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August 4, 2010
By Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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I was excited to hear that in Summer 2010 I was going to Honduras. Well I went, for only a week though. My family are from there.
It was my first time going and I was very excited and nervous.
It was also my first time going on a plane. It was very fun. It felt like a roller coaster.
When we arrived to San Pedro Sula, Honduras, we had to go through immigration. It felt funny being an immigrant. So I visited family and went to the carnival. But also I went to Copan Ruinas, the home of the Mayan ruins. We learned the history on the tribe. We saw an unused tomb. We learned about there sacrificial beliefs. We saw the 7 stelas and there field.
Our time in Copan was great but we had more fun going Horseback riding.
Me and my 11 year old aunt got on a horse. It was horrible at first but then it was fun. Everytime he stopped to eat some grass, he would run to catch up with the other horses.
At one time, on the path there was a female horse with a little pony. Well our horse followed her into the bushes. We tried to get him to go back but we couldn't. It was the scariest experience ever. Plus there was a river up ahead!
Then the beach, The beach was called Omoa. At the spot we were at it had a pool and a river.
We got in the pool for most of the time. Later we wanted to try out the ocean. So we went.
We had to climb over mountains of trash. I swear I saw a lot of metal and plastic. (let's take care of our world please!) When we finally got in. The waves were high and they were pushing me back. The taste was horrible like always. Then the day after that we went to a waterpark called, Zizema.
The water park was fun. They had numerous of thrilling water slides and they even had a lazy river.
Me and my cousins got on all the slides and got in all the pools.
Being in Honduras is one thing I will never forget.

The author's comments:
This is the time I went to Honduras. I visited the places were my parents grew up and saw the village they lived in. Honduras is a very poor country. it is the 2nd most poorest country on this side of Earth. Home to the rarest shark, whale shark, and home to the 2nd largest reef.

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