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A Kid from the Moon

December 12, 2016
By WZRD639 BRONZE, Las Vegas,, Nevada
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WZRD639 BRONZE, Las Vegas,, Nevada
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My name is Vinci and this is the story about my time on Earth. Let me tell you now it’s not how it seems, it’s not as advance like my place. I mean we got these weird things where we can move s*** with a device it’s called the “Stepolizer”. Ha you thought I would talk more intelligently, the fact is I’m still a kid here. You guys die at low ages, 76-81. Sometimes even before that if your reckless. Not here the oldest you’ll get to is 468. My age right now 157 years old but here it basically means I’m 15. Time here flies by. It takes 70 days for a whole year. So you could guess why we are old, and if you didn’t, then you won’t get this story at all. We are all just like you humans… Except for the fact we live on a rock and this rock is very strange. See we have this weird power where you can teleport from no more than 10 meters. Anyways like I was saying Earth is not that great if you ask me. I’ll tell you the story about it and if you’re living down there I wish the best for you.

So it started out on the week of “Hubdairy” where to you guys it’s like Thanksgiving but ours we all go to the capital of the place. Me, I live in the capital, you want to know why though? The queen of the Moon happens to be my mother. That’s right you’re reading the words of a prince heir to the throne. How cool huh? So it was that week and all the people on the moon had to show up to the feast we had planned. There was “nuygabs” to “jyehad”. Those are foods we eat and we like it so don’t get judgy because I ate your food and it was nasty. So I was getting ready to greet the people, when my mom calls me. I call her Mother Moon because well she is the queen of the Moon people.

“ Yes mother?” I was curious to know what she wanted to say to me on “Hubdairy”

“Vinci you know I love you right.” Now I know she is trying to make me do something that I don’t like.

“Yes? Why are you telling me this, has something happened?”

“Well just a little thing I want you to do. I want you to go to Earth from now on. It won’t be bad at all I promise.” I seriously broke, I hated the Earth, it doesn’t seem like a place I would fit in.

“What mother! Why do I need to go on that planet, it doesn’t seem like I would be the one to go. Can’t you ask Reggime?”

She gave me this look. “Look no one here is as strong as you are. You have been through fights where you nearly killed my people. You could even kill me even if I wasn’t the Queen.”
She’s right really I don’t know what really happens, I get into a fight and I’m conscious for like 2 mins of the fight then the rest of it I black out. Some people have seen my fights and say I’m like a demon came out of my body. This one person I fought with, came and apologized to me. He told me about the fight and what he said was crazy. He landed a punch on me and I went back. He felt proud of himself until I looked at him with a different look, he told me that I wasn’t myself. I was more dangerous than before. I used my teleportation skills as a weapon. I was left and right, he couldn’t catch up to me. He was feeling punches from all over the place and then he fell down. I left him bloody, his blue blood on my fist. So like I said I’m a dangerous alien. I nod my head to her like I understood but really I was pissed off, I didn’t want to leave home. It was my sanctuary, the whole thought of that is really scary. That’s the place where people fear.

“Ok mother, I will do this, I will record every event that has happened. Can I go after Hubdair? These are my people too.” Mother moon smiled, she has seen how much I’ve matured. So the week of Hubdairy has finished and I’m packing my “Rugnord” or as you humans call it suitcase. I was packing it and Mother walks into my room.

“Are you ready my son? It will be a long trip and I wouldn’t want my prince to be hurt.”

“Yes mother, I am ready to go.”

“I remember when you were just a little kid running around with your father, running like you wanted to be free.” There was a long pause in the middle “I want you to keep that memory with you, never forget it when you start your journey.” She gave me a tender smile, gave me hope about my quest.

“Who will be accompanying me on this journey?”

“No Vinci, you got do it alone. You got to go on your own.”

“Ok.” I get ready to go on my ship. I was gonna have a ride there then teleport the rest of the way down. Then my wrist watch beeps, my mother pops out the watch. It was a hologram and it was surprising. I was wondering when did I get a hologram watch.

“Vinci, you must keep your anger controlled make sure you don’t lose control of it. You know what will happen when you lose control of yourself.”

“When did I get this watch, I never thought I had this embedded in it.”

“Were you listening at all Vinci!?”

“Yeah, yeah I was listening control my anger, blah blah blah.”

