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June 2, 2009
By daniellefamous BRONZE, Saint Charles, Illinois
daniellefamous BRONZE, Saint Charles, Illinois
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The rhythm of my iPod blares through the open windows. The chill of the frozen streets rubs her wheels. The lights of jack-o-lanterns illuminate in her bright headlights. Spring showers clean the salt from her rims. A Black on black, 2004 Honda CRV; Tracy is my favorite place to be. Willing to travel anywhere and everywhere, our destination is nowhere and the help of my car Tracy, I can get there fast.
When I first met her I was full of apprehension; my first car, my first responsibility, my first taste of freedom. We hit it off right away though. Finally I could go the speed, blast my music, and have friends just “chilling” with me in my car. Tracy kept my secrets.

The stale smell of cigarettes masked by our favorite perfume is the first thing your nose notices when you hop inside. She’s self conscious and judgmental to her previous parents. I like to think they had a wish to die young, or black lungs; it is my job to hide their secret. Every time a new nose enters we get asked the same question, “Do you smoke?” and they get the same answer, “No.”. She’s not proud, I’m not proud, but it’s neither our faults.

We’re starting to see her age. From the back bumper where I hit my mother’s Thunderbird, to the pop stains on the seats, you can tell she’s been around the block. I like to say, “Take a step inside a moving garbage dump, I’d like to show her a good time, you know…get her cleaned up, but that would take away her character.” I actually have no money to fix her up, so that’s my excuse.

We have the same taste in music, too. Well, Tracy has no choice as to what we listen to seeing as how she can’t say anything. I plug in my iPod or slide in a CD and the fun begins. Ranging from Nine Inch Nails, to Blink-182, to Dr. Dog, I sing along. She’s always willing to take me anywhere, even when I’m blasting out the last breath in my lungs. Tracy is a good listener.

It’s not really the fact that she’s a place, but more so the idea that she takes me places. She is the greatest best friend I could ask for. Tracy is brave, strong, and willing. I guess that’s why I named her Tracy, it means Warlike, fierce; that suits her just right.

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.hi. i'm danielle. a period means an ending. a capitol means a beginninG

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