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Captain X

September 28, 2018
By 20FahrlanderL, Republic, Missouri
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20FahrlanderL, Republic, Missouri
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Author's note:

This is my first published piece and I enjoyed this writing. 

Captain X

It was a late Tuesday night in the city Citropolis around 1:30 AM when Alec was taking his normal trek back to his apartment after a night at the bar. He was drunk as usual stumbling around and trying to get a ride home. Suddenly a man in a 2001 white Pontiac Grand Prix drove up next to him. The man was a little smaller than Alec but more muscular. His long black hair cascaded over his shoulders covering most of his face. He was wearing a Metropolis sweatshirt and black Nike shorts. The man turned his face toward Alec revealing half of his scarred face and a tattoo on his neck with the caption “Everything good comes to an end”

The man asked, “You need a ride boy?”

“Y-yess p-plllease,” answered Alec drunkenly and hesitantly. The man nodded for Alec to get in. Alec stumbled and fell into the car, his big body shaking the car as he threw himself in. Time passed by as Alec told the man where his apartment was. Everything was quiet except for Alec mumbling and chuckling every once in awhile. During the end of Alec’s trek he began to sober up as they approached his apartment realizing how bad of a idea this was. They almost made it back to the apartment when suddenly the driver turned down a back road.

“Hey, you turned too early” stammered Alec.

The man turned toward alec with an eerie smile and said “I know.” Then a look of fear came upon Alec.

Alec began to talk, “Wha-.” then the driver shot Alec with a tranquilizer.

Alec woke up, stripped down to only his black boxers strapped to long metal table inside a room that is only to be described as hell. The ripped up walls revealed brick where the white wooden walls used to be. Broken and cracked tile covered the yellow and brown stained floor. A musty smell of death and decay surrounded Alec.

“HELP! HELP! HELP!” Cried him. The old holey wooden door creaked open and as a tall older man walked into the decaying room.

“What the f*** is going on? Where the hell am I,” exclaimed Alec. The older man walked toward Alec and began to observe him.

Alec started to cry and said, “Please… Please. Why am I here?”

“Hello Alec. My name is professor Marshall and I’ve been watching you for a long time,” explained Marshall.

“Wha- why?” stammered Alec. Marshall walked over to a red filing cabinet and pulled out a file and a couple papers then set them on the counter.

Marshall walked over to Alec and said, “I am here with the power initiative. I’ve spent my whole life creating a serum that can give someone special the powers of flight, super strength, and invisibility. I’ve been looking watching you, waiting for the right time. And now is the time.” He walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a briefcase. He set the briefcase on the counter and opened it. The inside of briefcase revealed a syringe filled with glowing yellow liquid. Then a man with a red hood came in and knocked Alec out with a arm rest left from a old rusted chair. Marshall proceeded to inject Alec with the serum.

10 hrs passed by and Alec woke up in his bed at his apartment. He thought to himself, “Was that a dream?” he proceeded to do his morning routine. When Alec got out of bed he was dizzy and light headed and had a terrible migraine. He went to sit down when he noticed that he was floating.

“Whoa, whoa,” Alec said. He suddenly learned that all of that stuff that happened last night was not just a dream. He began to worry but then he thought about how cool it was. He tested all of his super powers in the matter of 5 minutes. First he flew to the convenience store and became invisible so he could steal a couple of 12 packs of Nati Light. He then drank all the beer he could without getting drunk. After that he decided to park his car in a new spot at the parking lot by moving and rearranging a couple cars then putting his car in a “open” parking spot.  It was 4:30 when Alec was doing all of this so people saw him doing this stuff and went crazy. Alec was a internet superstar. Alec decided to keep his Identity a secret and maybe he should use his powers for good since there has been a huge crime wave going through the city.

Days passed by since the testing and Alec was just chillin with his powers and keeping everything a secret. Alec had also been designing and making his “super suit” and figuring out a name he would go by. He had 3 names narrowed down AstroMan, Sky Shock, and Captain X. He decided since Captain X was the catchiest and coolest. He designed his suit with inspiration  of his favorite comic hero, Spiderman and put a little Deadpool twang’ on it. It was an all black suit with blue accent stripes on it and a leather X on his right shoulder (like a nike sign) he as made his mask all black with a little blue on it.

Alec set up a police radio in his room and just waited for the crime to start rolling in. He heard on the radio that there had been a burglary and he was gonna stop it. He put on his suit and then went to the site. When he got there it was much more than a burglary.

He got into the house and realized that there was a huge “X” spray painted on the walls.

“Well hello there Alec,” responded a man in an all yellow leather suit and a red helmet with a white visor and silver metallic wrist straps.

“Who the hell are you? Ronald McDonald?” responded Alec.

“I am your worst nightmare. Professor Electric,” answered Electric. Alec then punched and knocked Professor Electric through the paisley plastered wall.

Electric stood up and said, “Is that all you’ve got?” Alec proceeded to fly towards him with confidence his eyes knowing that he had his first villain in his arms of defeat. Then out of nowhere Electric shot Captain X with a shot of lighting coming out of his metallic wrist straps. Captain X then fell on the ground paralysed from the lighting.

“I knew you were nothing special when I saw you,” said Electric as X was sitting there wincing from the pain. As Electric was rambling on, the surge of electricity through X’s body was beginning to wear off. Electric turned away from X and was still rambling about how great he was and how no one could stop him. X found this as his perfect time to strike and finally take down this Professor Electric.

