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California Screaming

September 22, 2008
By Anonymous

As we boarded the train my mind was racing with excitement! “ Go, Go, GO!! I can’t wait any longer!” I said as my mind was racing with thoughts. Then, without even realizing it, the train lurched forward and we began our journey. Once out in the open my mind started racing even more and I became dizzy with thoughts, questions, and concerns. I then heard the “Final Countdown” and my stomach turned upside down as the car built up power.
Just a few minutes before, I remember exactly what happened. “I can’t believe this is actually my last day in this theme park!” I thought to myself as I glanced ahead. The park was very crowded but it didn’t stop us. My mom and I both knew where we were headed as we raced along the crowded paths in the theme park California Adventure located in Anaheim, California. We could see the great ride as it loomed in the distance. Bright lights lit up the huge beast and music could be heard from far away. You could see the purple, orange, and green cars race through Mickey’s head as if they were chasing each other. Then we got in line.
“Calm down, Natalie. Calm down!” I whispered to myself as I moved forward. The line was not that long and I knew soon I be flying around turns. You’re going to be fine. “8 drops, 1 loop, and incredible force won’t kill you right? Or will it?” I thought to myself as I gulped. As we moved forward in line I started to calm down. “I have ridden so many roller coasters before and this one is no different.” I thought. As we got closer I realized this would be my last ride ever on my favorite roller coaster, California Screamin!
Then, without any warning my mind returned to the present and I realized that we were moving REALLY fast. The car had been shot off with amazing force! “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this!” I thought to myself as the car flew along the tracks as if we were flying high in the sky. Up, up, up the hill and then down, down, down the hill. We twisted and curved and took many curves and then we saw the drop into Mickey’s head. The coaster crept down the hill and then with amazing force we had gone through Mickey’s head. After more ups and downs we came to a halt at the station. We cheered and clapped but exited the car sadly.
Then my mom checked her watch and said, “It’s only 8:50 which means we have 10 minutes before the park closes! Let’s ride again.”
So there we were scurrying to enter the ride’s entrance once again! We made it in the knick of time. This time there was no wait at all so we boarded the purple train for the last time. As we zoomed out of the station, I looked around. Below us were a lot of people watching the glittering electric light parade. “It’s such a breath taking view from up here!” I thought to myself. From above the lights seemed to dance right in front of your eyes! Also you could see people hurrying out of the park to return home.
Then, just like before we were shot off with incredible force and started on our journey into the night. “Oh my gosh!” I thought to myself. I knew that the coaster shot of with a lot of force but I had forgotten for a second and became nervous. Once again we whipped around turns, soared down and up hills, and glided over the track but the ride never seemed to get old to me! Then, we were back at the station and I knew our time on California Screamin was over.
As we exited the car I said to my mom, “Does my hair look messed up?”
“UGH! Natalie, you are always worrying about your hair!” she said with a giggle. “Anyway did you enjoy that ride?”

“Of course I did mom. It might be my last time ever riding it though!”
“Well, I know but we will both always have fun memories to keep from it!” she answered. Then we both smiled.
“I will never forget this ride tonight!” I yelled as we trudged toward the front of the park. I knew that we must leave the park now but as we exited the park I realized how grateful I was that I got to experience this wonderful and enjoyable theme park.

I can’t wait to go back to California and to ride that ride once again! I will never be able to forget the magical journey into the night.

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