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Monster Wars: the Werewolf vs the Gargoyle

May 26, 2018
By Salazool, Sand Diego , California
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Salazool, Sand Diego , California
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The author's comments:

(making this part was pretty difficult but I actually managed to get by)

Werewolf Bio: a young man walks in the woods. His eyes meet the Shiny full moon. All is well until...Fur grows form his body,and his bones shift and crackle into their new form. His skull painfully stretches into a wolf skull. He screams a bloodcurdling scream as his fingers and toes Break into place and turn into claws. The man tries to call for help but all that comes out is a loud howl. The man's wife comes out of her house to see what's wrong.  Unfortunately for the poor woman her once normal husband is now a werewolf! The werewolf attacks the woman. The woman screams and tried to run away. keyword being tried, as the werewolf digs his claws into her soft stomach the woman lets out a bloodcurdling scream....followed by another scream and another...until...silence. Another victim has fallen prey to the werewolf.              

Human Bio:    When Ronald Whetiv was 16 he befriended a group of much older kids, said kids weren't really his friends but actually people who would use him for their own enjoyment. eventually they got sick of dealing with him so they told him to stay inside a supposedly haunted forest for an entire day. in the forest he got attacked by a really big wolf.when his parents found him he was bleeding like crazy. surprisingly they didn't take him to a hospital. they believed that he would be fine. At night Ronald would be howling at the moon and growing fur. It was quite odd for him since he felt that he was never in control when he slept and would never remember what he did at night. His parents soon realized exactly what he was so they kicked him out.

When he was 28 he got a job as a publisher, there he worked with Cindy Maklemore an aspiring author. they fell in love and he told her his secret. she didn't care as she believed that hopefully there was a way he could control his urge. anyway they settled down and had a daughter. things were nice and peachy until one day Ronald forgot to cover himself with silver one night and he killed Cindy. His daughter dealt with her mothers painful death the only way she could, getting really drunk at a pool party.there everyone was murdered from a loose wire falling into the pool. When Ronald got to the crime scene he witnessed a flying stone like creature carrying off with a purple bracelet. His daughter's purple bracelet.   Abilities: super strength, super speed, extreme eyesight, amazing accuracy.

Endurance: can take blunt force and a little bit of small pistols.

Weaknesses: silver, guns, fire, and  objects that have a lot of force  like a weight dropping on you or a grenade 

High atop a building lies a  certainly strange creature. The creature didn't look like a regular living thing one would see. It looks like something of pure fiction. It had bat ears and wings along with a pig face  with rows of sharp viscous teeth. this creature was none other but a gargoyle, A statue that becomes sentient the second it gets shrouded in the darkness of the night sky.  The gargoyle hunched  over  and very slowly flapped its wings. Luckily when the gargoyle was airborne it was much faster than it was on ground much like how a turtle is faster underwater.  Eventually the gargoyle came over a  a small house that had  a pool party in the backyard. The gargoyle picked up a satellite dish next to it and threw it in the pool. The satellite was connected so it electrocuted everyone in the pool killing them instantly. The gargoyle laughed and clapped its hand like it was watching an interesting movie. The  creature then ripped apart the cord and stopped the electricity. The gargoyle flew in the pool to feast. Three other  gargoyles came in  (since the majority of the time their are about three gargoyles on a building) and ate alongside their ally.

Abilities super strength, flight,  night vision, and camouflage. and always attacks with others.

Durability: Skin is completely immune to outright psychical harm, and fall damage

Weaknesses: pretty slow, doesn't have much intelligence, and has a  weakness to water, along with its other colds forms like ice or frost.

