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Forever Beautiful

September 10, 2012
By OnesHiddenTalent SILVER, San Tan Valley, Arizona
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OnesHiddenTalent SILVER, San Tan Valley, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
Impossible is not a word, it's just a reason for someone not to try.

Life's not about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit but keep moving.

When life gives you lemons, make orange juice and leave life wondering how you did it.

Okay, my first day is supposed to go like this;
I will meet the Guy of my dreams and he will fall head over heels for me.
I won’t get lost at all on my way to my classes
I’ll sit with my new best friends at lunch
I’ll go home and have Chinese food with mom ( Mom’s a lawyer)
Sounds good to me… but I’m failing at number two right now, considering that I’m completely lost and I have no clue where my locker is in this hallway. How embarrassing, it’s my first day at Portland Academy.
“Are you lost?” a small voiced asked behind me. I felt a tap on my shoulder.
“Did you hear me?” I jumped at that and turned around to find a petite girl staring at me. She had beautiful brown eyes, a scrunched up nose, slender lips that seemed to flow with the curving of her face that went perfect with her long thick vibrant blonde hair, with a streak of purple. She was wearing exactly the same thing I was, of course. White polo, red and blue plaid skirt, white stockings, and black buckle shoes.
“Yeah I sort of heard you, I think” I said with a smirk.
“Well are you, lost?” she said again
“Can you tell?” I asked innocently
“With you just standing around like you are lost, who couldn’t?” she said with a beautiful smile. She stuck her hand out to me “I’m Cheyenne” she said. Taking her hand I said “I’m Brianna, call me Bri”
“Can I help you find something, like your locker?” she asked sarcastically
“Yes” I replied “Can you help me find locker 317?”
“Well you’re certainly not in the 900’s then huh?” she said with another smile. “Here”
I followed her through twists and turns of hallways.
“Here it is, locker number 317” she practically introduced me to it.
“Thanks Cheyenne.” I said while turning the knob to open my locker. “No problem.” She said simply. My locker popped open and I studied the contents of it. It already had all my books in it so I turned to ask Cheyenne if this was normal but she was gone. I set everything down in my locker and turned to see if I should keep my purse with me. It was about 50-50 so I left it there and closed my locker door just as soon as I nudged it closed I stopped it so I could grab my schedule and I took my book for my first hour class and shammed my schedule in it. Then I slammed my locker shut and laid my forehead against the cool metal. Unprepared for the day in this new school, but notpublic school, charter school, I turned around and saw the cutest, not cutest, hottest guy I’ve seen in my life! He was tall. Six foot maybe, he had ear lobe length light brown hair that was swayed to the side, he had deep ocean blue eyes, he had a rather small nose and he had soft looking lips that went along with his face so perfectly. He was wearing a red polo, a black tie, jet black slacks and Apt. 9 men’s dress shoes
Number one, checked off. Oh my gosh, he’s looking straight at me. What do I do? GAHH!!!! I wish I’d known what to do in this situation... Ugh now he’s coming over here. Ugh I have butterflies!!! He walks so loose hipped it’s in a way, sexy…
“Hi” he said pmainly, but with a deep sexy voice that made me want to melt.
“Hi” I said trying to keep calm. I was hoping he didn’t notice the nervousness in my voice.
“I’m Kyle” he said holding out a hand
“Bri” I said choking back the nervousness coming from the pit of my stomach shaking his hand, which was rough and warm. Reluctantly I let go of his hand and stared down at the scuff marks already on my shoes.
“What’s your first hour?” he asked me. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. I looked up at him and showed him my language arts book. Why did I just do that? I thought to myself. He smiled at me and said “that’s my first hour too!” I looked at him like I was saying ‘no way’
“I’ll show you the way there.” he said. I began to walk with him still having butterflies.
When we got to first hour we were choosing new seats. I chose one in the second row all the way to the left. He sat right next to me. As he sat down he was holding something in his hand, a note maybe?
I thumped my book on my desk and took my schedule out, folded it up and stuffed it in my bra. He watched me do that and burst out laughing when I looked up at him. I glared back at him.
“What, never seen a girl stuff something in her bra before?” I asked with sinister sarcasm
“No” he said “But I have seen a girl’s stuffed bra” he said still laughing.
“Well I’m pretty sure that my schedule is suffocating because these are one-hundred percent real!” I said holding my stomach trying to make the butterflies stop flying.
He leaned closer to me and asked “Are you on your period?” Instantly after he said that my jaw dropped open and I bat my eyes.
“You’re kidding right?” I said looking at him like he was a vampire who passed out when he saw blood.
“Nope, but are you?” he said referring to what he had previously asked.
“No, what makes you think that?” I almost yelled at him. He stared at my arms which were folded across my stomach still. I pulled them away from each other and shivered at the cold coming from them being separated. He stared at me with a look of generosity and sincerity. It made me smile and lean closer over to him.
We were only inches away from each other’s faces. He looked me deep in the eye and whispered “Can you come to the football game on Friday?” he looked like he really wanted me to go. “I’ll see if I can go” I was trying to play hard to get. But I was definitely going.
After language arts was math. I hate math… but maybe someone there will welcome me as well. Walking back to my locker I had to pull my schedule out again and I could have sworn Kyle’s little sidekick/minion was checking me out. I say little because he is probably about 4’9
I stared at him and said “what, I’m nodoingg anything wrong…am I?” Kyle put him in a headlock and pounded on his head with his fist.
“This little mini dude is Bryan” he said with him still in a headlock. I pretended like everything he was doing wasn’t retarded and kept walking toward my locker.