“Vinci this is serio-”

“Hey look at that I must be going now bye mother. Plax nou zen”  “Plax nou zen” means I love you but in my language.

“Wait Vinci!” I hung up. I get ready to launch towards the middle between the moon and Earth.

“ Launching starts in T-minus 10 seconds” The intercom said and I strap to the seat and waited for the numbers to tick.

“T-minus 9....8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1” The ship started to go up in the air, I wave my fellow people goodbye, but I doubt much people saw me leave. My departure is top secret but the sound could’ve brought people’s attention. My wrist goes off again, I must be getting a call from Mother, I thought to myself. I answered to give her an update about my journey.

“I have left and now I’m going to the mid center of between the earth and the moon.”

“Vinci, I was trying to tell you where I want you to teleport to. I want to teleport you to these coordinates 36.1699° N, 115.1398° W”

“Wait you want me to go there?” I stopped for a second pondering about that place.

“Yes Vinci, I want you to go to those coordinates. You will teleport and pose as a human being.”

“Ok mother I will go but I’m gonna hate doing this.” Once again I hung up and waited for my cue to teleport. The thing I hate about my teleportation is that I have mastered, but it still gives me a headache when I do it. I am the only kid in the Moon who has mastered it. Other from my mom of course.

“We are now at the halfway mark between the Moon and Earth.” The intercom formally announced. I look at my home again and begin to miss the memories that I had when I was a child. Then I look at earth with disgust. I put my two fingers up and teleported to where I’m supposed to go. The way I do it is to think about where I go and good news it was the middle of the night. It was 0300 or for you guys it was 3:00 in the morning. Crazy how time works for us aliens right. I was at the desert where no one can see me present. I get my bag and I take something out, it was something Mother moon gave me, it was a pill and I had to take it.

“Take this pill it will transform you into the person you need to be when you get down there.” I thought about Mother’s words. So I took it and I didn’t feel anything for a second, then all of a sudden I felt a kick to my “Ugbard” but as you humans call it testicles and I felt this gut feeling, where I felt like I was gonna throw up my Hubdairy food. After that I passed out, when I woke up I was on a couch at a random house. Didn’t know who’s but I went into the restroom and looked at myself. What the f*** is this? Did I really change? My thoughts traveled in my mind. My appearance looked different from my normal self. My hair was dark black, a combover as they call it. My skin a light brown, I looked like a f***ing nerd, tall and skinny. Had two scars over my right eye and dark brown eyes. I looked at the clothes I was wearing and I saw I had black skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a nirvana smiley face on it. I thought it was something else but now I know it was a band. And had a black hoodie with white strings coming out it. I pulled on one and the other was short then I pulled the other and the other one was short too. I was freaking out of it. I see the shoes on the my feet. I had black and white Converse. Wow that pill made me look like a natural human, but I can’t speak the language now what will I do? Who's f***ing house is this? I storm out of the bathroom and walked slowly, keeping my guard up just in case. Then I smell something awesome. What is that smell, whatever it is it smells delicious. When I go towards that smell I see a lady cooking eggs on a skillet.

“Oh Good Morning stranger, would you like some bacon with your eggs?” she hollered, she had an old southern accent, I understood the language but couldn’t speak it, so I stood quiet.

“Not a big talker huh, that’s ok I like my men silent.” she laughed at herself for that. Of course I thought she was crazy but I didn’t want to be known as an alien or who knows what they will do to me. She looked so young maybe in her mid 20s, she had a white t-shirt you could see through her shirt and some ripped jeans, with black flats. She had silky brown hair, with beautiful hazel eyes.

“So what are you doing in these parts of town, especially in a big town like this?” She rose her eyebrow at me. I had to say something only I didn’t know how to speak English. Only two words but I had to say something. So in the accent I have when I got this body I have I said “Ice cream.” She was hysterical, laughing thinking I was just playing around. I would’ve laughed too but I was the dumb one not knowing english.

“Great joke! What are you actually doing in Las Vegas?” She questioned. I didn’t want to say anything. I would look stupid again. So I just stood there in silence. Longest 5 seconds ever.

