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The Car Event

October 17, 2007
By Anonymous

It was the day I was waiting for. My dad and I were going to the biggest car event in the world! I told my dad I was very excited to go up to Orlando, FL for this once a year event. He was also awfully thrilled for this day. We woke up at 6:00 in the morning to leave from Plantation, FL to Orlando, FL. It’s about a 3½-hour drive, but it did not matter to us. We had missed last years so it was finally time to go. It was a cold winter in South Florida for us at about 55 degrees, but was a beautiful drive. As we got up there my eye glistened as I heard the sounds of the exotic sports cars moving around the lawn in front of the hotel the event was held at. I was anxious to get a load of pictures at this event, so I could put the pictures onto my car website I visit regularly, As we checked into the hotel and put our luggage in our room we headed off down stairs to look at the amazing downstairs. When I got down, I got the chills not from the weather, but from the sounds of the cars going around the hotel. I then went around the lawn to take pictures of the fantastic cars that were surrounding me. Looking at all these cars inspired me into doing something very unique or special, so I could one day afford these beautiful machines. I talked to some of the owners of their cars and they were quite kind. They told me to stay in school and reach for the top, and that influenced a lot. My dream is to own a lot of exotic cars when I’m older. Later, at about noon, my dad and I went to the luncheon at the hotel. The food was amazing and was setup as a buffet. I had a bagel with lox, and my dad had a turkey sandwich. Then, later that day we were both too tired from the long drive and long day at Orlando we drove back down to Plantation, FL. I would do this any day again with my dad.

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