Finally I got to my locker after passing it about five times, turned the knob until it opened and threw my purse over my shoulder, hitting Kyle in the chest. I turned around and said sorry ninety-four thousand times. He said it was okay but I still said I was sorry anyway. Bryan on the other hand was doubled over laughing because a girl finally got justice against him. “What are you talking about? Is he just a jerk who dates every hot girl he sees?” I asked, “Not exactly, he’s a jerk who dates every hotpopular girl he sees. But if he sees a girl he likes, and she isn’t popular, he’ll make her popular so it isn’t awkward.” He said. Then I nodded as if I understood and turned to start to digging through my locker again but as soon as I did Bryan added, “Using my super ninja powers I can sense that his current victim is you.” I stopped in mid turn and looked at Kyle. He was lying on the locker next to mine with one arm slung over his head and one arm resting on his side with his hand jammed in his pocket. “Is that true?” I said. He looked at me the way every guy does. All he saw was someone with ice blue eyes long curly chocolate colored hair, and the body of beauty pageant queen. “Wait, what did you say?” he said after a while. “Exactly” I said. I looked at him in disgust turned to my locker, grabbed my math book, stuffed my schedule in my mini pocket on my skirt and slammed it closed so hard the entire hallway stopped and stared. Then I turned to Kyle and punched him in the nose. “Get this through your head poser, I’m not one of your little Barbie’s, and at the rate you’re going, I never will be.” I yelled at him without holding back, and then I strutted off purposely exaggerating the movement of my hips.
By the time I got to Math the word had spread that I hit the “hottest” guy in school. So I sat down way up front in the middle, completely presented, and slouched in my seat exposing a little of my stomach, and was stared at the entire time.
My head was spinning with thoughts of what to say to Kyle… I felt kind of bad that I almost or probably did break his nose; he’ll most likely hate me… but I still got to give it to him, he had the nerve to be my first friend here… if it even counts as a friend… I’m still going to sit next to him at lunch.
I left math as fast as I could and strutted to my locker. When I got there I looked around to see if anyone was looking or staring at me. Not everyone was but somewhat of them we’re. Then the bell for lunch rang and I kept my purse with me so I could pay. When I flung it over my shoulder I felt nauseous, then I slammed my locker shut and blinked and fell backwards. The last thing I remember is Kyle kneeling next to me and saying my name. Even though I almost broke his nose I guess he came to talk to me… if I had known I probably would have said I was sorry.

I was lying in a white bed, in a white room and everything was white. I was wearing a white long sleeve shirt that fit loose enough to escape the curves of my body, and white pants that felt like the same material, with no shoes. I heard waves crashing in the distance. Was I at my old house in San Francisco, Just painted white? I slid out of bed surveying the room. When I got to the door I heard footsteps coming up the stairs. I ran and jumped back into bed as fast as I could, when the door opened a tall woman stood in the doorway. She was wearing a knee length baby blue dress with a thick black belt with silver batwings that flicked out and clicked together where the bat’s shoulders should be that cinched around her stomach, with shoes that were made of pearl white lace except for the heel which looked like it was made of pearl and was three inches high. “Hello Brianna. My name is Andria” She said with a voice like bells. I cleared my voice and asked “Hi, um where am I?” She smiled and laughed, then walked towards me and sat on the foot of the pale white bed. “You are in Spenaria, creation place of the Enchantress and Enchanter” she said. “Why am I here? And why is this place so colorless” I asked. “You are here to meet the Queen. You are her daughter, and she is gravely ill. Your corporeal mother knows what Queen Sperria has done, and knows what She herself must do to protect you. But, she does not know you are meeting your birth mother for the first time” she exclaimed. Well that’s a lot to take in… I thought. It’s okay, just listen to it all and take it one step at a time something in the back of my mind said. “What was that?” I asked looking worried, like I was going insane. “Ah, your Pegasus is communicating with you. ‘Tis the only way we can communicate with our pets.” She explained. “Pet? Whoa whoa, I can’t take care of a Pegasus! I can barely take care of a goldfish! And how do you know that it’s my Pegasus” I yelled questioning. “Tis all part of the process. Everyone feels scared, worried, and questioning when they first arrive in Spenaria, and most of them first freak out about the voice in the back of their mind that doesn’t belong to them. Now you must go but before you do take this”, she held out a fist and I raised my hand. She opened her hand dropping the object into mine and closing mine over it. When I opened my hand to reveal to myself what it was there was a necklace with a batwing as its charm, with what looked like a ruby in the middle of it. “It is not a Ruby, that is an earthly jewel, this is Blood Crystal, taken from you when you were a baby so you would feel no pain, it is your own blood, frozen then petrified, to never ware out” she exclaimed. “When do I meet my Mom? What’s happening…? I feel all woozy” I said worrying what was happening. She smiled at me and the room began to blur, like I was falling, but I also was staying still. Clearly I’m not going to be able to meet my mom today, I thought. Then everything went black.
I opened my eyes and I was lying in my room, at home. The smell of cinnamon and cloves came over me in a wave. I could hear Mom talking to someone in the kitchen, but I couldn’t tell who. I was wearing my school uniform still… I pulled my left fist into my body to stretch and something fell out. I picked up the necklace that I had recently received. I threw back the covers and sat upright in bed. I threw my legs over the side and laid the necklace on my dresser. Slowly I stretched and slid my skirt off. When it hit the floor I kicked it up and threw it aside. I slid my leggings of and threw aside my polo as well. Then I dug through my dresser for my favorite jeans and pulled them on. Walking over to my body mirror I tossed my head back and forth to give my hair a jagged look. Studying me up and down with no shirt felt weird. Then I looked over at my dresser again. I shuffled over and picked up the necklace. Letting it run through my fingers felt pretty good. I un-linked the claw and slid it around my neck. I strutted over to my closet and pulled out a jet black cami and pulled it on. I opened my door and walked over to the stairs. I stepped lightly going down them and walked into the kitchen. Kyle… he had changed out of his uniform and put on some jeans, a Nike shirt that read “My feet hurt; from kicking too much ass”. But, what was he doing talking to my mom? She was like the most boring person ever… “Hey. Who came and picked me up from school?” I asked. “Kyle brought you home.” She said. My jaw dropped and I stared at him. “Why you, Didn’t I break your nose…” I said annoyed. “C’mon Bri, don’t I at least get a ‘thank you’” he said. I walked over to him and bumped him with my hip to get him to scoot over. “Whatever… thanks for bringing me home…” I said wanting him to go away. But then again I did want to say I was sorry for breaking his nose. “And I’m sorry for breaking your nose”
“Don’t sweat it, you didn’t break it, but still damn girl you got one heck of a hook.” He exaggerated. Was I really that good? Din-Dong, the doorbell… I ran over to the door saying “I got it”. I looked through the peephole in the door and saw Cheyenne. Did everyone know my address now? I opened the door and stepped outside. “Hey” she said simply. “’Sup” I replied. “Why’d you pass out at school,” she asked. “Dunno. I think I might have started my period… but nothing is really going on there… um, would you like to come in? Kyle’s still here” I said. “Um, no thanks I just came to check on you, see if you were okay,” she said. “Like your necklace, where’d you get it?” I didn’t know what to say… “Hot Topic I think, maybe a birthday or something” I said “Oh, I might have one like it, just it isn’t a Ruby, it’s a Sapphire” she said. Can you hear me? I thought wondering if my Pegasus could still hear me. Read you loud and clear I heard in the back of my mind. What does it mean to have the necklace I have, but with blue instead of red? I asked. It means the person is dark; the person is from Xenaria, the dark place. He thought. Come to think of it I still need a name, maybe Evangeline can show me to you next time you’re here.