“Ahh I see. You don’t speak our language. No wonder you got that accent.” The rest of the time I was silent. I ate my food and I left the table to go outside.I had all my things and was about to go. Before I stepped on the porch I hear a voice

“Wait! Stranger where will you be going?” I couldn’t speak anything so I put two fingers on her forehead and left. Yes I know I’m an alien and no this isn’t like the movie E.T. It’s what I always do to my people when they are worried or feeling sad. It’s means that everything is alright if you just think about the situation. But in this case it meant that I’ll be alright but I don’t think she knew what I meant but I continued walking. I walked towards the nearest roadway and started my journey towards civilization. As I was walking a white van has pulled off to the side of the road and called me out.

“Hey why you walking by yourself? The town is not for another 20 mins from here.” I looked down the road. The endless road that was hot.

“Get in bud I’ll get you a ride.” I got in the car and sat down near two guys. They all looked like they were freaking out about seeing me. So after 30 minutes of driving I see the civilization but not what I was hoping for. The place was so unusual. There were colors and drawings on the wall. It’s like they need to clean up the place. Then I arrive at a door and the guys grab me and paralyze my hands.

“Hurry up you s*** head!” They take me to a room where I’m all alone. I can’t get my hands free so I can’t teleport anywhere. The room is dark, cold. This is not how I expected Earth to be. This planet sucks, after I get out I’m going home. I thought to myself. Now I waited for an hour or so and the door opens. A man with a scruffy beard and bushy black eyebrows came out and he has one eye working and the other not, it’s really creepy if you ask me.

“Let’s go the boss is waiting for you.” He said it very peacefully. As he takes me down I see other people lying on the floor all bloody. Some people had no hair. Some people had no teeth. There was a lot things that shouldn't be allowed to be done. How cruel can the people of earth be, where is the peace? Where is the serenity? There was a lot of things going through my head but I wanted to go home. I missed my people. I want to guide them through the darkness that consumes them when they are down.

“Ok he is in here.” He opens the door and I see a guy on a chair. He was talking on the phone and he seemed pissed.

“What the f*** do you mean? I left you in charge and you let me down!” He was throwing his hand in the air.

“No I am not mad, but when you come back we will have a serious talk.” He threw his phone against the wall

“This guy is fueled with rage.” I said under my breath. He looks over to me and examined me. I examined him as well. He was bald. He had weird ink all over his body. His eyes dark brown, bloodshot, like someone injected a needle in him.

“Who’s this bugger now?” His voice had a deep accent like this body I got. He came closer to me trying to give me a scare. Damn this guy’s breath stinks.

“He’s the kid we picked up, walking alone in the road,” He explained to the boss “ We just took him and brought him.” The boss walks back.

“What’s your name kid?” I didn’t speak. “Well are you gonna talk? Or are you gonna stand there acting retarded.” He gets in a little closer and stares into my eyes. He begins to laugh like a hyena.

“You are a funny kid. How about this I give you a job as one of us. So you don’t have to be alone.” He sits on his chair with his feet up on the table. “So we have a deal?” I had to say yes in order to get out of these contraptions. I nod my head in agreement.

“That’s a good boy now get those bloody handcuffs on him.” The other guy that was guarding the door came to unlock what you guys call handcuffs. I then waited for the right time.

“So the first thing your gonna do is clean up the bod-” Before he can finish his sentence I then ran towards him flipped his desk and then attacked the other guys. Left and right I was knocking out these demons. Then a dude came from behind and grabbed me. S*** what will I do? This dude kept me holded for a few seconds longer. I got angry that I couldn’t get out.

“Lights out for you.” This guy says. That’s when he got a punch to my stomach and that was a mistake for him. Now what I’m about to tell you is based on my imagination because I was out cold for 5 minutes. So my demon has came out. The other guys were scared of me. I got out of one of the guys hold and pushed him towards the wall. My strength was tremendous. It was like there were clones of me. I was just so fast. Then I wake up and I see a bunch of bodies on the floor. All of them bloody and unconscious. I squat down to look at the blood, it was all red. Not like mine. The boss comes out of the rubble of his desk and sees the bodies. He can’t move, is bleeding from his head. He freaks out and sees I’m the only one standing. He points a gun at me. I teleport to him, and take the gun out of his hand.

“Who the f*** are you?” He screamed. I pointed the gun between his eyes. From my regular voice I say

“I’m just a kid from the moon.” I pulled the trigger.

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