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November 1, 2014
By Anonymous

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The author's comments:

This is actually just a prologue and all of the other chapters are behind where Chapter 2 is actually Chapter 2.

A bell, an alarm system, notifying all of a certain thing. A guest, a customer, a meeting, a dawn of an hour. But this one, a small, fragile thing, old as our ancestors, but, when rung, marvels come true. Once pegasi flew by, and a pen from the unknown was sent. With this pen, I write now. But if one other would ring, she would be awoke from the cold sleep known as death. With her freezing chains cast astride, she might, just might be able to free the rest of us from the demons of Dracul, the dark made flesh. And yet, here it is, a wisp, floating through the air with wonder and curiosity. I lace a treat on the bell and it lands. It pokes it wondering why it had been drawn to it, and I hear a ring. Then I know that our savior is coming.

I am an elf. One without my memories, or knowledge of what will happen next. But I do know my name. Rowei Lumos. And this, is my tale.

I woke up drowsily as if from a long sleep. Around me, lush greenery grows, filling my nose, with rosemary, mint, and many other fragrant scents I am unable to name. My sensitive ears now adjust, filling my brain with tweets, chirps, and birdsong. They feel like music in my ears. I almost prick my finger on the pointed end of my ear. I am garbed in breeches and a shirt, both a shimmering green, sparkling like dew in the morning grass. A hooded jacket like a sparkling diamond, transparent and yet somewhat translucent. With a skirt of white swan feathers, I proceed. On my shoulder lands a swift. It seems friendly enough, so I decide to feed it a macadamia nut. It seizes it with it’s powerful beak and hovers like a hummingbird. Its boomerang-like wing structure shouldn’t allow it to hover, but yet it still does. The other birds stay away from it, it is an oddity, like me. “You shall be called Glade.” I say marveling at this wondrous being.

Hours, days, or seconds may go by, but in this lush world, time has no purpose. In here, all of nature is a friend. Warm breezes, sweet smells, breath-taking views, complex songs of harmony, and the juiciness of ripe berries are numerous in my memories and experiences. Humourous spirits and jubilous jamborees with berry drinks and a diamond dance to rally others for an age-old jungle race through an obstacle course, ending at the Ancient Temple. While there when scouting, the eldunarez, a living rock with eons of experience with whom we coexist with, said that it was a connection between Earth and the heavens, active in the past. The course consisted of huge hail, blazing boulders, flailing vaenarys(a kind of poisonous snake with wings), and the Klendu, a combination of a mammoth, an elephant, and a rhino, stampeding at us from behind. As I prepared to compete against the flying katpyres(feline beings similar to flying squirrels with their ability to glide) and the stalking wergults(a combination of a werewolf and a gorilla with sharp claws and hairy hides), I feel an unknown ghost-like presence brush past my mind. The oddity of it distracted me. And then around me the world glowed, as if I could see its lifeforce. I could feel the plants energy around me. Then, the chime rang out, leaving me in disarray as the others ran ahead leaving behind a cloud of dust surrounding me. I start to run, leaping with even strides and gaining speed. The trail starts to narrow and I spring up into the trees. Again, I felt the plants, and their energy surged through me as I climbed to the sky into the canopy. Around me, everything rushes forward, desperate to see what had connected to their spirits.
The other racers were fending off quicksand and mud golems below. Ahead, I saw the temple shimmering marble and sparkling opal, overgrown with vines. I lept down into giant leaves, slowing down my descent. I land in front of an enraged wergult, fueled by adrenaline. It slashes at me with my claws, only to trip over a tree root. I skip ahead and run into the trees. Then, I leap...

