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Mauritius, Heavens Blueprint

November 24, 2022
By jedmydog1 BRONZE, Sunshine Coast, Other
jedmydog1 BRONZE, Sunshine Coast, Other
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Mauritius, Heaven’s Blueprint

Discover the beauty of Mauritius, the place Heaven was modelled after, by Ethan Baissac.

If you’re looking for a tropical island holiday, then look no further because Mauritius is the place to be. Mauritius is just 2259miles from the east coast of south Africa. There are only two seasons in Mauritius Summer and winter, so the best times to go are April to June and September to December when it is not too hot or too cool.

Mauritius is an experience worth enjoying because of the vast cultures and religions you can witness. The main difference you see between the main religions like Hinduism and Christianity is the way they pray to their God/ Gods.

I have been to Mauritius many times and I enjoy it every time, because I never get bored, thanks to all the fun activities that I can do, for example: tubing, water skiing, mountain climbing, snorkelling, swimming in the beautiful beaches and swimming with turtles. The best part of all this is that it’s very affordable at a cheap price of only $3-6 US.

There are not many art galleries in Mauritius but the ones that are there, have artwork made by my grandpa Vaco Baissac and his brother Jean Claude Baissac. The average cost of Vaco Baissac’s paintings is around $1200-2200 US. Other amazing thing is that Jean Claude Baissac and I had the same birthday: January 16th. The movies in Mauritius are split into two different languages French and English.

Hotels and rentable houses are around $40 a night US and can be anywhere within the 50km area of Mauritius.

The food in Mauritius is unique because of the vast cultures and people bringing their favourite foods and selling them so everyone can try them. Some of the most famous foods Mauritius sells are the Dholl Puri, Rougaille, Rotis and the best breads and croissants.

Mauritius is covered in rich history, the most famous animal in Mauritius is called the dodo and it has been extinct for more than 300 years. Mauritius is also home to giant tortoises, Bats, flying foxes, and sea turtles. The most common plant in Mauritius is the coconut tree. Mauritius used to be a port for pirates and other ships in the 1600s, British naval ships started making port in Mauritius and shot at any pirate ships that approached the harbour, there are still many shipwrecks with treasure still inside.

I remember many things about Mauritius, but I remember the most all the many dogs and cats living on the streets, they were always hungry and sick, and they never stopped multiplying, but these dogs and cats know how to survive, they know how to crossroads get food and even hunt fish these dogs and cats are incredible. Dogs and cats are not the only things on the street because some people are too, either they can’t afford a house, or they live in a cheap, small house. Mauritius has a very small crime rate because there are no guns or weapons. Mauritius also has many upsides like the clear blue water and the friendly people. Since Mauritius is surrounded by a reef there are no sharks, and you can spot sea turtles from the shore.

Mauritius is a wonderful place, from the clear blue beaches, sea turtles, dolphins, tortoises, giant fish and much more, Mauritius is truly Heaven’s blueprint.

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