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One Bullet

January 16, 2013
By SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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The plane soared over the battlefield. I sat in my seat and looked at my dog-tags. Jared “Doc” Kerr was the named carved into those two metal slabs, my name and the name that my squad gave me, although I started out as just simply “Kid”. Our squad had flown in over a crimson stained battlefield. Bodies were scattered all over the place, like matches that were spilled across a blood colored carpet.
Suddenly there was a flash and a loud bang, soon after the plane rocked violently. I shook my head and turned to our squad leader, Joshua “Ghost” Melzark, who was trying to calm down some of the soldiers. “I thought we had an agreement with this country!” I shouted as another rocking round hit the plane. He looked at me and said with a bit of a distant look “that’s what General Morag said before he sent us into this place.” I looked out the window and saw that we were getting lower. The plane’s left wing had been shot off. “WE NEED TO BAIL NOW” Shouted my best friend, Jesse “Mirage” Vonbargon, the chief engineer on the team.
The door was blown off and soldiers were being sucked outside, without parachutes. They were good men, men I had treated before, men with families. Mirage, Ghost, and I were hanging on to anything that we could. As we got closer and closer to the ground, enemy soldiers had appeared and were shooting at the plane from the ground below. Bullets zoomed by us and hit the pilot, send her body sliding to the back of the plane. Her lifeless hand hit a button that released the jump light. I looked at Mirage, our eyes filling with fear. We knew that button was about to release the back of the plane.
Ghost took out his knife and stuck in into the nearest thing he could and shouted at us to do the same. As the back door opened we were instantly pulled towards the back of the plane and losing grips on our knives. We hit the ground, sending tons of weapons and ammo flying out and onto the ground below. I took my knife out of the seat that I had stuck to; Mirage and Ghost were already outside the crashed plane.

As soon as I got out, I walked to them to see if they were hurt. Nothing more than some bruises and an occasional cut, but other than that everything seemed just fine. Suddenly gunshots were heard and three enemies came over a hill and pointed their weapons at us. “On the ground now” shouted the middle one. We did so and they walked down to us, eyes watching our every breath. They ordered us to get up and walk, again we did so. They grabbed all of our weapons and ammunition that was scattered among a sandy dune, except for one pistol that I grabbed and stuck into one of my medical pouches. All three of us were thrown into the back of a jeep and they placed bags over our heads. We were taken to somewhere that I could not see, due to the bag on my head, but from the smell of whiskey and gunpowder, I could tell this was an enemy shelter.
We were shoved down into seats and the lights blinded us and the bags were removed from our heads. Two guards stood on two corners of a square cement room, with nothing more than a table and chair, not including the three that Ghost, Mirage and I were seated in. The guard opened the door and a man walked in and sat down in the chair in on the other side of the table. He was a big man with smell of whiskey and blood that was so strong it blinded me. The man looked at one of the guards behind us and started yelling in a language I that could not understand. When the guard spoke, I guess he talked back, the man pulled out his pistol and shot the guard.
Ghost has about lost it and started yelling “What is the meaning of this; nine years ago we had an agreement with your country!” I had remembered that Ghost used to babble on about his stories with General Morag during the war; I was only a teenager when he was in. It turned out that this leader did speak English and he responded to Ghost as “We did, but we did not agree with the terms, so I and a bunch of my men separated from our military.” The huge man smiled and looked at the other guard. The guard looked at his pistol and then gulped in fear. He grabbed a strange device out from a bag and tossed it to the man. “My name is Lobo; I am the general of the Scorpios!”
He held the device above us and a strange blue light came out of it. “Well, my trusted partner, who are these three” Lobo said with a smile. “That is squad Valken, their captain, chief engineer, and the medical officer”. Ghost about jumped up in his seat as he heard the voice, we all knew that voice since we joined up with the military.

“Morag you betraying rat!” Shouted Ghost, he looked like he was about to become the Hulk he was so angry. “Captain, that’s no way to treat a superior officer” General Morag’s voice said with a hint of amusement “You see Lobo here had a plot, to take down both his and our government by assassinating both leaders, and you three were the best on our force.” Lobo smiled and took over “So naturally we knew that you three would get in way of things.” “So you sent out half our military to save some hostages that weren’t even there!” I growled with anger. “Correct” Morag said “Lobo, be a gentlemen and show these men to their cells.” Lobo looked at the guard and nodded. The bags were thrown over our heads again and suddenly a jolt of pain hit the back of my head and everything went black.

