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July 29, 2018
By That_Nerd, Westminster, Colorado
That_Nerd, Westminster, Colorado
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A brilliant scientist tries to create a serum that will cure almost any type of disease, but something goes wrong. It does end up excelerating healing abilities, but it also gave whatever was injected... remarkable powers. Some bad people found out about this and wanted it for themselves. In order to stop them from getting it, the scientist destroyed all but one syringe, and gave that to his son, Derek, telling him to run away with it and keep it safe. The scientist died protecting Derek, who had to desperately run for his life from the evil men bent on taking the serum for themselves. He finds himself with a bullet in his side and crawling to a girl’s doorstep in an attempt to survive, having lost the serum. Or so they thought. 

Abbey M.


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