Who’s Evangeline?
She’s the stable caretaker. Andria’s little sister.
Okay, I’ll talk with you later…
Okie dokie then, bye Brianna.
“Okay well see you tomorrow, maybe…” I said feeling slightly worried but hiding it. I slammed the door and ran back into the kitchen.
“I don’t really know, it seems like a good play, but maybe you should have four or five people run for the endzone because some of them might not make it, and then you can either pitch it to your nearest teammate, and then they pass it and Voilà, touchdown.” I said to Kyle while he showed me his ideas for plays in their game on Friday.
“That’s actually not that bad of an idea,” he said. I walked over and picked up the football he had brought and tossed it to him. “Let’s run it” I said.
We got down at the “line of scrimmage” that I had made out of broken branches off of the trees that we trimmed. “Hike!” he tossed it back to me and I threw it back to him over by my house and he caught it. I ran over the right side of my backyard and waited for him to throw it too me. As soon as I turned around he threw the ball toward me and I jumped and caught it before it could go over my fence. Then messing around, I did a victory dance. He ran over and gave me a man hug. “What? I don’t qualify for a real hug” I asked sarcastically. He pulled away and then came back for a full hug. While he wrapped his arm around my waist I fell into him.
“What was that” he asked. I pulled away and looked at him confused.
“What was what?” he pointed to my chest and I looked down. He was pointing at my necklace.
“It shocked me,” he said with a confused look on his face. I slipped it off and touched him with it again.
“Ow! Sheesh would It kill you to not do that” he said accusingly. Then he seemed to have looked closer at it. He gasped. “Do you feel like you’re being shocked when we touch,” he asked with hope and fear in his piercing blue eyes.
“No, not really… why is it good or really bad” I asked. He looked at me and then wrapped his arm around my thighs and picked me up spinning me. I was laughing and smiling the entire time, but I still didn’t know why he was so happy. After he finally put me down I looked him in the eye and said “Why are you so happy? Why did my charm shock you, but not me” I asked. Then he stepped closer to me and whispered, “Are you an Enchantress?” he knew. I looked deep in his eyes, and nodded. “At least that’s what I think I am; I went to this really white room” I whispered back. “I can’t believe it. Bri, if you don’t feel a shock when we touch, and I felt a shock then I touched your necklace, it means that we are an Iugo” he said.
“What in God’s great name is that?”
“Latin for couple… but hang on a sec,” he said as he dug through the pocket of his jeans and pulled out a necklace with the same charm as mine, but on a dog tag chain. He had a red Blood Crystal too. I reached for the necklace and he placed it in my hand. When he finally dropped the charm on it, I almost dropped it. “It shocked me” I said with my eyebrows expressing the confusion I had. He punched the air and hugged me again. “Clearly you’ve been waiting for something like this this to happen, so would you wind explaining this whole thing to me?”
“So basically this is a Romeo and Juliet thing…” I said “Just another relationship… there’s nothing special except for the shock we feel when we touch each other’s charms…” I said, sitting on my back porch eating an apple, while he picked at an orange peel.
“Kinda, yeah… but that’s the fun part. There’s a new way we can flirt…” Kyle said. I looked at him like I was about to kill him because he said that. “Okay I just made it sound REALLY bad so I take that back… um, what is your position in the ‘Enchanter World’” he asked. I looked confused and shrugged my shoulders at the question. “All I know is that I was adopted and that this skinny looking girl came in and told me that I was the Princess of Spenaria and that I can communicate with a Pegasus that I haven’t yet met” I said just letting it all tumble out. He almost spit his orange out after I told him that. “Hold on a sec, you mean to tell me that you are the daughter of Queen Sperria’s” he coughed out. I nodded. “Well that’s new… I can’t believe that my Enchantress is a princess” he said.
“We barely know each other and we’re supposed to become a couple and your only worried about me being a princess?!” I screamed at him. He nodded. “Great so I’m just supposed go along with…” I stopped mid-sentence because he had put his orange down and got up and reached for my hands and pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

It has been nine hours since I started at my new school. About six since I found out that I was an Enchantress, and officially two hours since I found out that Kyle is an amazing kisser. I jogged up the stairs to my room after having Chinese Food with mom. There I plopped onto my bed and took out my phone.
One new text message…from Kyle, of course. Hey. Miss u.
Miss u 2; think we can meet up somewhere??
Yeah, meet me @ the football field @ school in 15 mins…
OK, see ya there.
I jumped out of bed and pulled another red cami over my black one and threw my old Harry Potter zip-up hoodie over it and zipped it up to the top of my stomach and looked in the mirror. Nice… I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a pair of neon green ankle socks and sat on my bed and slid them on. Then I walked over to my closet and pulled out my black high-top red and black kicks and slipped my feet inside.
I clumped downstairs and shuffled into the kitchen, where I found mom drinking a glass of wine. That just screamed “I had a bad day, please don’t ask too much of me”. “Hey, Mom can I borrow the keys to the Toyota” I asked. “They’re in my purse,” she said. I ran to the front door and looked through her purse. Found em’ I thought to myself, pulling them out of the side pocket. “I’ll be back at nine” I yelled to my mom.
