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Change: Like It Or Not, It's Coming to Albania

March 18, 2014
By Mister_J PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Mister_J PLATINUM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
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As the busy people go down the street, in cars, on motorcycles, in large trucks, they move forward in their everyday routine. Wake up, go to work, work, go home, eat dinner, go to sleep. Every day they repeat this never-ending cycle. Some of them would prefer this not to change, while some people find this routine of life monotonous, constantly searching for something better to do. Whether they like it or not, change is out there.

We see in this picture the everyday commotion of the streets. This man on the motorcycle on the left side of the street finds no particular care for the traffic laws of Albania apparently. Riding along on his gleaming blue motorcycle, the sunshine reflecting off of the front exterior coverings, with no helmet or safety gear of any kind, he thinks of the thrill of speeding along ahead of traffic. As change settles down on him and traffic laws are more widely followed, this man won’t appreciate it. It has been what he has always done, bumping along on the gravel of the newly built road section, shading his eyes from the rising sun in the morning. It is his normal routine, and change will mess that all up, causing his mood to generally be less positive.
The man on the right in the rusted orange van selling shiny hubcaps gleaming against the sunshine would love to keep his business up and running. His gnarled face shows the deep knowledge of someone who has held this business for many years. With all the traffic accidents happening, hubcaps would always be in demand. But with the building of this new road beside him, he may have to move his business, or possibly even shut it down. He probably wouldn’t like that, as his business is effective and convenient. He enjoys working with the smell of motor oil and polishing all of the bumpy ridges on the hubcaps. Change will upset his routine as well.

Others, however, will embrace the change with open arms. The man in the fiery yellow van on the right side of the road hates the traffic on this road. It causes him to be late to work almost every morning. With the addition of the smooth new road on the right, he can ease his way in and out of traffic like an otter in a river. He would love to finally go to work without slamming the obnoxious car horn on his steering wheel that makes a noise like that of a group of elephants in a thunderstorm. His palm is vibrantly red and purple every day when he comes from home work after the constant slamming of the horn. Change would make his life so much easier.
The man in the large, white like polished ivory truck absolutely hates the stench of the trash piling up on the roads, and with the smell of fish in the back of his truck he is surrounded by horrible smells. His wife hates him for coming every day with grease stains and the general odor of uncleanliness. With new trash laws being applied, he could lessen the stress on his mind when he goes to work. The smells of trash would not only help him concentrate, but it would also be great for everyone else.
Numerous voting posters are pasted onto the walls of buildings, some covered in graffiti, some scarred by weather, some fading in color. Albania decided to put these up in favor of change. They wanted to find a new person to lead them into their next challenges, in hopes of having an easier time. Rallies get started in the dark green forest to the right, where people get together to eliminate that taste of trash that they find so often in the forest. They rally together noisily in order to make change for a better tomorrow.

Some of the Albanians here would hate this change; they prefer going on with their care-free everyday routines. It keeps them in a sort of mental stability. Other Albanians want to take this change right away and use it to their advantage. It will give them the mental stability they haven’t had before and make their lives better than before. However, one thing can be agreed upon by these two different kinds of people: Change is coming, and there’s nothing we can do stop it.

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Not my best work, but I thought I should let you guys know what Albania is like.

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