I woke up and found I was in a cell with two others. Once my eyes lit up, I saw that it was two skeletons. I looked outside the cell and saw that there were only two guards in the room. The cell next to me was Mirage and on the other side of me was Ghost’s cell. I backed up from the cell and looked out the window. Lobo was standing with two guards who threw a hostage in front of them; on the other side of this ramp was a long drop off to a canyon. The two men stood the hostage up and faced him towards the canyon. He fired and the man’s body was thrown off the ramp. I watched as the body disappeared off the edge of the Clift.
We have got to get out of here I thought to myself. I looked around the room to see if there was anything that I could use to escape. I found a rock and tossed it toward Mirage’s cell. He looked out the door and I signaled him to toss me a coin that I knew he held in one of his pockets. He tossed it to me and I almost missed it, but still caught it. Next I knocked on Ghost’s cage, and once he stuck his head out it signaled for him to toss me a suppresser. He had once been a sniper, so he carries three suppressers on his armor. I stuck it to the pistol that I had carried with me from the plane crash. I was ready to escape.
I tossed the coin over to the corner of the room and waited for the first guard to walk over and examine it. I smiled and looked over to the other guard who was just standing there. I whistled and signaled for him to come. He walked over and growled, “What do you want, American?” “I’m sorry I just, wanted you to know something” I lied. “What?” I grabbed his jacket and pulled hard, he slammed into the cell with a bang. He was knocked out, but his buddy was coming over with his gun pointed at me. I hurried and unlocked the cell and as soon as I tumbled out, the guard was already on me. “In the cell now!” He shouted, as he slipped his finger over the trigger. I pulled out the silenced pistol and shot him, making sure that his machine gun did not go off as it hit the floor.
I shot off the locks that were latched to my friend’s cells and they came out. Ghost picked up the machine gun that the dead guard had dropped, while Mirage was picking the knocked up guard’s rifle. “What’s the plan boss?” I asked, Ghost simply replied “we kill Lobo and Morag, save the governments, and shoot anyone in our way.” I shook my head, “As much as I want to get back at the two dogs that locked us up in this joint that is not the best plan of action, we could be arrested for shooting a senior officer!” Ghost looked at me and said calmly “If I need some help caring for a booboo, then ill refer to your medical expertise, but until then I am your Captain and those our your orders.”
We ran down the hallway of the shelter, hoping to find the way out. Suddenly an alarm sounded and we hid quickly, passing guards ran towards the direction of the cells. “They found the bodies” Mirage said “We need to move quickly.” We headed down a long narrow pass till we came to a door. I did not trust the looks of this door but it was our only way out. We opened the door and hid in the shade of the roof. The light was almost blinding, but we managed to make out that there were two guards in towers with launchers. I gulped and whispered to Ghost “Even if we get out alive, those RPGS will take out the choppers if we call in air support.” He smiled and said back “Follow my lead.”
He climbed up one ladder while Mirage climbed up the other, I had snuck underneath cover. I heard a gasping noise and a thud, two bodies fell from the towers; I ran to make sure the two enemies were dead before taking ones walkie-talkie and binoculars. Mirage jumped from his tower to the next one, as Ghost signaled for me to climb. Once I reached the top of the tower, I gave Ghost the binoculars. “We need to find were Lobo is and take him out.” Mirage said as he looked around. Ghost was looking in the binoculars, trying to find any spot any place were Lobo could be. I suddenly jerked upward as I saw a large tower, and nudged Ghost. “Over there, zoom in.” He did so and smiled. “Doc, I believe you just found our target.”

I stared marking down the air support codes for the Walkie Talkie, hoping that after we did this I could retire and spend the rest of my life away from the battlefield. “Ghost” Mirage said as he was staring at the tower “If we try to call in air support now, we will be seen by those men in that tower.” Ghost nodded “that’s why we are going to take out that tower before they get here.” Ghost looked at me and nodded. I switched on the Walkie Talkie and started speaking in to it. “This is Valken Squad, we need air support now, I repeat we need air support now.”
I waited for a response for a while until suddenly I heard in the speaker “Valken Squad we copy and air support should reach you with an E.T.A of 30 minutes, over.” I switched off the device and looked at Ghost. “Choppers are coming in, E.T.A. of 30 minutes.” Ghost nodded and turned to Mirage “Light ‘em up”.
Mirage picked up the RPG that was on the ground and Ghost jumped to the other tower. From what I can assume, he had picked up the other RPG. I covered my ears and held my head down; this was going to be loud. Both of them fired, the rockets zoomed over the base and straight into the lower part of the tower. The explosion was heard by all the guards in the area and they all ran towards the two towers that we were in. I pulled out my pistol and shot at some of the guards that had already showed up.
The tower fell right into the base, good. Most of the men had been killed by the impact and the rest were shot. The base was a ruined mess, on fire, and scattered with bodies. We got down from the towers and high fived each other. The helicopter had just shown up, and I cannot explain in words how relived I felt as the air craft landed on the sandy dune. The rooters were kicking so much sand up that it was almost impossible to see the rest of the chopper, but I did not care, I was just thrilled to get out of this mess and back home. Suddenly, Lobo jumped out of the wreckage. He was blood soaked, from his hat to his boots, and he looked like he was about to pop with anger. He had picked up a pistol and was aiming at the chopper’s window.
I knew that if he hit the pilot, then the chopper would go down, and we would not be able to escape. He had a sharp bit of concrete through his chest and it looked like this might be his final shot. “YOU DIE NOW AMERICANS!” Lobo shouted as he fired the shot. The whole world seemed to move in slow motion. The bullet was traveling towards the black chopper; Lobo had dropped to the ground and died smiling, and I felt my brain send a message to my legs. I jumped and the bullet hit me in the right eye. Once I hit the ground, my right eye went all red with pain and everything went black.

