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A Vengeance in Their Eyes

July 22, 2017
By wethevirginiacreepers SILVER, Austin, Texas
wethevirginiacreepers SILVER, Austin, Texas
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When an active shooter enters the motel Celeste works at, she and William are forced into a relationship deeper than the accquintances they were before. The two hop into William's truck and drive away from the scene, unknowing of the secrets they both keep from each other. 

Haise, a high-ranking member of the citizen's militia, is called to the scene. Celeste's coworkers become very concerned by her disappearance, but Haise has trouble feeling the same disdain for William that the motel employees feel. 

Meanwhile, Haise's attention is captured by Jahanna, a hitwoman that no one can seem to catch...except for him. 

The four of them join together for a quest of revenge against a kingpin that William knows a little too well.


A Vengeance in Their Eyes

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