstairs. But right above the door had a sign that said private keep out… but I still asked what the room was. “It’s a video camera system outside and inside the titan tower. For safety precautions.” Robin said as we went up stairs. Just then we where taking an elevator towards the top the “T” where I would be debriefed and taken to my new room inside the titan tower.

I sat down at the table and they said “we heard all about you and the happening then may I ask how your planet was destroyed?” “My planet was destroyed by the sun that was creating a super nova. And I could see the heat waves coming off the battle cruser transporters I had enough time to grab my dragon and go through an escape portal. in which I had come here.” I said. Then they’re part was simple. They said that I was in only if I could show some of my fighting skills against another criminal. Without killing him or her. “If we need back up than you do so. You come full speed towards our location. You got that?” one of the other titans said. Yes. Than you are in…

I fell asleep that night and woke up around 11:34 at night it was the alarm but then I knew the titans needed back up and fast. So I grabbed black beauty and took it pedal to the medal I set the coordinates of where the titans were in trouble. The car went just as I responded I finally learned how to slap shift on my first try it was hard but I managed to learn, with a little help of the cars. We where in it together and we where off. I floored it the speed went from 160 to 190 mph in about 5.9 seconds it was what was called super charged. And it was a fast ride. Then I saw the battle going on it was just one person handling it with all the other titans where down. With the criminal shooting at the titans I said “go hide black beauty…” and took off running towards the battle. Then snuck up behind the criminal and took a solid punch at his face to distract him then he looked at me in surprise and shock that I actually did what he knew I just did. And then I grabbed the gun he had, and shot him in the nee. He could not walk anymore. Then I turned him. To the cops by tying him in a knot of rope and taping the money that he stole and fled the seen…
Then I went down towards the titans. I called my guardian black beauty. To come pick every body up. The car came just as I wanted it to I helped every body in side and I drove off next thing everybody knew every body was in bed I healed there wounds from the battle. I put them on a heart meter. They’re heart rate was normal after I healed there wounds.

Noticed something on the scanner of a titan I haven’t gotten to meet yet. The titans name was on the glass it said raven, [diagnoses] MEMORY LOSS. So I thought to my self I can save her. With a little dark magic since I’m not on reptilian any more I can use my healing powers. This was all thought out. The first out of bed rest was robin. Since he was the one who was fighting. I said “how are you doing do need glass of water?” “yes please.” then that’s when I resized I have just read his mind without him actually resizing. That was the first step too dark magic and that is all I needed was to restore ravens memory. Robin said “you have your eyes on her. Don’t you?” I replied “what happened before she lost her memory?” “She was in a battle when she started to battle her inner soul when she lost the battle against her outer self. She got knocked out and she lost almost half of her memory the only thing she knows how to do is eat and breathe use the restroom in a toilet and talk.” I was dumb founded for not what raven did but for the person who decided to use something against her. “But then afterwards I had to catch her, put her in here, and then put her to sleep. Until type in the computer let off the sleeping gas.” “May I ask why?” “Because she was wearing gothic clothes in grown up body still taking kindergarten classes. Also she was scared of us.” “Could Draco heel me then? Came a surprising question from the computer that is connected to her mind so she can think what she wants to say when her mind is awake…” I said to robin in a worried but hope full voice “I think I can heal raven with dark magic. But I need to kneel my palm of my hand to her forehead and cast a spell for me to hack my way into her soul and mind.” Robins reply was “I think I can handle holding her down on the table. So you can do the rest for me.”

We opened the door to the contraption that once held Raven and awoke but before I reacted robin had her pined down with a mask that was filled with sleeping gas. She fell back into a dose. That was my cue to put my hand against her forehead and cast the spell. We both started the process of healing restored her memory to full use then I gave her old memories back. Except for her last memory that she had when she lost her memory. That’s when I woke back up. Apparently 4 days later in the same place that I was. When I cast the spell.

Raven was standing by the door. And was wondering what I was doing. That’s when I got up in a sudden scare. Then I realized where I was raven came to my aid she said “don’t be afraid your right here. Thank you for saving my memory. It was in a use of an update of where I was as well. I woke up the same way if not worse. Common get up.” “I want something to eat.” I replied. She gave a small smirk and walked off. Then I got up and brushed my self off. Then I noticed as I walked by her room her room was completely empty. That’s when I was worried. I ran after her. She was levitating in mid air. She had telekinesis and she was levitating.
I decided to leave her alone for a while. So the car I drove I decided to go for a little spin after the fact that I added some Nitrous Oxide the best stuff on the block. The lines fuel lines where all ready to go. All I had to do was put the nitrous inside the trunk and I was ready. The car that I was driving was Black beauty.

