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November 17, 2008
By Anonymous

As we left the plane behind us, my two brothers and me went to retrieve our luggage. My dad had gone to get the car as we carried the two tan suitcases and our backpacks out of the San Francisco airport. As we stepped out into the blistering heat, we noticed the dry and dusty conditions. It was early summer and wild fires were at their peak all over the state. Jeff, my oldest brother, saw my dad pull up in the mini-van he rented for our vacation. We tossed our bags into the back and hopped in the air-conditioned car. We drove into the city to find a hotel room because it was getting late and the three-hour drive to Yosemite National Park.
By noon, we’d packed up our backpacks with supplies and were ready for the park. Loading our bags in the car once more we set out from the hotel we had stayed at the night of our arrival. The trip was long and winding over and around the steep hills and deep valleys. After what seemed an eternity we arrived at the ranger station at the entrance of the park. We got out of the car to use the bathroom and check the map for a campsite that was near by. Jeff chose a site that was only twenty minutes away.
When we arrived at the trailhead, pulled out our packs. As we were hiking Eric, my other older brother, saw a yellow-bellied marmot. We watched it waddle off then we continued our hike. Shortly after the two mile hike was over and we arrived at our campsite, which was
Bruns 2
next to a large crystal clear lake. The cold from our altitude and hard packed snow was littering the ground at the edge of the lake. As the day passed and day turned to night it remained uneventful. At the crack of dawn I was awoke be the yell of Jeff. I scrambled out of my tent to see what happened, the hair stood up on my neck though it was not the freezing bite of the air but the thought that a bear had my brother. I hurried to the spot where I heard the yell, only to see Jeff walking out of the lake, soapsuds streaming off his body. “What in the name of all that is holy are you doing!” I bellowed at him. He shrugged and muttered nonchalantly, “Just taking a quick dip.” The rest of the day went on uneventful as we left the site, and set off on our next one.
The eight-mile hike over the rough and ragged terrain was strenuous with our heavy packs. After hours of hiking we made it to the safe camping zone. This is a stretch of land in the middle of nowhere that is a designated area we could camp at. Setting up camp we got water from a near by stream and made dinner. The next two days past on as, we played on the mountain side that we camped by, and visited the water falls the stream made down river. On the last night though things changed. The sound of sticks and debris cracking and rustling kept us up and by the fire. Jeff and I stoked up the fire for warmth and to scare away the animal that was creating the noise.
We left the park later in the week, the sounds of that night still in our minds. The fire was what scared the animal away, if it was a bear or a deer we will
never know. Though now we will be aware of the wildlife around us.

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Texas Twang said...
on Jan. 14 2009 at 1:09 am
Loved it! It's not easy to find young adults with good grammar, but you nailed it!