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Swimming in Maui

March 28, 2011
By melissamaym GOLD, Oceanside, California
melissamaym GOLD, Oceanside, California
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The warm tropical breeze blew past my skin revealing my bathing suit as my sopping wet towel dropped to the grass. The sun shone down on the little island of Maui, warmth filling the air. I glanced out towards the ocean and could see the dark shadow of the next island in line. Camera in hand, I zoomed in on a small fishing boat in the distance. As I set the camera on the smooth silk-like sand by my side I walked towards the ocean shore. Small ripple pools of sea salt water touched the tip of my toes as a feeling of relaxation and happiness passed into my body. Each step I took closer to the water I felt the sand motion around my feet. When I reached deep enough until water touched my shoulders I took one extremely large deep breath and dove inside. My hair frolicked with the current of the ocean. All stress that may have lied deep inside of me passed me by. The natural feelings of being in water made me open my eyes to find myself in a whole different world. A world that lies concealed by the dangers of the ocean; many mysteries just waiting to be discovered. A school of brightly coloured fish swam by my side as I attempted to sit, criss cross, on the sand beneath the water. Although the underwater utopia was dim lit, the sun shone through the ocean creating amazing specks of light reaching out down beneath, creating the scene before me just plain beautiful. Indescribable feelings rushed through my head. I felt like the ocean was my place to be, where I belong, and that I never wanted to leave. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay in the water all day so I rushed up back to the surface and took a deep breath, awaiting tomorrow’s new adventure.

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Summer of 2007 <3

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