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Forgetting Boundaries

June 28, 2013
By JYLee, Seoul, Other
JYLee, Seoul, Other
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This concept is as easy as One. Two. Three.

I've never been the "fend for yourself" or the "don't care about them, they don't matter" type of guy. If I see a little kid attempting to tie a shoe, I'll help him. If I see a senior wobbling across the street, I'll help them. If I see people try to rob a bank... yeah... good luck with that.

If I'm the one in trouble, it's no big deal. It's just me. I'm nobody that could change the world. But if it's someone I care about.... I'm sorry, but someone's about to get their mindset rearranged real fast.

You see... I found this great quote. It fits me perfectly. Like... like... soysauce to dumplings! (I got that from my friend... you'll know about him later.) It says something like, "I can never fight for myself, but, for others, I can kill."

Isn't that powerful? It's like BAM that's me. Good Samaritan right here!

The thing is... I used to not be like this.

I used to be the guy who sat in the corner, hiding from the attackers hoping they'd spare me if I said nothing. Man... I got some lessons taught to me, alright.

True friends are people that should never be forgotten. Because... if your true friends are gone, you have, honestly, no one left.

This is my story. My story on how my heart changed.


Forgetting Boundaries

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