The setting will be a museum near a pond. there will be no prep time. Now with that said, Now lets let the battle begin

A young man with golden  blonde hair was entering a museum. the museum looked like something out of the dark ages with its huge grey brick castle like appearance.The man looked creepy. He had nappy, frizzled hair, a pretty big scar on his left eye that would never appear to blink, and smelled like a wet dog.  before the man could enter a  group of young women were standing in front of him blocking his way into the museum. the women were whining  about how inaccurate the museum was for having its monsters look ugly and scary instead of sexy and hot. " i hate how they said that vampires are evil and monstrous" one girl said. " I know right, everyone knows that  vampires sparkle." another girl said in a nasally and generally annoying voice. "excuse me please" the man softly said. the girls took on look  at him an screamed their heads off before running away in fear. a night guard followed the noise and witnessed the strange man in his corpse like state.The night guard  cautiously walked towards the man. his breath reeked of alcohol and drugs "What's your name sir? the night guard asked.The man froze  trying to remember." Ronald" he said "Ronald Whetiv. " well then sorry Ronald  but your going to have to come with me" the night guard said.  whispered into Ronald's ear. "now listen here asshole I have to go in there its my anniversary! Ronald shouted before  pushing the night guard. the night guard took out his baton and hit Ronald in the stomach. Ronald strangled the night guard. the night guard's body went limp. Ronald shuffled the night guard's body behind a bush, before finally entering the museum. " and this is a clay recreation of the "Wolf Man from the famous film "The wolf man" Directed by George Wagner." a voice happily said. Ronald followed the direction of the voice and came across  a museum worker talking to a few people with VIP passes. right above the clay statue was a sign that said  " What could stop this bloodthirsty behemoth?!" in bold  red letters with plastic blood at the bottom of it  giving it the appearance that the letters were bleeding. The man scowled at the statue. " were not all like that" he thought.  "Oh who am I kidding, if that were true Cindy would still be here" Ronald remembered his beloved  Cindy as one of about five other people who could keep his secret. He let out a long sigh and paced around the room, Ronald's phone beeped. Ronald took it out  and noticed he got a reminder. It read: there will be a full moon tonight. Ronald let out a gasp and dropped his phone before frantically running around the room Ronald dropped his phone and sprinted to the exit. Unfortunately, another VIP crowd were blocking the door, Ronald tried to punch and kick his way out but his efforts proved fruitless as the group walked right over him. Ronald crawled out from underneath the crowd and dusted himself off. "Wait a minute?" He thought "this museum is tall as hell so if I get to the top and jump off  I will rid this world of one less werewolf. That alone could  make a difference"  with ending himself on his mind  Ronald ran up the metal stairwell As fast as his legs could carry him, and in a few seconds he reached the top.When he finally got to the top  noticed  this and immediately tried to run out of the museum but

The man was constantly twitching like a schizophrenic on every energy drink in the world. the weird man man looked at a fossil of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and sighed. The man then took out a small purple ring. "This was where I  got married to Cindy"  The man said as tears streamed down his face. "Why did I have to have this curse, Why god why!" Ronald  screamed at the top of his lungs, scaring everybody else i the room.  "sir have you been drinking. A museum worker asked. "Yes of course it's the only way to stop the pain" Ronald replied.

Ronald turned to look at the worker  and accidentally looked at the full moon through the window behind the worker. The man started  howling as his body slowly shifted. Before someone could try to help him a stone gargoyle crashed through the window and kicked the worker away. The gargoyle ran at the blonde man and picked him up. The blonde man  tried to punch and kick the gargoyle, but his efforts  proved fruitless as the gargoyle  tightened his grip and bared his fangs. The  blonde  man slashed the beast with his now werewolf hand. The gargoyle dropped the blonde man who's body just became covered in pitch black fur, his face  elongated, and his muscles grew. That once ordinary

The gargoyle was frozen in awe as most of its victims were just humans. The werewolf took this moment to  slash  the gargoyle repeatedly. Said slashes weren't having much of an effect The werewolf grabbed the gargoyle by the neck, before slamming its face into the ground. The force of the impact caused the gargoyle to break its nose.  The gargoyle had enough and it slashed  the werewolf down some spiraling stairs. Thinking it had won the gargoyle started  slowly flapping its wings as it was ready to retreat. The werewolf crashed into a metal stair well.