I woke up, my eye hurt, I mean it REALLY hurt. It felt as if, I don’t know, a bullet had just gone through it. It was also still pitch black wherever I looked, but I felt like I was in a bed. I must be in a casket, I’m dead I thought to myself. Suddenly, I heard a voice. “Ah, Medical Officer Kerr, good to see your awake.” I looked around but it was still pitch black. “Oh I almost forgot, here let me help you.” I heard footsteps and suddenly, the room lit up. Through my vision, I was in a grey-blue room; three doctors were standing at the foot of the bed. Three little yellow rectangles highlighted the three.
“Why are there rectangles floating?” I asked the three doctors. One stepped out and said, “That is your targeting system, here take a look.” He handed me a handheld mirror. As I looked into it, an icy stab of fear grazed through me. They had replaced my eye, with a robotic one. It looked like a human eye that was transparent; I could see all the gears and wires that made the eye run. The pupil of the eye was red and it glowed like Rudolph’s nose. I looked at the doctor and I found him with a yellow grin on his face. I looked over to a little table, a blood soaked bullet sat there.
“It is lucky that the bullet did not go to your brain” the lead doctor said “if it did, you would have died.” I groaned with pain, as some gears shifted in my new eye to target the bullet. “We hoped that with this new eye, you may be able to assist us, in our war against the Americans.” I gasped as I realized that these three worked for the now scattered Scorpios. “I AM an American; I am one of the many Medical Officers that serve its military.” He grabbed out a small device from one of the cupboards in the back of the room. Another jolt of pain hit me as my eye shifted to target whatever it was that the doctor was holding. He held a small device that had blue linings all over the handle; a large black button was perched at the top of the device. I knew something was wrong when the doctor slipped his finger over it. As he pressed the button, a strong wave of shocking and pain came over me. I yelled in pain and slipped off the bed, holding my new eye in pain.

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Don’t Miss out on the new book that is coming, One Bullet: Ravaged

As soon as the buzzing pain left from my head, I stood up shaking. I looked at the doctors who seemed to been snickering. “What…was….that…?” I said, still a bit jumping from the sudden burst of pain. The lead doctor suddenly looked very angry. “Listen, we know who you are, we know what you have done in the past, and of course we know where you came from, but we put that eye into your bleeding socket because we knew that with it you may be able to help us.” I wanted to choke the living life out of this doctor, but I knew that would result in another shock attack so I kept my fist down.
I realized what the button was for now, “And to protect yourselves, you needed a way to stop me if somehow I got out of control.” “Correct” Sneered the doctor. “How long was I out?” I asked, wondering about if Lobo’s plot to kill our president had succeeded or not. “A year has passed, Mr. Kerr, and sadly we have failed.” I was suddenly intrigued, “How?” The doctor was calming down, “Your friends, Ghost and Mirage, they stopped Morag but he got away and here you are, you can’t do anything, but he has a new plan, one that I’m afraid will leave no one alive.”
They dragged me down a hallway and tossed me into a cell. The lights shut off, the only light came from my new eye, that one bullet had given me. I waited, until I had the chance to escape again.

To be continued….

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SunGlassWolf13, Nooksack/Everson Wa, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"I will not text, because if god wanted me to take 15 minutes to say, 'whats up?', he would have given me a studder". Bill Engvall

I apologise about the describtion. I forgot to look it over and i am trying to fix it, after i post Part 2 to the Third book, ill release an updated version. Thank you for your time.