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Vampire High Chronicles: the first taste

October 3, 2012
By aleajan BRONZE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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aleajan BRONZE, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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Author's note: Just life in all of it's glory. And i've all ways loved vampires.

"All Students to the gym, All Students to the gym." Boomed though the speakers in the Vampire high hallways. Alena Gordon was one of the ten students who were born a vampire at least at "her" high school. She was hurrying towards the gym when !SMACK! right into her best friend Chad at least for now. Chad was one of those teen vamps. with black hair and earrings. He dyed his hair a lot. "Nice hair" laughed Alena "Ya. Well most of the guys in this school have blond or brunette hair, it's not like all of them have black hair." Sassed back Chad."ya, your right it's not like every guy in this school has black hair or anything." They both laughed as they went into the gym.
"QUIET!!!" everyone went silent not a single peep came from the students. "Welcome back to another year and Vampire High, For all the freshman here my name is Mrs.brick. And welcome to vampire high, You will be given your schedules when you walk out the doors. As you see first names A-l on the left, M-Z on the right. Have a wonderful first day." As the principal finished everyone got up and slowly but surely got their schedules and headed out the doors trying to find their classes. "Alena, WAIT." yelled chad down the hallway. Alena stopped to a halt, "what's up chad?" "what do you have for first period?" "Werewolf history why?" "me too, But apparently there's supposed to be a real werewolf." Oh my thoughts keep going off in her head, She was only a tenth grader. "were not suppose to meet a werewolf tell were seniors!!"
"EEOOEEOO!!" "What's that?" "It's the werewolf Alarm!!" "Everyone to the front of the building now!" Echoed threw the speakers. "run for your lives" "their going to kill us!!" "were just sitting ducks if we don't do something!!"
"EVERYONE QUIET!!!!" Again everyone was quiet. "I have something important to tell you..." Mrs. Bricks voice was cold and nerve racking. "So before we all go running for the hills I'll tell you what's going on." Her voice still cold as ice. " we are going to be welcoming 200 werewolves to are high school for 6 months. And we are going to be giving them 200 of our vampires to see how we work with each other." talking and whispers started coming from the students. " just so you know you are in no harm. But we are going to be as kind and as safe as we can be. Which also means there will be 50 students from each grade will be chose at lunch today to go to their school. Their principal has kindly said that he will talk with us at lunch and he has showed up early talk to me." she paused... "NOW get back to class!!" shouted Mrs. Brick. Everyone quickly ran to their second period class. "hey Rose!!" shouted Alena above the other students. "oh my god Alena you look beautiful!" rose gave Alena a hug and saw the fear in her eyes. "Alena what's wrong?, You worried that your going to be picked right?" sadness flashed in rose's eyes. "Rose, it could happen to anyone of us i mean what happens if they pick Eva. She's my sister and she's only a freshman what if she falls in love with one of them!!?" Alena started to cry and rose hugged her again. Two hours later it was fifth period and everyone slowly made their way to the lunchroom.

As everyone got into their seats Mrs. Brick and a very hairy man stood in the middle of the cafe. Mrs. Brick had four big bowls next to her with tons of pieces of paper in them. "Good Afternoon Students. Now lets get down to business, First the Seniors" As the 50 seniors stood they all had fear all over their faces. "Now for the Juniors." As they stood they had no glue what was going to happen to them. "Now for the Sophomores." Rose, Alena, Eva, and Chad were holding hands. So far none of them had been called but she still had ten left and that could be any of them. "Amanda Johnson, Jaden Johns, Anna Iverson,....... And that looks like all of them now for the Freshman." Alena, Rose and Chad were now hugging Eva like they were trying to protect her. Then she came down to the last two names. "Amber Johnson,....... And Eva Gordon." As Eva made her way though the crowd Alena dropped to the floor with tears rolling down her face. "Now that we are done everyone who was called please go to the right bus outside. Freshman on bus one, Sophomores on bus two, Juniors on bus three and Seniors on bus four thanks." As Mrs. Brick ended the hairy man stood. "My name is Mr. Felix." Then 200 werewolves started coming thought the doors. A blond haired werewolf started to walk towards Mr. Felix. "This is my son Jason, He is a sophomore and he is very happy to be here." Jason started to lead all the other werewolves the the empty tables in the back of the cafe."And I almost forgot I'm the principal for werewolf high thank you." When he finished Mrs. Brick walked back up to the microphone. "The other students have already gotten their schedules. So you can now go get your lunches." everyone stood and got their lunches. Alena, Rose, and Chad sat with each other they were eating and Alena had just stopped crying when Jason came up and asked. "Can I sit with you guys?" "Sure, as long as you don't bite our heads off." Joked chad. "Ya, I don't do that since while I'm going for your neck all you would have to do is get your hands around my throat and I'm pretty much dead." they all laughed and continued to eat.

