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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   It is late evening and you are taking your dogs, Kin and Muku, fortheir evening walk. You move along a gravel path by a stream. The sky reflects apale metallic red on the calm water. You look up, and see that the sun has justdisappeared behind the misty form of Mount Fuji. The remaining light turns thehalo of clouds pale orange and pink. The sliver of moon catches your eye. It sitsoff to the side in the dark blue void, waiting for the sun to retire over thehorizon. You move your gaze from the heavens to the ground and see a beautifulrice field, expanding its green to the edge of the foothills where you can seethe illuminated windows of the town dwellers' houses.

The dogs are anxiousand pulling at their leashes. You let them go, knowing they will be back fortreats when they are ready. The dogs race about the field, just barely out ofsight beneath the tall grass. Sometimes they leap up out of the grass, and youcan see that the mud has turned their legs black and thin, making them look morelike golden foxes than dogs. You wish you could join them in that sea of green,to go out into the middle of the calm, away from everything. A raised pathappears to your left; it leads straight where you want to go. You feel thateverything is at peace. The dogs leap back and forth across the path in front ofyou, playing a game of tag.

You stop in the middle of the field, justlooking, taking in everything, enjoying every moment. The sun's light is fadingquickly, and you know you must get home before dark. You call your dogs and theycome running, eager for their treats. They leap and run around you as you try torehook their leashes. Tugging you into a fast walk, the dogs head in thedirection of home. You look back one last time at the beautiful field, knowingyou will never forget those moments. That is what happened to me tonight. I loveJapan.

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By Jeaunice B.,
Conyers, GA

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