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A Fantastical Book: The Three Legends

May 14, 2021
By BluerasCult, Makati, Other
BluerasCult, Makati, Other
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Alice Krane, ever since a child, had been very entranced and amazed by a world of magic and the supernatural. The thought that such place exists was the thing that keeps her motivated to... Have a life, to live a life, and to experience it the fullest, in hopes that some day, some sunny day, that world would exist, and greet her.
As she grew up, this hope of hers, unsurprisingly, vanished... Until, one day of her regular, high school life, did she come across a random, thick, ancient-looking book...
And what's inside it? Well, she certainly did not expect that she'd meet some unnatural creatures, visit ancient-like landmarks, and help fend off against a dark god by trying to fetch three legendary artifacts


A Fantastical Book: The Three Legends

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