As the morning bell rang the students got in their seats for first period. "Welcome to werewolf history, Let's start with getting to know everyone. You in the front stand and tell us your name, age, and if you were born, half, or full." It's quiet for a moment than he speaks. "Chad Danforth, My age is 15, I was born a vampire which makes me also a half vampire." "Thank you for sharing Mr. Danforth, Now you next to him." She pointed to one of the girl werewolves. "Amber Felix, I'm 16 years old and I'm a full blown werewolf mam." "Thank you Miss. Felix I understand we have another Felix in my class. Jason right?" She pointed to Jason who was drawing on his book. "Mr. Felix. Please pay attention" "Oh I'm sorry Mrs?" "I'm sorry I almost forgot my name is Mrs. Iverson and I hope your school is taking good care of my daughter." she paused for a moment. "Mr. Felix you may share now." "My name is as most of you know Jason Felix, I'm 16 and yes me and my sister are twins. And like my sister I'm a full werewolf." As Jason sat down Mrs. Iverson pointed to Alena. "I'm Alena Gordon, I'm 15 and like my friend Chad I was born a Half vampire." "Very well Miss. Gordon, Now you in the back." She pointed at a kid that was wearing all back and sitting in the corner. "I'm Vlad Tod, I'm 16 and I'm a full vampire which for the werewolves in the room means that I was born in a hive." As Vlad took his seat she pointed at Rose. "I'm Rose Anderson I am 15 and i was born in a hive as well." As Rose took her seat the door flew open as a red haired vampire waled into the room and punched Jason in the face.
"Henry Anderson! Get over here right now!!" "Mrs. Iverson so nice to see you. Did you curl your hair? it looks wonderful." "Yes I did. Now to Mrs. Brick's office now!!" "Yes, Mrs.... Iverson...." Said Henry as he walked out the door.

"Mrs. Brick I swear I have good reasons for punching Jason in the face-" "Like what?" Mrs. Brick said cutting him off. "like last year he T.Pd my house on Halloween. Or when he threw an Water balloon at my mother. She had bandages on her face for weeks, Cause the "water" balloon didn't have water in it." "Mr. Anderson as that maybe true I still have to give you a weeks worth dentition." As Mrs. Brick finished Henry stood walked out of her office. "God Damn you Henry why did you have to punch him?" yelled/asked Rose who looked like had been waiting for him. "Because he tortured our mother!!!" he cooled down after a while and then said "And I over heard his thoughts and he said you looked like a Goodie Two Shoes and I heard from one of my friends that he likes you and I went off." "Henry you have to stop punching every guy who "you" think likes me, You are going to say sorry to Jason aren't you? and thank him for not beating the crap out of you?" "Fine, But your coming with me now." Henry started to pull rose down the hall when she said "why, where are we going?" "You will find out when we get there now shut up!" after 10 Min's of walking they came to a stop in front of the schools theater.

