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The Dome

October 15, 2012
By Alecx2x, Piedmont, Oklahoma
Alecx2x, Piedmont, Oklahoma
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Oscar James, a man who was caught up in the outbreak Of the infected five years ago. He was the head developer that came up with the idea of a recovery center from the zombie like creatures. A large man-made city, A plexiglass dome that goes over ¾ of Asia. Over 3 Billion people fit inside the dome. Oscar owns the company Glazz. The creators of the dome of course. In the process of making the dome, Oscar fell off and lost 36% of his blood. Luckily, he was not killed. Oscar met his wife Tonya Baker in 2036. They've been married for seven years now. And the population of the world was up to 9 billion, of course that was before the outbreak.


The Dome

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