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Did you know that Ouija Boards usually cost around 20.00 dollars? People all around the world want to try to connect to spirits that may be around them, and most people use Ouija Boards to try to connect with them. People try to use them to find good spirits but the Ouija Board connects to both bad and good spirits.
The man who made the original proto type of the Ouija Board, William Fuld, sold his proto type to the Parker Brothers in 1966. The Parker Brothers recreated the Ouija Board to look like it does today, a rectangle shape board, wood cut style. Consisting of the alphabet, numbers zero through nine, "yes,” "no" and "goodbye”, and a pointing device, called a Planchette. The Planchette is a heart shaped piece of plastic with a hole in the top so you are able to see the board. The Ouija board came into existence as a parlor game in the mid 1800’s, when spirits and channeling were the highlight of the time. The word “Ouija” is a blend of the word “yes” in Germany and France.
People all around the world believe the Ouija Board is a spiritual board to connect to different spirits, some believe it’s the Devil himself or his demons, that we are connecting to and they pretend to be those caring spirits that people come into contact with. If in fact it is the devil himself contacting with people, that’s why people have so much fear after the use the Ouija Board. Some of peoples fear my just be their mind playing tricks on them.
Halloween is one of the biggest times of the year when the Ouija Board are used, people want to try to connect to the different spirits among the dead. Most people believe that during Halloween most spirits wake up and will be around. Some people wish to connect to their dead family members and go to grave years, cross roads, and narrow passage ways. People fear meeting with spirits who are danger and they want to leave the “game” but little do they know they cannot just leave the game. Most people don’t know that they have to ask before they can leave. “May I leave now?” or “Can I go” are simple questions you can ask, if the spirit says “no” you are obligated to stay. Some believe that’s how spirits connect to you, by you not asking to leave, Spirits connecting to you is what most people are feared in. Some believe spirits that connect to you are ones that may have been there when the Ouija Board was used.
There are many types of experiences that people get from Ouija Boards, some bad and others good or interesting. One experience that shows people over reacting about Ouija Boards was a time the 1920's, in a small town in southern California. In this small town, police arrested 7 people that stripped nude and began to act "mad" after using a Ouija Board. This "madness" spread quickly through the town, even a police officer began to come "mad" and he stripped off his uniform and ran into local banks screaming hysterically. One of the arrested 15 year girls described her experience as a result of being able to connect to the spirits. Because of this mad hysteria, the town hall called in mental health specialists to examine all 1,200 people of the community. The town hall called a meeting and ended up banning Ouija Boards from their town.

People may take Ouija Boards to the extreme and end up over exaggerating about the situations that may occur when par-taking in a Ouija Board moment. Another experience that was very extreme because of a Ouija Board was a husband who shot his wife 4 times in the back. The 78 year old man blamed this on a Ouija Board.

Ouija Boards are one of the biggest hysterias that people don’t even think about because some believe they are real and that they are actually connecting to spirits, some people don’t believe in the spirits, and some people have not tried the Ouija Board because one they have never had the chance or two there afraid and just don’t want to.

I wrote this article about Ouija Boards because it evolved the theme of hysteria. People think that Ouija Boards will bring bad spirits onto them and won’t go away. Ouija Boards are a main part of hysteria because no one will ever know if it’s right or wrong, because some people have the ability to not believe in the spirits and some people do believe in the spirits. In class we talked about tons of examples that were witch craft related- The Crucible. Ouija Boards were one of the things that caught my attention and I was interested in writing about. After writing about Ouija Boards it makes me want to try one but at the same time it doesn’t.

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