I climbed into the front seat of the Toyota Tacoma and turned the ignition. The engine roared to life and sent shivers up my spine. God, I love this truck. I put it into drive and drove to school
When I got to the school I could only see two vehicles, was Kyle there yet? I parked and turned off the ignition. I slipped out of the vehicle and slammed the door shut, then locked it with the remote. I blinked as it honked to assure it was locked, and then I walked over to the field.
Kyle was actually already there. He was sitting on the bleachers wearing a Portland Academy sweatshirt. He was looking out over the field when I first saw him, but then he turned and looked at me when I came into view. I smiled proudly as I walked up the bleachers.
“Hey, Bri” he said
“Um, I kind of feel like I should say sorry because I just kissed you out of the ordinary a couple hours ago, so I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay; at least you had a reason to, because I was talking….a lot….” I said sitting next to him. I put my feet on the seat in front of me and interlocked my fingers together and put them on my knees. Then Kyle reached for my left one and interlocked his fingers with mine. I laid my head on his shoulder and waited there.
“Bri, are you actually coming to the game on Friday, or were you just screwing with me” he asked seriously
“Well I was thinking about blowing it off after you appeared to be a douche just before second period… but I’m pretty sure I’m going now” I said. “Okay, because after the game me and the guys and their girls are going to Apple Bee’s, if you wanted to come then , that’d be cool” he said. “So would this count as like a group date type thing, or just a celebration type thing” I asked. “It’s a group date thing, so I guess it’d be out first date” he replied.
Sweet, been dating for two hours, already kissed and now we set our first date, what’s next?
“Is it too late for me to sign up for the cheer squad” I asked sarcastically, with a giggle stifled in their as well.
“I’m not sure you would want to, they’re all really plastic, and judgmental” he said
“From your perspective or mine” I asked
“Both really, and do you want to get some dinner? I’m starved, I haven’t eaten since that orange” he smiled; obviously remembering what happened just before he finished it. I closed my eyes and thought of it as well.
The way he smelled, the way his hand cupped around my neck, the way everything fit together perfectly in that moment, it was the best moment of my life…
I opened my eyes and said “Well, I actually just ate with mom, but I’d be glad to accompany you.” “Accompany” he repeated in a sarcastic tone. “You’re so old fashioned, Bri…”
I then stood and gazed down at him, still holding his hand.
“You’re sure I can’t get you anything,” the waiter asked after Kyle received his food. We were at a nearby steakhouse called Jack’s T-bones. “Yeah, I’m fine thank you” I said lifting my glass of water to my lips and taking a big gulp that froze my throat as I swallowed.
“You should really try their steak, it’s amazing” Kyle explained cutting into his steak and smearing it in some barbeque sauce. I just stared at the wall which was lined with planks of wood in vertical position on one wall, but horizontal on another wall. The pattern continued all the way around the restaurant. “Well, maybe we should come here Wednesday, since it’s a half day at school.” “ I don’t know, it might kill me to do that, you know… after we’ve only been dating three days by then” he replied hesitantily. I think he was just scared someone would catch us, either from Spenaria, Xenaria or Earth… cause I’m pretty sure this was all a prophecy like in the movies, and now the bad people are trying to keep us apart. “Kyle, do loves from Spenaria originally start out as a prophecy” I asked intently. “Only ones that are mostly going to be a danger to the people of Xenaria” he replied with his mouth full of steak. I laughed and wiped the dripping barbeque sauce off his bottom lip and wiped it on the napkin I had received. “Do you think ours was a prophecy” I asked. Kyle coughed and choked on his next bite of steak and lifted his glass of water to his lips and drank three big gulps, and coughed again and again. Then drank some more. “Should it have been” he asked. “you are the Queen’s daughter, don’t you think it would have been” he asked. “but what am I—I mean what are we supposed to do that’s so important that they would have prophesied our relationship” I asked curiously. “I don’t know, maybe we save your mother from the grave and conquer the whole supernatural world” he said cutting his next bite of steak. “you say that like it’s actually supposed to happen” I said. But what if it is supposed to happen? What if I do save my mother from the grave and conquer the supernatural world… I don’t think I should get all couped up in this right now. “the enchanters are supposed to never die, unless they die in a battle or something like that, right” I asked. “Pretty much yeah” Kyle replied. “Then I want to meet who makes the prophecies” I demanded. “You might just want to slow down a bit there, Chica. Your aunt, Twyla, doesn’t always take kindly to demands like that” he exclaimed. “Aunt Twyla? Am I related to everyone in Spenaria” I yelled. I felt the focus of the room move on to me. I could feel my face heat up as it turned bright red in embarrassment. Great, this is officially the WORST Monday ever…

My poster was taunting me as it slept while I couldn’t even close my eyes. I threw back the covers and shuffled out of my room, across the hall to the bathroom and pulled my hair back and ducked my head under the faucet, and turned it on and took a long drink of water and turned off the faucet and let my hair down. Then I wiped my face and walked back to my room and looked in my mirror. The Blood Crystal glistened in the moonlight. As I focused on it I began to feel like I did before the first time I went to Spenaria. I felt my body hit the floor and the room started spinning and everything went black.
Yep, I figured that this was the reason that my necklace was shimmering. My eyes fluttered open and I could tell that I was in Spenaria. I was wearing the same clothes as the last time I was here… I sat upright in bed and Andria was standing in the doorway wearing a black gown that went to her ankles and the same belt that cinched around her stomach the first time I saw her. She wasn’t wearing any shoes this time though. It was as if she had dressed in a hurry. I locked my eyes with hers and the tears in them screamed that something was wrong. I hurried over to her ignoring the blankness of the room. She swaddled me in a hug and said “It is time.” Time for what? What’s going on? What’s happening? I thought hoping my Pegasus was still awake. You must meet your mother… now. She is on her death bed. NOW?! Why right now?!
Just as I was lost in thought, Andria released me and we rushed down the stairs. “Wait how are we going to get there” I asked. She whistled loudly and two horses came running toward us. One was golden with strips of brunette running down her legs, with a black main. The other was as black as the night with a glistening white star on its head and pearl white main.
