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The Florida Keys

August 7, 2010
By ashbadash BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
ashbadash BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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You hear all the time about how beautiful the beaches are and how clear and blue the water is in the Keys and I finally got a chance to go there. It was so amazing. My family and some friends of ours rented a house in Key Colony Beach in Marathon (One of the large Keys). You had to take a bridge in Marathon to get to Key Colony Beach and they owned the whole island. Key Colony Beach had everything you needed so that you didn’t need to leave the island unless to go sightseeing. We watched the sun rise in one window of our house and the sun set in another. I couldn't believe how you could watch the sun wake up and then fall back asleep from one place.
One day all 10 of us went down to Key West. And let me tell you, there were so many people walking just about everywhere. We shopped on the famous Duval St. The shops were all squeezed next to each other and people rode scooters down the little two lane road!! There was even a Key Lime Pie Factory where I got a slice of Key Lime Pie on a stick, it was dipped in milk chocolate and it was absolutely delicious. I ate at the Hard Rock Café which was definitely awesome!! There was even the famous Sloppy Joe’s Bar (where famous people like Kenny Chesney hangout) and Hogs Breath Saloon (where famous singers perform all the time). And you can’t go to Key West without going to The Southernmost Point in the Continental United States (it’s only 90 miles from Cuba), so we did. It was so cool! It looked like a buoy, but it was on land and there was a long line of people waiting to take their picture in front of it, and it seemed like they were in line to meet Michael Jackson or something. There was even a vendor guy who was selling snow cones for two bucks beside the line because it was so long. The Southernmost Point buoy was red and black and huge!!!!
I also saw the 7 mile bridge (the 1st and longest road used to drive on between Marathon and), which you now can walk or scooter on because a new road was built to drive across. I did go to No Name Key, and that’s its actual name!! There is a huge deer habitat on the key and people live there while deer roam in their backyards!! I even passed by a road on No Name Key called Killdeer Lane, and yes, “killdeer” was one word. The 10 of us took our boats out to a cute little sandbar on the Atlantic side, and when it was low tide the water wouldn’t even come up and cover your toes!! It was that shallow!!!
I just wanted to say it was by far the best vacation I ever took. I hope by reading this article you can make plans to travel down there and have as much fun as I did. The water was so beautiful and so different then what you’re used to at a beach. You also have the great opportunity to go to the Gulf of Mexico for half of the day and then the Atlantic Ocean the other half. I wish I lived there all the time.


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I just got back from there about two weeks ago and it was so much fun that I just had to write this article to let other people know about it.

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