“Hey, Ronald! Can I get a Big Mac meal with a large fry,” Said X as he pummeled Electric through the floor to the first level. Electric began to moan and groan in pain and his white visor was now cracked. X then stepped over to him and hit him with one more punch to finally finish off Professor Electric. X then turned Electric back over to the police for them to arrest him.

“Who are you?” asked the officer

“You can call me, Captain X,” answered Alec.

“Wait did you say Captain?” said the officer giggling.

“Yes sir, why’re you laughing?” asked Alec.

“Nothing it’s just a cute name,” answered the officer.

“Wow douchebag,” Alec said under his breath as he left the scene.

Alec flew to his apartment and just sat there thinking and staring at the white eggshell painted wall waiting for another police call. It seemed like it was hours before the next radio call occurred from the police.

“We have a hostage situation on east boulevard and grand” a female voice came from the police radio. An eager Alec sprung up and threw his mask back on, determined to make a name for himself. Before he flew out of his apartment he popped a couple ibuprofen because he was still sore from the last fight. Then Alec left the apartment and soared to the scene. A man in a iron futuristic suit with blue all over and his goons had several men and women under hostage in a bank trying to rob it when Alec arrived. The police were everywhere trying to handle the situation but couldn’t get anywhere. Captain X decided to take this into his own hands. He flew into the back of the bank by ripping off the door and took out two goons on his way in. When Captain X got into the bank there were 7 people in black mask with a blue devil on it and the man in the Iron Suit. He knew that this had to be a careful operation or else people would die. He rushed in and silently knocked three dudes out and threw them into a room in the bank. The other 4 he knew was going to be hard. He tried to do a flying punch to a goon holding a young woman at gunpoint but was caught mid act and punched in mid air.

Captain X was lying there almost unconscious when the man in the iron suit said, “So you’re the new savior of this city… Some savior you are. You can’t even stop me and my goons you little boy.”

“At least I don’t look an Iron man rip off,” answered Captain standing up. He felt a goon behind him swing his gun at Captain’s head. Captain X weaved under the gun and threw the goon into another one. Captain X took out the rest of the goons and then taunted the man in the suit. The man in the suit flew up through the roof but before that he lifted up the face mask of the helmet.The face revealed the same man that gave Alec his powers… Marshall.

“I’ll see you around kid,” then flew away in a cloud of smoke. Alec was confused in the reasoning for Marshall to be a villain. He realized that he had bigger problems such as getting the hostages out of the bank. After he finished that job he went back to his apartment and started to brainstorm. Later that night Alec went to another party and had another late night. He continued to live his new life filled with crime fighting and college.

Weeks had passed since the incident with Marshall and Alec had been fighting crime and stopping villains left and right. He found himself not enjoying the powers anymore and not wanting to be a “hero” he just wanted some sleep. But he realized he had to keep on helping. Another couple of days passed and Alec had basically given up being a superhero because he was so sick and tired of the late nights and no sleep. The next day he heard a police dispatch calling for a fleeing car down highway 78. Alec decided to give it one more try and save some people. He flew towards the car and picked it up and stopped it. Halfway through stopping the car Alec just stopped and left, he was done being a hero. He flew home and went to bed. Weeks had passed since Alec had quit being a hero and he was loving life again, but crime had been rising non stop.

Alec arrived at his apartment one day and he got a call from his mom.

“Baby, honey, please come help this man in a iron suit has us hostage at a house rigged with explosions and he said if you don’t meet him at the Flood Bridge he’ll explode it!” exclaimed his mother.

“Okay mom, don’t worry I’m coming to get him,” Alec ran to his closet and threw his suit on and flew to the Flood Bridge.

“Well it’s nice to see you Alec, or should I call you Captain X?” Chuckled Marshall.

“Where is my family you child predator looking iron man?” yelled Alec.

“Oh you’ll find out,” said Marshall firing a rocket at Alec. The rocket struck Alec’s chest paralyzing him and sending him on a downward spiral towards the  bridge. Alec sitting there in pain not being able to move and barely breathing saw Marshall slowly lowering himself to Alec. Marshall raised the faceplate on his suit to reveal his old wrinkled face. He gave Alec an eerie smile and raised his hand towards Alec revealing his electro blaster. He charged it up ready to end Alec’s life when alec felt an urge a new awakening, a new reason to fight. His eyes went from a sky blue to a fiery red his fist clenched, ready to strike Marshall down.

“Any last words?” asked Marshall as his arm cannon was pulsing with power.

Alec looked Marshall in the face, smiled and said, “Don’t get ahead of yourself, old ma-,” Alec then flew up and turned invisible then knocked Marshalls head clean off.

Marshall’s cold lifeless body was laying there blood spilling out of his head. Alec looked at the body terrified, cars surrounding him and police sirens playing in the background. He had one thought that made him forget about everything. Where’s mom? He spent hours looking everywhere trying to hear her voice and find something that could be a clue. He finally arrived to a house that had “Welcome, Captain X” on the side of it. He knew this was the house but he had to be careful because the house was covered in explosives. He then thought about how easy this would be as he turned invisible and flew into the house. He found his mother in a matter of minutes, rescued her and brought her to her home.

“Alec, how did you get these powers. Why’re you dealing with these people?” asked his Mother.

“It’s a long story,” replied Alec. He flew away to his apartment, destroying his suit when he got there vowing to never fight crime again. Alec graduated college and created a new type of drink that has been taking the world by storm. He has never used his power since. Until the plant exploded...

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