Andria hopped onto the golden one wearing a pair of jeans and a plaid oxford as her outfit. I stood there stunned. “How did you do that” I asked. “You were wearing gown one moment, and now you’re wearing that” I exclaimed. “Just think of an outfit that you wish to wear, and it will be yours” she explained. I slowly climbed up onto my Pegasus and thought Am I riding you or some other horse thing?
Horse thing? That’s what you choose to call me? Of course you’re riding me. It is forbidden to ride another person’s “horse thing” here.
Alright, horse thing. Fly forward, before I come up with another annoying name for you, like Jack.
When Charlie jolted forward I instantly closed my eyes to let the wind do my hair. Imagining myself when I was four and riding a pony for my birthday. Then suddenly I could feel the cloth of these clothes changing into something different. I fell like my entire body had fallen asleep as first but then; I could feel the tightness of the jeans around my stomach. I opened my eyes so find myself wearing a pair of Rockies with a tucked in, western cut, teal and brown plaid oxford, with my old boots. I wiggled my toes in the security of the boots and stared dead on. Gripping onto Charlie’s mane I heaved myself forward allowing him to lift off the ground. Spreading his wings took only about 30 seconds and then we were off the ground. The rush that I felt on his back and in the air, was like the rush you get when you go on an 8 second roller coaster, and then plus some… the adrenaline in my body sped up like never before, it was amazing.
When Charlie’s hoofs clattered against a pearl colored stone runway I could tell this was the palace… but seeing that it was just the runway, I couldn’t wait to get inside; it’s just who’s inside that’s literally dying, to see me… I jumped off my horse and changed into something more comfortable… oddly, that was what I was wearing when I last saw Kyle… I ran alongside Andria anticipating the moment I could look into my mother’s eyes. We rounded nine corners and then she stopped abruptly. So abruptly that I ran into her… but luckily neither of us fell. She waltzed into the room and everyone around my mother turned to look at me. I inched into the room finding my mother lying there… her face pale, but exactly like mine. But her eyes, they were nothing like mine. I could feel the tears swell in my eyes and run down my face with pain and happiness all mixed into one giant tear. And one turned into many. Many turned to one giant sob stuck in my throat leaking out piece by piece. I ran to her side, the people backing away to give me room. I knelt by her side and looked into her eyes.
“It’s hard for one to just meet, and have to say goodbye for the first and final time. Especially with one whom you share blood with” I said upgrading my speech for not just my mother, but the Queen.
“Yes love; I know how hard it is. But it is also easy to let go of them, for not knowing them for so long. The hardest part is to take the throne, with no training of the field whatsoever”
I looked deeply into her eyes with fear and panic “How am I to take the throne with no knowledge of who my people would be and no one to run beside me” I asked my voice breaking.
“But you do my dear” she waved her hand, a motion for someone to enter the room I would guess. When I heard the clicking against the floor enter the room I looked and found Kyle standing in the doorway. He bowed his head and walked to stand by the rest of the people in the side of the room. And for the first time tonight I found myself observing the room. It was plain white. There was absolutely nothing in the room, except for the bed and a nightstand everything was white… the only thing that was not white, were the clothes the people were wearing. I turned my head back to my mother still shaken by all that’s happened tonight.
“now my dearest, you must go back to earth”
“But Mother, I-I can’t go back now! Not when you have only hours left to live!”
“I will live until you can next see me, then you will be able to say your second and final goodbye…” the room was spinning I faded out but, this one felt different… I didn’t feel alone. Kyle. He must have transitioned with me.
I lay in bed with a broken heart and an uncontrollable need to be held by someone… I don’t know if I should go to my earth/fake mom. Or drive to Kyle’s… they both know what’s going on. It’s just a matter of who will understand most…

Waking up is a pain, when you never got any sleep the previous night. It took me a full thirty minutes to get ready… big whoop. But I still had a bunch of time to waste.
When I finally came downstairs mom was munching on some toast and reading a book. Nothing says “I’m old” like that does…
“Can I drive myself to school today mom?”
“If the Toyota’s working okay, then yes you may”
“Thanks, I think I still have the keys in my sweater pocket”
“Then you should go get ‘em. But before you do, I wish to talk with you. I know that you know about your real mother” here it comes…
“Okay… Did you also know that I’ve met her in person? Or that I’m supposed to take her place?!” I could feel the tears coming but I blinked them back as the doorbell rang
“I’ll get it” I whispered and crept up to the door who the heck would be here at 5 in the morning? I opened the door, of course. Kyle would be. I hugged him instantly almost crying. He picked me up enough to move me back inside so I didn’t have to let go. Mom watched us steadily from the doorway.
Reluctantly I pulled away from him in time to see mom wave at Kyle, and him to her. At least mom approves of him… but does she know?
Kyle ended up driving me to school, and absolutely no one would stop staring. Especially Cheyenne… maybe she’s making her evil plan to split us up. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! ESPECILLY WHEN WE HAVE TO RULE THE GOOD SIDE TOGETHER!!
“Hey, don’t worry about them. They always talk and stare and stuff like that. It’ll pass”
“It’s not them I‘m worried about…It’s Cheyenne… she’s from Xenaria”
“how do you know? Have you seen her necklace”
“no, she told me. I have no idea how to work this out, she’s my only friend here, and were not even friends! Were acquaintances”
“Shhhh… It’ll be fine, just go along like nothing’s happening”
“But there is something happening, my mother is dying, I’m supposed to take over her rule, and have you be my king. I can’t act like there’s nothing going on”
“Try, for me. Princess” he smiled down at me, a comforting smile. Then kissed me softly and passionately, I guess he wasn’t bothered by the gasps that echoed down the hallway toward us, so neither was I.
I made it through the day, thanks to Kyle. People were talking, and gossiping. The cheer squad was attempting to befriend me, to learn my secret on how to get Kyle Linus, to fall for me. I just smiled and said “I was myself, peacefully me” and walked away, with a big broad smile plastered on my face to keep the tears from falling.
I walked with Kyle to the car but when he got there, I guess he changed his mind about taking me home.
“I want to show you something real quick, it’s like 20 minutes away, just tell your mom you’re with me” I got in the car next to him.