I feel the hard floor of the temple against my ringing head. The “ghost” from before returns, stronger, and much closer. Instead of retreating from it, I attempt to come into contact with it. I manage to sneak a glance at what it is. I feel isolation, sorrow, and, unexpectedly, hope. Compared to what it had endured, it seemed like hope would have been extinguished long ago. And yet it burns brightly, a light in the darkness of its past. I move forward, wondering about the orb in which it remained. On a pearl pedestal, it seemed mysterious, unknown. It seems to be emanating energy, perhaps pure. I walk to it, cautiously anticipating traps or illusions. I suspend my hand over the orb and feel light surge into my body. I touch it, and then a new mind morphs into me and I feel…   different. Glade dives at me and morphs into my right arm. In the right wall, a glass sculpture shattered, launching glass shards in all directions. Where it was, a passage further into the temple appeared, hidden behind the sculpture. I walked through it cautiously, wondering whether the sculpture was the original, or a replica to hide the passage. After climbing a flight of stairs, I discover a spiral figure, made of golden light with solar energy pouring out into the air. It had fins on its back and it had a tail of fire. It seemed to be deep in dream. I stepped forward, wondering whether this was friend, or foe. As I moved forward, it rose from its slumber revealing its true beauty and size. It, was a dragon. The eldunarez had said that they had disappeared long ago, leaving only two. The caretakers, who guarded the tombs of dragons old. 300 years ago, one dragon had fallen, and the other was driven away. The “ghost” returns, with one word sent into my mind. “Follow”  It took off, flying through the hallways and leaving me sprinting after it. As we climb higher and higher into the temple, the walls turn into timber and leaves dominate the roof of the passages. We turn past a corner and the right wall ends, allowing the wind to brush past us and causing sunlight to fill the passageway, b the dragon to shimmer with light reflecting every which way. I looked down and saw the other competitors ensnared by the elements. We run up to a natural platform on top of the tree growing off of the temple’s life energy. I collapse into a pile of leaves and see the dragon land in front of me. It says, “I am Erak, the Fallen. Once I had guarded to world from terror and darkness. However, I was driven away by Humans, who had thought I had guarded the tombs of my species. They were only claiming the Dark Dragons and they used their bones to forge weapons of dark. Now I will return to Earth with you as my rider. I have waited long for you, Rowei Lumos.” “But, why me. I am only an elf. You are the only dragon the world has ever heard of for centuries. What makes me worthy of such an honor?” I say, alarmed by this proposition. “You are worthy because you have the potential to be legend. Shall you accept this call to arms against evil? Or shall you decline the gods and let the world be destroyed by a demonic power thought to be defeated long ago.” He said, making me realize that I am more important than I had originally thought. “You shall be joined by two others. One you will meet shortly and another you must save.” With that statement, he flew up and dove into me, like what Glade does except with much more power and knowledge forcing itself into my mind.
  I felt as if the world was changing, the very fabric of reality was being stretched, threatening to break. I saw a rift and dove through hoping to return to wherever Earth was. I felt the shine of the moon and then, I fell.

A second later, the sound of the wind brushed past my ears. I looked around to notice a vivid landscape full of trees, young and old. A sparkling lake and a small settlement, fortunately walled to protect against attacks. I dove down, as to land in the lake. As I neared the surface of the water, I heard something in the distance, gaining quickly. I embraced the water, and let it reawaken my body. I resurfaced and climbed onto the shore, soaking wet. I stood up and looked around, familiarizing myself with the surroundings. As I recovered from my situation, a creature pounced on me and sent me sprawling in the dust. I looked back to see a winged humanoid, apparently thirsty for blood. Being unarmed and poorly armored made my chances for survival slim. The creature revealed its fangs which made it known as a vampire. I dove into the water and thought of anything that I could use against it. A thought of fire became apparent and Erak said, “Use it.” I sprung out of the water with a ball of fire in my palm.  The vampiric humanoid flew at me. I threw the fiery flames at it, incinerating its shoulder with a scream following the impact. As it collapsed at my feet, I staggered back, wary of it luring me in. Glade flew into a nearby tree, ready to distract. I glanced away and it leaped. Two strides and it was in front of me. I flipped around, throwing a barrage of fire. Out of the smoke, it wrapped its wing around me to feed. The bite felt like my soul was being absorbed, mercilessly broken down. Then it ended. As my sight started to blur, I spent my remaining energy into summoning raining meteors, furious rain and lightning. All on it. Once it had fallen, I let myself succumb to rest.