I was ready to race. I got in pumped the gas pedal hoping for it to start. Then I rolled over the ignition. It did with a big roar. I let the engine to warm and as I did I purged the lines. That’s when raven came through into the garage. She said “where are you going.” My reply “street racing, just like in my home world.” “But that’s outlawed” raven replied. Then I might meet some criminals there. Don’t ya think?” “Good luck then. Oh and don’t get caught.”
As I came up to my destination the car said “Destination reached. Let’s race.” I pulled into a parking space that had a ground guide behind me. He clenched his fist which meant stop.” Then I had a pink slip to some money I had stored in my pocket. Then I handed it to the race captain. In which he showed me where to line up. The race was on. “3…2…1….go!!!” I slipped it into gear and floored it. I went passed one person and I passed the other this was too easy for me so I smoked them. All except on car ahead of me. So pressed the nitrous and I was up too 210 mph within seconds then I went off the tachometer the car was going 250 then that’s when I passed him. He was going that was the reason for passing him so easily. Then I saw the finish line flags and when I passed them I pressed the brake and started to put it into neutral and I knew I just one the race. Then I once I got the money I went for my car because I sensed danger. Then I warned everybody that there were cops coming for us. The only reason I knew is because I heard it over the radio. That’s when they all fled the seen. I fled the seen. With a co car behind me. Just then the cop crashed into something that turned out to be a snow plow lying on the side of the road. That was escape rout. To find my way home with out being on the streets. Finally I found the fairy dock. And I took it. I was back in a jiffy.

“According to the scanners we could get the man in criminal that is the boss to the all the criminals.” Said Star Fire and day. In the camera room that at one time was off limits. Because of maintenance, and for other precautions. “We have found the main boss of the border of Mexico our job is to kill him even though the teen titan’s job is not to kill. The justice league has ordered us to take night wing. In a cloak. Draco you hunt on land with your cars that protect you. You are to kill this guy on sight orders from the justice league. So the race was on and once this boss is killed he will the criminal population will go down. There will be no criminals. At least to there knowledge. But you know there will be more crime on the streets anyway. So who’s with the justice league?” “I’m not too sure we should…” star fire’s voice was cut off when I said “I will do it” I said with a hoarse sort of voice. They all looked at me like if I was crazy. But they new that I was serious. So I knew I had to lead the pack. But that also I had to let them know where and what my progress then the. Then the computer said “incoming message from the Justice League.” “Answer…” replied star fire. “Hello teen titans how are you I hear that you have a new titan on your team and he is highly skilled…” “Yes and that would be me…” “Hello Draco I’ve heard a lot about you and that you are highly trained with your cars? Is this true?” “Yes” I replied in a simple voice. “And I am volunteering to be a ground troop to destroy the main boss leader. But the only thing that I want to take is me and my car and if I do accomplish this goal in return could I and all the street racers in Gotham city have there police records clear and an air strip clear for street racing?” my response was very clear and was also very strict. “Yes but that is only if you can accomplish this goal without getting killed.” “Yes, sir I’m on the job.” The titans where astonished to here what I just said especially the part of the street racers wanted there records cleared. But they seemed to have no problem with the deal I just made. So I was on it pronto. I created a gun on the hood scoop that would shoot a fire ball 100 foot ball fields away. It seemed not logical but once I fired it the force of M1 Abrahams and it slice through metal. That was fathers nuclear memory that I had in my mind. But before I was off raven came up to me and kissed me on the cheek and said “good luck.” Then I was off.

The author's comments:
A note from DRAGON RIDER… Stay tuned for the next book… BOOK 2

The justice league sent me on the on dash computer system that I have in black beauty the location, face (picture), name, heath, towards my email address. The war between him and me was on!!
The drive was awesome I got to go as fast as I wanted to. I went through the under ground tunnels and I finally found something that I was not expecting. But it was true the boss I was looking was the Joker and that was a very bad thing because I had to face the bat-man in this fight… or did I have to fight the Joker… that is one question that remains. So I moved on with my journey. So as I did I had something on my radar it was in fact the Joker. So I followed him. I hid my car and told the car to stay right where it was unless I call for help. Then I took the tracking device with me then I saw him he was right across the street I took my magic and said “el telesoro!” which means Die in dark magic. He dropped dead within seconds. Then I ran towards him. I read my scanners he was in fact the Joker. Then I had to run… I called my car. He came just as I wanted him to. He was ready to head out… so we did not knowing he was the last criminal to be killed in Gotham city. And now the human population would go on. At least in Gotham city.

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Dragon8 said...
on Nov. 27 2016 at 1:44 am
Dragon8, Fairbanks, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
my favorite quote is actually what alot of people use. "the only thing in life you need is a roof over your head clothes on your back and food to eat..." i actually saw that saying as true in my younger years...

I remember when I wrote this.. it's been a long time since I've seen this... I'm 23 now. When I wrote this I was 17. I kinda wonder what will become of this..

Dragon8 said...
on May. 6 2012 at 7:09 pm
Dragon8, Fairbanks, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
my favorite quote is actually what alot of people use. "the only thing in life you need is a roof over your head clothes on your back and food to eat..." i actually saw that saying as true in my younger years...

i do not know how it got voted as number one.. all i know is i got bored in treatment and sat down and wrote... 

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I am seriously wondering how this got voted #1.

Zero266 said...
on Apr. 23 2012 at 2:59 pm
       Interesting i would like to have the actual book. I like reading myself and i would like to write a good book someday this type of work inspiers me, good job!