The werewolf  howled in pain. The gargoyle was frustrated that its enemy wasn't dead. The gargoyle hovered above the spiral stairwell, before stopping and dropping down to the werewolf. The gargoyle hit the werewolf in the throat. The werewolf tried to howl to intimidate gargoyle but all that came out was a croak. The werewolf uppercut the gargoyle.

The werewolf started  smelling something.... something delicious......something sour.....human blood. Sirens blared as cops came rushing  into the museum. One cop pulled out  his gun and shot  at The werewolf  and the gargoyle.  His bullets missed and the werewolf glared at him The werewolf howled in pain and the gargoyle got the tip of its tail shot off. The werewolf brutally slashed the cop and  grabbed him by his neck. The cop reached into his pocket and pulled out pepper s spray.

The cop sprayed the werewolf and sprinted up the stairs. The gargoyle, the werewolf and the police ran up the stairs. One cop threw a grenade at the gargoyle. The grenade backed off of the gargoyle and exploded. Now the people at the top were trapped. The gargoyle looked at a small young girl in a pink jacket like a fat slob looks at sizzling bacon.

The gargoyle lunged at the girl. The cop tackled the girl and the gargoyle ran into a wall. The gargoyle chomped on the cop's leg and slammed his body on the ground. The werewolf started slashing the gargoyle. The gargoyle tried to block the flurry of punches but failed.The werewolf dug its claws into the gargoyle's shoulder and shoved it through the window over about seventy feet. The gargoyle ripped out  some of the werewolf's teeth.  the werewolf screamed and let go of the gargoyle. The gargoyle hanged  by the the bottom of the window.

The werewolf kicked the gargoyle off. Finally the beast had won...or so it thought, for before you could say "padding" Two more gargoyles came in and kicked the  werewolf down the stairs. The werewolf accidentally got its hand stuck in a light bulb. The werewolf's hand got caught in the electrical fire. The fire surged the werewolf's body, scorching it. The werewolf jumped around to try and escape the fire but only managed to  accidentally jump  back up the stairs.

One of the gargoyles lunged at the werewolf. The werewolf was too busy dealing with the fire to notice. In a blind rage of pain the werewolf jumped int the air just as the gargoyle made contact with the werewolf. The werewolf unknowingly punched the gargoyle in the stomach. the fire activated the sprinkler system. The water was like acid to the gargoyle as it's skin started to melt.

The gargoyle died as it had lived, a useless waste of space. The other gargoyle also died from the water, letting out a bloodcurdling scream before crumbling into dust. Luckily the water healed the werewolf's  wounds. Unluckily the werewolf now couldn't see and the first gargoyle was flying  to the werewolf. The gargoyle caught the werewolf off guard as it body slammed the werewolf. The werewolf sucker punched the gargoyle in the face. The gargoyle was sent flying into a wall.

The  werewolf tried to attack the gargoyle again but couldn't due to the pain from the fire. The gargoyle  grabbed the werewolf by its hands so the werewolf couldn't attack it. The gargoyle flew into the night sky. The gargoyle used its spiked tail to hit the werewolf repeatedly. The cop weakly hobbled over to the  window and took out a sniper rifle The cop  looked into the chamber" and sighed before muttering "Only one bullet....were screwed."  Suddenly there was a loud fluttering noise followed by a huge  white and blue police helicopter hovered in front of the window. The cop let out a scream of joy and pumped a fist in the air. The helicopter had three people inside it, a female pilot in the front and two other officers in the back holding shotguns.  hovered closer while a person started ordering people to get on the helicopter. people started running over to the window whilst a rope dropped down from the helicopter. Meanwhile the gargoyle  heard the sound of the helicopter's blades and turned around and dived for it. the person in the back of the helicopter saw the gargoyle and werewolf and immediately began to open fire on them. two of the bullets missed but the third one hit the werewolf right in the shoulder!  to be continued in part 2. 

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