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The Bridge

June 21, 2012
By onedirectionlover GOLD, Hampton, Virginia, Virginia
onedirectionlover GOLD, Hampton, Virginia, Virginia
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I have a dream too. I've had it for a while, ever since I went on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge tunnel for the first time.

I imagine, having a bridge across the atlantic ocean, landing on the east coast of America and somewhere in Europe. Only, their are many issues with this.

Problem: The ocean depth. Some of it can reach miles and miles under the water, where would we get poles long enough to reach the bottem?

Solution: The bridge would have to float on the water somehow.

New Problem: Who would want to drive on a bridge that's always moving?

Problem: Across the Atlantic Ocean is about 3,000 miles. This would take several days to travel acoss.

Solution: There would have to be rest stops, hotels, and bathrooms all along this bridge.

New Problem: Someone has to run these hotels and rest stops along the way.

Sotution: People build houses for the people working in the hotels to live in.

New Problem: Humans make waste and trash. Where would all of it go?

Solution: There would have to be large sewage tanks leading to land and large trash trucks ready to pick up trash.

Problem: Illegal immigration from Europe and countries around it would also go up more than it already it from cruses and airplanes.

Solution: At every rest stop we have people checking for passports or work visa's into America and vise versa.

Problem: Boats go across the Atlantic Ocean all the time, how would they cross to the other side of the bridge?

Solution: Make some bridge tunnels and rises in the bridge so ships could go through.

Sadly, their are probably even more problems with even less solutions. This idea will probably never happen.

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