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Tourism in West Virginia

April 4, 2008
By Ashleyyy SILVER, Kerens, West Virginia
Ashleyyy SILVER, Kerens, West Virginia
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Whitewater Rafting! Skiing down cold, steep slopes! Enjoying a peaceful horseback ride with your family. All of these sound like fun, right? Well, come to West Virginia and you will be able to do any or all of these and more!

What is tourism, you ask? Tourism is when people come to your area or state to see attractions. It also brings in money for your area or state.
Some of the aspects of touring this state are that you get to go snowboarding, tubing, and horseback riding. Snowboarding can be fun, but cold. Tubing can be done in the snow OR the water. Horseback riding can be done any time of the year. They are all fun, but they are all also dangerous.
Other things that you can do are biking, skiing and fishing. Skiing is when you step onto 2 long plastic poles and go downhill very fast. It’s fun and entertaining, but you can break a bone or worse, die, if you aren’t careful. Fishing can be done any time of the year. It’s not as dangerous as skiing, but it has down points. You can slip and fall. You can drown. But nine times out of ten, you won’t. Biking is dangerous too but fun. They’re all fun, but they do have risks.
In my opinion, white water rafting is one of the most dangerous sports there is. You can get killed by the rocks and rapids. But, though dangerous, it brings in a lot of money. It also allows family to bond with each other. So, there are perks and downsides to white water rafting.
So, as you can see, there are all kinds of tourism in West Virginia. Most of it is safe and fun, others just fun. They provide you with a thrill. So if you are looking for a thrill, then come to West Virginia, and get more than your share of it!!

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