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   Each year the confirmation class at my temple makes aweekend trip to New York City at the end of October. Since this year I was beingconfirmed, naturally I wanted to go see the city that never sleeps. Little did Iknow how much this trip would affect me. Despite all the fun things we did, onememory stands out.

We left the hotel early Saturday morning and took thesubway to Firehouse 21. Billy Burke, a firefighter from that station who was lostin the September 11th tragedy, was a friend of my best friend's father. Afteremotional hugs and tears, we took the particle masks the fire fighters gave usand took the subway to go to Ground Zero. The moment the train doors opened, thepungent smell invaded our noses. As we walked closer to where the towers hadstood, the smell became stronger and we were forced to put on the masks.

When we looked up, there they were: two hollowed-out ten-story buildings.All that remained of the World Trade Center Towers were these two smolderingblack buildings! I couldn't believe it - there was hardly there.

As Istared, all words left me. I was filled with rage, thinking about how or whyanyone could do this to innocent people. Then my rage became sadness for allthose who had lost family and friends. It amazed me how quickly so many livescould be taken, and I began to think about how lucky I was to be alive andhealthy. Going to Ground Zero and seeing the rubble and the dust, and smellingthe awful smoke was terrible. I hope that we never have to go through thisexperience again. God Bless America!

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