"hey, rose, henry are you signing up for the schools musical too?" asked alena who showed up from nowhere and started to sign her name in big font. "Alena Oliva Gordon I didn't know your middle name was oliva." henry said. "ya. It's my mom's maiden name, my older sister's first name, and my middle name." "oh cool, and yes i was just about to make my sister signup." said henry with a cheesy smile he pushed Rose towards the door. "please Henry do i have to?" asked Rose hopefully. "yes, If you want me to say sorry to Jason." "Fine!" as rose put her name on the sheet Vlad started to walked towards them and pushed his way to the sign up sheet and signed his name VlaDmIr ToD. "Nice penmenship." laughed henry. Vlad whipped around and had a knife to henrhy"s thorat before henry could blink.
"Just because you can punch a werewolf doesn't mean that i can't kill you right now." Vlad whipsered into henry's ear. In a second flat Alena had a sniper light on Vlad's chest. "Check yourself Vlad before you do anything, Slowy put the knife down and get out of here NOW!" Vlad did what ALena siad to do and slowy walked down the hallway laughing to himself. Alena threw the paint ball gun with a sniper light on it at henry. "are you ok henry?" asked Alena. "ya, he cut me a little but i'll be fine. A paint ball gun? you carry a paint ball gun with a sniper light on it around with you?" asked Henry as he put the gun down. "no, i hide one behind every trash can in the school." "That's cool i guess, well ladies let us go in." "I'm going to kill you henry." "I know but it's funny."
""i don't even know what song i'm going to do." "how about you do anything you can do i can do better with me i just signed up, remember the time we did it at grandma's birthday?" "ya, but henry i do-" "And were going to be it together so you don't have to be afaid just look at me. Now lets go sit in the front row!!" Henry said as he pulled Rose down the row. "Students, Students take your seats if you will." Mr. taylor said. "aduntionns for the musical will take place today, wedensday, and friday during class. Now who wants to go first?" "me,me,me!!" "Yes, miss. gordon come on up, what will you be sining for us today?" "stupid boy by keith urban." "start when your ready." it took about a mintue then she started. "Well, she was precious like a flower, She grew wild, wild but innocent.A perfect prayer in a desperate hour.She was everything beautiful and different. Stupid boy, you can't fence that in, Stupid boy, it's like holdin' back the wind She laid her heart and soul right in your hands And you stole her every dream and you crushed her plans. She never even knew she had a choice and that's what happens When the only voice she hears is telling her she can't.Stupid boy, stupid boy. So what made you think you could take a life. And just push it, push it around? I guess to build yourself up so high. You had to take her and break her down.You stupid boy, oh, you always had to be right. But now you lost the only thing, That ever made you feel alive.Yeah, yeah." Alena's beautiful singing voice flowed acrossed the room and applause erupted from the group of students. "good job miss. gordon please take your seat. I see we have the andersons her, your next!" "lets go sister!" he said with a big cheesy grin on his face. "we are going to be doing anything you can do i can do better." Henry explained to the class."go head." mr.tayloe said. the rose began to sing. "anything you can do i can do better." "ha." "I can do anything better than you!" "no, you can't" "yes, i can." "no, you cant" "yes i can, can, can!" "anything you can be i can be greater sooner or later i'm greater than you!" "no, you're not." "yes, i am." "no, you're not." "yes i am, yes i am, yes i am! i can shoot a partige with a single cartage." "i can get a sparow with a bow and arrow." "i can live on bread and cheese." "and only on that?" "yes." "so can a rat!" "i can jump a hirdle." "i can wear a gridle." "i can kit a sweater." "i can fit it better." "i can open any safe." "without getting caught?" "sure." "that's what i thought you crook! I can sing anyhing better than you" "no, you can't" "yes, i can" "no, you can't" "yes, i can." NO, you can't can't can't!" "Yes, i can can can can!!!" again massive applause erupted from the crowd of students. "and that's all for today class you may go. Bravo Alena, Henry and Rose!"

Mean while at the Gordon's kitchen table everyone but Alena was happy for Eva to have the chance A.K.A being made to go to werewolf high. Eva had just gotten done with her fourth day at her new high school. Now she was happy all the time and it really annoyed Alena a lot. "So Alena i heard the werewolves outside your school while i was waiting for you, talking about you." "About what? Eva and how would they even know about me if you didn't tell them about me?" "well.... they were mostly Jason's friends Paul, jack, and James....." "about what?" "how much they see Jason flirting with you in werewolf history." "He does not flirt with me OK? end of conversation." "bu-" "no. end of conversation." "fine, but one of the guys asked me out." "you didn't say yes did you?" "of course i said yes, he's hot!" "which one is it.?" "James, brown hair, blue blue eyes..." "oh my god!!!! i knew this was going to happen! mom do you have anything to say about Eva having a werewolf boyfriend?" Alena asked her mother who was drinking blood wine at the kitchen counter trying not to pay attention. "what sweety? i wasn't paying attention." "Eva has a werewolf boyfriend." "What! Eva Kay Gordon do you know how dangerous that is? all he has to do is bite you once on a accident and your dead, you might have 30 minutes maxium." their mom to OK another sip of the blood wine. tears started to roll down her face. "I just don't want to lose you." she said tears dripping into her blood wine. "Mom,, i swear I'll be safe trust me James isn't one to bite." she hugged her mom and went to her room. "your just going to sit here and let her date that thing? almost as bad as letting her date a human!" Alena yelled at her mom went to her room and slammed her door without another word. "kids these days you can't keep them happy." their mom said as herself went to bed with a bottle of blood-wine.

