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A Hawaiian Outlook

April 2, 2008
By Anonymous

The crests of the ocean and the waves in the shore, yes, the white tips erupted from huge blue waters and shone like diamonds. As glorious as it may sounds, this was not nearly the best part.

Virgin Pina coladas by the side of a four star resort pool and spa, I went in the fall to Kauai, Hawaii for my half-sister’s big white wedding that she had dreamt of ever since she was a young girl. This was her dream wedding, and my dream was to get out of school for four short days, but it was better than nothing.

The plane ride I knew would be strenuous seeing as it is a seven and a half hour expedition over the Pacific Ocean and we ended up getting a first class seat to go with our day late start out from Columbus, Ohio. The supposed to be one day long trip turned out to be two day delayed trip turned out to be a cookoo fest with the airline employees trying to comfort us for having delayed two of our scheduled flights.

Whenever we arrived finally to the luau to meet a kiosk full of exotic fruits’ turkey, turkey, and chocolate pineapple wedding cake. The proof of Hawaii was in the tapioca pudding and leis that 3 scantily clad Hawaiian men placed around our necks at arrival. After we said Amen and dug into the delicacies making our bellies swell in happiness, we were merrily entertained by native belly dancing performances. We got the chance to be involved on stage if we wanted to and the called my sister and her newlywed husband up to the stage to partake in the cultural festivity.

During our stay we became accustomed to being pampered with four poster beds and routine back massages and enjoyable walks by the beach. My suggestion for carry along is plenty of sunscreen or if getting tan is more your taste then you should defiantly bring some Banana Boat in your stowaway basket. I did not become burnt in my stay, but slathering on sunscreen is probably the way to go.

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