pter 4
I awoke in a hammock, the scent of pine lingering in the air. I stood up, still weary from my fight with the vampire. I step out into sunlight, only to be brought down with an extreme headache and soreness. I stumbled back into the shade with relief, to hear “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.” “Who are you?” I asked. “I am Alexei. In truth, we are both the same.” He replied. “How?” “Well, we are both elves afflicted with dracus vampiris.” He stated. “Wait. I’m a vampire!? But… but how?”I shrieked, with shock. “The vampire infected you with its bite. Check your canines for proof.” he said, with a sense of absolute honesty. I moved my hand to check and found fangs protruding from my jaws, seemingly replacing my canines. I wondered what other changes the bite had started.”How... How can I shield myself from su… sunlight.” I stammered, overridden with worry, thinking of the days I had spent languishing under the sun’s rays of warmth and light and how this disease had stolen it from me. I hear Alexei say, “Here, this will be of use if you ever face more foes on your travels.” as he hands me a single-edged blade of steele ice, freezing cold to the touch. I swung at a watermelon, with a single-armed grip. It sliced through with relative ease. “Thanks.” I mutter, uncertain of how to reply. He says, “Happy to aid others like me. Plagued with anguish and misfortune. Well, here is a sheath for it as well as a belt.” He hands me a silk sash with vibrant blues, reds, and greens with loops of varying lengths for all sorts of equipment. At the left and right ends, there were loops sewn together in order to hold the weight of two blades. At the back, sheaths for daggers. “Don’t poke yourself.” he remarked, in a joking manner, as if I might accidentally fall onto my blade. I slid the blade into its sheath in a fluid motion from habit, although I am not to sure when it formed. I stood up, ready to leave and to find my way and to find one who will join me and who I will free.
As I strode to the door, he said, “May I at least know your name?” I reply, “Rowei Lumos, although I don’t remember how I had received the name.” I continued to walk out, but something caused me to falter right at the doorway leading to the outside. I turn around and say the very thing that I feel at my core. “Alexei, would you be willing to accompany me on whatever I am trying to accomplish? Please?” He waits, leaving me in frantic worry. What if he says no? What will I do alone? But, if he says yes, then what? I guess I am more afraid of him agreeing than denying my offer.  He says, “Sure, after all this place is starting to get boring with the same thing being done again and again. And after all, I don’t want you getting eaten alive or torn to shreds the day after you leave my company. That’s just being a bad host.” I giggle, feeling more at ease with every moment that passes by in his presence. I recall playing in a field with, a sister perhaps? Those thoughts quickly turn bitter with sorrow about my current predicament and the amount of time that has definitely passed since those days. “Well, shall we be going?” I say, feeling daring that the world won’t be able to ruin this day any further. “Be patient, after all ensuring survival is enough without dealing with a lack of food and water. I’ll pack up and we should be on our way in about an hour or so. ” He says, while maintaining his friendly appearance. “If you need clothes, look in the far left door. There should be some breeches and shirts in the chest that will fit you.” “Okay, thanks.” I say, awaiting the eventual leaving of the tree house.

The author's comments:

This is the last chapter for now. I will continue the story with more chapters later.