At 8:30 A.M. Alena's alarm finally went off she woke up and then noticted she was 30 minutes late for school. "crap!" she yelled as she tripped over her shoes trying to get her pants on. Again she was late to school but lucky her mom was still home so she wasn't as late as she would have been. "Late Again i see Miss. Gordon." Mrs. Iverson said and Alena tripped into the classroom and took her seat. "Sorry, Mrs. Iverson my alarm is broken." "Well now we have learned the lesson not to trust our alarms" Mrs. Iverson joked as she gave Alena the evil eye. "Well Class Have a good day class is over" everyone walked slowly to their second period. "you know we have gym right?" Chad Said looking at Alena's Choice in clothing today. "Crap, Oh Well i'll just were my clothes that I'm wearing. Let's just get over with this." They laughed and both walk into the gym and "Look what the cat dragged in." Paul Said with jack & James Behind Him. "Look Alena, Chad's Following you Around like a losted puppy!" laughed James. "Alena, I'm going to go change you OK with being alone with these creeps?" "Chad She doesn't need a play-by-play she doesn't care" Jack Said Pushing Chad into the boys locker room. "Bye,Bye Chaddy Boy." Paul Said as he continued to laugh like a idiot. "Was that necessary?" Alena Asked as she gave jack the evil eye. "Oooo Hot & Feisty, My kind of girl." jack said looking Alena Up and down like how a wolf eye's it's prey. "now Boys stop being pricks before i have to bring out the claws." Alena she made cat claws with her hands. "Meow!!!" all three of the guys said and walked into the locker room. Alena say Rosea across the gym and started to walk towards her when her heart sank as the sound of a gun shot went off in the boys locker room. Alena dropped her books and dashed into the boys lockeroom along with everyone Else.

She pushed though the people and fell to her knees as she saw Chad on the floor in a pool of blood. "Chad, No, Chad you can't die!" Alena cried holding Chad in her arms. Her white shirt was now covered in his blood. "Someone call 911" Jason yelled as he tried to pull Alena off of him. "Get off me, no,no." She cried as she gently punched him in the chest as he keep his arms around her trying to clam her down.

Dear Dairy, the funeral was short the look on everyone’s face’s looked like they thought Chad as going to ‘jump up’ and say “everything is ok” or say he was faking and give everyone a giant hug.

Alena keep writing in her diary about how much she wished she had her best friend back. She wondered how he died…. It was just a gun, Guns can’t kill vampires. She wanted answers and she wanted them now!

School on Monday was awkward for her people gave her flowers and said they were sorry like he was her boyfriend or brother. Well they called each other brother and sister all the time. She wished she could just turn back time, but life doesn’t work that way she guessed.

No one knew how Chad died or they just weren’t going to tell her. All they said was that “it was suicide Alena why don’t you get some rest and take time off of school.” It was like everyone knew what everyone was saying. UGH!! Alena knew Chad was bleeding from his chest the hole would have been bigger even if he held it out as far as his arms could go. “He was Murdered!” Alena yelled in the middle of math class. Crap everyone was looking at her right now. “Ummm sorry really good book, can I please be excused?”

“Mrs. Brick I swear to god he was murdered!” “Alena, NO!” “But Mrs. Brick if he killed himself he would have bled more than he did. Mrs. Brick please I take crime investigations classes I know my stuff. Plus he was my best friend he wouldn’t have shot himself.” Alena started to cry….. “Miss. Gordon, your mom is outside.” Miss. Parker the school nurse said. “ill be right out.” Miss. Parker walked out of the room and shut the door behind her. “Mrs. Brick I know I’m right and I’m going to prove it!” Alena said as she stormed out of Mrs. Brick’s Office. That girl is going to be trouble Mrs. Brick Thought.

Alena keep asking questions and still keep getting the same answers. One thing she knew was that Chad was Murdered, Two Jason was one of the only guys in the locker room with Chad. Three Jason ran to comfort her why? He didn't like her she knew that. Cause he was popluar and she well..... Plus he was a werewolf, she couldn't stop thinking about it.

When Alena got home her mom was stilling at the kitchen table reading a book. "So how was your day?" Alena's mom asked as she walked into the room. "I don't know how should my day be when one of my closest friends was murdered?!" Alena's mom put down her book and got up to hug her daugther as she cried into her shoulder. That night Alena had nightmare that Jason had killed matt. "Jason No....." Alena whispered in her sleep. Then there was a tap on her window like rocks being thrown at it. She a woke and got up and went to the window. It was paul one of Jasons friends, Alena started down the stairs to meet Paul outside. "What the hell are you doing here?" Alena said in her best yell/whispher voice. "I was in the neighborhood, and i just thought i'd stop by." "oh really? How did you know where i lived?" Alena asked as she started to back up a little. "Cause i've lived two doors down since second grade..." Paul said like you-really-didn't-know. "Sorry.... I guess i didn't know because we weren't allowed to talk to you." There was a long slience until Paul said. "so your sister is dating my friend..." "Ya. Why do you care?" "because i care.... And i think James killed matt..." "What!?" Alena said shocked..........

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