“If I tell you not to look in the backseat while I change, will you obey?”
“You’re gonna change? In my car?”
“Is there a problem with that?”
“No there’s not, and I promise I won’t look” I climbed into the backseat and pulled my polo off diffing through my purse and pulling out my tank top and crop top that read “ je t'aime” pulling on the tank top I caught Kyle looking in the rearview mirror
“EH! Don’t be checking!” I slipped out of my shoes and slid my skirt and leggings off pulling my denim skirt out and falling off the seat and hitting my head “You okay back there?”
“fine! Just fine” I clobbered back onto the seat and pulled on my skirt and shoved my uniform into my purse then looking for the shoes I threw in the car this morning “hey, where did my shoes land when I tossed them in here this morning”
“They should be under the seat” I lifted the seat and sure enough they were there. I slid them on my feet and climbed back upfront running my fingers through my hair as a substitute of brushing it.
“You look great Princess” Kyle winked at me. I shook my head laughing and blushing. He pulled up to an old house and parked; I stepped out looking around with my heart skipping a beat with every time I moved to look at my surroundings.
“It’s beautiful” I looked over at him, well attempted to, he had disappeared into the house. I cautiously walked into the house, laughing as he ran, showing up in one place whispering so I look, and reappearing in a different location.
“hey beautiful” he said briskly standing five feet behind me, then appearing in front of me in no time. I was praying that he couldn’t hear my heart pounding in my chest. I could tell what he was thinking, but it would be my first time. Just when he was about to kiss me I felt the room spinning the colors blurring into each other. I guess I fell because I felt Kyle’s arm wrap around me from behind. Then it was gone.
I opened my eyes softly waiting to see the plain white version of the house in San Francisco, but I found myself in the palace. And the room was every teenage girl’s dream. Well, my dream room anyway. One wall was black, flat black. Like chalkboard black. I wonder if they used the chalkboard paint… on with the rest of the room. One wall was purple, dark purple. I guess it was to make the neon green a little lighter. The wall with the door in it was white, with markers along the bottom. Guess it’s a diary substitute… there were drapes along the colored walls that were red, blood red. The bed spread was black with neon rainbow skulls on it, in no specific pattern.
I clobbered out of bed and changed into something worthy of my mother’s presence; which ended up being what I would never wear; a sandy colored corset with the same color satin loose skirt that stopped just shy of the floor. I wasn’t wearing any shoes and my hair had been pulled back into a bun with braids leading back to it. I ran out of the room looking for any sign of civilization. Then mistakenly ran past my Mother’s room. Retracing my steps I found her, she looked like a living corpse. Her face was drenched with sweat and her hair had to be pulled from her face to keep its elegance. I ran to her side, kneeling at her bedside and gazing at her mournfully. Then turning to the closest person to me
“How much longer does she have?”
“We don’t know, we’re positive she’s still alive, but her life is in pause right now.”
“I don’t understand. You’re saying that she still has hours, maybe minutes left, but the countdown he stopped?”
“Yes, your highness”
“Have you checked to see what’s wrong with her? Is she giving any response?”
“Yes, she is. We just do not know what is going on”
“Is Kyle Linus here?”
“I’m right here” Kyle stepped into the room and I stood immediately, with the urge to hug him, but standing in my place. “You left me standing there”
“I was called, I have a feeling I cannot control my transitions, just yet. It was accidental, Love. There was no ditching going on.” He walked over to me pouring his eyes into mine and whispering “You sure about that princess? From what I understand you were afraid of losing something” I could tell he noticed the panic in my eyes because his became soft then moved his mouth next to my ear whispering “I wasn’t planning on losing it either”
I looked at him cautiously, and curiously. He was a virgin as well… that was a little more comforting.
“What is the meaning of my mother being frozen, are we to save the world attempting to bring her back in time for her to finish her rule and give me the throne properly?”
“Figure it out on your own did you?” my eyes widened and my jaw dropped as I walked quickly out of the room toward the runway looking out over the ocean as the breeze whipped my skirt around my legs letting the pressure settle. My Mother’s life was in my hands.

As I looked out over the ocean I felt like diving into the middle of it and holding my breath forever, so that I could escape the fact I had to save my mother, from I don’t know what; other than the grave.
I could go with you. Maybe help you along the way.
Impossible Charlie; I don’t even know what I’m doing. All I know is that I’m supposed to work with Kyle to save my mother from the grave and if I don’t then I have to not only take her place, but live with the fact that I could have saved her but failed.
Don’t think about it like that.
How else am I to think about it?
Think of it as a challenge and you just said “Challenge Accepted”
Kyle walked onto the runway and stood beside me sliding his arm possessively around my waist and pulling me close.
“What am I to do? I have no idea what she’s being saved from other than the grave”
“It’ll be okay Brianna. I promise”
“How can you know this? Can you see the future? Is that your power? I have no idea what mine is!” I yelled leaning against him feeling him turn to face me and resting his chin on my head with me crying into his shirt.
“No, that’s not my power. My power is the sapiunt lector mixed with Ianuae Magicae”
“And that means?”
“Mind reader and teleporter.”
“How did you find out your power” he pulled away and looked in my eyes
“Your mother told me. Which mean you have to wait and use your power to find out what it is, you could be anything… but if you pose a threat, you’re really powerful and your power is rare.”
“I can’t believe I’m asking this but, where is the best place to practice one’s power”
“The arena on island Pulvis”
“Can you take me there?” he nodded softly and closed his eyes holding me tightly. It felt like the wind had picked up, that’s all I felt; but when I opened my eyes we were definitely on an island. The smell of salt water and the sweetness of tropical fruits filled the air
“Where’s the arena” I asked curiously reluctantly pulling away from him and looking around
“This is the arena, Pulvis is latin for arena” I shook my head and sat down in the sand watching the waves roll in wishing they would lap against my toes, so I didn’t have to move from the shade.
“What is the strongest power?”
“An Inadfectatus; it mean’s natural, you naturally flow with the four elements.”
Challenge accepted… I stood and changed into a black tank top with digital camouflage cargo pants tucked into dark brown Airiat boots, with my hair pulled back into a simple ponytail.