“The village is darker than it may seem.” he says, “It is home to cannibals, who feast upon whomever decides to enter the surrounding area.” We watch from the trees nearby, high above the ground in order to escape detection. “See all of that wood that they are collecting?” he says. “That is for the bonfire on which they will be roasting, so if you want to save someone, you will need to sabotage the bonfire and knock them all out.” Well, I guess we could soak the wood and make most of it small kindling in order to make the fire smaller, if there is one. To deal with the cannibals, we would need a herb that will make them fall asleep.” “Well, that is technically doable, but how do you think you will get in and out of the camp without getting caught?” he replies. “I would need a distraction, perhaps them pursuing another.” I say, wondering whether Alexei would be the bait. “Well than, we won’t have to wait long. I saw a knight passing through here just two days ago. He shall probably return tomorrow and be captured. Would you be willing to rescue him?” he says. “Well, I guess so, considering how I need to rescue another. It might as well be him.” “Well then, let us wait for his return.” I say, wondering if he is the one who is meant to be the third member of our party.
The sky darkens, and the cannibals assemble, ready to hunt down the knight who had returned so eagerly, not knowing the fate that would have been his if we had moved on and not decided to remain. “Keep a lookout for me. When they return, hoot like an owl three times.” I say, determined to not mess this up. “Sure, just… be careful down there. Okay, Rowei?” he says, with worry on the edge of his voice. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Are you worrying for me?” I say, wondering if I had a brief glimpse into the history of Alexei and his feelings. I hop from branch to branch, getting closer to the establishment where they lived. At first glance, you wouldn’t notice the fact that the inhabitants of this location were cannibalistic. It appeared to be a regular village until you see the bone temples that they had created for whatever they seemed to worship. I hear a villager walking towards the stack of firewood for the bonfire. I hide next to a nearby hut, a good spot to hide with holes to see through and plenty of cover to hide behind. He gets closer and I manage to make out a few words. “... drop of blood… of someone pure… one left… then they… summoned finally...” he says, in a somewhat delirious state. He stumbles back to the outskirts of the village and I start to soak the wood with the water that I had. They had gathered this much without chopping down a single tree. I wonder where they found the logs and why they won’t touch the trees. Hmmmm… oh well. I drag some logs away to ensure that the fire won’t burn as long. However, I soon hear three owl hoots. I drop the log and start sprinting away, trying to get away before I am caught. I turn a corner to be whacked in the face by a log. I fall to the ground, nose bleeding and senses fading. As I drift to slumber, I notice that the knight is being brought into the camp.
I awaken in a small shack, still hazy from my being knocked out. I smell dried manure, which must mean that horses are normally stored in here. I hear a fire being made, rising into the night sky, filling the air with light as if it was the daytime. I look around for my gear and notice it laying outside of the shack on a crate. I concentrate and summon flames to burn through the rope. Once it has been burnt to a crisp, I stand up sore from the hours, I guess, that I was out. I climb out through a hole in the back and crouch, sneaking along to recover my weapons. As I put the sash around my waist, I accidently tap into the bonfire and is tempted to cause it to explode eradicating all of them, including the knight. I shrug it off, realizing that Erak had tapped into it. I hear them start to chant, and I start to go around to where a larger set of stables are. In there, I find the knight, scared witless. I walk forward, careful to not alarm the guards of our presence. As I break his bonds, he says, “Oh thank you, thank you so much. I prayed and prayed and you came to rescue me!” I reply spitefully, “I came here of my own free will, not because a god told me too.” I realize that I was getting darker as I deal with this world and the more I experience it. I say, “Shush! Be quiet or you will get us both killed!” I beckon him to follow and we walk towards a trio of horses, including the knights own horse. I tell him, “Grab these three and exit the village. Ride towards the great redwood overlooking the edge of the camp. Once there, wait for me. My friend should meet you there.” As he climbs onto his horse, he says, “What do you have left here?” I reply with a harsh voice, “Unfinished business. Now run!” He rides away with the horses in tow and I climb onto a large and ornate wooden building facing the bonfire, preparing myself for controlling the massive fire. However, just as I start, someone dumps a bucket of blood into the fire. It turns crimson red and appears to open a portal in the center of it. Unwilling to see what lies within, I pierce the fire with my mind, breaking it to pieces and releasing it in its most wild form it has. However, once I receive a glimpse of something getting out of the portal, I receive a vision, of family, and of demons being sent forth to destroy all that represents joy and happiness. Something inside me takes over and I draw upon my rage for fuel. The flame is sent forth, consuming all that lays in its path and temporarily blinding all looking in its direction. I direct it into a beam and launch it into the portal determined to break through and destroy the demons that would climb out of their dark prison. Smoke surrounds the ground and I fall to my knees, tired from that effort.
The smoke starts to lift and demons, dark as night, walk out into this world from their own. I stand again, determined to prevent their rampage and to bring forth their downfall. I leap down and draw my blade, ready to slice them into pieces. I charge forth, jumping off one’s shield to stab another in the neck. I dodge to the right, escaping a savage slash, and stab him through the neck. I pull my blade out and decapitate him, letting him fall to the ground. I launch a ball of fire at a group and slice through a shield and sever his spinal chord. From behind, a blow lands, causing blood to flow from my back. I spin around, breaking through his spine with a single slash. A shockwave of fire courses through the earth, causing them all to stumble and fall. I slice the throats of two and throw one of their hand-axes at a demon standing up. I spin around to slice through one and to amputate another’s leg. But they still keep on coming, no matter how many fall to my blade or flames. I end up slipping on blood and drop to the ground. I see a demon raise his two-handed great sword, about to bring down a fatal blow, but suddenly an arrow pierces his head, causing him to fall next to me. I breath in, realizing death had narrowly passed me by. More arrows rain down, ensowing panic in their ranks. Alexei jumps down from the trees, wearing a dark cloak and wielding a runed bow, with arrows of flame flying through the air, piercing through heads, one by one. He slides it into his holster on his back, and draws two longswords, one of ice and the other of fire. He runs forward to my aid, slicing through their legions as if they were no more than scarecrows, unable to fight back in his decisive attack. He pulls me up and tossed me his bow and quiver. I strap the quiver onto my belt and pull out an arrow. I draw the bow and fire, getting two demons in one shot. The more I fire, the faster I shoot and I settled into a rhythm, firing one arrow every second. They started to catch on fire from my arrows. They attempted retreat, but as they ran, I shot them down. Every last one of them. I grab three arrows and pull back, aiming at the portal from whence they came. I glanced at Alexei and he nodded. I let go, letting the incendiary arrows pierce the portal and implode it. We walk back to the knight and ride north.

“You let them get away? How could you!? They are two warriors, versus one hundred of my demon army.” (sigh) It seems that the girl is of more power than originally thought. To have controlled the flames in such ways. “Keep an eye on them, and make sure that they don’t enter any other worlds.” Who knows what powers she may obtain if she is able to gain access. Perhaps the prophecy is occuring after all. I shall look forward to such a challenge.

The world, fallen off balance shall be changed forever
by the one of memories. The Dragon Rider shall come and ride The Fallen.
It is she who shall change the fate of the world, and must make the hardest sacrifice of all. From her choices, the world shall either burn or learn of a new way.

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