Trip To Florida

I remember my trip to Florida as if it was yesterday. That was the last time I have ever been to Florida and i was 9 when I went. I only went to Florida with my mother because I was the only child from my mother side. When my mother woke me up that day I was so excited we got dress that morning and we headed out the door very fast. So soon as we got down stairs we got in a cab to the airport, soon as we got to the airport we had to wait 2 hours because our flight had got delayed. So when our plane had got there me and mom got on the plane. It took us 3 hours to get from Florida from on the plane. Soon as the plane was about to land I was so excited. Soon as the plane landed me and my moms went to go get our luggages and then my moms went to go rent a car because we was going to do alot of traveling. So after my moms went to go rent the car she started driving to the hotel. While I was in the car me and my mother would pass by a lot of hotels. One hotel I remember seeing was the nickelodeon hotel. I had asked my mother why we had couldn't we had went to that hotel, she told me do I think that she grow money out her ass. So 10 minutes later we get to our hotel and the first thing I see is a pool with a water slide. So when we get there i wanted to get in the pool but the pool was closed and plus i was tired. When i walked in the hotel I waited for my mother to check in, when she checked I seen a game room in the lobby so I asked my mother can I go in the game room but she said wait till we get upstairs. So when we get upstairs and walk into our room I see 2 beds and a bathroom then i jump in the bed and lay down and was happy that I was in Florida.

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