“So what does it mean to ‘flow with the elements’”
“You can control them, or bend them… make them do what you want”
“So kinda like the Avatar…?”
“Exactly” hmmm, I guess I’m going to try this.
I slowly ran my fingers along my head and grabbed my ponytail thinking of the last episode I watched.
Push and pull the water. It’s all in the wrist work.
I was getting frustrated as I heard Kyle yelp as a nearby palm tree caught fire. I turned suddenly to watch it burn out quickly. Then I turned to Kyle to see him gawking at me.
“Don’t look at me like that. Never mind, why are you gawking at me? What did I do?”
“Well you can cause fire with frustration… guess you’re from the Fire Nation” I looked at him with one eyebrow raised, and un-amused.
“Okay, bad joke”
“Yeah, they’re the evil ones” unless… I’m evil. But my mother is the queen of the good side, how could I be bad? I guess I’ll leave that for Aunt Twyla to decide. I’m suddenly curious about my father.
“Can you inherit powers from family members?
“Most of the time, it’s where you get your powers. But for me, mine just came out of the ordinary” he kicked the sand beneath him shoving his hands in his pockets. He looked sad. Like he knew there was a reason his powers just popped up out of the ordinary. I walked over to him slowly, approaching him the way you approach a horse, slow and steady. I reached out and stroked his right cheek with my left hand, then moving my right hand to his left cheek, looking into his eyes.
“It doesn’t matter where you get your powers from, it just matters that you have them. Because I think they could come in handy when ruling, because I don’t want anyone to help me… other than you” he poured his eyes into mine taking half a step toward me wrapping his arms around me, not my waist. Willingly I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed my eyes. Reluctantly changing my clothes to a bright teal tank top, with bright white short-shorts with bare feet with my hair down and loose.
I could feel his grip around me tighten as he rested his chin on my shoulder. I opened my eyes to find that the sun had set to the most beautiful positions ever.
I felt him lean away from me, so I looked into his eyes. I poured my eyes into his. I could see all that he’d come from; Loss, abuse, depression, heartbreak. He was afraid to love me, but so was I to him. As he bore his soul to me, I felt the ultimate trust he could give, coming from him. I could now see why his eyes had such depth, such a need for someone he could trust with his heart. I felt the need to prove to him that he could give me his heart, with full trust. It was burden I was willing to bare, keep with me. Forever.
Softly and passionately, I kissed him. Softly enough that he knew I didn’t want to go all the way, but passionately enough for him to know that I cared, and he could trust me; with all his heart. And right then we heard snickering coming from the trees. Cheyenne.
We both quickly pulled away and looked over. He pushed me behind him and I peeked around him.
“Do you really think that will protect her from me” she snarled at him. “Do you really think that you can hurt her or me” Kyle returned without hesitation. “Oh I can, she doesn’t even know her power, much less how to use it”
“Hey! I may be a beginner at all this; but you have no right thinking I’m a fairytale princess” I glared at her “So you can speak for yourself” she said sarcastically. I pushed past Kyle standing in front of him clutching fists as the wind picked up flicking my hair to the side. “I can fight for myself too” I spat through my teeth. She threw her head back and laughed; the kind of laugh you only hear in movies or books; the blood curdling laugh that just infuriates you when it’s fired at you. “What do you want” I snapped at her.
“It’s not what I want. It’s what the true queen needs. She needs your little boyfriend over there to come visit” she cackled. “The true queen is lying in the death bed, while you’re here trying to take the future king away from your worst nightmare. I may be a princess, but I am not a fairytale!” the wind blew around me, encircling my stance, forming a cyclone around me bringing sand up with it. I was furious. My senses kicked into high gear noticing everything that happened around me. Every motion, every breath. I noticed every grain of sand that stood between me, and Cheyenne. With clutched fists I let my imagination run wild picturing water from behind my trickle up and join the cyclone and with my fury, fire burning wild. The four elements; all mixed into one. Then slowly I heard the water trickle up behind me and noticed as it joined the cyclone, but I was still infuriated so blotches of hire burst in random places in the cyclone. Cheyenne had flinched and I could see the intimidation I had on her. She was scared, I had the high ground. With all my might, not know if my test would work or not, I thrust my body back then forward throwing the cyclone at her. It worked, YES! But I felt woozy, but I could tell I wasn’t transitioning.
My eyes rolled back in my head as I fell to my knees then hit my side. I could hear Kyle’s voice, but it sounded distant, even though he was right next to me. I didn’t know what was going on, my eyes were glued shut. Slowly, all my senses faded, and I passed out

I opened my eyes slowly. I was back in my room at the palace. Crap, I still had school; I still needed to tell mom where I was, but how?
“It’s all taken care of Bri.” Kyle spoke making me jump and sit up. Then I found myself wearing nothing but my bra and panties. Immediately I covered myself turning bright red. “It’s okay Princess. I didn’t look, and I don’t plan too” he said smiling slightly at me.
“Me and you are signed out of school for the rest of the week, we’re gonna work on your power. You used a lot of it, without knowing what to do. So it was too powerful and when you let go, it took a lot of your energy with it. So try not to do that again” he said flowingly. “Just out of curiosity, why can’t I do the Cyclone again” I asked. “You scared the hell out of me” he said honestly without hesitation. I wanted to crawl out of bed, but then again I wasn’t wearing anything. “You don’t have to be shy. I won’t look” he said promisingly. I threw back the covers and swung my legs over the side. Then instantly changing my clothes back to what they were the last time I visited my mother. “When do we start practice? And what time is it here” I asked standing and walking over to my Writing Wall and picked up a black marker, writing out “Bones can be broken and fixed by the same person; But hearts can only heal, painfully and the scar is still there”
“It’s 11 pm here and practice starts at 6 am” he said softly. I sighed tossing the marker down and gliding out of the door, leaning against the wall with my face in my hands. Slowly sliding down the wall Kyle walked out of my room into the hallway, crouching next to me. He put his arm across my shoulders, pulling me close. “How am I to keep up with all of this? My birth mother dying, the only person other than you I know trying to kill me…I need to go back to San Francisco. Where none of this would have happened” I said holding back sobs. “It would have happened anyway. you most likely wouldn’t have had anyone to rely on except Jenny, your earth mother, so be glad you have someone to lean on” he said trying to soothe me… but it only made it worse. “I have you to lean on when I’ve only known you for two days! In fact I’d rather have Jenny to lean on! At least she would know what to do” I yelled pulling away and running to the runway.
Can you please take me back?
Yeah, I’ll be there in a sec.
Charlie came around the corner and I jumped on before he even landed. I was ready to leave the palace.
“Brianna!!” I could hear Kyle yell just as Charlie soared off the runway. I didn’t bother to look back. I held tightly to Charlie’s mane and closed my eyes laying my head on his neck; allowing few tears to fall, but even worse as we landed. I jumped off Charlie sobbing softly.
“Thank you Charlie” I said softly; hugging his neck. I turned to the familiar looking house and began to walk toward it, just then Kyle came out the door, I bolted the other way, toward the water. When I reached the water Kyle was already there. Immediately I turned feeling his hand on my arm in a death grip.
“Let go!” I screamed in frustration hearing thunder roar in the distance rain began to pour down feeling hot tears pour from my eyes I fell to my knees and allowed my entire body to fall. I wanted to leave, to see Jenny… to see mom. I willed myself to transition. I felt everything stop, everything ended and blurred together, and I woke up, back in my room.
“This all just hurts so bad momma! I don’t know what to do” I strained to say through sobs laying my head on Jenny’s lap curled up on the couch. “I bet sweetie, but I have no way to help you. I’m sorry you had no training on this… I wish I’d have told you before all this happened” she said soothingly. “Momma, do you know anything about my biological father” I asked softly sniffling looking up at Jenny. “All I know, is that when he and your mother split, it was what split the Gororum; The Enchantment World. They were both powerful beings, and of royal bloodlines. They could have done anything together. And they did. When you’re mother found out she was pregnant, she didn’t know what to do. She told your father, and he became enraged with himself. From where they were standing directly in half, the Gororum split. And darkness took the part he was on, claiming every soul that was on that side, and the side she was on, was light. And the lightness claimed every soul on that side. That was destined to happen. You were destined to be born. To reunite the Gororum” she explained. I sat up wiping my tears away. “I’ll be back by the weekend” I said.
I let myself transition instead of fighting it like I had been for the past four hours.
“Take me to my father” I demanded from Kyle. “I want to at least know him before I’m forced to kill him”. “Okay, okay fine. I’ll take you, but I can’t teleport there… my powers don’t work to pass the border.” He said unwillingly.
You okay with taking me to visit my father? Good.
Brianna, I hope you know what you’re doing. You’re father doesn’t know if your even alive.
Then I’m going in with a big bang.
I ran out of the house changing my clothes to a tight tank top with a loose, and baggy hoodie with South Pole jeans and my converse.
“Let’s go, Kyle!”
I jumped onto Charlie’s back as he landed, not giving him a chance to stop at all. It was still raining. Fantastic.
“Bye Kyle!” Charlie took off leaving Kyle behind with his Pegasus.
“okay Charlie, let’s see how fast you can go.” I leaned forward willing Charlie to go faster. I wasn’t taking any chances, I was pissed.

The author's comments:
There will be more of Brianna's adventure later on. I just have to work on it. Please Comment and rate. Thank you.

We landed on their runway and I jumped off before Charlie had a chance to slow down even the least bit, staring the guards down and walking in as Charlie left and Kyle landed.
“Uh, I’m with her… hehe” I could hear Kyle say nervously. I was too determined to do anything but signal for him to hurry up. I turned to Kyle and stared into his eyes.
“Where is the king’s chambers and or throne room” I demanded
“Why do You need to know” a broad voice said behind me. I turned to see not just the king, but my father, standing there.
“I have the need to speak with you sir” I almost melted. I have his eyes and hair. “I am Princess Brianna. My blood comes from both Xenaria, and Spenaria.” I said proudly, with confidence that surprised even me. He stepped back with obvious fear in his eyes and surprise. “My god child; You look so much like your mother, speaking of your mother, how is she” he asked infuriating me.
“You should know! You should be there by her side helping her get through this!” I yelled at him. “It’s not my fault. I didn’t know that I had the power to do that. You’re mother had the power to do that as well. But since you have both our blood, you can rule both worlds” he said evilly “No, I would not turn on my dying mother like that. Not even for my father” I said sternly. “How old are you Child” he asked “two weeks away from being 16” I said cautiously. “then on Friday you will be able to decide, you may rule Spenaria, on your own. Or, you can rule alongside me” he said attempting to convince me to join the dark side. “Okay Darth Vader. I’m not really picking sides right now. But you will be aware of this” I stepped closer to him glaring into his eyes and saying “I will save my mother, even if it is the last thing I do. And you can send all the prissy princesses you want to try and stop me, but you will not win. It that understood”
He cowered down and I turned around to find Charlie ready to leave. I ran and jumped on his back and when I was secure, he took off.
We’re going back to the palace.
Okie dokie, chief.
Charlie made good time, landing on the palace runway. I jumped off and trotted into the palace running instantly to my mother’s room. Everyone’s head turned to me, the doctor looked down with his eyes closed and shaking his head side to side. My mother was pale grey. There was no sign of life in her, but then again there wasn’t in the first place. I ran to her and held her hand in mine. It was cold as ice. There was no way that she was still alive.
I looked to the nearest face and asked with my eyes if she was still alive and they shook their head. I laid my head on her lifeless forearm and began to sob. I felt Kyle’s familiar touch on my shoulder as he attempted to pull me away from her.
I jerked away from him and looked up, my eyes bloodshot, but determined. I stood instantly and stormed out of the room; my hoodie flying loosely behind me.
“Brianna! Brianna wait up!” Kyle yelled behind me, but I was too confused to turn around. How did my mother die? Why did she just suddenly stop, and then pick up again? I threw my hoodie down and started to run. I ran out of the palace. I ran through the village. I ran and ran and ran. I will fight all that I have to, just for my mother. No matter what it takes; even, if it takes my life.

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